Saturday, August 12, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Daily Courant (Newspaper) - August 12, 1730, London, Middlesex Continuation of the, Anfwer- to. the Remarks upon the Emperor's Decree againft the Treat? cf .Seville. S for what the Author of the Ifc.' wwrfc'fays, " That the Meafures " newly taken would not appear " fo ftranoe to the Court of Vi-"veona, if> tbey would be pleafed to call to " mind that they did in fome Meafufe put " the Allies of Hanover in thi Way of that !' very Negotiation, which is at prefent the " Object of their Anger and- Refentment j "and that they have done nothing but what "the Emperor was ready to do bimfelf, if " they had come into certain Terms effen-tial to the Interefts of his Family.; "' the Anfaercr fays, "it is not very eafy to divine 'what that Author means by the Words a-"bove cited, becaufe it was in the Emperor's �l Power to break all the Meafures which the Allies of Hanover had taken to draw �c off Spain from his Alliance, if he bad been �' capable of trampling under Foot^ the �' Rights of the Empire, and breaking, thro* ''.the foletnn Conventions "that were yet fob-�' lifting ; the rather, becaufe it was not till �' the Month of May laft Year, that .Spain �' made Application to the_Cardinal de �' Fieury, after all the Attempts fhe had '� made at the Court of Vienna : And he ab^ " folutely denies, that the Emperor ever " confented to the Spanifti Garrifons for any "Advantage that, could be offer'd him, or " that he would have ask'd for the Interefts �' of his Family ; for that it was never �' brought upon the Carpet. Whereas it is faid, " That it cannot be for " the Defence of the prefent Pofleflbrs, and " of the Rights of,tbe Empire, that the Em-" peror fends fo many Troops to Italy ; be-" caufe on the one hand, the Treaty of Lon-" don, made at the Inftances of the Emperor " himfelf, fubjects the prefent PoffHTors to " receive Garrifons; and on-the other band; " no Attack has been made upon what the *' Empire is concern'd in;" the Author of the Anfoer pretends, " That the Treaty of Lon-" don was nor made at the Inftances of the "Emperor, who came into it only to avoid l the Titae. " of concluding the Quadruple Alliance, as " is ailedged,above, it would follow-, that it " was likewifecat the Inftances of the Empe-" tor,, that- that.of Seville was concluded 5 " which is a manifeft Contradiction. Se. " veral Motives, continues the Author, have ** engaged hi* Imperial Majefty to caufe M his Troops to march to Italy; the De-" fence of the prefent Pofleflbrs, that of " the. Rights of the Empire, and the Main-'j tenance of thofe chat belong to him. " whether as Head of that Auguft Body, "or as Sovereign of his Hereditary King-" doms and Provinces." , He adds, * That " ajl thefe Motives are equally ftruck at, by " the Conditions agreed upon'at Seville: That -to be convinced of. this, one,needs " only to read the Vth Article of the Treaty " of London, where it appears, that neither " before norjafcer the Cafe of tjie Devolution " of the Succefllon defigned for Don Carlos, Spanifti Troops, or Troops in the Pay of " Spain, may enter the ftrong Places depend-" ing thereon: That it is precifely of the " Time when the Succefllon is not yet de-" volved, that the Paragraph of that Article, " which beginr thus, Denrque conventum eft, " &c: fpeaks in fuch. clear and expreflive " Terms; thaa if one-of the Contracting "Powers could depart from the Difpofition "it makes, without the Knowledge or,Con-*l fent of the other, there would be no fuch " thing as Safety to be found in any Conven-" tion, let it be never fo ftrong and empha. " deal: That if the Allies themfelyes had not " forefeen the Prejudice which the Spanifti *' Garrifons would do to the Interefts of the " Emperor and the Empire, they would not " have mentioned their Departure in the Xlth " Article of the Treaty of Seville : That ". ffnee there are Inconveniencies for his Impe. " rial Majefty to fear, if the Spanifii Troops " were "to remain in the ftrong Places in " Tufcany and Parma, they will hot be able " to guaranty to that Prince that thofe Incon-" veniences are not as much to be feared " now, as they will be hereafter: And " that there are even Reafons why the " Garrifons in queftion ought rather to be " kept out before, than after the Cafe of "the Devolution j becaufe; befides the Pre-" judice which would thence accrue ai any " rime to the Interefts .of the Emperor and " the jBmpire, another would likewile " refult from it to the Princes who are " the lawful Polfeffors of the Territories in " queftion : Innocent Princes, upon whom " nothing has drawn down their prefent " Difgracs, but the Fate Oi feeing their Suc-" ceflbr too hafty in pulhing his Hopes. And " whereas the Paper difperfed at Ratisbon " alledges, that even the Treaty of London. " fubjedts the prefent Pofleflbrs to receive " Garrifons, the Author fays-, it is true that " Treaty does mention tbem,but that it fpeaks " only of Neutral Garrifons; that it is no " where ftipulated therein, that the Coritrac-" ting Powers reciprocally engaged to force " the prefent Pofleflbrs to receive, them in " cafe of Refufal ^ that otv the contrary, af� " rer having reflected, in the Congreis of " Cambray, upon the Inconveniences- with rt which evennhofe Neutral Garrifons might " be attended, they agreed updn gentler� " Method#tef fecuring the Succefllon to Don " Carlos^ that the Confent of the Eftipire " was oBtain'd for this End ; that the Let-" tefs of Eventual Inveftiture were deliver'd, " to, the Spanifti  Prenipotentiaries; that- the " Mandatum ad Suhditos was expedited be-" forehand, to be made ufe of by Don " Carlos as foon as the Cafe ffcould happen; " and that Orders were given as well to the " Imperial Comtjiiflary in Italy, as to the " Governor of Milan, to put the. Vth Article " of the Quadruple Alliance in Execution, " as foon as the Cafe mention'd therein * " fhonld happen. .After this, \mtirmiit the " Author 1 if the Views of the Court of Spain ** were limited to what is granted by the " Treaties to the Male Defcendants of the " Queen, could they deiGre more } And if ** there was any thing farther they wanted, (< ought it not to fuffice them, that the Em-" peror has offer'd, for above a. Year paft, to " agree to any farther Security confiftent " with the Treaties, and with the Rights of " another Perfon ? He adds, that even if " they confider only the Interefts of the " Princes Pofleflbrs of Tufcany and Parma, " it will-be found, that the Garrifons men-" tion'd in the Treaty of London are in fe-" veral refpects preferable to tbofe~ agreed " upon by the new Allies of Seville; that the " firft ought to be. raifed among a Nation ' " no more fufpedfced by them, than by any " of the Contracting Powers j that by the " Precautions that had been taken, they " were not to be, chargeable either to the " Country, or to them that govern*d it; thac " they were to take an Oath to the Princes. " now in Pofleflion ; and that in every thing *l wherein the Succefiion defign'd for Don " Carlos was not concern'd, they were to be " look'd upon, in the. Life-time of thofe " Princes, rather as their own Troops than " as Foreigners ; whereas the fame Care has 0 not been taken of the prefent Pofleflbrs, in " the Garrifons ftipulated by the Treaty of " Seville. In fliort, fays the Author, to fee the Eagernefs of Spain to acknowledge " the Rights of the Empire, one needs only " to. compare Count Koningfek's Memorial, " prefented to their Cathblick Majefties a " little before the Conclusion of the Treaty of " Seville, and theAnfwer which the Marquis " de la Paz made to it, the 4th of November " laft. There it will appear how highly the " Rights --of the Empire are efteem'd in " Spain ; that it is qujte another Title upon " which they pretend to found Don Carlos's " Succefllon to the Territories of, Tufcany " and Parma.; and that the Court of Spain " was nor'derermined to fign the Treaty of *' Seville, the Conclufion whereof .was " fufpended tiH the Return of the Courier. 'that had been fent to Vienna about the " Spanifti Garrifons, till a few Days after " the Declaration that was made by Count " Koningfek : And the Author concludes, " that after fuch authentick Proofs, it can "nevermore be called in Queftion, that it " was for the Defenceof the Rights of the '* Empire, that, the. Emperor ventured the " Lofs of] one of his mqft, powerful Allies; as he has actually loft-him. ' . '-' ' [To be continued ~[ Ptris, Avguftr 1 <$.. S. THE Letters from Metz advife, that onthe 7th, they began the Attack of a Polygon buile near-that City, where there Ar^i 0,000 Horfe, Dragoons and Foot, befides the Com-' paniesof Cadets; and that Attack is tojaft* / Month. - - / V On the 7tb, the Cardinal de FiemJTj M Dangervilliers, and M. de Concade, went to

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