Thursday, August 10, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Thursday, August 10, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - August 10, 1730, London, Middlesex Remarks u Garrifons, offering co come into any other Method S for what is faid in the Remarks upon the Emperor's Decree, " Thar they cannot conceive how it could be aflerted in that Decree, u for the Infante Don Carlos, provided it was " confiftent with the Treaties, and with the ?t could bring fuch Proofs, and fuch Wk. * neffes, as could not be*obj|e&ed againft. �T<? be continued J it it Rights and Dignity of rhe limpire:Thanbe * Mofctm, July " Emperor's Minifters in France and Hol- u land a#ed conformably hereto, till the Tiv9d the fame Day at Bratinfeha, where fhe The Czarina out from Ifmaiiow the 13th Inftant, and ar- Treaty of Seville came Mo lay. Majefty that the Emperor was not ask'd to accede " of November laft. Such a Proceeding, to the new Treaty ; that this Fadt appears " adds the Author, appeared fo much the more Soltikof, Governor of this City, "and Privy-plainiy enough from the Anfwers which " ftrange to the Imperial Court,that it feetnd Counfellor; and in the Evening fhe arriv'diri that Prince made to the Minifters of the 41 4< 41 Matte the Convene of 1 coitze: The Czarina went dire&Iy Allies of Seville ; that the faid Minifters " fore exprefsd to conduct never ceafed, in purfuance of their Orders, " neraJ Pacification : 'Tis true, continues the Sergius, the Founder of that Convent were to invite his Imperial xYiajefty co vouchfafe " Author, that after the Concjufion of that expofed. Yefterday the Feftival of that Saint to put the laft Hand to fo wholfome a " Treaty, the Minifters of the new Allies of was t0 be celebrated there with a great deal Work Seville who were at Paris, went to the Ba- purfued, in order to the Execution of the �* ron de, Fonfeca, who then kept his Cham- Mai Cza Methods 44 ber, where meeting with Count Kinski, that were piteb'd'upon for the Execution " they communicated to both of them fo low. London %i much of the Treaty as they thought fit not peror was apply-'d to for one as well as the *' to conceal from the Publick  But this was from Perfia, by the way i regard all forts of" other; It it 4* 41 Methods Minifters when they fcrved [y brought into Muf- donein a dry manner, without any Pre- COVy by the way of Perfia, it is thought the Caravans defign'd to go through Siberia to M their Private Ends; but that when they " fty to come into it : That they contented no longer meet with all the Compliance u themfelves with delivering a Copy of it to Hazard and Expence. reafon - tj * they could with for the Domeftick Ince Count Kinski and the Baron de Fonfeca, Stocfyolm, July 31. N Crime in them " That the S. The Weathet reft's of the Houfe of Auftria, itjs made a " without making the^ leaft Addition to it; has been fo exceflively hot in this Kingdom for fome Days paft, that the like has not been felt fince the great Drought in 17,29-The Air is full of a kind of Mift, or thick Smoak, which fmells like Burning ; and they ought to have, that the Emperor " Vienna by would be pleafed to communicate to the Remark. Meaf the Method was oblerved at Minifters of the Allies of iver'd to every-Minifter of his Imperial Majefty's Conference a Copy u entirely conformable to that which the K< Keepef of the Seals had communicated to Senfe of what is aflerted in the Emperors " the Imperial Plenipotentiaries: That it was Quantities of Fifh are found on the Banks of feverai,Lakes. *fden, Aug. 1  N( On Decree, which he might nor, fays " in this manner the Emperor was defired to ([t being the Feftival of Sr. Anne, whofe comprehend, for want of underftanding the " accede to the new Treaty : and that that Name the Countefs of Orzclska German Tongue, gives a particular Account " Prince's Anfwers, which cbe Author of the of the whole Affair, and fays, " That fince " Remtrk the Duke de Bournonville produced the Secret Article above-mention'd, Spain had made many Inftances to the Imperial Court to obtain their Confent to Spanifh Garrifons; but that in regard the Emperor had always erpliin'd himfeif in the manner that has been faid, and on the other �' band they began in France to abate of it r Witnefs of the M Majefty was invil � 1 that Oc cafion" in the Ele&oral Princefs?s Gardai which lafted till Work to f ut the Marriage Morning Tie that Lady with the Duke be celebrated the iothinila Spain's Demand, Qs Marq apply'd himfelf to the Allies of Hanover: " Peaces fince the Miniftry of France cahnoE u be ignorant, that his Imperial Majefty's " Plenipotentiaries were orderd to complain * both of tbelnjuftice of that Treaty itfelf, " and of the irregular Manner in which it *' was communicated to him, at the fame time. " What Comparifon. cries the Author, is 1 lately prefented to that Prince :fty* The King's Departure for Poland is fiVd for the 18th Iftftant. Two Mai DaV the N carry'd on for " there, between vvhac paifed at the Time Dantzick confirm, that Diike King of Praflia at Anlpach; fince which we hear fome-Regiments have received CXfders to hold themfelves in a Readinefs to march, but they do not fay whither. Letters fro mind of utmoftCare^to keep all Secret from the Months, with the " of the Treaty of London, and what was Courland continued in goocl Health jahd of peror Method  i 4t *c fair, however, could not be managed fo *' fecretly, but the Imperial Court had an ** Account of it: That upon the Reprefen-tations they made by their Minifters in France, againft the Irregularity of fuch a Proceeding, they did not deny but that a particular Treaty was making with Spain, " but at the fatrie time they gave the ftrongeft Aflurances,^that they would do 44 nothing contrary to the former Conventions, and efpecially to the Quadruple Alliance : That Count Koningfek was continually, reprefenting to.their Catholick Ma-iefties, the important Reafons thathinder'd Mi it U ti 44 cbe � from confenting to Spanifh " difpleafed the Emperors Minifters when <c it ferved their Private Ends ? And aftfer " fo many continued Reprefentations On the irPart of the Emperor, in Frince, Spain u and Holland, againft the Violation of the " Quadrupl6 Alliance, by ftipulating Spanifh <c Garrifons, could the Allies of Seville have u that Confidence, that the Emperor could or *' would come into it?. There was not there-9i fore, concludes the Author, one Fa'& al-ledged in the EmperorVDicr**, but what *' was agreeable to Truth 5 and we cannot u imagine the Author of the Remarks de-" fign'd to call 'the above Cinfumftadces in * Queftion, of which, were it needful^ we jefuits had begun to harafs of Thorn again with theifj Ciratiohs j t is feared will be attended with bad ences. TJfey write fromWar&w embly held atLemburg,ii efolved to fend Deputies :h his Majefty to confer the ________ . M mentary of the Crown. King defigns, a make Vifits to 'A We.are. tali Ac te goes down the Rhine, ,to i Eledors Palatine^ Mentz. log tftvffbls, Auguftto. we fent hence a Sect of 8 fine Motfc ftant, Count Koniogfek ac Paris

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