Tuesday, August 1, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Tuesday, August 1, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - August 1, 1730, London, Middlesex The Cdurant Saturday, Aligtift t, 1730.. minuation of the Anfwer fa M de ny j Remarks the Emperor's u them longon Decree *' vas; unlefs it were to binder the Crown bis Majefty laft Week. to the King every Year, were prefentedtd tfi tbe.Treaty of Sevill S for what is faid, 11 Tbat a wrong of Spain from holding the leaft Relation On the ift Inftant, the Prlncefs d'Epinoy, '< to the faid Eftates? And if, adds the Au- fet out hence, with the Abbe fe of Remire- Madrid Application is made of what was " went no farther than to fecure to the ftipulaced by tbe Vch Article of *' Queen's Jflue Male the Sncceffion defign'd " the Treaty of London, with re- " them by preceding Treaties, why fhould go the Abbey of Remiremonc. it it jiont, her Daughter, and th^ Countefs d'Efc corailj Canoneis of ihat Abbey, to go and fee the Court of Lorrain, whence they will � lation to the Empire's Confent to rhe Ex pediting of the*A&s of Inveftiture; tbat the Emperor took tbat uppn bimfelf j that tbe Empire gave their Confent to it; but that neither in the Decree dire&ed to tbe Empire, nor in their Refolution, the ieaft mention is made of the Meafures already 44 it a 44 41 44 they refufe to "keep to the lawful and more Methods July atfived It �fit upon ? . tbe Emperor finds himfelf under a Cir- Ca mmftance verv different from Hanover Packet in n Days from Lisbon. Sloop Otter. i tbe Ea ft ward bis Majefty Wind at N. W. Treaty .me of tbe Conclufion of the London: there was then no July Mai Yefterdiy came in raken"'"or" that" may hereaifterbe taken, to � Convention made about the Succeflions of tween 10 and 30 Tranfportsfor-tbeScrcights j fecure and efTeduate the Introduction of � Tufcany and Parma, nor any Law of the and at the fame time anchored ln Stock Bay. ' Don Carlos ' himthe Author of the Anfwer refers forbid Troop _ Merch all from London, bound to the Streights and .0 the faid Vth Article, and to the Refolu- � Pragmatick Law, which ties up bis Hands, rion of the Dyet in 1721, to know on which " and does not permit him to comply with Weft-Mary Came into this Harbour made ; been " the Allies of Seville, without acting in " Contradiction to the Refolution of the Wheat Mary * ror did confent to what was ftipulated, in " Dyet of i?2Z, ratify*d by his Imperial �� favour of Don Carlos, before the States " Majefty. Befides, adds tbe Author, when Madeira tbe Arundel Caftle, of Wheat " had explained their Sentiments thereupon j � ��� upon and be the Quadruple Alliance was negotia England ring to ordain any thing in relation to Vincent, of h Wheat, f Claufes of the Article in queftion: That as there is one Claufe amongft them, which provides tbat Spanifh Garrifons may ndc be introduced into the ftrong Places of Tufcany and Parma; and as by the Re-�*-. fojution of ibe Dyet bis Imperial Majefty " is not authorized 19 conclude a Peace with � Spain, in the Name of the Empire, but �* unnn the Foot of the Article in which Veflels with Culm from Wales kis of the Empire, that they acknow- vis, of and for London, Olding, from it U dged they ou^ht firft Confent of the Emperor and the Empire; came '* but far Method in anchored in the _Road into Harbour. Vefterday failed the pefigbtj Place, Hooper, v�itb Tobacc^ ;fos* 41 U Cafe of this Havre < Turbet, ' Wh to conceal from the Emperor what was treat* Brown his Coals bete. was Plymduth, July Since my laft came tt nicated to him, till it was done and all " over. To invite his I Majefty 11 accede to a Treaty already made, and to *' CUufe is inferted ; hence it follows, fays *' declare that they could not depart from this Author, that ir would be contravening � ir, is to break the tnoft Sacred Ties, and William, of this Place, Shade, from Venice, with Brimftone, for Amfterdam ; the Di(patch, of this Place* Sfiadow, with Iron, from Sfc Sebaftian; tbe Litnfon, of and for Berwick. Oatbe. with Wheat. forBouf- botb the one and the other, to infift upon " the Introdudion of thofe Garrifons: But prefcribe *1 deaux; ^be Nep of Ramfgate, from CI 11 by the Meafures to fecure the Eventual Succeflion of Don Parts, Aug. 5 N 1 London, CoXen, with Cochineal, for the Streights; the Union, from. Redwood Carlos, thofe fame Garrifons are to be un-" derftood, how can it be afferted, that in " the Refolution of the Dyet of 1714. no " mention was made of it: becaufe the tbe Marly Majefty for Figura. tbe laft of which Times will be 20th of November to the 20th of it it Point in difput^ here is not about the Form, Name, but about and ber. Week the Duke de Charoft Waters fool, July 1%. Arrived the Rappa-ock, firehili, from Virginia % thefohn** )dwill, Tibb, from KonnjngsBurgh, and Rebecca, Mackenzie, fro* NorWayi Kemairttbe �)iamond Deal, J %2. War ins in upon one of the chief Points fettled On the a8th paft, a Grandfon of Mi de fon; 8 p - - " -  - - ' tie Date of Orleans principal rowers or Europe, m ijx " the Balance thereof: That if the Article Chirac, 44 U of the Spanifh Garrifons bad fcem#d indif- aged Ten Years, maintainM a Thefis of Phi- born; ^the lofoohv. in tbe Collece of the fotir Nations. ^ rbadoes; the Dei Jamaica; the Packer, H Peacock Mary,; New* y, Hatfiiltbb for Leg. ferent to the Powers tbat made it, and to The Prelates and other Perfons of thofe whofe Confent was judg'd neceffary, u they would hardly have taken fo much 41 Care to provide, , that they fhould not " be introduced there under any Pretence " whatfoever. To what End was it fti- " pulated, that the Guardianship of the " Children, Pofleffors of Tufcany and Par-u ma, fhould be taken from the Kings of * Spain, and tbat tbefe fhould be obliged, ? when the Cafe happens, to deliver up to ration, prefenr. te, Jackfon, both for Cadi*; the David, Knox, for Boftori; the\America^ _,r_____^_ Croney, for Newfoundland ; tbe Sarah and Child, who Elisabeth. Potter, and the Elizabeth. Browii ken, Ma lag Ora Gree- H*vre; the Rtu anfwer'd all the Arguments that were pro* 1* cL to faitxi M. Paris Montmarrel having obtain'd tbe tiverpool, and the Dover; Satlitf, for Netf� King's Leave to come and make his Red- England. Yefterday arrived the Sc. Scephe^' dence in this City, he arrived here with his Hooker, from Carolina. This Day arrived - ' SarnueL Eyerdeb, from Anrigoi. Vftai, Month The fir Hounds and Birds of Prey which W. S. W of St.. Hubert J

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