Tuesday, June 27, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Tuesday, June 27, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - June 27, 1730, London, Middlesex G Saturday, June 27, 1730. Condufion of toe Paris Divines Petition to the King, and bis Majefty's Anfwer by,the Count </<? Maurepas, Secretary of State. � r ~\ HE - Faculty having therefore " done;,nothing, that can di-" redly or indirectly prejudice � " the Claufes or Proyifo's con-. rain'd in the Arret'_of Regiftry of the Leisters Patents of. 1714, or/that doeVrioc ex.-" actly fall in with them : it is a' .grievoiis, thing to behold rtheir Precautions 'in .forrje" "rrieafure turn'd againft them,'as if th&y " had flood in need of a fore of Admonition *r upon that Subject. - ...... " To give the Church Proofs of their per-** fed: and fincere Submulion, by their Doc-41 trine and Behaviour, and at the fame time to iignaliza their Fidelity and, entire Obe-" dien'ce to the "King ; have always been, the " two main Paints of Duty in their Efteern^ " and they have always look'd- upon .them '* as equally inviolable. ''  " Attentive to the Obfervation of the " Laws made for fecuring the Liberties* of *' the Church of France, by ail their Mem-bens, they will never fuffer the .leaft At-*' tack to be made upon themy, but .they will always oppofe their being ;nrade a " Pretence, as they have .been, by lome in " thde unhappy Times, either to propagate Errors that are condemrt'd, or to maintain " themielves in an open Difobedience to the *' Judgments of the Church ; and to your " Majefty's Declarations. N " Inftruded and accuftomed'to form their " Advice upon the Language of-Scripture *' and Tradition, the Faculty teaches, and 41 will always teach, that Kings ia/eordaine'd " by God himfelf, of whom they Hold their " Cro-.vns and Sceptres ; and that the Laws " of God and Nature oblige the Subjects "to *' 'Fidelity and Obedience, from which they can never be difpenfed with under any " Pretence whatfoever. :- Educated in the School of Jefus Chritt, '* whofe Kjngdom was not cf this World, and " who fubmitted himfeIf to'the Piincesof the tc Earth, to teach us to refpect their Autho-" rity j the Faculty will at no time forget " the Lcffons which that Divine Mafter has " given tham : They will conftantly teach " the Doctrine which they received from *' him ; and which his Apoftles, his Difciples, " and-,the Primitive Chriftians have taught " them Isy. their Writings and Examples. " Having the Happinefs to be efta'blifhed " in the Firft Kingdom of the World, and " under the Obedience of the eldeft Son of " the Church, they will refill with all* their " Might thofe who dare attempt even indi-" rectly to give your Majefty any Superior in Temporals, befide God alone.: '* Such is the. ancient Doctrine of the Faculty, which is daily maintain'd in their *c Schools. It were not an eafy Matter, to *' juftify this by an infinite Number of Thefes, " which form a conftant and uninterrupted " Tradition -upon that Article, and fliew " very plainly, that there is na room for re. " proaching che Faculty upon that Subject. 4l They flattered themielves, that by thefe ".^Sentiments, 'and a- Behaviour anfwerable " to them, they might have prevented in-V junctions which leem'd to them to reflect' " the grearer Diflionour upon them, becauie " they were utterly needieis: But whatever if juft Ground of Complaint they may have, ""they have too much Relpect for the Autho-" tity with which they appear, and the ge-" neral Principles upon which ihe^r?*tf of " the '17th of Jaft .Month is built, to offer to oppofe it upon Account, of the Applica-" tioathat is made of it upbn this Occasion, " but which the Faculty do not think they "�have de/erved. " They defire nothing more therefore, at " this time, than to juftify themfelves io the "Minds of the Publick, aod_.efpeciaUy in *e the Opinion of your Majefty - beseeching �' you, Sire, ro-vouehfafe the Declaration ��* We^have" herein'1-rria'de of our -Sentiments, �' a gracious Reception, and to give jhem '** Leave to'"print ir', "after they faaveenter'd ic **. in;their. Regift.ers^ fh^c ir may ferve'them *' for a Teftimony'in "the pre fen t Age,; and fo.r.a.Monument of ?o'lteriry, to fhevy that " at all Timesj and without any Interruption, <*� they lhavje always tieen inviolably attached ** to cfie Maxims of the Kingdom, the Rights ^"of-the Crowny the Liberties of the Galli-" can Church, and the Obfervation of all the , "Ordinance, Edicts and Deciarations pub " lifhed in Maintenance of them. The Fa-" culty will continue their Vows and Prayers " for your �v1ajefty'*s Health and Prosperity. ~- llrJfyad in tkeiQen&el Ajjemilf- of the Fa. ."' gult'x the l ft if J uoe. 1730/and in' Corife-41 quince of the Deliberation'baalupjanthat Sub-It figri.'d during'tber-^Bl'dingyof tbc'Affcm-  J; LtULLIER, Syndic^. And underneath, HE^JSSANTy�^giJier. A Letter-from the Count de-Maurepas, Secretary of State, mitten b/ the KJugs*Order, in Anfwer to' the Petiriori of t'hi faculty of Divinity. ^ - 'Fontainebleau, June a. 1730. " Hp HE King has received with Goodnefs, " Gentlemen, ;the mbft humble Suppli-" cations which" the Faculty of Divinity have " made to him', concerning an Arret puc out 4i by the Parliament the 17th of \fay la(t ; " andic was a Pleafure to his Maj-.-fty to lee " in it that inviolable Attachment to the " Rights of the Crown, and the'Liberties of "the Gallican^ Church, of which your F^a-" cuity have upon fo many Occafions fet Ex-" amples, for all the other?. You need not " fear that Arrets doing a Prejudice, or fix-" ing a Stain upon a Body fo far from de- ferving it, .as yours is. For the reft, his . " Majefty thinks .it proper that the Faculty *\ .fhpuld preferve in their Regifters the Peti-" tion they have prefented to him, and caufe " it.to-be.%printed,; nor.as a Juftificatioa they *' flood; in need of, but as a frefh Proof of " their Zeal; for the ancient Doctrine, of "�'France-; a Zeal,; that is.alfo a new Rea-" fon for his Majefty to honour them always ." more and. mqre, with his Protection. I am, ? Gentkmcn, moft perfectly Vours. Sign'd, MAUREPAS. Tcjierdcy arrived the Mail due. from Holland. Vienna, June zi. N. S.- .. ' I 'Hree more Couriers ate arrived, her-e -*- within.thefe few Days ffom Puns and B ruffe Is ; but we can learn riorhing of -their Dilpatches, only in geneial 'cis given out, that there is greater liKchliood of Peace tfjaa of War. Neverrheiefs, the commanding Generals are all Jet out for Italy. As Toon as'News is brought, that -the Spaniard's aret-embarqued, 16 Battalions more will bdJor-i dered to Italy, vi^. Eight from the^Heredi-' tary Countries, Four from the Empire, -and Four from ihe Durchy of Luxemburg-; and in regard we are allured arr Attempt-will be made upon Naples .or Sicily, an ExpTe4$ is fent with Orders tO the fix Batrahons now, upon the Route to Italy, to make whac5 Hafte they .can directly to Naples. ;Some Days ago arrived here 15^0 biories from the,. Pruifian Territories, which are to'b? diftri-buted among'fe.veral Regiments of Horfe j" and we are told, there are 2000 more ex^ pected from thofe Countries. A Letter has-been dropt at Court, in theSpanifli f'ongue/ with feveral fufpicioiis Words in it; butxhey. can make nothing of it. Mr. Robinfon,< lately Secretary of the Hnglilli Embaffy ar the Court of France, is come hither to take Care of the Affairs, of Great'Britain during; the Abfence of che Earl of Waldegrave. Hamburgh, June 30. N. S. They write" from Mecklemburg, that the Duke of that Name had �pat out a Mandate, importing^ " That being-returned ;into his .Dominions, " to refume the Government thereof, he *'* thought it proper to accjuainr his Nobility, " and ail his Snbjects, therewith, that foe " the future'they might obey no OrJers bu� *' his, upon pain of being feverely pnnifh'd ^ 11 adding, that he fhall foori be in a Capacity " of protecting them from all Violence, &c", The Garriloo of Swerin having been reinforced by a Detachment from that of Do-mitz, attempted to. re/ake the Poit of Brand-frhau, but were repulied and purfued by the Hanoverian Hcrfe, till they got within Cannon Shot of Swerin. Falmouth, June iz. This Day failed the King George Packet, Law, for Lisbon, and the'Townfliend, Cooper, for Corunna. Wind N. W. Liverpool, June 23. Ycfterday arrived the Drogheda Merchant, Mercer, from Bar-badoes. This Day the Hope, Brownbill, Ditto, and the Cleveland, Griffith, from Sr. Kits. Dartmouth,. June 23. Yefterday paffed by' our Koad to the Eaftward, the Hamplhire,-of and for London, Martin, from Nevis. Came into our Road, having fpruog her Fore-top-Maft, the William and M^n*, of and for Weymouth, Beer, for Newfoundland, and failed the fame Day. Came in the Charm--ing Molly, of this Place, Hale, from Rotter* dam. Plymouth, Junez^. Since ,my laft came' in the Expedition, of London, from Ham-' burg, with Corn, ~ for Leghorn, LeperdJ Came in the Dove, of this Place, from Dram,' with Deals,--, Mafter.

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