Monday, June 5, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Monday, June 5, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - June 5, 1730, London, Middlesex Daily Courant N8 8c4i. Friday, June >, 1730. our Arfenal,, and lent w,t, .,_____. Care Loads of Bombs to Capua , fo thac now tbat Store-bouie and our Caftles are pretty well drained of Artillery and Am-munition, to fupply that Place and Gaeta. 'On the other hand, 100 Carpenters are continually employ d in making Carriages; and the latter End of laft Week we received Advice from Apuglia, that 1800 German Re-fruits were landed there at two feveral times, who had not waited for the Arrival of our 40 Tartanes, but came over from Fiutne in imall Veffels. Of thefe 1800, 800 are to go over directly to Sicily, with the General Count Wallis, who is arrived here from Vienna. The Duke de Gravini Orfini, who has fettled his Son with the Jefuits here, is tipon the Point of fetting out for Rome, and will fpeediiy be follow'd by the Archbifliop of Capua, his Brother. The two Brothers Vito and Carmine Zoppoli, Mafter-Mafons of Benevento, are condemned to die, for fetting Lattaro on Fire in the late Pope's Time ; which they did becaufe the Inhabitants bad put fome flight Affront upon the Family of Cardinal Cofcia. Home, May 17. N. S. Some Days ago, feveral Letters from Ferrara were read in the Congregation of the Confulta, importing, thac abundance of People die there of Colds; and that moft of the Inhabitants of Fort Urban were feized with dangerous Quinfies, which carry'd off 10 or 1 2 Perfons every Day. The Duke de PoH, who was appointed Heir to the Eftate of the late Cardinal Conti, his Uncle, has, with the Confent of the Executors Cardinal George Spinola and Cardinal Falconieri, taken Poffeffion of that Eftate. Signor Aliberri, Governor of the Conclave, being at a great Expence to main-rain the Honour of his Poft, Cardinal Corfi-ni and fome of his Brethren have made him Prefents of feveral Chefts of Wine and other Provifions. On the nth, about Ten o'Clock at Night, we felt a pretty rough Shock of an Earthquake, which lafted fix Minutes. It did no Damage here ; but at Trivoli it threw down fome Walls, and demolifhed almoft all the Houfesin the little Town ofNorcia, burying many of the f nhabitants under their Ruins, the reft having efcaped to St. Simon's Square. The Cardinals Barberini, Sinzendorfand Alef-fandro Albani, as Heads of Orders, upon the Exercife of which Office they enter'd the j ith Inftant, having permitted the Governor of this City to commute the Sentence pronounced by the Criminal Tribunal againft rhe Authors of fome Satyrical Libels formerly mentioned; the Durchefs Dowager of Gua-dagnolo Conti's Gentleman is only forbid to ftir out of his Houfe for a Year. The Marquis del Bufalo's Son driving a Chariot and four Horfes laft Week near Gialiano, the Horfes ran away with the Chariot, and threw him into a Ditch, and broke his Thigh. On the i<5th in the Evening, the Abbot Car-pani, who was fo imprudent as to give out Copies of fome Satyrs he had written againft certain Cardinals to whom he was Secretary, was feized near the Church of Santa Maria in Camfuello. The Marquis del Bufalo has prefenttd a Petition to the Sacred College, to be rettored to the Office of Poft- Matter General, of which he was deprived in the laft Pontificate. The Father Superior of the Pro-felfed Houfe of the jefuits, palling by the Church detle Virgi'ni tht- other Day in his Chariot, had the Misfortune to be overturn'd by the Pnncefs Sobieski's Coach, whereby he had an Arm and a Thigh broke. Upme, May 20. N. S. On Sunday the Sacred College received an Exprels, with Advice, that the Town of Norcia in the Eccleii-aftick State was ruined by a violent Earthquake ; whereupon they immediately order'd lome Pbyficians and Surgeons thither, with a good Sum of Money, to take Care of the Sick and Wounded, and to fupply the Ne-cefliiies of the Poor. They moreover ordered Publick Prayers to be put up, to ap-peafe the Divine Wrath, and avert fucb terrible Judgments from this City, where we have lately felt feveral flight Shocks, particularly one on Monday laft. The Election of a Pope does not advance at all: Cardinal Cor-fini had in the Scrutiny by Acceffo on Monday laft, 27 Votes, and might (they fay) depend upon 32, the Cardinal Camerlengo having join'd the Cardinals of the Two Crowns, and the Zealots with Cardinal Potcia being of the fame Party j but Cardinal Cienfuegos roundly declared, that if they pretended to go on in tbat Track, he would put the Negative upon him. *Tis now faid, the Emperor has order'd the Cardinals Schrotenbach and Czacki to come to the Conclave, and ftrengthen bis Party, fo that one of his own Subjects may be chofen. Cardinal Ruffo appears not to jj*ve loft all Hopes. After the Scrutiny on Monday laft, feveral Cardi nals went to Cardinal Pignatelh's Cell, and ask'd him whether they might propofe him to be ele&ed  but he would not hear of it at any rate; fo tbat the Canvafs in his Favour muft drop. The fame Day, the Cardinals receiv'd a Letter from the Cardinal de Fleury, wherein he launches very far in Commendation of Cardinal Imperiali; but adds, that his Mafter the French King had not been able to prevail with the Court of Spain to retract their Exclusion of him." On Thurfday in the Evening, Cardinal Carrac-cioli, Bifhop of Averfa, arrived here, in order to go into the. Conclave, tho' he is at leaft 88 Years old. The Courier Gaetano returned hither from Vienna on Wednefday, with Letters for Cardinal Cienfuegos and the Count de Collalto. Men obferve now a more than ordinary Friendfhip between the Cardinal de Polignac and the Cardinal Camerlengo ; and it has been difcovered, tbat the great Mifunderftandi.ig between the latter and Cardinal Cienfuegos was occa-fioned by Signor Aquila, who is Auditor to the laft-named, and betray'd his Matter's Secrets in relation to the Choice of a Pope ; which put the Cardinal into fuch a Paffion, that he threaten'd in his Heat to throw him out of the Window. However, he is fent to Cattle St. Angelo, and is in a fair way of being made an Example. In the prefent arduous Situation of Affairs, the Holt has been expofed 3 Days fucceffively this Week, by order of the Sacred College, in Sixtus Chap- pel, to try what that 1* ill do for a fpeedy Election. The Cardinals Qttobom and Buon-compagno have concluded a Marriage between che Durchels de Fiano and the Second Son of the Duke de iora Bunncompagno, who is to take rhe Name nf Ottoboni. Several Complaints having, been made to the Conclave, tbat the Chevalier de Sr. George's Coachmen always drive furionfly, and fome-times overturn other Coaches in the Streets/ without Relpcct of Perfons, the Sacred College defired the Chevalier, in the handforneft manner, to order his Coachmen to take more Care for the future : Whereupon the Chevalier fent a Gentleman to allure them, thac he will turn ihem out of bis Service as foon as be comes to Town from Albano, and punifh them in the mean while in any manner they fliall think proper. Abundance of German Officers arrive here every Day, on their way to Naples and Sicily. ^ Florence, May 2c. N. S. Yefterday we received Advice from Spoleto, that the 12th Inftant in the Morning they felt an Earthquake, which tho' it did but little Damage^ put them in a terrible Fright ; but the fame Day, about 8 Hours after, it was fo violent at the little Epifcopal Town of Norcia, lying between the Mountains, that with two Shocks that Place was almoft demolifhed, except the Cloifters of Sr. Francis and St. Anthony, and the Town Houfe : That rbey had already dug 400 dead Bodies out of the Ruins, and expected to find a great many* more : That 500 Soldiers were pofted round the Town, to prevent the ftealing of Goods r That the Nuns were gone to Spoleto ; and that the reft of the Inhabitants, whofe Number before this Misfortune was computed at about 4000, were fled into the open Country, and durlt not return for fear of being fwallow'd up. Milan, May 20. N. S. The Marquis Me^j dici de Melagnano is to receive the Invefti-ture of Pita and fome other Countries, ort. Monday next, in the Name of the Great Duke of Tufcanny ; Marflial Vifconti be*J ing empowered by the Emperor to perform that Ceremony here. Bologna, Mayz<y. N. S. On Wednefday] and Thurfday laft, 11 00 Horfe of the RegiJ ment of Sultzach, all well mounted, march'd by this Place on their way to Naples, with�� out committing any Diforders upon the Road,' they being provided with all Neceftaries, foe which the CommirTary-General at Milan is to pay by the Emperor's Order. Venice, May 27. N. S. On Tuefday irt the Evening, an Kxprefs from Rome wenc thro' this City for Vienna, who reported,' that when be came away, the Cardinals Sal-' viati and Zondedari ftood faireft for the Pa-j pal Chair. Deal, June 3. Laft Night failed the Af-' Cento, Goldsborough, for Buenos Ayres. No Ship in the Downs. Yefterday nrl rived and failed thro' the Mary, Clampir, from Dantzick, for--. This Day, arrived the--, Sympfon, from New-England ; the Randolph, Bowling, from Virginia. Wind E. N. E. Grave/end, June 3. Paffed by the Mary; John Cranwell, from Rotterdam ; the Mediterranean,'

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