Friday, April 21, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Friday, April 21, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - April 21, 1730, London, Middlesex i Daily Coufant* Tuefday-j April 21, 1730. n. s. � Tta Archblfoip cf Novogrod'j Speech to the Czarina^ when (he made her Pul/lick Ent'j into tltii City. M�fi iUuftriciis, Moft Potent Emprefs and Lad}, Moji Gmcioui Sovereign ; cc fTT is bur, a few Days, fince, af-" rer ihe molt let.fible Grief, thole '� Words ui the Pialrodt were, by " the Almighty Father of Mercies, 44 verify'd in u% to. our unfpeakable Joy, 41 Heavinefs way endure for atiigbt, but Joy *l cometh in the Morning. The unexpected " and untimely Death of our moft Graci-" oris Monarch the Emperor, Peter II. of *' Bieffed Memory, fill'd all our Heans, in " the Night of the 29th of January, with *' Sorrow and Darknefs; but the . next ** Morning, there darted upon us an agfee-" able Ray of Joy, when, by the unanimous Confent of the principal States of the Empire, or rather by him who has ali *' the Kingdoms of the Earth in bis Difpofal, 44 the Scepter of the Ruffian Empire was 4t deliver'd mro the Hands of your Imperial Majefty. How (hould I, upon iucb an Occafion, avoid the Imputation of being Dumb, did I not expsefs my inward Joy and Gladnels upon fo happy a Change, " and congrarulate in rhe firft place you and 41 your molt Illuftrious Family, then the vaft 44 Multitude of People your Subjects, and 44 laftly myfelf, as your Majefty's moft Obe-  Ct dient Servant, thereupon ? The Gircum-" (lances your Majetty has heretofore Ja-4' bour'd under, are known to all the World: 44 and no Man can think of them witboflt a. 44 poignant Grief, when he confiders your 44 Majefty, descended of the Imperial Blood *' of the Czars, left an Orphan in your tender 44 Youth, by the Death of your moft illuftri-*' ous Parents ; afterwards a Widow, by the *4 untimely Death of your moft de:�-Huf-band, without that Provifion which your High Birth required ; and, which is ftill more fhocking, ha raffed and put in Fear* and traireroufly perfecuted by a:Rebellious and Ungrateful Vaffal! Some foolifh Men " might think within themfelves, God bath * forfalten btr ; but thofe who obferve with 44 Attention the Ways of his Providence, 44 know that your Majefty may juftly be * reckoned in the Number of God's beloved 44 Children; for He, as Father of the Father-c< lefs, and Husband and Protector of the Wi-44 dow, has now declared in the Sight of the 44 whole Worid,that he has not for faken your ** Majefty ; but on the contrary, has plainly 44 demonftrared, that the Name of your moft 44 Ulnftrious Anceftors, of Glorious Memory, and of your Majefty, is full of Grace and Glory. We have therefore, MofiGracious Emprefs, ample Reafon to congratulate your Imperial Majefty not only for the pre* fent, but but alfo for the Time to Come. 44 We now receive, through the Mercy of 44 God, an immenfe Fulnefs of Riches'} arid your Imperial Majefty's Subjects enjoy *' from the Hand of God, an Emprefs from " whom they may promife themfelves a gra-44 cious Difpenfation of every thing condti-4t cive to the Publick Good ot Private Bene-" fit: They enjoy an Emprefs, who far from 44 finking under fo many Strokes of adverfe 44 Fortune, acquired a true Fortitude there-*; by, and was preferved as a Magnanimous *' Heroine for the Defence of her Country : �< �l u 11 � ' << t< it u tc i< ti << it � it <( i< (< tic (I II n <( l< A Princefs endow'd wirb Juftice, and all thole other Venues and Qualifications enumerated in the I ooih Pjnltn (our lotftj for the Maintenance of the Publick Safety and Tranquillity : In a Word, an Emprels, from whom, as from an indulgent Mother^ they may rely upon every Act of Good-nels and Clemency* We may therefore vwth grcarer Juftice addrefs your Majefty in the Words formerly apply'd to Judith ; Thou art the Crown of Jerufalcm ; Thou art the Salvation of if tie I : Thou aie the Gloiy of all the People. Yea, we (hall fay unto Our People, upon whom fo many B ef-fings are heaped, I{'joice in the Lord always. Though we have finn'd againlt the Lord, and he has mingled our Bread with Weeping, and our Drink with Tears, and left us Orphans lb many times in (0 few Years; yet he comforts us again in the Perfon of your Imperial Majefty, our moft Gracious Morhpr and l.*Hv He �c " Peace, and Glory, to. the iafting n*i^i.�.w " of all your faithful Subjects. Your Imperial Majefty's Moft Obedient Servant, and Inter ceffor with God,' THEOPHANES. Arcbbijbop of Novogrod: Patmoutb, April \ 6. Since my laft put in very leaky the Vendraught, of Rotterdam, Burgen, for Belfaft, for N*mz ; the Sarah,, of Yarmouth, Bruce, Packet in four Days, from Corunna. ,OnTuefday:faiIed the King George Packet for Lisbon*.and the Town-fliend for Corunna, but bath? put back again Yefterday, Wind S. As affopdt in the Str; John Baptift;'1 o3f and from London ; . the Harry, for Cadiz, and theJ3olpbin, jof^ajnd from Pool, Dean, for Newfoundland. This Day failed the Mary and Ann, Brown, for Hamburg* with 5 CoafterSi; WindW. Dartmouth, April 17, Yefterday and this Day came into this Port the William, pf and for Penzance; the Jane, with Wine; the Sarah, of and from Pprtfmoutb, BafTer, wirti Malt for Falmouth. The Wind continues ftill at S. W. and W/ 5., W. full of : dirty rainy Weather* There' ace a great, ifiahy Ships in Torbay bound Up the Channel, leve-ral Pool Men for hfewfbilpdlahd, ,knd all ours here areLunder the, fame Embargo. CoMt,.April 17. Yefterday carne' in the-Profperity, of and for Milford, Farrer; the Three Brothers, of and for Briftol, M,afters; the Richard, 3f Yarmo�tb,ftamfdare.fof Oporto* the Endeavour, of and for Carmarthen, Morgan, all from London; the Try ton, of Briftol, Barrier, from Hamburgh, for Falmouth 3 the Ifabella, Dickinfon, for Falmoiuh j thS Ifaac and Jol'eph, B;irron, for Barbadues j the Pruce Frederick, Pack, for Lubon, all of and from London; the Debero->, of Limerick, from Dunkirk, Robert*, for Bilboa; This Day came in the Endeavour of Water-ford, Merry, from ,Jnifterdam, for Nantz ; the Ann, of and for Fajmoutb, Paltoe, from London. Brijhl; April 18. This Day arrived her is the Bedminlter, Cornifli, in rix Weeks and two Days from New England. On ThurU day Morning arrived here the Margaret, Beaven, from Oporro; Deal, A'piil 19. Rettiairi the Biandford Man of War; Kenr, Wheeler, for Guinea j rhe Prince of Afturies, Blackburn, for the South Sea ; the India Merchant, Barlo^ j fyr -"--; the Oratavia, Guy, for the Cana. nes ; all the others tailed this Day, and thofe above are prepared. This Day arrived the Dolphin, Webber, from the StreightSj for Amfierdam ; the Oratavia^ Maxey, frorri the Canaries ; the---, Tickner, frorri Cette for Midd'eburg; Nile, Matthews, frorri Alexandria, and feveral drhers unknown* V/ind N. W, London. Yefterday a Court of Delegates ivss held at Serjeant's-Inn Hall in Chancery L^ne^ reLitin^ ro the Will of Mr. Henry Rhodes of Fleerftreer, Bookfeller, deceas'd, and rhe Courr fate late Rate of 70 Guns$ is; repairing in tKe,! "Dock, in order to be put> IniCorhmifTion ini'iM�"� Mediterranian Servicejthis Seafort,'-CapT; 'Fb'Sieri* J ham Commander, on Bdard"of-which 'ift-ek-pefted that Sir Charle* Wager-will hoitt ;HS Fiag. {. . ' :.: \> " -T ' ''*' Yeftetdaflthfl L6rd 'CKigf juftice Raym6hd/ affifted:tnthe Houfeof Pedrs in,the Abiendefdf"1 the Lord High Chancellor who was at Court td: aflift in the grand Council held there. The Lord De la War, who forte' tithe flrice exchanged:Witr*Ool! G�fpenreffor hfs Coirrpany; of Foot in. thfc.:raom of.tHe totititt-s Troop of Horfe, is ^borir eharigibg: *he faid Company of Hatmeri .wlhich was Col. Carp enter's, forCoU' Allen's Company of Grenadiers* '  i E D IN B V k 6% April1 5, dn Friday laft two Soldiers were whipt frorri the Netherbow to the Wat?r-g'ate"by^ithe Hand of the corrimdrt Harigmari, arid then drijm'd out of the Regiment for Maltreating a Gentlewomati. Yefterday the Taylor who perfonared a Mifif-fter and performed holy Offices^ flood again ai the

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