Monday, April 17, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Monday, April 17, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - April 17, 1730, London, Middlesex ourant* NQ 8899, Friday, April 17, 1730. _.*uant Vefuvius continues fending forth great Quantities of combuftible Matter, and has open'd two new Vents. Florence, April \. N. S. On the 25 th paft, the Minifter of Spain receiv'd an Ex-prefs from his Court; and having made Paris in his way, he brought, among his other Difpatches, a Letter to the French Envoy, and another to the Senator Mohte-niagni. The farrie Day the Minifters of the Allies of Seville had a long Conference together 5 as had likewife thofe of the Great Duke, who afterwards gave his Royal High-nefs an account of their Proceedings. We cannot learn the Particulars of the Difpatches brought by the Spanifii Courier j but in g�-iseral ue know they were nqt agreeable to this Court, the Allies of Seville perfifting in the Refolution not to admit of any Alteration in the Terms of that Treaty. Leghorn, April 1. N. S. Qn Sunday laft, the Earlof Kinnoui, Ambaffador. of the King of Great Britain, put to Sea'farCooftanti-nople. They write from Baftia, that 4 of the Rebellious Mountaneers being come into that City; they Were feized and hang'd by the Governor's Order. Genoa, April 1. N. S. The Senate hold frequent Councils about the Troubles in Cor-�fiea ; but we do not yet hear what Refold tions they have taken. The three Galleys that are bound tbfrJherwith fome Troops, are detain'd here by contrary Winds-- Our laft Advices from that" ffland fay, the'Malecon-tentstfommit great Diforders,- pfundering all the Country-Houfes of the Genoeze; and fome fay they have taken and'put'Garrifons into feveral fortify^d PJaces. Vienna, April 5. N. S. We daily expect  1500 Horfes from the Country of "Brandenburg, to remopnt the Imperial Cavalry ; and the Jockey'Sch.indelberger has undertaken to /urni/h as many more in a very, ftiorc time. Copenhagen, April 8. N. S. . The , Count Ptelo, Ambaffador of France, ^has lately hid feveral Conferences with the Hrgh Chan; celior of Denmar^'r0 en'gage tlj^r/Cburc to accede to the Treaty of Seville.," All the "Officers of the Regiments in the Pay of'the .Crown of France, are order'd to ,'get' their Equipage ready,.and to marcniJOiiiolfteyn at an Hour'i-'WaVnfng.*- -Maj&r General Lewenohr witt'fet out in a few" Days1 for the Court of Berlin? in.she Quality iafhis Ma-jefty's Envoy -Eitraordinary. 'We have iininYd the Sate of the Goods brought over by the .laft. Ship from Tranquebar. The Crown of France has paid 200,^00 Liv.res upon, Account of-the Subsidies due to his ba:ni(h Majefty. "* I{atisbon, April. 10. N. S. The Minifter of Mentz is upon the Point of fetting out ifor his Court, to receive new Inftfudkions. The Minifter of Bavaria has declared to the Minifter of Pruffia, that the Elector- his Matter will permit the Pruflian Officers to raife Recruits in his Territories, provided they enroll none but Fcp^ners. Scbaffbaufen, April 1 r. N.S. They write from Coire, that the Memorial prefentcd to the Baron de Wenfer, Minifter of the Emperor, by the Leagues of the Grifons, in relation to their/Grievances, confifted ol the following Articles. 1. ' That they bad not received the Sa-" tisfaclion that was promifed them, touch-" ing the Jurifdiction of Laghetto. j 2 '* That Fairs were not kept at Grave-l" dona, Damaflb, and Gera, purfuant to the Capitulation of the Milaneze. 3. " That a Duty of a RixdoIIar was " exacted at Staulfere, for every Piece of *' Wine fent that way by their Allies. 4. " That the Differences at Torafpi were " nor yet terminated. 5. " That the Toll at Gera was raifed ; " and that the leagues having complain'd of " it to the Governor of the Milaneze, his " Excellency was fo far from giving them Sa-" tisf'adhon, that he would not fo much as " hear their Complaints. 6. " That new Taxes were impofed upon " the Grifons alfoi at other Places of the Mi-" laneze j and particulatly at Lecco they had " laid a new Duty of four Florins upon every " ^nto of the Grifnns that arrived. Laft Wednefday the Chamberlain Sebeel was married in the Caftje to theBa'fonefs of Gul-. deneroor), and the j�ji>g has nominated him a-: jQoiinfejior of Stiate. <L He'vhurg, April a 8. N. S, Yefterday an ' Ex^refs from^Srocklnlm went- thro* this Place, on bis way to Caffel, to carry the News, that his; Swcdifli Majefty was :determined to goro'.Gaffel; On the other hand, Jjis Sifterin-Law.) the'Dutchefs-Obwager of Butzau is to go to^Stockbolm, to bear the Queen of Sweden Company. They write from Berlin, that M. Vierek," Minifter of State, was nominated to go to, itondon, to 'demand the Second;Princefs of England in Marriage with thfe Prince*Roy^al of Proflii. The Match bet weep, the Duke- of Holfteyn-Ploen and the Countefs of Malzau is off, and the Prefents returned. \ Deal, April 16. Befides thofe mentioned in. my laft, here are the'Queen Caroline, Webb, for Guinea ; the Jacob, Bi;ook, for Bilboaj the Dove, TJourn, for Jamaicathe William and Mary, Porter, for Fyal j the Succefs, Rider, for Limerick j moft of 'em. feem to remain, but fome are under fail. Laft Night arrived the Ann, Afgil^ from St. Lucar, for Hamburg. Wind variable. LONDON. Yefterday Mr. Webb, the Lord Chief Baron Pen^elly's Clefk, caroe to Town from Blandford in Dorfetlhire, and broHghr ce?tain Advice, that, his Lordfliip died at that Town on Tuefday laft at Eleven in the Morning. W'ednefday Night died of rhe Small Pox Thomas Lyttleton, Hkj; Second Son ro Sir Thomas Lyrtleton, one of rjie Lords Commiflioners of the Admiralty, and Page to the Princefs Koyaf. Yefterday came on the Election cf a Steward of St. Bartholomew's Hofpiral, in the Room of Mr. Robert Brifcoe, deceafed. Tiie Candidates were Mr. Nathaniel Wollfryes, A'r John Lloyd, and Mr. Sellers Thornbery. The Numbers were as follow : For Mr. Wollfreys -� 141 Mr. Lloyd - 65 Mr. Thornbery - 1 So that Mr. Wollfreys was declared July elected.' At the fame time feveral of the Governors fub-fctibed very liberally towards RebuiiJing the faid Hofpttai; and We Ijear that above -ocol. is now fublcrtbed. This Day 5 of the Malefa&ois condemn'd the Seffions before the laft, are to be executed ac Tyburn. We hear that the Perfon who robbed the Exeter Carrier lately, and made oft when the other was taken at Exeter, is fnce t^ken feveral Miles below Exeter, and is clofely confined in Goa] in order to be brought back thither Yefterday rhe Commiffioners'for rhe Affairs of Chelfea admitted upwards of 50 Soldiers lately difcharged out of the feveral Regiments ;' jmoog whom were four Serjeants of the f;irft:Regim�QC cf Guards, and feveral of the f-ari .of Stair's .Dragoons, and two Horle Grenadiers. '. The' fame Morning a F:re broke out in a Chimney of his Grace the Duke of Richmond's Houfe in-the Privy-Garden at Whitehall,.which was put out before any great Damage was done. v Yefterday the Firft Regiment of Guards were mu#er'd in Hyde-Park. , - -. Lare on Tuefday Njght laft died at her, Houfe in Sr James's PJace, rhe Hon. the Lady Bof-cawen, Mother to the Lord Falmouth, Sir Philip Meadows, and ro theLWy of Sir John Evelyn.; VO T E S of the Houfe of Commons of Ireland. �April 7. ��<: � i N engroflcd Bill, entitled, An/B for vefting yi\rt of the EJiate of Nicholas Ambrole French of tbeCity of--London, Gentleman, intra? flees, to b? fold for Payment of Debts and Incurs- brances, atBing his 'Ejlate, and far cqrgrintng and .tftablijbing unto John Di^by, Efa\ oni,jbis,Heirt^ nnd untfi the Ajftgns of. the Right Reverend Simon JDigtjy late Bifiop' of Elphin, the Lands yurcbafed' tyihw from Nicholas- French o/Gortfory. in the .Qounty ofGalway, Efq; Father oj the faid Nicholas Arribfofe French,, was read jhethir^, Time. ' Refolded, .?That the^BjH do pafcv � k .vu,' . i x Ordered,: that ^lr.-Roier(Bla^eney^y thjs laid Bijl to the Lbrdsy and acquaint them^ that this Houfe hath parted the fame, and defire thcif Concurrence thereunto.1: ;i 'is;'-'". An engreffed Bill,, entitled, An A&fa-ife.RS' liefjof the Xeunger.qhiUren of John dde^.'^; Jeceaffa\ ^a.s: readj|l)e't|�ird'Tifte. . ' n Refohed, That the Bill do pafs. ;, -,jK:;, A Ordered,.-That ^z&omas'StaHntc^idffi catty the faid Bill to the';LorfJs,? aB^c<^a'int:them' thaf this Hpufe hath.p-^4 ^^fah^fanddef their Concurrence thereunto." ^ An engrofled Billp^ptirled, ,An Act for t. ter regelating the $eei\fyufthss of ike Pea*

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