Sunday, April 16, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Sunday, April 16, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - April 16, 1730, London, Middlesex Thurfday; April 16, 1730. ON the 8tb Inttanc, the Queen, accompany'd by the Princefs of Brazil, went and paid her Devotions in the Church of the Fryers of Chanty, where they were Celebrating the Fefttval of Sc. John de Dieu, their Founder. . On the 1 j ch htr Majetty went to Mais and received the Communion in the Jefuics Church of Sc. Roch, where chere was a great Concoude of People chat Day* it being the lalt of the Odfcave of St. Francis Xavier. This Day was celebrated at Court  the Anniverlary of the Birth of the Infante Don Antonio, the King's Brother, who is now enter'd into the 36th Year of his Age; and the Grandees of the Kingdom and Lords of the Courc had the Honour to kifs the Hands of the Kmg(and the Princes of the Royal Family, upon that Occation. The King has granted the Office of Secretary of the Royal Finances to Don Theodore, Lopez Falcan, Great Official of the Infante Don Antonio s Secretary's Office. On the 11 th, arrived here an extraordinary Courier from Rome, wirh the News of the Pope's Death. Mad/id, April <�. N. S. Their Catholick Ma jetties, accoinpany'd by the Prince and Princels of the Afturia's, the Infantes, and the Infanta's, let out from Loxa the 23d of lalt Month, and lay that Night at Santa Fe. The 24th, after Dinner, tb_ey departed thence for Granada, where they arriv'd about Six o'Clock in the Evening. AH the Streets and Squares of that City, from the Point of the River Genii to the Palace of rhe ancient Moorifh Kings, where the Court fefides, were adorn'dwitb Tapeftry and feve-ral Triumphal Arches ; and all the Houfes in . Town were illuminated that Night and the two following. The 24th in the Morning, Valence whereof is a Camailfe'ux of the Saint inclofed in a rich Sordure. On.t&e Sides of (he Altar are placed four large Stands with Candt&fticks. The Church, from the Corniftr to che�Wahi? fcot, isadorn'd with rich Tapeftry belonging to she Crown, beneath, .which are ^eg.f charged v&ith Camailleux, reprefehting tlie principal Actions of the Saint, with feveral PaiTages of Holy Scripture luitable to the Subject * The whole iurmounred withi Branches and Flower Pots. The Choir wai hang'd with Tapeftry, and fet off with � gfeac Number of fine Luftfe. Valmouth, April tit Yefterday arrived the Phoenix, of this Place, Clies, from Sr. Sebaftians, and the Adventure from Darr>' mouth, for Ncwfouudland. Wind W. . DartrHoutb, April t2. Since my lafi, bt the iothnocany News, only this Morning. Came in the Ifaac and Elizabeth Sloop, belonging to the Tower, with Stores from Porcfmouth, for Plymouth. Remains in. Port the "Younker, of and from' � � - �, for Guinea. Wind W. N.W. Southampton, April 14. Since my iart came in the Dainty, Dormer; from GuernfeyJ with Wine. Sailed the Farmer, of Southampton, Knap, for Gibraltar. . Deali April 14. Remain the, Kent, Wheeler, for Guinea; the Lady Amelia, How^. and the Hunter, Ty2ard, both for Jamaica" j the America, Noble, for New-England 3' the Tom and Jack, Fergufon; for --- $ ch^.' Italian, Career, for Leghorni; Yefterday arrived the Earl and Countefs, Lumden; Trofri Scotland; the Martha, Potts, from Newi Caftle, for Bofton; the Don Francifco,' Salte^ from Lisbon. Wind S. W. ^ �, Gravefcnd, April 14. Arrived the Neptune, Smith, from Dunkirk"; the Salisbury/ Smith, and the Don Francifco, Sajtef, both from Lisbon ; the Canterbury, Feudwind^ from Bofton; and the Vmyard, Oringer,' fio'iri Opotco. I'd Sri) ON.' Yefterday being the firft Day of tefrBj, ^Sj^ Lord High Chancellor and Judges went to Wert-minfter Hall with the ufual itate; Several Per^f fons appeared on their Recognisances at ttii King's Bench Bar, and were continued; . The fame Pay being the Anniverfaiy of prince William's Bi'rtbj: their Majefty's and the reft of the Royal Family received the nfuaf Complements upon that Occafion. Mr. Serjeant Shepherd, who fell ill oil thi '"Weftexn Circuit, died laft Sunday Morning neal Exeter ; and Yefterday his two Sons fet oQt for that Place. , Yefterday died at Greenwich' Mr. Bird, MafteC Cook to the Royal flofpirai there j and we. heaf he will be fucceeded in that Place by Mr.Colej Mafler of the Scullery. A French Ship from Pondecherry ih'tne-$aft� Indies brings Letters from Fore St. George, dateq . the 15th of September laft, with Advice thai " all the -Ships of that Tear were, aniy'dthe Greenwich, the firft, on the 20th of Majr; 4h& the Grantham, Cape. Field) the iateR^ on th^ 6th of Auguft, after a long and very^haaar-f dous Voyage, having been upon the Klajjdivf |Locks, but was then gone tb Bengali with tne' Other Ships of that Year. The Duke,of' York; Capt. SpmmerSj bad got a Country Voyage to' judda. The Heathcor, Capr. Col ion, wintered at Bengali, and is expe&ei .home next Month.' The Lords Commiffioners 6f the AdfnirafrJ^ have been pleafed to appoint Mr. William Anglej Bpatfwain of his Mayfly's Ship the Hefior, td be Boatfwain of the Princefs Mary^ iff rhe roori 6f the fotrner deceafed ; Mr. Jones,- BoatfwairJ Of his M a jefty s Ship the Sncccfsj to beiBaaiWffll i� the ge&or; in, the Rooni^of Mr; Angle j ah4_-/.fy Sjr. Janieji Moore to beBoatiWata of the Soco hi' the Room of Mr< jotkai

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