Tuesday, January 10, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Tuesday, January 10, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - January 10, 1730, London, Middlesex The Daily Courant No. 881 s. 0 Saturday, January 10, 17x9-30. 1V1UJ o Tejierday arrived the Ma(l due from Holland, which brought the following Particulars of the Efpoufals between the C^ar of Moicovy and the Princefs Kacherine Alexiewna Doigc-rucki. MoJcojv, December 20. N. S. N the 10th Inftanr, being the " Vigil of Sr. Andrew's Fe-" fttvai, O. S. the Czarwa-" Dowager, his Czarian Maje-" fty's Grand-mother, was invited by M. de " Chapelow, Marlhal of the Court; and the " Ptincefs Elizabeth, the Dutchefs r>f Meck-" Iemburg,tbe Princefs Profco via, ird the Prin-" eels of MeckJemburg, by a Gentleman of the Bed Chamber. The fame Day, the Princeffes *' of the Family of Do'gorucki, and the other " near Relations of the 8. trothed Prir�ceis,ooth " by the Father's and Mother's fide, were in-*' vitedby that Princefs s'M�fterof the Horfe, " to meet at her Palace, in order to arrend " her to Court. On the 1 ith Inftant, being " the Day of the Feftiva!, appointed for the " Celebration of the Czar's Efpoufals, the " Czarina-Dowager, the Prinrefles of the " Blood ard other Perfonso! Ddtin&ion, of " both Sexes, who hid a.'f) been invited wuh " the ufual Ceremonies, repair'd to his " Czzrian Majefty's Palace about Two o *e Clock in the Afternoon : The Ladies were conduced into the Apartments on the R: gat " Hand of the Great Hall; zuu ihe Lords "into th: Czar's Anticb-imbers. The-Great " Hall, in which this Ceremony vv\�s to be *' performed, was magnificently adurn'd In thi Middle f ic was fpre*d a large u Carpet of Perfian S.Ik. Ovcr.agairft ibis * Carper, at the Upper E J of the Hall, was ** a Table cover'd with Clo.b of Gold ; up-" on which was placed a Gold Bafon, and " in it were the Holy Crofs, and two Gold ** Plates, defigned for the B'erfi.ig of the '* Rings. Againft this Table, upon the Car-** pet, was a Canopy of Cioth of Silver, em-*' -broider'd with Gold, fupporrcd by Six *' Major Generals. On the Right ot this " Canopy, upon another Silk Carpet, was " fee an Eafy Chair for the Czar; and on " tbe Left, upon a Carpet a!fo, and in the *' very fame Line, were t/o Oafy Chairs " made of Green VeJver with Gold Lace " for the Czarina-Dowager and the Be-** tro:hed Prir.cefs: On the fide of thefeEafy " Chairs, a lict'e n.ore backward, were 4 4( other Chairs, for the 4 Princeffes of the ** Blood ; and, befide them, fevcral more 44 Chairs for the Betrothed Princefs's Mo-" ther and Sifter, and the orher Princeffes " of the Family of Dolgorucki. 44 The Company being met at Court, " Prince Dolrorucki, Lord Chamberlain ol " the Czar's Houfliold, and Brothcrto th: Be-" trothed Princefs, being app-nnted hisCzari-" an Majefty's Principal C ,mmtfiioner, upon " thisOccafion, wc .t with a numerous Train' "�of the Czar's Coa-h'es and Dome-ticks, *' tarhc Pahce of Golowiefch where ihe R:-44 trothed ''rincefs was. with all the Pnnc<if.rs " of her Family. He there declared to the u Princefs, that he wis commanded to " conduct her to the Czar's Palace ; and tl hiving dtlued her to go thither accord-" in;;!y, he handed her ro the Co-icii; an.i " tn-y proceeded in the fuilowir.ij OrJer. f. " Two of ihe Czir's Co.ich -s ar.d Sis *' HWfes in which were thir Lords of his * Cz.'.rian Majrftv's B-'d Clu-ii^r. I, 44 Another of thf Cv:--\ C'ar.ch'.-c ir.d Sis, wi:h the Lord Ch-ii';ber.;.j:i: c-i.ly. 3. " Fout of his Majefty's Running Foot- men 4. " Two Harbingers of the Court on Horfebacki 5. M. Cofchelef, Mafterofthe Horfe to the Czar, in a Coach alone. 6. " The Princefs's Horfe Grenadier Guards. 7. " Four of the Czar's PoftiUions. 8. 'A Coach and Six, wherein fat ber Highnefs, wuh her Mother and Sifter. Six of the Czar's Pages were before tbe Coach ; a Page of the Bed Chamber rede behind on Horfeback ; and fix He\dukes, with the Czar's Footmen, all in magiuii-cent Livj-ries, waik'd by the Coach-fide. 9. '* Several other Coachf�, filed with Princeifrs of the Famt y of Dolrorucki. 10. " The Ladies of her Highncii's Court. 11. " 7'he Coaches of Stare. " When this Train was come near the Czar's Palace, the Marfhal of the Ccurt and the Great Mafter ,of tbe Ceremonies went with their Staves in their Hands, accompanied by the Lords of rhe Courr, to the Ladies Apartm*nr, and Jdiicd the Czaiina D wa er, the Prmcelfes of the Blood, and the ether Ladies, to walk ir.t) run wi *<.. ^ v Hall, there was an agreeable c . of Mustek; and as foon as ih- had tak-n her Place, the Lord Chamberlain, the Lords of the Bed chamber, and other Lords, preceded by the Marfhal of the Comr and the Great Mafter of the Ceremonies, wait, ed upon the Czar, who went with them to the Hall, with the Snu'id of Trumpets, and accompanied by Prince Gregory A-lexiowirz Dolgorucki, the Fieid Marflul Prince Dolgorucki, Baron Oft-Ttrun, Vice Chancellor, and by all tbe Grai.dees of his Court. His Czarian JViajefty being feared in his Eafy Chair, the Betrothed Princefs was conduced by the Lord Chamberlain, under rhe Canopy; uhereupon " Pii:ice(s. Afterwards that Prelate (aid " fame more Prayers ; which being ended, " his Czarian M-jefty and the Princefs rc-" mrned to their Place?, and received the 44 Compliments of the L^"ds and La.lies, who " had rhe Honour ro kifs their Hands. Ac " the fa ire nir.e, the Tnnnpets founded, ard " t'tif ArtiH rv weie tlirice difcharmed. At-14 trn|i!iCcr,.m;niv, the Czar, accompanied *' bv the C:'.;rina Dowacer, the Princeffes *' of the Ri > d. and the Princetfcs of the "' !>o'ci ruri' i Famiiv, c'T.duded the Efpou'-.'d " SVniCeis into hi-r Apartment, to f-.-e ihe Firew ;rks rky'd oil*, which had been " ['sei-ared for the Occaiion, and iuc- " ceeded perfectly well in the Execution.' ** V/c had likewife fine Illuminations. All " tf^' Iljuftnous Company being ftturr.td in-" to the Hail, there was a Play and a Ball, " ivhich iafted but a fhortttme; alter which 44 the Lfpoufed Ptinceis. retum'd 10 her Pa-" lace in a Coach drawn by 8 Hories, with "6 Poftillions, 6 Pages,. 8 H.ydokes, 8 *4 Gentlemen of the Horle Guards, as.u the ('* fame Train that brought her to Court ; 44 but with this Difference, that fha fat in the 44 Coach alrne, and the Drums bcai -when *4 ihe went away. Seville, December 21. N. S. Seven new IVien ul War are daily expeChd ac adiz iruTV. Sr. Andero � artd Dc.n JoUph Patino, who makes it his whole Budocis to brir.a our Navy upon a good F- or, vaiI: go itothcr to fee them, as foon a :y F.-uher, i;0'" m be too hafty in lend.ng the i/.fir:ie L>on Carlos to Italy with an armed Force, bv ratlier to wait, if ic fliould be a iitde toe Jnd endcavc ur to fettle hi n there by fair M ansj in ordt r to which, his h'oli els proiu^es to try wh�i; he can do v. ith the Princes thac feem averfc to his coming there. Vimnia, Jan 4 N S. Some Days ago,' the Imperial Cabinet-Courier T� r.-efa i '-as di parched to the Court of Muic: vy : And tb.s Day or To-morrow another will be fent to Count Coninfcfek at the Court of Spain. It is reported that the Duke d? R:p~>erd* has f.mrd m- an* to reconcile himlelf and Family to their Ca'hoick Majefties; and tnar he will Ipeedily rtf.crn to Madrid. How true this i>, we car, not (ay; but *ti� c, rtain the EmpTori? no: well p.ealed ^ ith � the Di-frarcnes he has btelv received from Mid-o-w, yet lels. wi.h thole from Italy, ard ieaft of all with the Advices from France and Spain. Should a Rupture break out in Italy, 'tis thought Count Guido Staremberg would command the Army on that Side, notwithstanding his great Age j Prince rugene feem-ing dclirous to die in Peace, and never more to draw his Sword, at leaft in apy Quarrel between Chriftian and Chriftian. The Emperor has given the Regiment of C�^^f^lerst,' vacant by the Dearh of Prince Fmannel of Savoy, to the young Prince his Sop, who is at prefent at >.h" Court cf Turin, but is fpeedily expected here. The Imperial Regiments ordered to Italy are tbefe which follow. Foot: Guido Staremberg, Oid Daun, Wurm brand. Cuireffiert t John Palfi, C'arafTi, Hamilton, Prince Frederick of Wirtemberg, Pritice.Eugcne of Savoy. Dragoons: Prince Eugene of Wictemberft Philipni, Waterborn, I.ichtenftein. Freukfo.c, Jan.u N. S. Acccrdingto fome Advices, rhe Princes of the hmpirg will'furmfh the omperor with 50,0cc ir; cafe ot Need. ^i^ik^ m

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