Tuesday, May 10, 1898

Daily Commercial Report

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Commercial Report on Tuesday, May 10, 1898

Daily Commercial Report (Newspaper) - May 10, 1898, London, Middlesex DAILY COMMERCIAL REPORT. [Registered for transmission abroad through the Post Office."] No. 10837] LONDON, Tuesday Evening, May 10th, 1898. fVoL.XLIV SUGAR.-The Beet market was rather steadier to-day, and prices recovered about Jd. In auction procerv crystallized met no demand and was bought in, but the small quantity of syrups sold well. Privately 150 bags Egyptian Syrups sold at 10s 6d. At auction there Was no demand for grocery crystallized, and 2,486 bags Trinidad were all bought in, (rood mid to good bright.yellow 14s to 14s 3d, but 800 bags good sold since at 14s. 380 bags Trinidad syrups sold at full prices, good palish yellow 12s, mid lis 3d to lis 9d, low lis. Beet is rather firmer, and not much offering; May sellers 9s 3|d, buyers 9s 3*d, June done at 9s 5d, 9s 5ld July sellers 9s 6d, buyers 9s 5|d, Aug. 9s 7*d, Sept. sellers 9s 7Jd, buyers 9s 6fd, Oct.-Dec. done at 9s 7d, Jan.-March sellers 9s 9Jd, buyers 9s 8�d, f. o. b. Last business-Oct.-Dec. 9s 6d, sellers Aug 9s 6ld, f. o. b. Clearing House Prices 88 % May June July Aug. Sept. Oct.-Dec. Jan.-March 11a.m. ................................................... 9/3| 9/5* 9/6| 9/7* 9/7J 9,7 9/9* 2.50 p.m................................................... 9/3f 9'd 9/6 9.7 9/7� 9/6| 9/9J To refiners business done in good seconds at 7s 4*d, f. o. b. and buyers. French Crystals are nominal, and there is little offering. In Home Refined, Cubes declined l|d. and Liverpool Crystals 3d; Tate's No. 1 cubes 15s 4|d, No. 2 14s 4Jd, No. 1 crushed 13s 9d, No. 2 13s 3d; superfine granulated 13s 9d; yellow crystals 12s 6d; No. 1 crystals (Liverpool) 13s 10|d and 13s 7Jd, No. 2 13s 6d; Standard granulated 13s l^d; Lyle's No. 1 crystals 13s 9d, No. 3 13s, granulated 13s 9d, No. 2 13s ; A whites 13s 6d, B 12s 9d. Yellow crystallized, O and P 12s 6d. Pieces about 3d cheaper, mid yellows 9s 3d to 9s9d, good mediums 10s 10�d to lis l^d. Yellow crystallized quiet, good 12s, fine 12s 3d. In the Clyde quiet market, and prices in buyers' favor. First marks Granulated are firmer, ready JH done at lis ljd plus *, lis 2*d, ready firsts done at lis l�d, May done at lis l^d plus *, lis lid, June lis 3d less , July-Aug. lis 4Jd less %, 100 tons RAV June sold at lis'3d, f. o. b. In other marks Granulated French is held much above market value, ZRD ready sold at lis Of d, XLR lis 9d. TTD A lis 6d, B lis 9d, TTDV lis lOJd, SAZ 12s lid, BAR Crystals sellers lis 9|d, SZG lis 6fd, ASP Crystals lis 9d, GSF Castor 12s, fine French 13s 6d, PPZ Granulated June sold at lis 3d, f. o. b. Crushed quiet, ASR 12s l*d to 12s 3d. f. o. b. In Foreign Cubes little doing: Say's sellers 13s 3d, (loaves"12s 3d), Meyer 12s 10|d, ASP 12s 9|d, FMS 12s 4|d,"ASR 13s, S&T 13s, WSR 13s ljd, f. o. b. GLUCOSE-Liquid H spot 9s 9d, and June shipment 8s 4id, c. f. & i. COFFEE.-Market rather quieter. East India at public sale was steady and unchanged. Ceylon firm. Jamaica no change. Central American slow, and prices barely maintained. Bold colory Columbian brought very full rates. 21 casks 21 barrels Ceylon chiefly sold, mid brown 98s, bold 108s 6d, mid greenish 102s, and bold 110s. 23 cases 793 bags East India sold, small greenish coated Mysore 66s 6d, fine medium 97s, good bold 108s, and peas 112s 6d: common small grey Coorg, &c, 52s 6d to 54s 6d, low medium 74s to 77s 6d, boldish 95s 6d to 97s, and peas 95s 6d to 101s. 17 barrels 128 bags Jamaica sold, fine ord grey and greenish at 53s to 58s 6d. 293 bags Costa Rica sold, smallish dull greenish 49s 6d to 50s 6d, fine ord 53s 6d to 55s, low mid greyish . mixed 61s 6d to 62s. 2,344 bags Guatemala only 400 bags sold, small greenish 45s, low mid pale greyish 58s, good colory 74s, peas 65s to 76s 6d, colory peas 86s to 91s 6d. 803 bags Columbian 600 sold, fine ord grey 54s 6d to 58s 6d, low mid to mid 61s to 65s, good mid colory"66s to 67s. bold mottled 68s, good colory 73s to 78s, bold 84s, good bold hard 101s 6d. 143 bags Salvador sold, fine ord foxy green 47s 6d to 48s. Futures steady, small business," July quoted 29s 3d, Sept. done at 29s 10Jd to 30s, Oct. 30s 3d, Dec. 30s 3d to 30s 4�d, March done at 30s 9d to 31s. The Dutch sale went rather better, greenish slightly under to f c. above valuations, good ord sold at 33* c. Preanger was up to 5 c, and West India preparation 3 c. higher. Receipts in Rio two days 14,000 bags, and Santos 14,000 bags. . Rio, May 9th-Average daily receipts 9,000 bags. Stock 146,000 bags. "Week's shipments-"United States 33,000, Hamburg 4,000, Holland -, other European ports 6,000 bags. "Week's sales 52,000 bags. No. 7 New York Standard 9,675 rs. Market quiet. Exchange 5|d. Santos, May 9th-Average daily receipts 7,500 bags. Stock 314,000 bags. "Week's shipments-United States 46,000, Hamburg 26,000. Holland -, other European ports 12,000 bags. "Week's sales 14,000 bags. Good average 10,200 rs. Market quiet.  COCOA-The moderate supplies offered met a poor demand. Grenada and Trinidad at fully Is and Ceylon at Is to 3s decline. Foreign kinds dull of sale and also Is lower. At auction 952 bags Trinidad 120 sold, ord greyish and red 70s, good red 72s 6d to 73s, low pickings 40s 6d. 1,721 bags Grenada 750 sold, ord to good middling 69s, good to fine 71s to 72s. 28 bags St. Vincent part sold, bright red 71s. 17 bags Dominica part sold, ord 67s. 1,758 bags Ceylon 800 sold, fair to good No. 1 68s to 69s, fine bright 70s to 72s, smallish 65s to 66s, good No. 2 62s to 63s, smalls 57s 6d to 59s, common blacks 57s to 58s, broken 57s 6d, ord 54s 6d. 29 bags Seychelles sold, ord greyish to fair red 56s 6d to 62s, common 40s. 115 bags African, 80 bags Bahia, 263 bags Samana and 26 bags Esmeraldas all bought in. 541 bags Guayaquil 50 Dags grey Caraquez sold at 73s. TEA.-The Ceylon sales passed off with a good demand at full prices. 22,278 pkgs. Ceylon chiefly sold, Pekoe, low 5|d to 5|d, common to fair 5|d to 7Jd, medium to good 7|d to 10d; broken Pekoe, inferior 4�d to 5|d, common to fair 6Jd to 8d, medium to good 8Jd to lOjd, fine lid to Is l�d; Orange Pekoe, common to fair 6*d to 9d, medium to good 9|d to ll|d, fine Is OJd to is 3|d; Pekoe Souchong, low 4fd to 5d, common 5*d to 5|d, fair 6d to 6Jd, medium to good 6|d to 7*d. RICE is very firm. 100 tons No. 2 Cleaned sold in Liverpool at 10s 9d. The steamer Glenartney, 4,000 tons Moulmein, May, sold recently at about 8s 6d. SPICES.-PEPPER steady; sellers fair Singapore spot 4.3-32d; 25 tons June-Aug. sold at 4.5-16d; sellers White ditto June-Aug. 8d, buyers spot Penang 6.9-16d, and near 6|d. CLOVES firmer; 1.0C0 bales sold. Zanzibar June-Aug. 3.29-32d, and Aug.-Oct. 4.1-32d to 4.1-16d. IT.-Currants are flat, with very few sales, Provincial at 21s, and ditto c. i. f. ex quay, per tr. Msher, at 18s. Valencias and Sultanas quiet. Dates steady, Hallowee 9s 6d, Khadrowee 8s, Siar 7s 6d. Almonds firm. ' SHELLAC firmer with more spot demand at full prices; 300 cases TN Aug. delivery sold at 63s: April-June quoted 59s 6d, c. f. & i. TURMERIC.-Bengal on the spot sold at 15s. iJNDIA RUBBER firm: 8 tons fine Bolivian sold at 3s Hid, and entrefine 3s lOid, also 4 tons scrappy nesroheads m serons at 3s l*d. ' cnn X. , %m ' skiers good first Natives, May-June (s), London, or Cape Hamburg, at �11 15s, c. f. & i. 500 bales EP O 3, April-May (s), London, sold at �13, and 250 bales RB double A 3, dock Hamburg, at also 500 bales Red Dutt M O, May-June, Cape, Hamburg, at �12 15s, c. f. & i. itJiMP firm but quiet; 5001 bales fair current Manila, ship declared sold at �26 10s, and sellers over. 250 oaies superior seconds March-May (s) London sold at �25, and 1,000 bales FEA, present shipment, to Llverpool, at �29, c. f. & i. ir v"^ India steady,- little doing; sellers fully good fair Tinnivelly 3.5-16d, good Westerns ^ i 'i Jfe"Ju?e' 256 hales.- Futures quiet and two points up, May-June 3.33-64d to 3.34-64d, July-Aug. nmwSSi?^?"6*1' Nov.-Dec. 3.33-64d to 3.34-64d, Feb.-March 3.33-64d to 3.34-64d. *t i ^IOALS-Red Lead, genuine English �17 ex ship, white �19, paint �20. Cream of Tartar, SEEP? ^s, and powder 76s to 78s. Sulphate of Copper �15 17s 6d, Liverpool �16 7s 6d. Tartaric Acid, T* tld� and foreign Is 0d to Is 0|d. Citric Is Old, Juice �11 10s c. & f. 8ulphate of Ammonia filT y' ^eokton Beckton terms prompt �812s 6d, London �8 16s 3d, Hull and Leith �8 15s. Benzole nrmer, 90 per cent, spot Is, July-Dec. Is Id, 50 per cent. Is Id to Is 2d, and pure Is 3d. Nitrate of Soda, ordmary 7s 6d. and refined 7s 7Jd. Quinine lOJd. s^nS? *?} %^ot �J^P8' Iaverpool76 % �8 7s 6d, 70 % �7 2s 6d to �7 5s, 60 % �6 5s., Tyne 76 % �8 7s 63. Vry8*^. brls. 55s, bags 52s 6d, ex ship, or Crescent-Clyde Wharf, Tyne 52s 6d, Liverpool 60s, f. o. J"eacmng Powder �6i5s spot: Liverpool, soft wood on' rails �5 5s; f. o. b. Liverpool �5 5s; Chlorate id Liverpool, 3�d London. 58 % Alkali �4 2s 6din bags on rails, or '�4-681. o. b. Liverpool.

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