Tuesday, October 21, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, October 21, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 21, 1749, London, Middlesex The 'XkSly Advertifer. SAT UK.D A Y. oir�iiiii *iv 1749. JIRRIVD, ike Hull MMtet, HiiV from Boilon ; the Grind Alexander, Lasers, from Antigua; the frtofpecl, Madgfon, from Tenerff. Sailed, the Poropey, Burner, for Jamaica ( the Mary, Haden, fur Marfrilles ; the Ncp one. Kno*, for New York, and the Lamb^ Welldone, for Plymouth. Wind Nv N. E. Bktfmff ofm Itttir from AMtriWD^Kf-AutJ OJi. to. � |w Spits Of ever/ Thing that i� interred in (he i Ca�0�, our Advtcci from the North ftill tend to confirm � tte New* �f the ConcIuGon of the Quadra pie Alliance in * tbatPart of die World, and in fo pofitive a Manner, * that theti is Reafon to believe that the Writers of tbc * GtfRttea btve been paid for poblifiiing the contrary Mimnrr*. at will be attOrt&WJ imtba KUl0/dat O7 ft wili b.i die UU rime �TUi* COttfMqr^pwforiBlAS tub Scafcn. *  A| the New \V�IU i, Geod,�aft Kid*, tbii ofofcnt Evening, ayill be feHwra^  mm �mtoiwia. ..alld the Ship-!auftcfcthj|. Of Harlco^ta tafa'd fryer. The who'e to conclude with the Tempt* of Aootto. Singing by Mu� Agnetta aed MMs Jnlctta. Tht sYeittt, Cleathi. Mufiefc, and Occorattoaa ara all ana. To begin at hall an Hour pafl Focr and cod at NHm. Bach Petlon to be dm;red ior u Pint of Wibe or fticfcV Kiibarn Wells. |f> Define of auay Gentlemen *nd Ladies, the Attendance at tbe LoOg Room tad Gardens will beaj ufual. fo long J' tha in* WaotoerAall continue; and all Perfoui (hat citufe to fend there for tht Water* are dcfircd to take printed Ticket* witk k of Mra. Aldridgc, who La� the Care ol the Room and WeUf. Good old Glonceficr ihireCbttft an td.�Poond,ot 261. $d. at ad..|*Potdtd> or **� 64. � SomePeople look upon this Alliance at~a fure and in- � Hoad^fitJLWafcjr.. �;�4.,f .*m*. Of ��;  *M&BU*'mB~U+ -the Peace of tbtAWi Hundred. ^^^f^^�S^'^:J^A  bor thtW�rr�tti*�of SaUe dilftrcnt Senium*., and m�daoon, ate fold byRkhwd Sherater. in the U�d-  tbefe preteSoVt^t�** Afi�ait�4o QyaOion may pt>�bly AH*/, L**aj wcteatVr^  6a dte ^rce, iod wilt gitfe OcCaibh to ve.y great � Dlfhribaticc*. The Reafon Of their alled^ingtbuis, ! IV b* fold at: the >H dt^ls BoW � � Coiiaitidfl of ndk only giving Law ,n the AV/�. b4F f A? ��ft. �f t'jlfo in all tkrepti from whence they inf r, naturally *'*!.h,?n.!:A"'Ar' �i~ eh'oogii, that the Powers o� the oppt,fitt S;da will ��t fail wthdeavcur to bring about other Alliances, in order ^ to txranterbalance that ol Frame and her A1!;*k; f�"'m aH -*.#hkh h*s concluded, that thefe different Alliances will * Weofibly draw Europe into frdh Trouble', which will � probtbly in the End break out into an open War. � People begin again to talk of the Eltvtion of a Duke * Of (Sa^ttavr*; bat that b not the Thing about which a * QikrreT wjll beftto in the North. ; 4  OurlaJt Advices from Paris intimate, that thkKing Of * frank foams to take a ftr-tog Fancy to Travelling, and a to nakc tte Tour of hit Kingdom, efpeciall/ of alt the * Kfarftua: l*rovihces. His M-j'sfty his bet*nn b/ vuiti^g * folieof the Ports of Xorimmly, nainrly, Dhfr,. Htrvrt de * Grw e, opon'.rc- * eflabiUhiHg her Marine.  Advice* jail itcncd here from C !uniUi tlurr, * pfOve whit ha� been innnna:ed in a forjier Lettvr, that * the Oittm.i.t Parte M not. iu a 8irua�ion to �:vc Trouble. * withSucc�i>, tot c Repoferf Ch ideodom. it l.o*cvir * rcmaitu true, tr.at tt.e CJianl YifciKhu* nude a haug!>t/ *,�tcTfair��ii.h~ t" the Ri it 01 P^tfvJi C-aJimti^fL^ upo.l * the SVcjett cf t!.c AlV-iri of the farrh.' J. O N DON By the Bromhy Ca.lfe. Capt. Brown, and the Porto Bello, Capt. Either, arriv'd in the Da^iii from Edit IndU. Se^ci* ao Account tLat * Country IV/.ding Si�*p. v*�h j7 jndj on .board, was taken by the Dutch, who k L' a.i llie Ptop.V oil boaul except ov.c, who had got to li-u.bay. TheTScourt, Pierce, and the AJm>at Vernon. Lojk, both failed li0.11 ll4;�vja for Cltina tr.e �lt of M.>y. They write froai Wcyinouih of the iSih u.fian-, that-the Monday before arrived 111 Portland Roaii-itf? ft*'� SloopKing-i ifttcr, Capt. lidivard*, and brought in �v�:h bona Gucrnfey Saiug^'m^ Vclf.t, �v..i:b h- in;t wuli 01F ihW Co*il near the i>iarr, hanng on b arj -oo <t Eum and HrauJy to. Uimr.i; ubout ioij Gj;Ii-us, xz lb Weigbt ot luoucco. and iSolo of Tea. Their Giac. s tnc D-,kc oral Du:e!tf� of R�! mim4 a�e eipc4ttd at ti-ti� Houfs m Pnvy-Caiucn ty-m il.c Bc.jn�:ng of nt.'.t Wttk. Mtf� bt'pir.a r"op, lc, anltr to Exctttt icy WilliAjn P#tt;4e. IiJty hts dangerJuil/ til at tuu Lodj^^gi in WHtehall.i - 1 Yi-Jlcrday Peter Burr�l!, ECg; Mcrvbcj cf I'a-h.ment ft**"- Htfleincre in I/M'ry, bub ciowrnor of 1*1^ Soa-h-ica Company, gave a fpiencid En eruinmeot at hi, St.it at BcckmghLni to Krn:, to the Dircttors of the (ahI Lotu pany, and to Uvoai o cr l\i(on* of Diftir.ct'c a. Ve:i<id;iy v..e Lt^iJ-DbiijoiKl wii litfpo^'d ol at C^*d-*cli'� Lotf.t-iiotiieio/upwarth ol -oool. Vdltiti.'.y zt i\i'�a � Woniiii fell down de^.i tu 3 Fit of Apoplexy, m the'Simp of Waw.vn^Si unj Wither*, fimnn Drjpei'j,1 iu Cf.eaj'Udc. Vellcrday Meruit" abiut l-"ou< o'C!uclc. a Fire b��ke out in an ouinr.abr.cd Hou.'c ou S. Duoh-mS H.ll, which confuincd the fame, and^couUtkrabl,. danuged three otters tsfore it waj got 01 der. Lail Ki^ht i�iumiited to Lit r!.:nt7i!l P- dtucll by Jdtbcc lieldiog. one Mivluel N:�n am, on SaTpis-ion ol t.bng the GoM Coin. On t-fiday I*A Waiter Newman. Waterman, was con *'dadby tuc Rulers of the VVu'.ctmn.i Ump/.;, b.!orc WjlHiam Li�a,intand, Elq; for ioaip^ou :hc K.�-  l;-.me. on Sunday, not being heem'd ; and he rot l.a�.i^ :^t'u.^r.i to m�ke i Dittrcfj, was co.t.miucd 10 the ilouie of Cwr ttAion for the Space of one Month. lomorro* Morning a Chari'y Sermon ��!! b- pc.ch A " the Parifh Chauh cf bt. ft:�tj.* ^Rev.Mr. Aylmcr, Vicar of Latijci veil, tor H.c llc.er.t c''PO poor Children belout-ioe to the Watdt of Budtt n-d Caadkwicij. * b Tomorrow Morning a Cha rily Serine?) w�H l�f jneich'd "�J�.VedaA is Poflcr-Lane, bf the Rev. Mr Jo:V . AlUn. r**�*�f St. Bride's in Pcuibr�;:cihirc. totjf.v b i.ent ot WB/ Boys a�d forty Girls bclonv-ing to llic Ci^i ity icuool Church in the Strand, great Choice of TiesTMajott* Blga, fi>ltd?4& Bob% and cut Peruke*, of any Colour?, made :li of Hairs, and in. tlte neweft and genteehrit ---------, likewife-a convenient fort of Rid'ng Spring P�- ri.kcs.widi ftron�.E�retop�. that will neither fall nor fepa* rite i, s'l which wii) be fold ch<aper than any yet expofed to tublkk Sale. A" Orders for Exportation or Countty will be foon ?nd duly obcy'd. High Water at London- Cnjj.e thu Uwy m 47 wAni&U) after 6 .n rns Mornpg. und y w Price. Ditvo Old i%nn>�:te�j i-.s* t 8th a : 7j|9. per vV�r. 1;. liit-o 747, \%b f ! -\> Hank ^Atinui-. i< 6 7 gtU�. Three in..' .S' .1 vv- Cent. sS. a Bank  Si. HI l-f. 6 *y 17? Ann .:.��!, rza 1 S pcror's '.can, "a Price. l-*;'r i Circulation, n;> ''rice - l � Tht*� per Cent. Kjt*i><-c; �-t rd�-r*_, Ti-is Day h palmOSd, ( I'rn c ny Tr�a� r.r Ontetn umH tic t.w� .� " -,>.> 1 �>*�, *rn^ri;( j om u"iw I. "('!�- N .m�� ��i '*�� t".i.i>i--. ! irt, in the '.sid Ci9�, irvl vriiJ.tii if - M II V M^'il i\ , > 1 I o.me l>u o' ihr i�irl. �. l;inj.._tl. M rlia - ni !. ,gfl,f (lici IUi'1?, &�- �uhn ll.r fjid I*. I 11 Wo.- ) ^ 'j i. '-unt ofill lh� Sia,t-C� tbri, <,�rii.i,. *nr. �S<ie '},.. . n, tnS *^r�: ihry r<� out. 4. 1 trr Ka a ot W*Teni�.'i. tmhn C'l'ili . r�. 1 uVrmeA, Caiman, A.<- �*ur:fr? j .J? tht Crirral-Pva ' -1* OftoW, wbrie Jt�ptv �; lu �tul I I., ri KiiJ l.rllr.. , .. j.ell. %. Tha NjHKI *n<l l*l. o ihr iri>% tv .'i;�t �i :inu m4 Tr*4cn in �n.l ali-'ut IvwAwi. 6. U.ru.. *i :i:.;r*. *� >i *h ihrv LiGXi, tli^ni �nc PiilJl.rig U, [went' I >lrr 4, ?'.�n or ; nil :�->. \J -t h�, il�4 froai 11. to lO.oi. �t I hr c. . bier ?vj . i:. �, f m* ptr Cent. Ililng .ha ctj'Jrrt {'ere o' � '�r 1' ,-n : 1): <� ; lf6jO�J hi th*t/le ol t'eifunl Piinir^i r".< y' 0 ASSEMBLE 1 f J . hr on Mr.n ' '74^ �' i �0- '*�4 � u- f.\ TUB r���;^Vr. /V,9V�-.-//.Vf *t ��r fi-^if >'Kvt+rfJ. %~tU tV^tJ.liHr'^.'' fi��*, r\r/:i//ir rutty toffite th titt �/jifviaiit/r Rbf, Pt'ri, Hrfi, tW^ytt FX*>.tf\h($#*.t /ii*i$M Butt StAvtrt JsHttAt^\(fy\f', r\- i,.i^a>y� /ln^t W �tf* ttm A:./i Cmst "f>J [>*ti fV/>ii^/r^>K" 4tm of tl.4t 6jfk� �t TftvurHiti, �tW tix J^^^Mt'^ RA?Jhttff.-<,t -OiftfirA  : i:i:(, tht GW!r tai 'ftr*f i titl> hji.,*tt mm* f^t^k' ff u ti in trid J�x\.n Itttmrfitldt*.*.''* '/we r/<S�A.. fajhiteJ tt tbt.C**** it* VJi. tit OJff ,t tl* f'ulU'tiL^ . I. 'w Pnft-rrdi* Hmfc. 'IJC Cmt of Dir.Jin �tinto*?* �;' r f/ /I/ t-J-W C�/nity,'a/' ng/wd tmeift* t� ti;- /v^^'-/*4V', tt/ Ni ,f <.:#yt.w� wj'/v cn-rArf |t^f PiSJf c/AUld; |-;r �, ..-a:/" J.l'-ii^t ,.// Ptintifj' jV&n^i anj inht Jl thi-t jk<iJo* tivm t.,s /�Xov^ w.7^> 1,�j.r>\� tmjiirg il* Cim^jiHy/iNbStm tjt *,>� /^�r /nWy. �/ / � /' 'rt'. iV iVw^i /fr MaifiHa *rr ^'"''Jti, by/'Mttl fruxrOtccjitiiftr i tji4tl>*t i* rfteivUg futl TtmftPn-irrixtnvi'Uttf-vtm t� tit ftifatBttt&lHti&b- Ofij-of Oehitr'n vt, ttttj the Cttnt :xritf ttyftmfa^kfa. trit-lbinkt t.-HMng AWi a/'//r/-�r* Cm�ftnji \�Wt^y8a$%. >-� r /^/ fa#t? r*iltrj'it t* tt t�tilittttt4 ttt t&r Rttte a/*"***1 /��rrAi4 f V*/#�b Jim!*.; fom tin }tjt >v g� vcnMi ill^ Oi^lN'r.if unl 5)v'jci n ' ship />rpyil. ihiiWhrir Sh rr� �f H.n(h,i ui. I.i 'V* Tmv->-H.)l, trii- it��� . ; Ull.tais Suirita uf liiv- K�me Sliiwp for tl� n'.uv,' i'l-irei �iM Ke j-iul nt ihr tun? \'U,e the fi'of NownrtM-r iKJ*r,, �iij.fw(!i bo retali'dtlie Un I'wBJ.iy ia �'�sty Mwitii for thm to r-r,   ' , Mr. C.ari�H C ll.iv, Cutmrr. M*. l^j^Stain*, �;vJ Me, * K � Lh�. " l'_ M SAI. T A '.S Tl "1* I V ^ T� K li. hereby r , 'li-t a Dtvk!tflA N?r!> r(ie r*rr� 'at* �� the � r talt >-*. t'' C-.ir^e l\fM!!i. INiumia-Hlrt, ilurii'- I rf t il Cnihs Seemlier r/^i. t> O.i as'.l> �! Novm V�� 174 !,�.. � the r,�:J.j- iittt, ti " a^ta Cr V . .1 MI>i-'itiV ol SCO l.\tfb,V.tU tht K�d of K-Sn-ir.t i:.e m -j:.-�r� r -ra"�'-. Tli� Urfl;in� in4 Imrffililh-mn � a r ,..: , ,i,.v li, , r ,1111.1 (�o euur'-able l*l*c-i ( tlM' H�-Hot* '1.-1 K '� in T*>��n ot Counfiy mi liir u a: '!�- Wmbofli'i JUiop, Chvng CrnCi. In ll.� N- nkn V| 1. v ,u. ii� IX. whKb at-4 ntaUy �n4 ottl printed on  "k �j�'. �:.-*, *i?  i'�*t Vmihj of iioyAtjM *n4 cvduttt f*tl�te* l.ir f 11 c... lj 'l.r Mujii1�*^.I jKutuiid iu'h� Krlgauf J m>� vhi Sfturi. Ill; ..'il , i. u, c !ed on, ,�firtl urapujlrd, �tth Itif f�� ell fit. < j.' -4T .tu Iiii^ .� ariy, in gi e SktntaAiaii 10 the I'ihli. Ic , ��. � 11, llic irlitinf ol Vut\% mm! ihr r--pieLm.'^ <' C'n - *. >r.<-^ .. <� '�rcriving VV.,,, tn'WticduCC thi� o iii-mal, mclul, �"-' |<ct VV '.�k 1 j. ' i..> 1 c llwit Bui am 11 fill. *u>i 110 I'.'lf CJx btr to irnauf' oa> a 1I1. I'.i'.:  k. fo� cut . M'>'<ff iun Mon*y Advance wuujil bf afcrf-t.- J (h:-*jj�}� .inltlcv!. T Sir i^ar ant) nii.it f - foon ready fo/ Dti im , al'.^i !'.-> � 1' b. t>n 'Vd it's M�pt l Cauoliei. T Ik i|'t" � in Su.iIk'i (wilai*  (icat Olin^ rurioui Paiilcu-! . a? li m tl.e Reif>eu of jaeart the becund arid TluiJ, *i�J ihf !r'"' t:.r &fu-1> at lhal tlpx. The r.i-.;h Kv.ro rr cun'uni '.>me *ny eattaordinary Haillculara of the ri.iAai.ru Co�'iaoi� . *ftj fie^'firisay ol MaMrit. Thia ten ! TinmUi cu.ta n- j Vaiiely ol very cuitHis and very in-*}rutt.:a; Maaic.i State, an I'm -atajk.Ul tat-r.e. in 'Ihj n�ltaken (loveroiacM 0/ Jamca ib� Thud. In ihi) Eckdi'i XiiaiV' n.ctr aie n>a 'f icmafkabie rVOa relate*, �uh in: til and i"^i >>i/i.1 vanaana uo tbeas, worth? of the All�nt">. 01 VtMJfl,r� ami O.i.^n b.air ui lutoie rigca. Thtia will be a He.d di!5 ,-i'd with X: I �.- �.-, .,// r tbt n.f/tik tofrttbtr, �r taJj Markd '�.:.rif u/ltht Sbopi, Staili, enitl .4}furti� ( : u } ItU J. 1 til rtttrut Prtftf.di Jar tbt -leiJ 1'iat I iMtvA./, labiib ivai inttndtd fur u ( (� . .�/.. ^- / .^ SKAMAN, Cimptroll'T. Kovv K<i�'i Arnti ii'crn in l^mitiatj itnwl, un Wt iiioaot, at Nme of oik in I lie Moir ag. tiotc, I'hr 'Uvilii will t-� *t the tu.r.<: i'lacc li'e i^coRd V.'cdaiSU) ia, ovrry Mouth. ^ _ 2 Jong' 4. 'J.I lie I* iff if)-. inj� Cm ti.ll, Sii \1' n and t ^ f-.iitnf. At tin OHATOttV-w'.SV.WYNN'.-CHAr'KL, BY Lim oin's Inn Hrlc1 | .ii .14. I> ii.n-tV 1 111\ and I'res h*nia�r:ri '<-r tic F-ii.diCvb.iaA -. I'*t brfrte S i \V. whi .ibr Ttiiie*' (�nJ. M'lii 1 iIiisji ) � *ii'i: I 4'cnt I'. 11 * Caii*"--11 'li njc 1 VV|ur�.i(�ro tli'ii J*i*te: It-j-b-ans l.ri�-.J. in fi : Oiiu*d ��� I't'i I lmpi.tiilnM t Until) lc. : St:lll iin'e; id: Arti. I'i .|ii-iu�. lM Svr"nv ' II. I'fJ r , ..n llir wii 11 �.| K.tir.t ..t lt UCJtt 5*1't H11 Sta > n!iilh . |i jn.M.!.^Ii-|uil *n f<-cjll 'i Arnlitf/, V*' c^nMil an I k'u.r.i, Jai'i- l-tei. At. *ll \.,n. '�<�: An I ii 1 J' ':. . L>imh�' Ult'-i- itiitiiiu'd. Oiy Mi^irii.-, l.t, r> iir. 1. t're>|ir t.f i Muic l.b'.y in Popet/ l"iuv"cy. TK� � lam all. _ A'J' Sadler's A'dis, R ve.-HciJ, in.fMyu>n, 1I1 be prrftnicd Variety 11 * [Oil Uay, 0/ I'eiiorinjuccj 1 mii� to the New- ttin � lU'^ri j by l)e-liie. * Hornjiy* .'y Mr. VVillunu , a.lb U.e lai|iri/uia; I'ciloiiualite ul Mr. l**4ta QH jUt Mack-Kopc. To *..:ch wll be �.id,s.. �a Cu'-ettaatomt, t�1l*4 -.*"' *" The IIARI.OTV P k O <i U B S 8. Harlrqtiin, Mi Wjlrn , let., Mr. Itfemiitlicfc 4 Ccbauthcc, *U. I]rmn<�; � hfih Valet, Mi. S unle.lt'n \ K.I,. Mr�. iuuth . U.-B.*d, Wr. IWi. At the Ln i ilir I fl ru h/hfi-iii, . rrand Strut dlulniiiat.-d, '1 " ..... be imi bet vi  % i J.iort M./ � n, t >^e*� y **. Mitiii u| l^itiivi. r.^1: t\*u.\ �. .iuo u.t I..J (.1 Ihrrt M.ini. 'Io ll..if d. Iwia, {Ii� H,;.i-i tj (Ji ; � -: 1 lir.v. diitlbit- . 0, j . iIk .SpcCl.ltei lit in 1 ill. k|.|' Play bi ..j 1. . I> Woie, \. u.i 'i* CuniUl'e 4 matiii'J t^ in. I Oi'i'iul, I. � 'Jn; llwit! �d<T. v.i.ei, �?� VI ,. r J, ABKb u ibaut Tht Cfo�ii i �V.ll Is ...tn�ut tbt iM a� Ol 11a f.ll. tn Vullct, en ila a tl. t. :..<j.V-i ."K'

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