Friday, October 10, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, October 10, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 10, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifen TUESDAY. OctOKi'K 10, -1-749- Deal, OttoUr 8 , ' \ |RRIV'D, the MamhearJ, Fbrelt, from Antiguai and failed for the River. Came down the Diamond, for South-Carolina ; the Adventure, Major, for Mirfeilles ; the Dublin Merchant, Cleg, for Dublin ; (he Bowes, Hunter, for Liverpool, and remain, With the outward-bound Ships. Wind N. N. W. Ycllerday arriv'd a Mail from F���ci. Paris A-la-main, Otlohtr 13, -People here arc very attcn-tive to every thing which pafles in the North ; and the Newt that we have heard in regard to the grand Council which was held at Mofcow, affords Matter of grcat Speculation. It is however thought, that the. Declaration which was made to the Miivfter of Ruflia at ConftantinO-ple, nay very much contribute to the Re-eftablilhment of the good Undcrftanding between the different Courts of that Part of Europe. Letters from Strafbourg advife,? that they have a Report there, that the Emprefs Queen had received a Hurt from a ' Fall which flic had in Hunting ; but wc wait for other Advices, to be more certainly informed of this Accident. Don Lewis d'Acurtha, AmbaiTador from the King of Portugal at tins t,ourr, where he has been ever fince the Veaf 1736, died in this City on Thurfday latl, aged ioj Years; He was die father of all the Amhafladors of JjjjL ttpe, having been employed in that Cioaluy in different Courts for fifty Years. It is faid, that he never fw the reigning King of Portugal, having never returned to his own Country fince he was tirlf p.iblickly employ d. He was employ'd at the Treary of Ryfw-clc in the 1A97. The Marquis d'Hautefort is preparing for his Einbafly to Vienna. It's expected that the Count dc Caunitz, AmbaiTador from thHEmperor and E'mprcfr,. will be here fome Time this Month. An Hermaphrodite has been lately fltcwn here, which very much amufes the Speculative. Metdrid, Sept. an. Towards the End of lad Month all the Troops of the Catholick King, both Hotfe and Foot, marched out of their Quarters, in order to approach the capital Cities of every Province, arid fprcad themfclves in the Villages of the open Country, to afiill at the opening of feveral Orders of Rcfctipc, which the King of Spain lias caufed to bcilTued, L O N DO N. His Majefly's Ship the Blandford, Capt. Prat ton, is arrsVd at Portfmouth from Lilbon, having a large Quan-. dry of Money on board for the Merchants of this City. Laft Sunday arrived fafe at Dover, his Majefly's Ship the Bolton, Capt. Johnfon, Commander, from Bolton in New England. By Letters from Marseilles by the F re rich Mail, arrived Yefterday, we have an Account, that feven Ships from England, laJen wiih Corn,-were arrived there, which gave the Inhabitants no fmall Plrafure. On Sunday his Royal Highncfs the Duke of Cumberland came to Kenlingou, from the Scat of the Hon. Stephen Poyntz at Midgham in Berks. General Irvine, Colonel of a Regiment in Ireland, lies dangciouily ill at Bath. A fine Pain'ing of Sir Robert Ladbroke, Knight and Alderman, done by Mr. Hudfon at full Length, and in a beautiful carv'd Frame, has been fet up in Groccn-Hill, to perpetuate the Memory of that worthy Magiftrate. They write from Antigua that Mr. John Yeamotis, an eminent Planter in .that Illand, died lately there. Yefterday wis committed to New-Piifpn hy William Withers, L A*nj X Cliff iVe/iVr, tltft f* H'fdwfiity tht i8r* in/tant, in tl* Fern,**, tk*y fall k >t#<lj te ftfltt tlx high/RiMfJrVfrid L*ts tffcr y f^xittuNt Butt <t*d HMf-HtgfkttiA St<?i^ A** e**�, RfJbtafi tit f),ftfor/. A'I tht pf&tf*iJ Par titulars mm rV i-iVtvV M tht Piatt* �ufvrt tlij Iff till tht fxisl 19th injt**ft <�W tt Dtpft tf t$prr Ctnt. ii h htftadAwn immJi.itth at tht fimt f'$*lti jtiVri is t* htfiiftited tt tht Cr*<u� in Cttft tht Rnneixfoit �r.*r f,tiJ, mmj tht Gmdi ieiem#My, iritbix thirty Diyt r/hr^ � THE Cmmi^ntrt fir rmfing thtfrifnt fan^a* f*r thr Citj fandev end Lilirtia tbcraJl l<iti *.,tt ty .tfycnrnmtxt tti Ctuiltthall Temorrvu; tht nth infiunt, at Tt* t'Clttk in tht Fett*eo*t ef i^hb all Ptrjent centtrnd miJf THE Ctrmmttttr f�r Ittting tht City's Lands in tht AftettKt tf tht CtwnhtrLin cf' tht Gity tf /.rvrtb*, AWer pftht frrfinf Ptftfers�J this Gifs E/htt t'k aQ oeWr -CONDUIT-MEAD as art tt'Jntsu tt taltt tsjitrihtr 7tmx, thty my Inti'i tkrr Pttftfitls in Writing at tht Gssnf*-ird'tr's Ojirt in tht G'ttniAW/ tf tht City v/lcmlcm ttfiir lultrA A'wjiv <wiU ht givtnfcr thtir AttasJanct. ~~~ _ __' D. SEAMAN, GtnftnsVtr.\ HF. CuKtnittft fir Irttiug tht tity's fan& in tfyt' Axtcunt tf tht 0.\-.nhcrlain of tht Qtj of Ltfirftn gi<ut . better, tf*at th*y <u-ill .t.-rf in thtCsnneil-illuiK^cr at CniUiall, ,** WtdntfJiy tht \ %th Dty p/Oftthr, in tsdr torttfift Prtfc/att frcm futh Ptrftns ti'/'o <irr ; a*t, Stxvgatt, anJ FUtt, tithtr tht nvhtlt tegtthur, or- tat h Mtifktt dijlitalj andpparatrh, tdth all tht Shops, Stalls, mil Affnr-_ ttnanttt ihtrtanta hrienging, (nvhith art nrw, in tht Citfs Hands) for tht Ttmt �f tytnty ant Ytars, Airdat tht /ante fimr > '�"[' . Prmli and fldjpi, tn^rJ^'J at a gntt t.-Tfna. frcm Orfign 'jSj ukmi out of tbt rif,.14,a, bulb Oi-I amd JWw 7,J).m*tJ *f MR. STACKHOUSE's Sacr^i Htitory of the HOLY B I BLE. fiom the Crtat>un of ike WciM, 10 the EfUblilWnt ol Chriftianilv by JESUS CHRIST enJ hit APOSTLES, ice. With Anfwct, to muft ef I be coatrortrted Quertiom, �nd DifierUtioai on the ffiolt itmu'.�bte PtlTtfet. To which ire �<id fold fcpitat*. either to scrfeA the former Edition of Mr. lt> jckhoufe's Hiflorj, or to kad of man a fennilj Bible. Suckhoufe'i HiAorjr, bound os^wllh � Set of thefc �" PimU u>A Maps, 1 Vol. Folio. Piire 4i. 141. 64. A large Family Bible, with a Set of theft befl Ptinta tssA Mapa inTer-fpeifed. Price jl. jf. With hn Majefty** Royal Liceote. Printed only for S. Aulten, in Newgate-Street i aoi fbid) by the lelUn in Kn|ljnd, Scotland, and Ireland. Navy-Office, Oetober z, 1749 ^~SHE Principal OJjictri and Commiffsontrs tf his Mayfly 1 AWy giiit Notiet, that on "TntfLy tht l ftb sajiant, at Ten o'CJuik in the Morning, they will put up to Suit at tin Ojfiit, tbt Hull of lis Mastftyt Ship the "Sjuirrtl, Burtht t 1^6 Tom. together ti.i/b htr Al.ijti, B�iv/prif, Pumps, (jft. at Jhe ttwm Het at bit Majtftfs Yard fit WooltMiich,- -vrhrrrfit may be I'iriued by fucb Ptrjons as Jbull L< intlinuUt to attend tht fud Sale and bid for the Jame : An.1 as a Defojit of ae, /. per Ctmt. or in Proportion tbtrrto, is to be made hy tht I'trfitm uA�fhall purcbafe /be faid Slip, all Perfons tubo jhul! attend ths fad Sale are to t.iie Notice tbntof, and coitu prepared fir that Purpofe; and unlrfs the laid Slip fbedl It puidfur and inkm tnvay at the End of forty l)ay< after tde liety of Sal % tbt UpvAt Jhall be forfeited and become the I'r.ptrty ef the Cro-nn. VlC'l UAl.LlMji-Oi-MCI'.. October 9. .49 HE Co/nmitfiiwri fr V...'willing hu Mojejlf s Savy . ' tit Forenoon, inch _____D. SEAMAN. Q,mptrtim,v Eaft-India Hoofe, AuguJTilL" 1749. THE Court t/ Dirtelors of tht UnPtJ Cvmpaiy */" Mtnhanti of England trading f l/St Eajl-Mitt, *k trrshy give Nonet, that tht fiud'j^s^apjjtj&JU on tbt J \ft Day efMarth, i7t;\ pa* and Jiftbargr * alt "Principal Monty and Inttrtj! th&jhailbe </3*v dsn on tht Jaid Company's Bonds, And they do fnrther givtJiotitt, that tht Cotntany's Trtafitrtr tviB rterivt Tt�Ars for lending tht Company" luth Siims of Monty a/sa their Bonds, at tt* Rata of TUrtt founds per Cmtitsn ftr Atm:t, as th,y fbalt h..ofOccafon for t+dtbat in receiving futh Tenders Pnfms&i will kg*** tt tht frtfinf Bo*rt-Hofdfrj, Protridtd the Sams offered hy thtm do not t.rtttd wtat'/b/l it im$tii*t, and the famt tt tendered vn or heftr* tht Ji/f j Day of Odohtr next ; etnd tht Court of Dlrc&tri do htrtXy Further dnlare, that thr, trill net admit of any Ttntor* tthtr-J 'uifethanhr txhihitsng Bonds of tht faid Company, and toafenting j to hai't tht famt endsrfj to it continued at the Rat t of Thrtt Pestndt per Centum per Annum, fern tht j \fi tf March, 17 'jp, I ardpayable at Six Mouths Notice. j ' M *HF Trisftts hereby gi t Proprietor! of tht I JL Srveu per Cent. Stl,Jut Loan, thett thty Jhidl gitt their j Attendance at Garranv.1,'s Coffee-Hctft in Exchange � Alley OH 1 ll'rduefday i'e tith infant, at Elrvtn v Clock in the Forenoon, in order tt lay brfrt&tbem the Profofilion of bis Majrjly tht j King tf Prujf?n% fr the Difcharge of tht Inttrtfl and Prin-  1 upal of tfv faid L*a�. _ . Middlcfcit Hofpitul for Sick and Lame, and for Lying in married Women, October 3 *749 rptfnl4. la appealed to be held at the Jjmaica Houfc in Beruiendfey, on 1'burfJay crat, at Nine u'Clock ist the fciciioon. Hie fOTICIi is N1 were it the taking the in the Strand, Tensilon, L �.a the ulolt ht-rtby given to and Compan> uf hit MsK'ly'a Ship, the Squirrel, wh fitc ilie Korih-vVcll Coiner �l the New Church Petty nth inltant, between i'eji ap4 with a Ucntteiiun proper fvir reto�er- I wo tf'Cioelr, and there to cunluli 04 the fame. Nate, All Peffona who ta�c any letters cf Attorney, or Willi and Power,, at Lrttao of AdatimihaUon, aredeQi'd to aire their AUco were Oft Boajd hii M '< Court in Great C�itcr-I<ane, DoAixa-Commoiu, on Thurfday n:it. the lath mflant, at Twelve o'ClyclrlB (he frorrnxoo, m ordef i h>t MjJc/Ijt', Bounty and Mead Monty, Lnjairc tor Mi. Oogelt. Note. Al! the Officii and Crew ol thcsKacxr, and tht chief �nceri and Crew of the WinchcQcr, have *xecurrd the Lcttcia (.1 Ae.rr.i.jr, a&d tbcie uill be as auare Mcilin|l apuw.nuJ. fa the ivt'ti'y libabttatlI G m*9*m (victim^, cf St Nicholas Drpiford. j  ^ ? 1 ""uur' V ' *f> fa the iv.rtiy liiohstanis of St Nicholas UepilorU. f . THE Comnuffh-ntri fr I dualling b>t Metjtf/t AW� G e � l i *  � It give Notice ,bat >n F.iJay r.t,t. ,ht . vh nfiant. in tit . B LciV vrS ' renoon, they <utll it re.Jy U treat itaju.ii P,rfent as �r, | ,.,f tU ,,.c , ,,0lcn uf , U,,.Jfllft( ,al \[ < lliiabU to purcbafe the I ei-Jf made at tl\- Hartj�*rn h't^ic/i u� .cj; | {,,,,. (u t,a;.[.y at I.. !uci-�d. �nj I Ih ill ,i�iil by try V And On ll'ctlntfday r\ I l<r'' ir-,ia.*t, it tir, F-'t*-t*, 'i-'j \ v>j have >,ufUcrr'd tin, v tj, � - ill alio be r,.dj u t,...t f, li'^dllnts, f, tie ' ' O a m s # �. � ' 7 will alfo be nadj to tt...t f.i ll'#.Jiiuft, ft tie his Majtffi Naiy.

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