Tuesday, September 30, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, September 30, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 30, 1749, London, Middlesex in-iji'in nil..* S A T t) R D. A Y, . Ssmtkmber 3�� �749� iJ^tA Septembtr 28. * J' "'VY*; HERE � do Ship in the Ddwr�. Wind N.N. B. Yefterday arrived a Mail from HouAahd. 1 JlfWtr, �fp/. 6: 0n jthe. eth I inftatu an�traofdiniry Council was I beld at Court, and was one of the tnoft numerous of any that hit been beld fince the �mpcefa'came to the Tarcac. it was compofed of the Senate, and the three itfeer principal Colleges of the Empire* namely, that whkh has the Direction of foreign Affair?, the great Council of War, and the College of the Admiralty. Their, pdiberaiioas lalled from Eight o'clock in the Morning lilt Two in tke Afternoon; and from Three" till Ten o'clock at Nigbt was employ'd in comraktingtheiriUio^ boons to Writing. The PoWick is no further acquainted with the Subject of (bent, than that they relate to the Meafurrs that the Court intends to take, in Cohcri* with �ia the Footing it has Vcea for thefe three Years palV u it all that can belaid opon this Subject till die Refo-IstjoAsof rJieEroprefs are made publick. AsibeCirCum-ftances of Affairs require her Imperial Majcfty-to'forward feer Return to Pcteribourg, flie has thought proper to fig-aifjr it Co the Senate, that it may be ready to follow her. t :T Yefterday Lord Hyndfordhad his Audience,of Leave Bf tjbe Empress, who has made him a Prefcnt-of ber Pi&uie fct in Diamonds valued at izooo Rubles. . Baron. Hopkio, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of $w�dcn, died ncueth.c c)tn. i^ajtaar, in the 49th Year of his Age. He came totlm Court wbett-the_ Affairi of the North vkxreTn a very' critical Siiuationi but.has'becTi ficlc ever fince his Arrival: gpr thrac.Mooih* pail he hasibceri maverylaaguimiag Conditio*!, and faw no IkMy but the Baron de GolKe* $1 iniffer front the Kfijg oP fluwV with was charged with. - ..,' ;&ecU*fai$lfr~-xf. ^"*^al|g^:^epod|ation atjatf the Carpel, bctweeiLff'* (jjfraxi sfpd a'atogmVouring Power, leading to renew uc^rc�ty of 4�]vn�ve Alliance coacladedin 1734. - � �� Copenbogem, Sept. ty. TTfie,Marriage, of the Pjrinccfs Loaua, the King's Sitrer." W|tK the-Duke Regent of Saxe-UiUbourghaufies, wa* tJhis Morning declared at -Court, aad it is to be celebrated at HirfcfK>)nt^the brgiritiihg of BfH^Monih. The Duke of Saxe-Hildbourghaufctf JJ aC-on^paated b^ hi> flro^ier Prince fridertdc, and'grcajj tains ar�juken to payt.i%aa>all the Htlnoort due to YhciM Rank, and fiitablc trp4li�4kllte>ieV�htrh their Houfe is ttntracting with thcJU^LHou^e of Denmark. The Squadron uhtcruvlcnti foicruizc m the North Sia is arrircd at Elttneur. The fpeedjr Return of this Squadron sVattribntrd to a Stotrn. in which one of(|h> Ships rccciv'^ feat deal of Damage, and Vice;Admiral Tonder, who | aution. Letterefrom(2tpm will, git* the Princtff Louisa, hit Sifter, a Portion of 40000O Florins,: b*fides Jtwtls. -  . l' o n - o 9 n. Ycfterday vrf| keld a Coqtt �t .fitujnt>ga'. *t Guildhall, ' for the Choice of a Lord. Mayor for the Year enfuing t when Sir Samuel Pennant, Knt. Alderman of Bifliopfgakc Ward. And John Blachfotd, Rfq; Aldermkh of Crirplcgayc ; Ward, were retum'd to the Court of Aldermen, who made Choice of Sir Samuel Pennant. , � On Thursday died at his Honfo in Hunt-Street, Spittle-fields, --- Toll, Efq, one of his Majesty's Juiltces of the Peace. Yesterday there was a, Court of Afitftaots at Drapers-Hall, when it appear'd, that, there were no more than . feven Candidates for the Rtclory of St. Michael Cornhill; namely, the Res; Mr. Morgan, Mr. Wilmptj Mr; Thorp, Mr. Entkk, Mr.1 Arnold King, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. ' BrotAhwin j and %b*t .the Majority feethM to favour the . Elecli6n of,the/Rev. Mr. Entickv who has been their Chaplain above thirteen Yean at Bancroft's Hofpttalv The^Pay of ElcOion 5 is ftf* ffot Friday tht 13th of On Thurfdsy laft Mr. Hughe, Tobacconift, in Hgl-; born, by VeVt^je of t Search Warrant, found fome of the T^fFeds that lt� ,Vrat robb'cl of in Jcily laU near Kiagfton, 1 at the Houfe of a noted Broker in Holborn, who there1- upon was carried beforeHcnry Fieldbg, Efqj and he committed him to Newgate. ^ Sittings appointed in London and Middlefex, beforothe Right Hon.. Sir John W�Ucs, Knt. Lord Chief Juilicc of his Majefly's Court of Common Pleas at Weitminitor, in and after Michaelmas Term 1749. Middlefex. Tuefday ; . Ofl. Thuriday' Nov Thurltlay WedneWly After Term. Wedncfday Nov. -icj. as. London. Tuefday, Npv, 7. Friday , ; t of Kent, fall very much (hort of what they were laid at.before-Picking t fince which, havin| feen a Paper in Print, which is induftrtoufly difperfed (by the Poll, and other Channels) under the Title or, A Ltttct fiemk Gtntltmtm at Conttrbury, ft bit Friend fa Brewer j iri London ; as ^always valued myfelf upon giving you true and .candid 'intelligence, and left the fpurious Paper I mention fhould give you an Imprefiion that may miflead you, I think it tietetTary to take Notice to you of the Falflioods and Abfurdities contained therein. I make no doubt but that, inftcad of being wrote from Canterbury, it was penn'd either in the Borough of South-wark, or' in Thame�-Street; and is calculated to difpirit the Planters from keeping their Hops, as well as to dif-courage the Country Chapmen (who want Hops) from ______, _ _ ____ buying, with no other View than W give fome particular commands the Fleet, met with a Fall daring the Voyage, Dealers in London an Opportunity Of railing their For- of which he is flill fo bad, thai he can t be brought afiiore At the conugiojs Diftemper among the horned Cattle ilill Ktrails in many Provinces of this Kingdom, the King OatUfcd. an Ordinance to be publiih'd to prohibit any Fail or Mmke: for tic Sale of Ccafls throughout the Dio-cjaTc of Zealand. -- Htutrvtr, Sift. 30. Mr. Guidickens, who is going Mi-irflcr from his Britannick Majc/ly to the Court of RuiHa, set out the. Day befi-re YeScrday on his Journey thither. Provifioru grow cheapes every Day, there having been a sjtty plentiful Haivcii; but on the other hand, the Mortality among the horned Cattle is broke out again in feveral (laces, and makes gnat Havotk. Turin, Se�t. 18. L"s reported, that a Treaty of Commerce is on Foot between Great Britain and ihii Court, hot that it meets with great Obilructions. 'Tis alfo faiJ, that tnere does not fecm to be any great Inclination at London for continuing the Subfuly, at Jeail for a Year, as the King propoi'J, but that the Britiili Minillry infill fltOBgly upon concluding a Treaty, begun in England for yielding Sardinia to the infant Don Philip in Conlidcra-u>n of a large Sum of Money, and that in thai Cafe the RcpubUck of Genoa would alio icll Corfica to that Prince, but that Spain does not chufe to diiburfc fuch confidciable &uns. It thefc Rtparu prove true. People wtll-be-curious to fee what fo many Ceflions in Favour of Don Philip will cad;in. ?\ Madrid, Sift. 16. The Court has granted Charters for eflabliftujig ta thu Kingdom Miuufafturei of -fine Cloth7 and Woollen Stuffs, and Workmen and fJtenfils arc ei- ?e&d from foreign Cuuninti far c&i*yim> on the fame, � "bey write from the Pom in the Mediterranean* that ievcral Frigates are ready to fail there, and People begin again to say, that a Squadron will be fotm'd to give chateto tbyc Corfairsof Algiers, and toblock'up their Portf' \Vh hays-raceiv'd Advice, that one pf the King'* Men of War has wken'off that City a CoJrCdr cf tpo Men, immedjatcly Bpan its. .Wiug qms. of that Port. . itngfeov Qad*r z. Tfeey have begun to pay the Troops "? J�e�ew Money Utcly coin'd at Antwerp, the CWKcers � SHrer, and thi p.iva.e Mcp wlihCopper, Ycilerday a JacAWrwas putdiilkV. which ter^yiates the Value of every i>pocss�-of Coin, euUer of Gold or Silver, tl�!U arc current ?ro,finOis, both old and ne,w. " Qffikr j, " They write fr6� Vienna, mat the J---,- .Wot .the Erapr^Qjj^co jail been dccUied �!�e, and ihat ler Impc.ial MijcUv has received tnc Com-t-'aumi stkiWiKrtJ, %u Ba�*Jcttf Uoodcdway-cl Pre tunes, by ingrofling into their Hands as many Hops as they can, at a Price under the real Value 1 and afterwards (by advancing the Price) to laugh at the Folly of tfcofe Planters (who by this Artifice have been induced to fell their Hops) and the Credulity of the Country Chapmen and Brewers in London, who (by the fame Artifice) forbear to buy at prcfent, and will be obliged to fupply thcmfclvcs from thole Ingrolfers; at fuch extravagant Prices as (hey (hall think proper to fix. As to the Writer's firft Aflertion, That the Quantity of i Hops exceeds what they and, in that Cafe the Price of good Hops ought 10 be 101, per Hundred : But if the Quantity (houl<i (all (hort ol forty thoufand Hags, one eighth Pa", (ao it ii the Opinion of many it will) then there is Bfeal'^n to eapett, that, before the next Crop comes in. Hop* wjll be at 14I ptr Huii-^ dred, or more. You will �xcufe the Trouble I have give.u yau.of this long Letter, which may be of ttic to you, as 1 know you arc a large Dealer in Hop* -, and it is my sincere Advice to you, to lay in your Year's btock as fpcedily as yoti,can. 1 am vourv Art. At Sadltt't Wells, irtirigwo, this Ev�iin|��iUb�Wtif*SMad an Entertainment not pcrforra'd there tbtfe tarcsuy Yeart call'd the Harlot'* Crogref*. The wholsjt* coatl*d� wi�5 a grand ReprcfentatiOo of R�nel�^.h Gardens ia thesBMaft-rer they were decorated at-the Jubilee Ball To-be^ta at Five ' . \\' � ... At the New Wells in Good mass's Fields, rhi� prtfirat Evening, will be pcrform'd, a ficw Emetnmaacmv catTd <he Ship launching, or tiatjcquiti turu'd Tryar.\lTsW whole to conclude with, the Temple of Apollo. SingW by Mifs Agnetta and Mils j ulctt*. The Sceaes, CloataC MulTck, and Decorations are ail new. To begta at balf an Hour palt Four and end at Nine. Esvth Perfoa t� be admitted tor a Pint of Win� or Paaeb . Qreat Variety of all Kinds of ufvfut and orr^metsJ fccorid-hind Plate and Watches? at lYjj^exr�fficly �Itriff.. alfo much Choice of large and {mall'tew Plate, cj^Watrrt plain. ftni(hed by the be:t Workmen, and in the isjvS ..�tc coutsaue to be foil at Mr. Sndr6td.,Biil*cce's old Shop, the Cou*r of Friday-Street, CKeapfidii, the Golden Ball only, whogWea as ufual the moil, MOiiev tor Quaitutier of old. r>au. Watches, and Jewel*, antt for fuch at artf pawned.,. j Juft-imported, a Parcel of fine Stvagieta SLw, to ,ts� fold iingle, or^by the Dozen, at Jofcn KiHt'a Toyihop AeMt Northumbjerland-Houfe, Charing-Ctpft. t\ ' ^ High Water at London-Bridge this.Dsy at %6 MilR&ia after. 1 in the Morning, and 15 after a in the Ar"rcioe�>, s 1 1 �'.1 .I'm m.� 1' H � -1 -i .................. ^ )...... Yelterday Bank Stock was 140 1 half. India jfioctr, 191 a iqq 3 4ths. South-Sea Stock, no Pticc. DittoOldj. Annuities, no Price. Ditto New, no Price. Bank Aa-nuitiesft�46, 1 o6t. Ditto 1747, no Price. rDM�J4K>ccy .747, ibfi.'.Bank * Annuities'^748.107 1 4th. 0.110174^ 197-�� .4�b� 1*hree per Cent. As^alticvt^ 10i Itna, Royal AlTurai\ce, 76 3 4th* a 77 Price. India Bonds 3I. iq*. st:*8s, Bank Citcalacsnsv sm> This Day it . f>M*Ifi*tIt Tht Eighth Ntrmbtr *J HE New Critical, Biographical, anrf >. 1 ^rwhlc.1 HISTORY of BCOTLAtTD,'w�|i rti SSj, Malcolm ihe rtlrd w�tl� e�jra�V. t Tlw rASiassJ iW -"^^'iil *�� MW and w�U �sat, th�y r*pi�r<mr tssvrssssssMslvs^isansftlkt fs\V � nUt*t ^fttrfw the Miniftryuf Srutland in tht Rtiaft tfjimalki Smd. * * The Wiftoijt t> to ke earrltd on, as ftrft nrocnfe4, �itk IS* mMC Care. Candour, and IraositiiU*, to (iv< S�ri*r^aa r� Us� rMaWk a avoiding OOcnre as much � poif^l. to tao rrbtMtal raAs, *�i issttd pt�f�ntin| of Ch�iacter�. Tha Piqo*ietot and Awbar btUf to oxwuto tht "who!* writh Truth, Sfdlit, and f*ttfritf� estjsst'at* mertskary, ratan, or daceitlog Way*, to intiodoc* th� n*�.�watl, tAftJj and srest Work. As thcrs'ls fo much Drt*i<*. Ex^ra��a�. mb4Ttm-, ing, the Puhlick rnny eafily tern (heir B*t%aia t� hit, aaJ na Woe est* M to unpofr upon the Pubhrk, tor no Sobkrifttoa Meaty A4i*mm stotfU be �ctepU�t thon|kt tendered. . - *v.. The new and totrett jenertl Map of Seottaod will b� Soon ready tar tj 1 after th.t will b�fioiiVd tho Mef* lb*6**<.*1 Cboantw. -Thu r'thth Numb�f cont�lni � ���� roinT cmraea PuntvlM* el lb� Ttanfaetioni in th� Heifas ot Jamao tho Stcoad aad Tbttl, �! ta* Soitit or the Nation at that Time, v  Navy,Orlies�, September a?. 1749. THE Ptimipal Officers andl^MmJSe/rtri tlavy do brrtliy gi Litem$t*m>L/ next Month, at Ten e'C/oei' in- tie tWtraisg, titer *T#.dV ready to treat ndf*Qkam�r at f�<�4e%#� on IVcdtufduy tit 1 Stb Day of OctoSer /text, in erirt't^jf^e, Propof/dt from ftttb Ptrjons 11 bo are ivilli*g to farm lit FoihA Markets of tbh City, that is to ftty, Uetdtta^;'^^!,. Ne-wgate, and fleet, either the *i?b#M together, mt'taiHi jr-diftintlly andfifarately, ivitb all the Shaft, Steslit, emJt'i tenanccs thereuntil beknging, (iibiibare wtw At thtGtyti" for the Termt of'twenty-isne Years. Aadjtt tie fumeTime trill reserve Prifofiib f*+ ti** of Ground near L-adenhall, Kt/bitb *w�s* . SEAM AM* ' ' liatt India H�i;fe, Auaurt ig, 1749,. E tetsrt Of Dtrett*, vf t^t-UoHSl 'dJfmy^/- Merchant) of Enot.ind traJs'itf I* tinh*t:jfi-litJi4i. A benly �-v* S'/ttci, that t(>e faiHpeiHf. <i�ei!ft e* ttv \�Jg Otte of March, 1750, (ay and dsfibargr hU ' ,�.1a�/ and Intere/t tint jha'A be tit 1 due an the jLiJ Ctm^vty't t%!tM And ihr\ da further gi"je Xvtic, tii+t #4* Ceamy-nff'J terfearer will r.,tj<ti_ findti) fut<Jeadi�< /� thiir H.p.Ji, at tht Rait of Three Pw*d per C *-*� fer AiMum, as ibiy fijall hnuc (Jc<.ifmn /or ; axilkit ist teawvii^ot 'ucb :]emlir, Pre/rume uiltl b*gt '.'en U the pr<(/rnt Bi*S~H*Llerti' (iro-viJiJ the Sunn offreJ hi them Jj "at lACCid-.thatf'aSAt, t'ufficunl, Mid thai tie fine It tend)) id on tr h/j'e I'-. Day */ O�tok%r me\t , and' tht de*rt e/ Oirstfin M t*itiy f'Urtbir Jtclare, that llxt �t-.itt not a.Hat ef r.nj f,tJct ifta- 'Jiil'anb) e-tiit'iiins Hit.it ot tit fad C*mpujtt, *.-J. to k^vt the lame endorJ,d to it tj/i/jttmd ~.t the A'^r* ils;e Till Peat'iJt per Centum per Annum, /� tot j �/' �� ,^. Uf -i lui li,t U-i i.'.,n-y, �t, I-i*.a�j e*-Bl, ii* 4 that jiJ Olfi-n *;.a fi'.-j>.i�u c3a*s tv-a in*ao$ �� C 11 A ct t.'.; ut (tic l\.u,y-k^ IJaifruirt, N^rtl.fl.-*i, G14,. Uni, mi It ]d ot O^toUl i l�ftie art :o b. J m tt.e fTtiwai. tin fir-. �  i. t.i irii {..4 t**r.ty ��)., ll.�.. L* <l.cn Mm it)',

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