Tuesday, September 23, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, September 23, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 23, 1749, London, Middlesex en teak Stpttmitr u f; AMR down and (k\\% tb* Ohfe of Cumberland, Griffith, far St. Kt6, tfca York. Smith, for Lifbon; the Indnftry, Moore, for Belfaft; with the two Ships oatwaed-bouad. Remains, a Ship for Ham de Grace.. Wind N.N. E. Sxtfthl mf mF which occafion* various Spe-�� Ij^ib^^hKre^tft to the Affairs 6f the Nonh>m which SA T U R P AY, SifiTtiissR 174-- F'ttdPffc**""' Likelihood that their High Mitt *irtmm&*Ht*y ***** ��.fii?,nti� polhte^ite!** 1 * WrVWiteni of theRepublick being only to concern rMm-� feke�about >.r j)rcfcat * Circomftpnteff even to think of, repairingof any of the ' Fdrtificatio^s, much lefs to fill the Magsatues with * ntceffary Ptovifions and Stores.' L O N D O N. The Right Hon. the Lord Anion will, it's faid, be appointed one of the Lords of his MajeltyV Bed-Chansber. -- Sranniford, Efq; Counfcllor at Law, is UKanimoufly  tle&ed-May^r of Portn-nouth, yefterdoy was held at. Guildhall a C6urt of Common. .Council, when ansong fever al other Matter** a Bill on Mr. .Secondary Delamain'a Scheme of Infuranco of the City Gfitccro, was for the third time brought in by Sir John Bsrnard, and pailcd into an AH. It is faid, that by this Scheme.the City Offices will be conlidetabjy raifed. in Value, at the fame Time that it.will bring in a very largeItt-_ c^me to the Revenues of this City. ThcDcan and Chapter of St. Paul's havbprefented the. Rev, Dr. Home, Reiideniiary of the Church, fo the Rtc^ory 6i Barnes in Snty, void by the Death of Dr. Baker. vWe are well afibred chat JJr. Layard refign'd bis Place of'Man-Midwife in Ordinary to the <Mid r ftvcral Nights palt a Ptrfort iu a Soldier's Habit baa ropb'd Gentlemen. vybo were p�fliv>g along the Strand, near Beaufort Building!, of their* Wais, and made off down the Streets wvatds thtf Savoy. We are credibly affureJ, that the HJ^'ng Article of laft Satoiday's Papers iu regard of a Gentleman feat to the Gftehoufc in Wcftmiaikr for rioting his Lodgings, wilt, aiifoon: as feme latent Combinations- arc unravelled to the Bottom^- be fuitably aufwer'd. jtfo|e,.Jo (he Interim, that afrer*oiirTeiciit fliocking unmannerly tfxprcilions to the Gcntleasaoi ou bis-feperfetliiig Unwarr^twble Proceedings, the Mock l'i(lc of Labium Cuckade was urd�r*d to be in-fcrted in the Margpu of his Muthnus wtotn, Jlnifh'dk- (as �P|Bar> to ihp Oii-uuljrio the, -- Liveiflan of tho> tou^ ndous Male and tio.iuliJtk Female Midntgi^ts Affcasbly. ttViirpCitrfiftt Sj&fr W<rthepoor Prii'^ticis on the co�mua Side, retur.i u*t tnofl hvtnbitf and dutiful Thanks toot*gsnerouiJwi uuknQutn Bcncf^clur. fox ten Shillings delivered ^efteulay W our, Keeperv rnaik*d M'.Tw w�ieh *? equ�J!|K.divjde<k hd4 for wlncb wfr-giva Tnankt unto 'Kfew,t}� ^tQ m ttofa whole licarti aae �bm<o relieve AeDifliefled Tomorrow Morning a Sermon will bt preached at St. Jo-fclpa without Aldgate, byrfe Mb� FUv.Hther in God, MsXxtace Thoisas- i.�fd-Atchbifhop of Canterbury, for . -- #Sr# .Ai , ^ , \, . , . * . iWBibefit hi tto Charicja Childrei, of Eaft-Smrthleld, \ tt* PyyS&, >h^D. the Mkfit of a huodrad pror Boys belonging Us the faid PnrstDf bjr the Rev. Mr. Smith, Leaurcr �fSt.Gika v+bittiUHt, and will be continued the laft 5uwfay in evwry Month tUl February. Prayers begin txaftly at half an Kwr altar five in the fit e^ing- At Sadler's Wells, IBi�sjton�thta Kreaing will be yteftn'.ed an Bntertaqaj�ni*not p^ows^.tbtre Usde twenty Years cail'd the HatloA sSogrtfc. Tti* whok tt>.��nct�dt with a grand Rtfrtfrntation �f RineJath-Gardens s� th� Manner they ww J)��*B�ns' arn all new. T*i begin at Five o'clock. E�* ftrJbn to �ft'i4mi(t�d tor a" PmVnf Wiae or Pitncb. ^ i * OwTuefiiay ��� wiJtbe pkjr'fft Match.of PtjfairlBir^-f-by GfntleinenW Wsdef 4s^o�\ UseGcnrJenwn <jf Chtmiie and. nil England* for thn Sumoir* twoaw GaintaV a Sisfa ; to meet'� Os* oXfcxcjk at foaa'hJin Butkley't. the tch rtifim-Bnt* na^iwiaoii^'l^it; w�u-"wiaif� �d iriatunvJyExeroft.T#cd�n^l�ogii*fl^ at the Titan ^^vg-awt^MMM- " ' j-� �'� - 'v ' "' .1.. High Water nt; Loidtw-Er^ge tjh|�. Div � io Mmuie� after 8 in the Motscpgy and New. 10$ K half. Bank Annuities 1746, to6 t 4th." Ditfe t J*7, �06 1 �th. Ditto Lottery 174?; tot; nlfck. n^an^Ansrainnt 174!. tc6 i 8ch. Pino 1749, vo6i &hn�%jd|. ....'tnrie. par Cent. Annuities, too 7 8ihsa tot.; Is^iloiid* |ll tjn. ;s. Tbroa per Gent. E�dteq��r Qiifcrt�-�I�it**. 6d.  ics Dirt. This Dar is By tit KIWGV AfiTH^OmTV, A new �al hcauOS^ jSnMn* (mtm wiwri vm� 1�4 t � tawt�w�r� QaettMo*, aari QufittatiMx* 0� m#m**Mt&thii�. To which 11c �4d4�. Natnaauumc *4V�lt Tt�3. tet^Tfias Mtf.1r�t.�i�i�, 'ami r^coccJina feettaf CanW cthw. 4c. The Srt �f Y jc*y�, RavJ UaMee.  i'- Pi'm'.ti onJjr fir Sm A.o*V�� is NnrgsHr-SirTct | n& Soli hy the Ri>^k. fit Seventh Nomber ,f E New Critiotl. Biogjraphictl, ami Haft-India Houfe, Ausnn %%, 1740. THE f th IMtti Gmfmf / ixrJ-t five �*tg^l?�^w/4 m tit l\Jt Hjx 17 c -\ jMt '^^n^sV^pr, *lt Print^t ftltmy �*2 iefrfi/f ibct flaill* ti," A* tOr,rftnft*ip>>4 tit* i*f/mv�f out, fft/drr, rrt/irrnrit niN tt given U 4kf^lh*B^rMimt freviJrd tit Stum tftrti h tbm A *xi�i4-l\>t*ljMt k tidbit**!.; arj tbfit Atpmt%> ti*for4 qr l*fat tt* \%jt %> *fOa*br vtxt\> am/ r*r C#rt if tK^tiHn J*t*rtt> f*rtb,T dectar*, tint tiff vviff *�i*Jm>t %�*yTt#im ftitf Hijithimk t*hiiittng R*A*ftkfm\t(k*/*p, ttf&Mmtiig J>nr�v. pfr Cw>mt*-A*$*'$&M'W:tf-m^ 1750, enJpxyaUt ** Six M**tt>i N*hty' ' ' WHEkBJS a Ptvty.Pefi Lxtttr /*� hr# rrVfwV, tinihi iw'.JWh Sfjfxtnp, at it* Ct�t/>t>*>forii <^ j* �, W JbJfl&aftFrvtfi ta/ltfftrt Wv CV y Imiii, ihit &�kt to Mb sfth frrff-nt Pvjptfen if tbti .Qjfs Bitot in tmi �f�f CONDUir-MKAD m art ^fr�s U t�it * f*rtt*r term, tbey **rj� Ltevt thir Pnptfalt inHntikt *i HtCHri* rroilitr'it^ict in it* Gui.'Jball tftic^ity if ItitMi ofltr IviiS Kaiit fotivtit for tbtir i^ft-m&mti*. ' _^_ D, SFAMAN, Ctmpt^fif; $V*ME Commute fit totting tie Qry Lamtt in tit AuiMt % Oxwlkrlain of tbtCitj ef JLtuJm; give JVWnf, tie* ttty intend to hit en ftvtral tttfit tie jWrnwiHg Istf,  t. 0� a Leqfe ftr fixtten Ytaru mMffuuge tr Tenement i*Fn*t iwVkams-Strtet, at tit tfuti-Eaft Corner efDeurkbmji* in the Oetupath* of Mr. Join Meflltf. 2. Onartfmrii^Le^efor twtnty*�ne Ttart, fourNtfnnpt or Ytneweuti fituattJ on the Bnft SiJeefAUermemlmtytinn Ccurt talltd Catfinter*t Court, one efuhiib it empty* ttt Hfl In fiefevertJ Qttnpwlm.of Imrente Mate, Mrt. 6&$>m� and IViUiim tVtittittH together awffc-ttve Mt�ita$*i vrfentwutt* in Front in ^rflmhn, on etui Side tie fad Gmrt, k tit /ewrd Otenpatinnt oflhmat Menifon nmllfaetc Pcrdvfif. *1 JL OceirasnJaJ HtSTORV �# jkOiXAI^O i �th th� Xe*4 of hftjeahn the iMH-wyiVa. Th� Ottn*tmWJ'rftmtn's are ne� uti �tll *mt, lhc� t^cttet twa isnialuAie Vwc*t of Hiftory �f this Km*tnucata. - at Wait mm*r4 ��*** tvp**.  The Anthsratii I>�trfcnw~�it8 Cbf?? JIpH in To�a;'<s ��iakm at hlra. Wh�w*S Shop, Ctonpe-CtOb. i� �>�* N�ahat VII. �hkh t� antlf mmi w�H prwM �har��a Paper, there arc a raat Variety ! wsiwetaat �ai nuieai j"�a� *jd*�M� 4^tsrawf the Mmiftry of Seattua is the ttt*g� ot" l-jsmth�StejMa.. ' The HJnotj �t� k* tirrMI on. uXrfi. smmsV. .with tht ft�a �r, bmHtuhrt, (a SitultQ^a, < the PohUih, aeqi^Om^MimKh �*fwSW�MtiMfcl4t^^F�(b, ��4th�tt-ItttttMiaf �f ChanAer*. The Vnwictaf ami Afthpe tMm� 4�tt�misrJ to rVecute tht whale with T��lh, Saw|(. ��a Inugtii^t ba*�' c�|wn no mtmxi^, (oe*a, ar � (ht�� cWiMa 4 f<it, and no Plot cm be' to irapjfc'upoa the rVHck� nw mSeAfoiaJSwa a*sn*y Ad Mace wouU ht �c<^t�* She^h teWeiejt. V ,. ' TrmuyHoufr. U/od^sf. Sept. at,'1749 QTJCE U hr*b fioem, ft&r G*nf*i Br.�s* JL^if /i iroie omJ tiat ttnibtr %v*lt h r.-fltoii, und: *iv(rtpy*n�fci(�- � ' � ' ., Navy Ot6*<v 4ogufl jo| a 749- T//� Primifnl Often mad CMunJ^r* *t hit M^jh', Neet,yjsnx KsAe. tidt e*fttjGLf tietttl cfmxt Mzntb, 4t'Bt*tc* o'Gksi u lie hhhting, Gonveajuntr }l*j[e*j u-jV.' txfij, to Sate at Hi Ogtt im fa M^tfif* Yard �i Psrtftamte, frikraj fartfft ofi o�t Sftra, iJj *Xs*t Z*t; J* tie fuJJ Void; 'ivitre aUBtofhe* tvtermwt tviaimg tt it''Pvrihifn mj, iarue tie Liittiy' of'waimg tittm. at amy Time *n tie iwhtir timrrof tii faH ?W, tiB tit D*y *fS*U, dzd m 4 Dtfcm f of �-sv per Gar. mr h fitfiri^m tbttrfs, it la It tt*/< 1? tt, tJi P4IJU' v.bi fJl MtfJtd'tbtfajd&iJt'in totoieXtth* tixrttf, tudum fftf*r"dftr titit PvPoft i mmJ mmtrft lit fsiJ Stun j% f^rdmftd /.v// e St faid far tmf eaiem �r*�9� �s t*r E*i $f farty ,tjue tie Pnpvty of eh, O+wm. >*y^t\ K Trlittecs^MNiuctl 10 put jn .-vxocuttoo X aa AA'dl Palitewht ee-�aAet the ��*..* v*n 0/ tht W tt St. fftiatjh nM*�t Akoetr, im *h* C� u LutS.a *miCutwiv a* h'ii. aVica, i*tcV�M the Ctettth at the UJ IfvrA, �.�t NatKc't et th^f tutcwi l�.�Vet ��M�*4�� tut. the r �� itrtr � Ck*� ui ibe Aftefa>*o. at t&e Vtmn-Haoa a fefmr�te, at tit Option of tht Bidden. j. On a Rtpfiirisg Leaf far twtney-otu Yttutt out fttefiiuigt! or Tenement in Ftvnt, en tb? Eafl Side vf PuJding-Lixt, trtei m Yard and Buildings liacitwrds, tv;d a Wint~Veail' ndttnteui, im tie Pejfiffien of Mr. Samutl H'ilfoi, Mertlmt, . a,s Tiret Alttfuatrt or Tcntuunti idil'trnmotd-Street, <within Bi^zpfgettt, eutd'er^iir:in�,fierttn, in tieftvered Ottvfettknt of Chetrln Leg, Edvjtird Ornnr, and Am jotin. Hcte, lie tbrtt i.'f-mtntiefi'd 'TtwrJefftt 'flii// /r hit ttjfttitr erfiparatt, fr relvUdixg or repairing, at the Option of tit Hidden. 5. On a Builifiig Lttift fir forty 2'tdrt, five fmmflMdfc/rgri v,j. * i� 6. On c. RrpfiiriHg Lcoff far txytnty-er.t Ycuri, e*e M^pinge er Trpp!:e*it, -v-ith ff'u'rlwi'/'fj endather Cotrvmientititixrtto ktcitht^, fitunitd ct t{'e S�,tb-lt'(jl Ccr/nr ofVutktfeet'Lant in tf'arsei-Strat, in tit feierul Quupatitmi of Mr. Lengdun, Airs. Fvijltr, ilfri. Etdts, md Mrs. L�ivr. 7. On a R>pniring Leaftfir *wenly-ont Yearly one Mtffuejjl or Tttteintnt next the above", in Duthsfaot-Lane, in tltQuupatittt ef Gnrge Snstdity, CtirptnUr. Netti Tk- tuvJfi//-mentioned Lett will to left together er fp*irutc, at tht Oftion cf the Bidden. 8. T110 Meffuagei or H'tnententt if Front in GlltAur-Strfet, ene ivitrtof it empty, tht ether in-ibe Otcufniti^n of'Jtimet Guy. 9. Qnt Mtffiwge er 'ftstmtnt in Front in Giltftur-Struf, *idj<!nt4i.g Southward to the ubo<ve, in the Occutatidu cf Miry titatti/, 'uieh ti Yetrd haeiuord, end t',:'0 n'arehtmftl built ibiryitt, one rn.tr tht other, in the OttupiUion at' Rebtrt Stttt* Hate, 'Tht five Iti/i-mtniiM'd Lett fill fie left toge'tbtr'er fpitr.tite, fur tiiimUiiig or repairing, at tht Opt ma ef the B/din. 10. On a Letife fur lajtutyene Yee:rt, a /<irgr t'i.iut unjtt-t'*s Feetrll'ty, er lio.td Stvnt Piriiemtnt in II S/inttiji,/d, near /'v F.ud of ('.<*.<.'-Lun.; iviti a liuiibei'dat tit l.i.,um<e thtreaf y/-��.�!*j i^mithfeid, in fit Oetupett'ian of Ft/ix Qtl-uit, E/p And tbtit the /.iid Commit ttt ivHl pit in tbt i*n*<it-Chamber of* lis- (luttd'tdl, l.f'df't. en It'tdntjdtiy n<!Xt\ tfatjti iujl&it, 4./ F*ur o'Ckch tn the Afttrmnn, tv i.ttive PttPofuli per thtp.mt, ef''u.hitbfurtitr tnformaliun an.)printed rtylHtdar* m<ey U bad i.l tht Cemftrot/er'i Djfite in the GuHdhtdleforifiid, on 'uiiib jutd f tilted Particulari alt Ptifi-nt bidding far any af the ul'sve Lett t.re lv iiritc their Pupofitlt D "51-AM A N, CiipieJt'r. 1 U .ION V 1 R h - u 1 i i'ctietj the ukJ luenbatJveet f'em l.ofl !y i'ltr, V.il'ye..<lj GmeiJ 5l/<.//V,' <J th, Alt lr :.rf,i ri ~t A i ' � sm Jftiial eijfmrt, be hut ly /'. Q}wta-L*itr, Cliujjtdt, en "*<'< *. / bite r* tie Fvr>'.t>;M In i'<Jr 1:1 i. tc-nj Gsat'td jSUiting >� 1.1 tjet l)~yfallj\:ing, 4-fThree '� tit .'fieri, eri injured in tbt faid Qtf> <f,t in :' t" injU:ni, j rem .i"J /.:; laid - rt ti.J IPititfatiy, 1 , u 'it,' ...i i.be c; odi /,-,./ tind m

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