Friday, September 12, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, September 12, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 12, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifer, T V E SD.U, S*; x /. September to R R I V" l)i the St. John, ATai'et. from Gallipolv. and tftniim, wiih the Emprcti Cheers, for the rial-ikk, and the India Yacht. Wind So.tli tail. Yclcrday arrived a Mai! from Holl*n o ard one from Fk�nce. Li/lrv, An gull i (j. There is greater I ikdmood than cv r that the Ordinance againil Luxury w:II not b� put in F.xcci-tion, inafmncK as ihc Mtitlums have mace it min fell, that the particular Advantage which will arife from it wil 8cvtr counter-balance the real I'rijudice, which Commerce will futfrr by it. AUdrid, Ae.j�jl tO The Marquis Ga'liani, Governor of the Call J c (of Sc. f'tlefonfo, not haiing behaved with Coper Refpeel to the O^jccn Djwager, the King has nifVd him to Ccuta, where he is to remum till theC>jcen dt fires to have h.rn retailed. The Court having rrcu'ed Information of certain Practices that tire made ufe of for-catrying on the counterband Trade upon the ^.oall of the CVractas with lefs lla7..vd. has fern Orders to augment the Number of Guard a Loftas which ft-e Itanou'd there to prevent it. Kapler, Augnf. *6. The Quarantine of {even Days, which laid upon the Ships from Lrghorn, is j ail taken off; h that the T ad-* i* quite open a,ain. .. Rome. Aufuji \Q Letters from Civira V rrhh iiUiV, The Fnkabfranrs cf �fce Q**t~ anp' -Street, Lave pretested a P�:C*�;: so tit kui�. fetti ^ �->i'h the great Pttj4�!� tta: tht fee >��g a S^aaiff^r cn.fng the Fqi:c''r-an Starve n-ft d? sfctsa. a* mart than >t^o Moult? m j|l for that Fwcp: fe 4>e d*�ni>tf&cd. The kmg has gtv�p to ttVcfir Rt j-rtiet-u:K.r>�. a�d it �- atlmed \l>c Tlacti wid trc charged. I. ON D O N On Saturday fci Roral lftglaewf' tJ>e D.^t �.f cumber land v.irar to K.T fsrgcoe trjm Woct-Jfii Abbe). >�ai ol the Ouke of E-rcfo-J Ve.'e'ulay ca-ve an Acedia: br Cap*. Glt-�vr a-r.v'u at Plymouth Ion the Cap* d� Writ hl>�a<. t at the '*�r tugucfe tad fctar Eisgltrii J�2.-ju vtio SmJ a Oyc on board call d Wtcd. wkkfc �** pro-.-faiHid- There were Ye ��uts. 10; \ 4th> :l ; tl'M.iC- I �', l.oir. rv � �'. S r a > l " uti > I,. no I'ru .Vj. "f. a t half Inoc R�!)�l AiTuu�ct, no I'nve Ditto t e ?tl ro no Price. l'"ns',l Hi Copp.?, Fill per vii'i Loan, to Pi ice. i Bmk Circu'a nut, ;l i;>. (''d Fhrre i ha'l >ah lallics T-i;. tV�� 1J xchn)'er Ordn � O.'d 'Vnmi tu>. Puce. Uar>l , Dm cj C'i,- <u.'!. Annuiuei 1748. 106'. lh ir 'i( (..fir. Arnuitic;, inn 1 half M� l.pu llafit. n i'ru��. 1'ijtili jlcn:, London Atl'uriftcc, ^1. ios. siven p:r Cent, ive icr Cent, dtno, no Pi tec. Ind a .'JoijJi' )l 110 Price. 144. a 16s. J'hicc ftt Jf. Fertfr. of Billrricay C'rJrT>Li�:c. to Mif� that a Matuic Gaily had taken, off Fiumkino, a Bvbary Gallto? ot' twenty f6ur Men L-gkrtr, Augtj} 30. Since the Franchifc*. gtantod by the ef Sardinia in Favour of the Ira, e of \ ilia F'snca. r'1.1 r w.ich n .'arricd on here has aJrcady -fulVct'd great Pnj iriice. Some part cular Caufv? have happen'd, which have octafion'd Co-npl.nnts to be laid before his Sardinian M.-jcliys Conf.l, but as it was not in hi< Po*tr to remedy them in fuch a Mannrr as he could wift, hechofe rather to rct'.re than to be cxpot'd to fruit lefs Solicitations. His Drpanurc gives lefs Room than ever 10 hope for any Alteration in our Favour. Gztttnhourg, Augnji 3 t. The Prince Sjcccilor fet out on the 291b from hence, after having vificcd the Magazines and the Arfena!-, together with the Fortifications of this Place; and given thenectff.ry Orders fjr improvi.ijj t! StockMm, Sift. 5. They write from Lariham. ther Pons, that fcvetal Galleys have been launched t.i r- , and that there i- great U.ligcnce ufed in Enifaing ihoic which arc upon the S,oik ol ih� iib�i�g �t� <- on-vctitions propos'd to the King of Dcnm.iiW, for tt:cng<h�� ing the Mealures proper for niaiiKiinn g 'he Piacc in ihe North. Jiumlurgb, ?,pt it. T'n afT.r'd t'.ut the Treaty of Subfidy between Fun.-r and Dn.m.rk has pfl Ucn it-atwV, but that 'hi n'.;ch doubted \vi..c-r.<.r 1 u Uanifli M'jclty had Htctd, I t -y ot Cranibourg in Carniolj, which by that Meant lad been rid it� J 10 A�hc�. St/,rt>t, i,{t 9. All the Deputii's tpp-Jiiili �1 by ' j v� . ^n^eo tm �*� �?*:lroy"d by Fire. VelUrday chne pulid at GaidJ^.-il for AldiriTian Whit aker 1^8, lor Mi Cutbet |t. Ore Day t^tl Week tL^e Rrv M in fc.Orx, s�a,s cnanicd at S�. G�Sr *. Crjjp3iia;c Sidney HjrdiB^, cf it_ M*�:�->� La*>r. ! Veilerdijr arrived IlilU'd the Re*. Mr N | Tindat, t hap'^in t> tkr Rgb: Il 1c the F ul of , Ht>lderncfs at the llsgar. to �:�:!� Piacc be � tr� rvtuin ; agan, being tome �*t>lly ivt :bc Kecoverr of }ii fij; of VV|.-,t;ort, 1:1 ihe L Oittsty ��f Hcrcfttd On Friday , | f'iB�, �|H fit lint Vi/intlt, fSuhMnKl* *���> ' � r�,111 p- u,�i .irf>i*M,r� it'syiift'*, Hurl, ' unit'injt ol the Nc t niU Kiily �)>-�nr> t-i 'lie n-,\ ?> Alt'.'jvi- il.i.i) piiMitTi'il ,>i IV Ivu y cwtJt, IW1.11 hrtoif ('r R.jhi Men. iJtr I.nil M iwi �,. ' >\i b� NunfhrM  hmi tn M-. f r'i..'� I'., i Hi n, � hi, Ii iir .ti r.i.ii ii''p>it-l-(h in ih�u \n �"', 1 OrSy> ot l'-n\ * fetw-U H ulr tri i� il.� '1 I M<i;r1 <i .. i Ire� H. 11 �l �l� Q^Trn ti!(��-br'Ht He'll * I � i fli .p, in tirnvchintK S'irtt | �t Mr�. 'Cw *y% 4 if hr 111 'J, Vi'iiVi.tlc  li nt i 1, 1 it'i i-.i'ir.ivii m i'li'i'c, in vi'ii nii,�,n ,t mi 1 .1 i.&l�t vi�T r J if it ilir (IkIiI.mi Tjo, S�. Jano'ji  St'trt, pvci-igainA't. j�mr�'s I'Imj | �o.l t u!#, with IWOi.'iu. rt* ah,ft r/i.ri *�y kt titt, Tf-e Rijhi O if n.l Arv|,i bufailtf Wtlri | imwn d i'*li�i)' t^*l'i�, �iM iikii.ii'J* l.llim>, iii thi Cute uf I it'll ml D1M1J r-,* kr In mult ln\�jid ami chant in Utji�r T^Mnief-Sitieei- I.all Saturday .vlr Mj!-�t of Sc Houle, 1 -incotn'- Inn. I! |i Mcr- rlci Coffee - ------r................ t�a* p�Mir\! as St Paul's t> Mr-. l>"dlc), Miltrrf* uf tfc< Pausu's Hr�d m Doflo/s Commons., On Sum!-.y Ni^ht, afcois Etglrt cX.1ock. a F-.r btokc out in tli< u^pci i'^rt ok ite Ht�*fr of Mr. Atnry. a Dytr, in Colcnwn-S'.tv-c-. wfcjr1! gmtSf aSjiTwed the Nr.-glibnur- j To t lie tvottliy Livcryiiiei'ol the City ol Lot Hon. (� tt -n r I. Ii M t N , Y<";* POLL ou.l INTEREST T rt O M A S CORBFT T, Fty GrMrt. '19 /� tie ;a\c hii Hind ro each cf (Item to in'roducc them inio Ins Itnuni "lAudienee. Ti<e t Depoty ol the Canton ci Zaruk nuuie a Speech n the Wcrm^u l.anj-a^e : To wimh ilic | Murtjuij anfiver'd, m Tcrmt. lull oi i lattery to*atd-, the ; t anions and Fruomtams upon the Virtue and ^� d <jja li;ic� of his A'la!;er. ' Lr.jtLn, in. The Diet of the States of this FJti'toratc bri.iko uj' c jh, a< d it's fji i that ihry have taken luih grioJ Me-'fures for li'pponnig the Creelit of the Jj'cuer, that thjt Afl'air is alnioil ft tied to the call..)jdion of tnc Court. LnyzUi, i'7r. 13. The Meafures uken in this Country for redreflin^ the Finance:, iuving mai'e 11 nccefl.i'y 10 eltabliQl a Foil i ax, p/op'rtion'd to the Abilities of the Inhabitant', this T.i.c n � inuoJucid without the leal I Inconvei irncy, notw:'hi(an luibanv.e> upon that On.han. and whuh could only be invented by IViu>ti* w.u !o-e Confiilion, every thiug here btln� ib a perfect >!a e (>f I'rai.quility B.r/,n, S.ft. ij The King has li^niTrd to the Stares f the Frmcipality ol Fritfl.ind, that 'n- his linen ion that they fmuld comply with the FogageTcn's entet'd into with tt.r States (itnti^l, with rrgjid to the AtTam of that Principality, as foon as poiiible. Pant, Sift. 1 z Fecplc b*gin again to ralk of putting in Execution the P/ojrfl for di^gi! g ? new Canal, which will bv'gin at St Q_vntm. and crols .srtois and ifanauh, in older to join (he oooin.e to the Sa/ubrr, and to eAabiilh by the Maize a more direct Cominiuitannn. Purit A-la-Kfiir., S,ft. Lcttejs fruiw Geooa. dated tie 1 ft tiilUnr, adide, that t!e Directors of the Uar.k of St. George had rrfblvrd, the r-recedin^ Week, to pay thofe People who had placed Money in their Hank, i,*oo,ooo I.ivres Jruerrif; b. t as all thefc pj).rnenis �re made in Hi \>. the Lofs muil iwnllanly incicafe, their fuiiner Notes ate at 35 per Cent L)ilo<unt. Madam the Infanta, and the Ladies of France, ai'.' ex- tcited next I hur4d�y at the Tiuiilleues, whrre ih<y will , �y eight Days ; during \which Tune vt-e. Shtisic of Si. Geucv eve Mill be ejipofed, and publick fttaf�r hx wU tociaf-d en &.swd,y N�ht la!l on Sufpieioo oi-rertrnt- -fce A,^CT 3^ Ev -c ta lt,:J i)n s 1 * . ^- > ^i-Z to a Ihuau Body. yXI". ^e?K<5teKN�^^ at Old ttaiTy. two Ot iibmn w,;re faprta-tJy Cje-tiW vis. Jcbn AlfoTd, for sj'jLiu ' luomii t.dtwaJ-ii m� aiiae IIs|:.h.way of a G-ilar*. mie oftiilirig. ar.J three Pwti ama ! �ha Graham, for robbing 1 ivta Nctl.r. oim Towir�-Hi2l. of two Shillings and mac Pence. Nnx \aete cai3 fur Tracfpiir-atiun, ai.d two acquitted. Gmt.rl-^n, ?eff. 9. I.ait Tsur65a<�va� cpmrnirtf J .0 his M.jell's t�<ul n it. Dj�att!�"�. *.-9dj3tl K:ig charged Willi having tirokeandi eRPtff'id sbe Drilling II �.1e of f-ir Ru. k, of (Itprtt ^e,onSiaciij latl.aind l!radaga * ilvrr Sp r finjij, btpe. 9. ! s#y t^eie uat a grr.cral Me r -inj� ot tne Lo.'imrilt-jEen ttS t!r< TjjsifJces. at Uic Guild' half, confiding ct a grea" I5'�jy cf isrnllemrn of the bell F auk, both tn t wnn and Co.-ai.'y. wire it �, ju utisimnoufly ntjlved to dra.iv a Issuer �� tlw; Oukc o lie, o-ie of ht> M jrSy's p:uKij�jl ^etTet-ncs of 5?a?f. ro re-tjueit his Grace cl> order ilr.e ifcu^f I u�5s of thr Prifircs t\'i m �n the tc ver�t lieats of �;scj Cs".y c>"� tcconnt of d; llrry -111^ the Turnpikes. &c *ai ^> lit|-at*t'Ou of f 'fnc Gentle nun of that to-fy svtce ijvjiw'tu?evd �ode*�vcr tb; laid Letter t> his (iracr , aaU k�..-y a^. 3'�nrj^1y Ct out foi London oti Th-.:rfday tatl. EJiniurgo, S. ft > Wj VtM a Subfcrjption is opened a mi lignctl by tcveui ecrjif er; .Merchi-u's acd oiin rs in ihit City and Nitgh.boti'feo-''y|. fw \ liiicuung the Whale F.l'iicry, towbtvh thc> irr e�i��i:n2^fd by iht great Bounty given to that> Ltik li'� �a Ait paficd lull Seihon of Parliament We leain frncn TfaBsat. �&iM V�flcrdajr a Squabble happened tfxie 'mn. te Ccamtc. Pt�<p.le aiid the Keajiers, oiiJliOn'J, w�r h-:.t", k�y tisac Kirj + tTi ieij�i<is; the Wages orTtred by the FaracirT*. wL� smtiflt'J oa glvjng �o niurc, whereupon ht^h Word* isoKr, siiiirii u-rre lo. B'o�*. the T^jsia"* J'es,j>;r takjfig Part wuh the rarn.e�> ; IcneiiN �ierc *�i�tiidcd |C�a b;oih Sides and one parueulasty of tfte Naicr of G:*az from Suatiadown is faiJ to be much h+st Ti�e MufLal Fo-rr�ai.stBsrt,i� ai M�ybon-Ciardeiis will con-uute three Oays tats Weel. itss Day, Thuifday, and Saturday. At the. New VVel'i io GlrKfasa"* Fields, this prtfent F'lenuig. ,w�ll b�r perfsrea d. a tf** E-u'ertasiinrnt, call'd .he Ship-iauuchiD'^ or Iixrlcaiuis l-rjj'ci 2f)�r. The whole to conclude *i b lite reffl>p",e of Apoilo. The Sccucs, ClaKhs. &>*L��.k. aorJ IXrctManotii are all new To begin at Five o'clock Karti Ptsiou ta be kdmitied for a 1'it-t of �r Pnecw At Sadler'� Weil:. lH:t e.'ltj Ese-a r�g will be j refented an Fnter'a njmeo* b.o� ptwra-end tturrr tdefe twmry Years call'd the llarlot't Pr"ng-e*l TI* �S�oie to conclude with a grand Ue^refr^tauoe tt K�*�rilii^l> �#aidc�� 11 die Manner they were decorated at ta� Jrc Hm'A To b?gin at Five ot lock Eac; Pe�i�^ 10 bit �da..titj fur a Pua of Wi�-e or Vj"tb J.imes I*ee, T�uf- fcJ*k��. t^j-tiat SaLn-aiy Court, Meet-Streef, mak� tm tie m-od �.asa,leie Hasioer til forts of Ttuirrs. biih at tor the Xxwl. Grtun ox Scrotum , Strait Stocki. kn*e aiul Assnle Pictcs, eoxiifdeicly hlied, and much ap^ruxd ui t-f iLc i�*ro>'<3 Itiyiiiand Surgeons ol this Cttv AB iatu of l*'�r� nttfiit fat the Lame nt hi - ~K- r't~^HE C.'irnii.i/Jiottti 1 for rrfjiig thtfttftnt Ltiu,/-T,i.\\ X tt'h tl.v l.-.'cral and Di,lns ufon L'cj'i, II') d:vt, or l.rgbtt, vitl'i* tit City tfl.wHin, fi'i'// ma t fo AJjotti Ki-Kt rt (titii'.ii:,/l Tomerrftv, at lit o'Clwk in the F;rtneiut Qty's Lands in t&t Akivutt of thi Ci'iit.ikrL.i'i c/' tit City if London, No,hi tt Juch if'the prcftnt Pojl'tfllri Of thij City's. F./fetie in tt /'Aimin 1- iii? 1 i\ t *. .1 tt r U. SI' ASIAN, CgmptreLer. Eftll India Iloufc, Au^utl ifi, 17^9. J, Mrr.h.mti ef F.ngltn-i ft .J: '* ta tl>t Enjl-fnttin, ilo her. fry |/^r .V.'//'ic, th aei.V, en the \\Ji Day o/'AIat.b, 1751, fay iW rV/i-A.:�Av ail P \ f, id Company 1 Hindi A�dlh,y d' further giv Xific; l lit' 'hi Compu'it' iTreetfurer <u ill ii Cntutti pi'- Aeifu.-n, ri f'all httf r Orin/ijti ft>i j ,mdthat in iet,hi>iijk iu t them do not exctid what Jhalt kt fujp.tiewt, eitd that the he tindiieit vti or he/ire the ]\{t L).iy of Oelohtt n(.\t ; tad the Cr,vt of Ditttltri da hereby fu-th.r ,/,/(�,, thiy in// nit ndmit of e.'lj fender! other' wife thuil'i � M.vihti'i^ Pn'idt �f the /',iid Cottifont, tihdi^iljenliug tj have fir f.-iat e'-'dj' I d to be (vnt mud tit the R,tte of Thre$ Pcimdt per Cmihm per A't�iien, f urn the i)\Jl of At.treh, 17CCV .11J fayulle ot St \ Afoul (j Notiee. 1 lamlre of Mil -Y'.nd (I t).vn.'J'i)\vcrJ)ivili(jn. Pire.r Auredin nf People have ari'int>f/y mi At.eli ifhm 1 Hiiy refnt.d in the /.id llutnl t, undir Pret,� ny legal Authority nv/mt/liewtr, inj in eptn Defame cf, etnd eauttaiy ti fewetul Qrdeit ef k<JJU-ni tiktde hy the fu/ltm of the Pente for tht County tf Afid-dif,x : And wherem tht 1'iiteiilee for holding the JuU Fim; (truly ftufihU of the Imoni'inilnci, 1 driftng to the Putink hf fuJj illeee.l .lj/embliii) h.ilh thought fit on hit Part to comfy iiith fuih Onicii of Se�ii"i, iy dijiintinuing lit I'jUtng lit Fun- for f'lme ? et.ri prjl; !\'tliir is hei//') %i-vi 11, th^l ,11 Ferfoni 'ivhutfoever * lie P .irtuvli'i of I ' t'\of, ) idd up, en or btftirt the ijl Day of OetiUr '11 a! ___ Ml 1.1 ER .Clerk ef th �tt l uir.oTiow �ui Fikm" N .ir, il.ur iTjKir, il le^u.r'd, in il>? Am ti th^trf. On Mentiay the- qllt of (J,/u-ir H4*l, will .., W' I /. / |�M If L' N T F R, FnrV,n^ furhrr Cm'-.i -n v. *><. iJni't,. i u- ii,t I'<tyci lunm 'Sut.% ' A

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