Sunday, August 31, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, August 31, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 31, 1749, London, Middlesex T H U R SD AX AvdlMf 31. 1749. By A* fiM Ship we ha* entAwooat of the Death of l Mr. TiK)ra�>Waller; Firfl Lieutenant of his Ma}e�y'� * Ship the Harwich. -r..-v- - - -  � ~- ..TTTt | / ; 'By'theTraf'tfrftob, Tf�n\ Indt*v eqrrie up to? Ifcr Mooring. at Dep\lbrd, thee 1* Advice, that when they left St. Helena, Capt. W�*A> Commander of the Col chefter, homeward-bound, tint 0* Shore Very ill j a d that th� Colchcrttrhadloll i grotNumber ofher Men by Death*. . * On Tuefday Morose^ aaBxprtft arrived from, Frtntr, which occafion'd in tttraftdinary Cottdcil, itheXomcixts of which we art aiTuied eft aa (iffer from Algiers of 8a-tisfaAioa amhRtllltatiofl forthcit htc tnftitt to thi� Crowlk, in feizing the Prince Frederick Packet; for which Purport they have befonght the Mediation of hi* Moll Chtittun Mjjcfty., ..1,, They write from the $ft*Uh. y/eft-Indie*.' *h�t> ityt People at the <Qiu*�caJ wertfti Rebellion when the Letters cam* away. T � '* Left Friday av-aa* lAewifr *i tfie o:faw Part * of the City, where titry aiab pa&sd the >J�fchz is tie f�nc ^'Maaaer. the Pdxe aot' faisaff'CarartJe ccaa^h to.prc- *ent theAc tasauhuovs, AtftaaMks. aiaaca nu^t poflib'y *-have had tKhd CuaJaqtBcanes, tbaw^h bappi^ mo Mifchi.f * did eafa*. �hkb was oanag to uae Gosdnefs of Provi-\deace. rsjdter tbaa to aey Care tJhalt was tikca to prc- * aeft kviec as.taate.atas anaca Htam.-bain�rg atnon^A * the People ,oa >Vccoalae of tbe Lee Taxation, the * CriuciHa apoa that SatynS arkea fa tntirl> Wine Was in 'their Heads, aroabl pei^alkly bawe' excited Rion, which * would aot eably ba�c bcea qacBed.* Mujitd, jMgtjjl 16. Mr. Kccsse, agreesVc to the Orders of bis Court. aa� coaataaMaacated to zbc^"� jkatnialcrs a better btowgat b;aa by a Coancr froxa Lx>n^oo, wherein k� firitaatnek btzjedrjr ftptrajH bii Dctue of having the After of tbe Soatb-Sca Cosaapaay tesanaa�ud as toon isi pattK, presiOus to every odicri andfes Suipnze that it thoalj nacct ankb foaaaat' Dakahie>. as the Demands of that Coanpaay tare lb asteeabBe to Jaiioe ud �qu:ty. His Majctty at the Case Tisse cajsias Mr. Kecne to hadea the final Cgttclaam of tab A�sir, thai he may afietwataW proceed eo tkeo^rBraatcbooi the KcgocauOn with whici, be b cbarscd. YcSesday arrr�*d a MaOfroan Fssict. Fjbu JL-ix-mM, Sft. 5. Letters frosa Geaoa of the *;ct of hik Meetb ladxatr. tftat Advice was rccetv'd from C .>rttca, that the aiaroab de CeiCay had dsJLributed. the fix v t*$e* of St.Leans aadtbc taaae Evening gave a grand Entcrtausmett. aad a BaV. at aback there were none oCthe tMtncipul Otfiac* of tacRepcb^kk, tba*particaUrly 'J fee Retsea a^acMof, lib bdicr'd. w*t btc^ute Of their being of M. Cartaj. wito IhtVcs an equal if aot a taper fower web tbcai. The fame Advices fay. that there sua been aa l^rrcftios ia a Village near Booiftcio. ia wbacb tbe Casatc and five Peafanta were kill'd. The ixi-. ;tnof St, Pater d'Arcaa. wbo rcrir'd iato the Mooatains a/ft batbg kiFd a Ficscii Grenadier, hade coinc to deaaaaH Pasdoa of bi. Caiiiy. w&o bas granted it thcta upon Cotybrioa that they will Ur down their, Arms, and that two of the priaxapjl Muriaccrs fhall be* UaiOt'J foe" laic. ' * Oa SuoJaj laft kb bSxjeiy fcpyj u his grand Alcove, where he fhew'd pairora&ar RcfpeCt vo the Karl of Sufli-x and Loni Catccu:, *s>& u&'d wk2k theoa a coD&Jcrable Tiase. The Kicg will go ca the 13th to Cr p Tbe fieur HiHa^e, who was fest Pnfoacr to the CitadvOkTo begin at Five o'CflVch. ~Eacllrfs^ron\o U'ildmiittd of UOe, has toads hb Escape, aaad tac Lies)tc%aat of ahe for a Pint of Wine or Punch. Cuxkl b fuft^aded (or &a Moatba. - -1 ;''--r~-V. � � a� ..... L, O N D ON 1 - * l.JWfr?- *'on i� Day at. Mmuies Oa Sunday arrived at Sfiiikcad. tkres Date* Eaft-lndia Ships, botacwaad boaad. by wboaa there b A i vice, that the fleet aader the roaaaaaad of Adaaital Bofcawcn, wtU tail fat Europe the Brgtaaiac of jaaoary acx;. TbcCapcauiof ore of the b!Mp* gi*ca aa Account, that Advice had beca received at the Captof Good-Hope of* Jm Rolaibcty of 4 on ^ Ccasfjc a&i kSadnis. ^ ioe?d�M a J 4ths. Th.rte |er Cent. V Mb.'1 Mitnon Batik, no Pnce. Eqn Anottkita �c�- a Equnalcni, eo 4 uc*. ttoyll Afl\iranCc, no Price. London A durance, ao Ptwv% fi'hgltflr'Co^pM, no Pricel Sevtn per Cent. Kmperoe'a Loan, 146.' Five per Cent.' ditto, no Prtce; Baak Circulation, no Price. Intra Honda al. iS*. a �oa> Three hall Salt 174.C, 10 s. per Cent. Dire. Tt�rce per < Exchequer Orders, 110 Price. - �-Thi*is h.-atqUaitn the PuMuk :*gtmrsl, *T?H ATfvnic the DtMih ot Mr. l'ctcr Grifioi, W Map! � * ^ Map aWI iVnrfv'lW, In FietN$t�<et,' .the BbfiaawkW hac�rricvl on ny wt, Etir^bcrh titH*n, Mottm;,t* the IXtcetAil, ant> wiihi)*ji4!n| tlx Beportt |irtn owte'*^t�4trsiv| sol � *y Sua aa| uc Honour 10 if(>t.t�v�(iu nf ifn\W iVIW) *n I frirntTj, lit rimtiaaawe ot th<Ht K�vx;,ir �ttll U- (ifeitly �ch,noMr)e v ' v Blasbtth Grflfitt. M*f �'* rVar�&r� t\'txt Dt*r ia itt f.'.VA* T# �fti* nejftjy whnw Met)otf�tv Hunts ftirnxd on C-Uft o� pttM.( |ik�w:i� 41 i�w<t<� Mia*, amf othtVM <yM on Cluth ntxl Roih, IHlat* v^i "iAnttSot tit &�* Mitiy rV�mM Wfefuilt, �t t)i /*# ilrV^** *9��> t*Hrr$ 1 at the Rice* in Tothttl-FlekU (he Week before YelUrday died faddstoly Mr. Moycr, who kept the Coach andHorfesLivery StableijhSt.Martin's Lane: He went to Bed the Kight before ia good Health, and'was found dead at Three the next Morning. v On Toefday Morning- n yoong Wpmtn coming on ^ Hay-iVrtkrb* Pic^adjj^^u >y a f.adcnJ jilt thrown from thi. unte and broke.hejr; Neck. . Yefterday the Prifoners- ftika the reVcta! Gaots were feV moVd to Newgate, tidofiier for their Trials at trie Old Bally, wliith begin next Week^ Therel)ts the greatctt Number for capital C*ffencta that- |tas 'bein knoWA for Y�al�'pnft.? ... ' ..-  -a'- A""r c firll Heat; but Lord Ciw rtmbre's Horfe furirtin^'ot Jtll, as tia^^k'iduly * certified, as he nlledued, he withdrew, !t{ie Mu'rc^.^i ^vnig ililUuc-ed all. th^t had a Kight to run with hunt. Jjdid Pott-more's HqrFc walked (he Cuutfe tltc fuiioWd hdriif.'ani Ki? Lordthip's RWcf c'.l;in�l tha Pr'^c, aihayjn^ w^o'thc two Hrati, ,'l'h'c Ma^iiUittrfs huve detained tlit Fl.uc, nil their Lordlhips jret thd'e knotty  carried the firit Heat t but unluckily in the frcond* he rbde tWitfc within one of the Potts, which occaitoncd lu.n as oft^p to'return, in which Tisnc the Maregained about two hundred Yard^ ; uotwithftanAng this, the Hotfe faved hb Diitanct^ fitrrjed the third Heat, and won the Prise, At Cupei's Gardens, the Entertainments of Vocal a>d In' ftrumeoul Muiiek will; during thelhart Remainder qf the Summer Seal'on, begin atFive o'Clock and end at Nine, (sviih fcvcral favourite Songs by Signora Sybilla, particularly My Faith and Truth, out of the Oratorio qf Sam-fon) and to conclude with a curious and magbiUcent Firework, vjrhich Ins given ^reat Satisfadlion 10 ttie>Nobiltty and Gentry, when Neptune will be drawn on tJ|0 Canal by Sea Hprfes, and lei Fire to an Archimedm Wo/ot, and return to his'Grotto. At Sadler's Wells, Iflington, this Evening will be f refented an Entertainment not perform'd there ihefc tyventy Yeari, call'd the Harlot's Progrcfs. The whole to conclude with a grand Representation of Ranelsgh-Gaidens in the Manner they were decorated at the I ubilee Ball To betit^.'ut Fivco*Clock> Ifach P�rfon jo be adndttcd for a Piirt Jf,J Wine or Pouch,' ' F A At thti.Npw Wells in Goodman's Fields, this prcfenf Evening, will be perform'd, a new Entertainment, call'd the Ship-launching, or. Haflequiq, turo*d Ifryar� The whoh to,c6ncKde vvlib ' thp IVmple of. Apollo, ffbo Scenes, Cloaih*. Mofick', and Dtrcarattons ure ^\\ noy. 1 lha StnwMBi, �o� ati�t>. gfwrsl fomptafntstfie I'Vmaii'c?5*** *'� (utfilt �j �h�y sWyk "n 1 cjnte � Ui* CirruMJoft bf th� Bto.*. f*n th^lV t$tltn& �� �W| Vltji� ur fn tiiblt to, *n4 brfae> N�t'.� � it� ptsv** fikMsw a 1 whorcbj tltalth is temvit'ii. atvl tor tftjtttal llstiea?, tho�#taj�a.� like Utah rtil r'� m a iv�ly lim��t���. ~ I jity ore m h� gi�rn frum i���a Trst* kli w> (*�t�iry^ ami *t> �f�aff� pr (icct^r tt>�fi�.t Women, unbJaWtsM wtthtj*>M' uattWeax*w*�V �caakeu4M�� M M�ih fi�f-B�t(��'yi at well at at Ua� A|e of iUs� or Auy. t� pre'tnt the Dii rd�t�whithnlVMlty SctwN* tkHaMit.nV.9nn. The e I'itli (kia.ti|c�wil<: a f ra �i|^H r W^n^i., in ill H)()t!c�)oriJr�c, HyAirkk, �r VtsoonA l>!n�4mv fa* thru, cie.llrti^ )i��fti.:tii�n. ih* Ntt�rt, througii-uir �ll " " ' t". MrhrfSit.jt*, fn.vlRi<r.ita the fi'ikint Sp-iiu, tAft tBrm^t*fm" at tlw\\>�W.stheii�bl�#n.. Sim ia $f.Taul1*X'h^da^toiaL a*i �' atb. Batc�urt'l Wait houlfiwB - ' ' pr� On�; SfclUng the, �*�. %' " , � .... t.-  .-� ����� T Navy-Office, A�gull xc. 174^ //I? 'Principal Ojftttri mi C*Mmi$i:<mtr*rf'&u il&SjIlfyV , ''Stitiy giyt K�licet that � 'Iburf&j <wptl,/aii,-\Mmth, nf"Tea a'Cltik in tfo Mar�i*g, <iK*� expifr t� SaaEr U'f///V Otfte; Ihk Hulls p/ Am -Mirth'*". Slip tit *S�*gm. jflw'tlxa 4� Y-'vy he at hit Majrjh'i Yard ttt htfi'finfi � waWir tStf assay iv WteV A- 'futb t\ifinjat vuhadlt to *:tie b$ ihtParmi Hxi*Jk^3 j-hkA. if jxii" fad\-$lkjn,LnhiiTi is'v. all Pttfim-.-**M�.JIm9 ti/t>>yi 'tiVftthtfyiffir* to t ** AW� t*W�/. torn?pnfrtrut fat' flfifPw/^ii 'anJuiili/tthe Siuf* f� fanl-M^/m't h fast far and tit fix Rmltfjvrty Ihjp cfitr> t&t i.-drt tit D-p"jitji.'ult ti'/nt/dU.l, tutf itttaf i|f ~" of tin dceuw. ........." ..ommtttee far tht Gly* im t$* afoer 1 in (ha MonnPg. and o alter * in the A Memo, n Yelterday flanfci Stock waal^o* j'trhina s^tfa 1 ^rh 'India Stock, 190. iouth-Sea Stdyk, 11c j 4fhs a 116 Pitto^ �'�� 'a 7 Ww- Ditio New, 106 Old Annuities, M>7 3 a � |ths, tfaiik Annaiuca 1746, 104 7 |.hs 106 �.io{ ; htlw. Ditto l^>uer)� �*747, Bank Aanuiym 1748, 7 8.k� a 3 4tU� Ditto 174?, 1O4- 7 U.hs D.uo 1740, ( /iiwUntat' tlx Cbamltrlui'rtf laV C�#r �� J^nJm^''gjttar A'orfi-f ti fad' 9/}U,pr,fiits Ptjifftr* �J tku Qtf* E;Ut*m*mt ahiliy CONIJUiT-MEAD .� �rt djirou* t� t*i* *tfmker 7trm, tt>ty mry ttaH't tht'xf Wr^ofcSl in Wriiiwg at tt�Ct/Kf-trolUSi OJiu i'lt'tQ OtUyhfil of fit 6Jry of Lads*; ofhr tuhtA No/let wilt it �iii m fur -ibtir sfttrm/nnc. ... i(i Fad-India Houfe, Aa(>ait s8. 1749. THE (C?ff/,#/ DinHort of ttt Mult/ 0*jteay f* A,^^y �/<w NStM, that tht sfaiif^uJ�f<iitj tvtift oMt&*\*ji Bay of-Mwtbi'iW*, fitf p*d Jtftoifrtii m Priwip�d&*z} and Intfr.'Jt tbat /in/lit tie* due on tbejaid C^mfnityt But A. , And tbty do furtbtr ghtt Notitr, tbut tbt det^^'t Tr**�urtr^ Cioi/l Wti-Vt 'Ttnjkri fir bn^hlg tht Camjurj fm*l �**a j/ �upad, ibth" Pqntti, fitttH -isn't .�/'/*W" IhmwL ftr tl�c�*� pit 4*11**1� <m tbty pull Inmti Ottawa* fir ; mj ties im �ir?ih)lig fufh ttmLnPrtfinta* wtllAfgHwri to tit* ttm^UoiiifSt prvvidtd tbe Sumt �ff'tx further dcii.irt, (bftt tbty 'u -tiHelbaHli'rxbtfl'fhig Hj^lt �f}itf^JCtmp*tm:: .<-*d �.*�; "tl/jiTVt the. fiunt'(I'f'iftd tif-t Oflirtt.d itt ti/i! R. U J' \PnunM psr C tdptyitblt Lit Sijf ih'ttbi SXoti.r. K li N 6 1 N Of O N F U R N P I K E. TH ii Truders of the Krafin^on, Chtlka. Ku fill in, *c. Tiiiiififkc, *'�� tlst"�c<t lu niuct. a M i,'t] n.-it, th�4iti j� S�^�ma��*g, ii )'cn <'C�*t'i In lha f-udiij, it U ara a"rrir'd �S wr�t 1'omcuow, i�;a lit of *irpt, trat M>k lt��niit;. tu a t.Ua JL Jsjt* ihtj >u*ia m >-jf �>.t-t of l.itjttctii on boarU tfivr hum Htmkuif h, ar� iSVdnti o �mt tt� T1 ^1^11 R Ovviu-i .; jL Mill, C'*l�l. VVvill Tiullcci i)>i> al f>�< <l.l, �c 10 tli* /llu-iiuK.*, tt uk IV)* a tiuS J* Ci/Jniyll, 111 Oi<iu iu < U.iIhIuI.kO cJ tt.t kaja^y.

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