Thursday, August 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, August 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 28, 1749, London, Middlesex the i Nviuv'b. $o,i�. MONDAY, AvoirsT a8% j 749. iW, Augiijt 26 -AME down the Charlotte, Miller, from Faro, and is, with the Ships outward-bound, failed for theWcli-ward; No Ships in the Downs. Wind N. E. Since our laft arrived a Mail fiotn Holland. Mojlvic, /t�gtij? 6. Preparation? are making for tiie Court's Removal � to Peter/bourg. The Emprcis hat given a Million of Rubles towards the Re-building of the City of Cafan,half ot wftfeh ii already re edified, tho' of Wood, a* it was before. Ketctttperial Msjefty has granted the Widow of Count 'd'Ofientian, who died in Exile In Siberia, PcraifTioi t-.� - thetc Parts, and who, we know tor certain, has not } ct rec-ir"d hb Re. :-:3: Wc owe this Miniftcr the .|hc>.'�fp*^!.yMl� Stscitt'm, At-guft 1 if His Swedilh Majefty has rad a freih'violent Attack of the Gravel. The Prince S<^ r continued his Tour through the Southern Pro\in�.-c�. and Ere Orders at all the Ports he vifttcd f*�r the icW. Ultiflg of ;Jl the Ships and "- i> -\ >* '->ock*. :v.'^MJrtg&i,.-^fejrf/ I!.' The o-i... -gyyr-r^ a!l .aeir fir. Pisces with tf? j'u.uvt V i^-unce. and forrrir�>j 7i^i^;l|ag!tj;}ne5, as it aey were i.pon tne iive of a W? ; ..lie other Hand, the Ruffians have acl-j.ily 1*-Hortcs to their Troops on the Frontier* of t Ulid.'wJlkri is an Expeacc very rarely made to n(. P.-.rr. Mtk*i.AijpiP:*i' il*he Heads of4 the laft four v_o-�^ >ntl^t�'1�'hich Were^XeCoted here, are fixed Up at the Coiners rtrfout^u^ R^zino, who commanded "tine Gwi^bf Nasareth, with � vc of hi.< principal Accom-J^cc^^jlajd will be executed next Tuefday. As to the AtheW; |�#ft�y Slaves, Jews, or Schifmaiicks, who had a Share JaiWConfpiracy; we hear that they are to be put ^'intO-S^icfca, and thrown* into the Sea, at fome Diftance jf^tluDlSnore, ttfwell tbfave the great Trouble and Ex-Vjl^^Bxecutiotu, as � prevent an Infedion of the Air, 1 wM<A niight be occafiorted by rxp<iing fuch a Number of :^^|sm�t^si^:t1se^if^ or the Wheel: llide cnMppy ^�0^I^N''fil7MIoWfti^�^�^ of Converfion j for many ^ie^oiia Bcclefiaftirkf ar<r permitted to frequent thePrifoo-. *|?and:iirU theiir 'utmoff Endeavours to Cjvb the SouU of the ^Criminals i and 'publitk; Prayers are iufti^urcd in M the ;,Churchc� throughout �h<e -Ifland. invoking Almighty God\ 10 caUi hi* Benediftfon ih'this. To this Purpose the SLvci are deprived of ali V.tifi!|Raulgencjet they hitherto enjoyed : The Mocr*. who  t|^iB,a'the Out'Guard of the Palace, have been cailuer'd; tsd ho Knight of the Order is ever to have mt^e than tteo Slam to attend him, the reft of his Domefhcki 10 be People well knownv and born in the liked or tn fomc Province of Italy. When the Merchants for want of ' .Chriflian li iuiitartt* employ Slave* to tranfport their Mcr-Chsndize, they mult be >ec ndu�ed to I'riton. in Prekccc fa Commililtry, irnrocdLMcly after the W'�rk. i� doac. .and the Place of tiivir Confinement ca be changed crery . tight Days, Genua, .h^r.-Jf 12. It is feiJ, fhat the Negotiation for procuring ihu ifl.Mid of Corsica f'ofTlie Infant Dan Pruiip. is aftually pciLidd, and will be fpecdily figncd by the ^Plenipotentiaries tu b th SiJes. Gtnait, Angnjl n. The Mailer of a Dutch Shiparriv'J here from GibrJt.-.r inform u�, thit at bi� Departuie from that POi^t there v. ere t);r�c Ln^lifh Men of War there. wj^> only waited fcr four ethers, in order to fail in Concert to Algiers, und reclaim the F.ffc&s taken out of the Prince Prcdemk Pacini Boat, and aiib to nuke ihcm give Af-sjiranct that they will never more commit fuch an Infult Ob any Ship carjying the Flat; ot Great Britain. .>�,.. Letyornf -:'�t.:>Jt 14. Wc h�i*e Advice that fome Spxnifh Shiys of War vUuch were cruizing ia the Mediterranean, saving advanced pretty near Algiers, had taken a Xcbeck {'ult at its c mii.g out of the Port in order to cuke a .'ruiz,e, whale Crew confuted of 300 Men under the / Command ot a KentpaJe. . Turin* Au�xjl 9 , 1 lie King return'd the Day before Vefterday in perfect Health froni^the B*thi of Vatitixtr to the Palace in it.ii City, aod Yederday the Spanish Winiler ~" had his firlf Ai!dtence of his Majrity. Bitralona, Ai-.^ji 17. A Vdltl whi^h arriv'd Yesterday from Port-Mfihon, brings Adwcc, thattheTranfpcruftom England, with the Troop to relieve that Girrifon. were iafely arriv'd in that Harbour, as vva� alio Briuanlck Msjefty's Siiip the Garland. Lijitn, Au&ttji 4. The lingUdi Lonfu! here has received the following Account, vtz. Tfear anEnglifh V'effel, named Venus, belonging to New-York, coaling to En^&nd, havinz loft fevcrtu of her Hands, was obliged to touch 2: the Madeiras, and there take tn four Portu^ucfc Sjulo. who after they had put to Sea, formed a 1'lut 10 leuc the Ship j in which they fuccccdcd, after killing the Captain, whofe Name was Alexander Cuncniout, alfo t�c Piloc John &err> and two En^ltlh oaUors. The SoaUnain mi Land oniverial {fl:-m of all his Acqaaintance. during the j whole Courie ot hts Mmiltry; that wc ih-\\ pait'with hint : v. ith RcScfUnce whenever he leaves us, and that he will � .^e Hearts wherever he goes. P- -�.. *�^a^ xa. After many Delibsrarion* in the Ctwnci!, - Siear Micnael Dacret, concc:ncd in the late cyf was on the iSth inflsnt fentenced to fpend - under of bis Days in Prifea in the CaiUc of Co-t ./�^? ze. The near ^Approach of the I,ocuft$ jpitai threw the Inhabjisri* into great ConJlcraa-"Kcy, after, haricg laid Wade a great Space of u 00 the left of the Danube, on tite �8<h ibftant p- ar great River, and took PcifA-ffiun of all the Land be; 1. Ncfdorf sni CJoSer Neobuurg. Fra�t�?~ert, Ar�afi a8. All owr Letters, from the Frontier', of Ait*ce agree, that Orders have b�n received for ra^ng Recnms for �. -T*e�:*avr of Try eta went YeScrday from tU�Kaagen to Afchaffcnboare, whera the KfeAor of Uentat at prcfena refsdes ; at v-'hich Place hit LL-aotai Hi^ndTs of Trycrs imecds to flay fome Day*. Rjtifivt, aj. Tte Letter which the Kvangciiek i>od> tsas wiotc 10 the Emperor coacetning the D ffcrencet which have aritcs upon Points of Rtl��'"on between the Princes and Connis of Konealoe, ha? brcn communicated to the publkk DiSbuure by the Sun Miailer : 1: is very am^Se, and contains fctcral Grtcvascci complained of by the ProteiiaM*. - CJ�gmt .^��� J 29. Wr bar? l?ft Frvd^y in thefc Parts a mot! violent leaped, with ilaii and Ram in Aicji an Abaccance, dux tic River* overflowed tl.cir U.inkj, aiid laid cizcy '1 owes or^isr Wa:cr. tvbtel) liat caufed great D-msge. P.j'> A Rrpo?t is fpreid here, which has gtu'y a'ar^cd tri-try Pccplc t^ ar there li.i been a great Fire at Bcaacvrr. during i^c Fair, which ha con fumed Merchandize to tbc Amount of apwarils of three Millions r^ht. A-i,'? 50. It is Coj-t. that Affairs in the Noitn and in Iu!r arc ab.o'utcly aJjjftcd upon Terms that b; fpeeddy communicated to the Pub)iq. The Duke: of B;ioa anJ Gnunmoot have been received in Quality of Pees* of France. A new Promotion Of Grncai O&cen. ha> been ciidc very untxprcicdly. DxxLri, 16 There is juti pwb'iShcd here a new Ordonnznce for edabliQiicg a Duty of tlur.y Soli on cvciy Pound ef foreign Tobacco. <* ILtgai, -fag*]: Ji. Ti�e Duke and Doahcfi of Richmond arrived her* Yrflerday from London, and had the Honour to pay t&cir Refpocb the Came Day to their Serene and Royal ilighnctTcs. tvl.o gave them a mofl gracious Recepdoa The Duke will loon fet out for Prance, in order to vifti his Cos EiLue and Dutchy of Aubigny ; 'tis Cud tie Dutches his Spaufc will accompany him as far ai Bruffeli. and aficrwasus return huhcr. LaJfiIi*2. Jm(* On the 27th of June lalt arriv'd here M. Dctherbico, the jprefcat Governor of this Place, and Commitfary on tne rait of his Moil Chrillian Majcfty for receiving Me Royal or Cape Brctofl ; and on the i-d La dan: Colonel Hopfon dclivei'd up the Garrifon, and ecu.bark%d the Troop under Lis Command, and is waiting titc firii fair Wind to ;-in Colonel Curnwallis at Nova Scotia. LONDON Veflerda) Morning, about half aa I four after Three o'CIock. a f-'ue bickc out at Mr Uarwood'.*, in Groce t Alley in the Poultry. Wii^s barnr ciia! H01.lV, and Mr. Medley's * --Compter, a Lott bclon^in^ tu etc Right Hon. the Lu^J Mayor, adjoining to tiiotcrs Hall, and fcveral osier lio-ifcs. lu the ConfdSion the Gates of tte Compter bc:rg epen'd, frvtral of the Pnfon-cn, particc'arU uc Debtor;, niide ofl ; b-Jt moll of the Felons w-rc tcCiired b) tr.e Kceprr, aiM hit Attendants The Fire wc-IJ probably aave done rnuiti mare Milchicf, bad there to; been great Her.fv of Water, and fpecd) AdasUtcc ins N civ Vun and V. a^g . L.'.^ine?. The Fogcui Klan of >Var, we htsar, is order'd round to Ch�tvi�m, to be cut down to make a Forty-Gun Man of War. , The Charming Peggy (SToop of War it fail'd for Cht* tJbsm to be yictuallevi, Arc from whence it i� fskl fha \t ordered for France, to brjug over the Earl of Suffcx and Lord Cathcart. 4 ' >  Wi hear that the Gcnt'emen Planten and Merchants of Port Royal Harbour, in South Carolina, have mafia a Pre-fent of a handfome Piece of Plate to Capt. Hnmic, Commander of the Adventure Man of War, lately fhiLn'd there, in Acknowledgment of his Services don* to that Pott, in errtting a careening Wharf at that PltCe for (h� Ufe of the Navy; and capable of receiving a Ship of &Ay Guns. On Thurfdav laft', at Tottenham Hieh-Crofs, wai In* terr'd (with til d'tcnt Solemnity) the Right Hon. Henry Lord ColcrMe, Baron of Colerane in the Kingdom of ire-land : A Hobternan well verfed in polite Liieratute and the learned Languages, He was eminent for Cbrtftlan Humility, Patience, Jiiftice, and Temperance 1 but above ill, his diftirigulfh'd Companion to the Diilreli'd, and generous Relitf to th* Nectffitous, (his piivate Charities far furpaf-fing his publick DCacfaclions, tho' very conftdcrabU) render him truly worthy of Imitation 1 The fnorefo, as hisLord* fliip declining th* Applaufe of Men, calmly waited' for eternal Reward�k His Majcfty has bem pleas'^ to promosVEnBgR H�dfon tq a Lieutenancy in the Third Regiment of Foot-Gtmrds. The Week before laft an unknown'Perioii put four Bank Notes, Value 9$ 1. into the Poor's Box, for the Be- nefit of the County Hofnital at Northampton. in the great Grief and AlttlfUdn of her tlifcdnfolate Huiband. Tho Entertainment of the Spring-Gardens, Vaux-llall, ended on Saturday Night laft for th a Scafon.  On Wednefday a Stroller was cormttlttcd to Rbcheler Jail, on n nrong Sufpicion of robbing'Mr. Lo wt her, of, SittingbDrn in that County, and for wounding hiffl ill fo terrible a Manner, that he died a few* Days after. . On Thurfday Afternoon, a middle-aged Man, >velJ-drcfs'd, was found drown' the Marfhts at Poplar< halt fald to be a Matter Shoemaker of LimehOefe;' " Friday Night fcveral Fellows were detected in picking; of PockCuin JJajt'tholonicrw Fair, and being delivered into tha Hands df the Mub, underwent thoDifcjphne ufu*l on fuch Occafioni 1 orte of \Vhom we hear i ^tto Lottery '747, no Price Dink >'/\^> ,0^-Ditto 1719. 10O. three per Cent. Annuities 100 1 8th. Million bank, noPi^e. FquivJenr, no 1'rice. R )al Ail'urance, no True. London Al!ur,�ni'i*, no Price KngbfU Copper, no i'rite btven per Cent, limperor � 1 oan, 00 i'/.cc ...... ' no Price. Ind'4 Bo di il 1 Hi hAClici]"": O.uc:), .0 I'-.s-e. ,-;7 7I � ' v.., live |>er Cent dmo, no 1'iuc Bank Circulation, :t"^ a 191. i tree per Cent. ^-

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