Monday, August 25, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, August 25, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 25, 1749, London, Middlesex F R I D AY, Avoirs* *5? lEVURAFi Coifters arc Tailed to the Wcftward. Wind S. W. An BxtraS! tf n Ltttcr front Amfler* dam, jattil Augujl 19. * The Affair of the Duties to be  raid upon the Miuzt, and the ' Re-eiUbliftirnent of the Navtga-' tion upon that River, which was * brought before the States-General  by a Memorial given in to their High MightineOcj by 'Mr. Amnion, Miniiler from Pn,Ji�, at preient cmplo).  Ihem in their Affemblieo. It has been discovered, that � this is a new Trick of the French Minillry, who, not � willing to quarrel, or enter into freflj Difputcs with the  Court of Vienna, or with ihcir High Migt>ti;i'flcs, have � diXteroufly put the King of Prujia upon contclhng thw  Matter, after having determined the feeble Palatine Court 'to comply, in relation to the with the Views of  thcCouncil of Commerce of Vnfailht. It will be proper  her* 10 rcmaik. that the lntereft which his Pruflian Ma-  lefty hath 111 this Affair, is very inconfidrrable. being 'only >n that I'art of the Matxt which p.iffes through the Lordftnp of Hujhtl: But the Views ot the Court of  France MC of quite another Nature, and rttc Conicq-icticcs  of its SuccefJ therein cannot fail of being f-iial to the  Intereflof thcSubjctflsof thcEnipnfs Q_>cen 10 Br*tk+*n&  Litn&ourg, as they will occalion Mifundcr((and�nj;s between � them and tnc Lcgoio. Thcfe Dcfigns of France end to pro- T^pigatc Iter Commerce on the Side of the Law Comtrhi to  the Difadvantagc of the Dutch, as well as tlic Fleming,  which flle purpofes to improve by Meana of a new Canal  to be made from 5/. Quintin, crofs PicarJy from Artois 1 4n�i Hcinault, in order to join the Sommr to ihe Hamkre,  and by (his laft to the Maesu, and fo to caufe the great-..*  fait of the Merchandize and Provilions which the Dutch  Veffcli ufed to load with in the Ports of France, and carry  into Brabant, Flandtri, Limbnurg and Luxembourg, to be  brought by this Canal, which wou'd extremely unconcert '� the Commerce of the Dutch, efpecially that of the  Zealandcrs. In this is fcen with what Faith this Court  treats with Mr. Larrey upon the Subject of Trade. In  order to bring this Project to-bear. Count d'Argcnfon, � Minifler of War, has been charged to repair to and view .thePlacet through which the intended Canal is to be cut, ,  in Company with fome able Engineers, under Pretence  of fending him to review the Troops in thofe Parts.' L O N D O N. . - Vtfterday Mr. Holland, of Newgate-Street, agreeable to Notice given, drove a Load of Hay into Smithficld without paying Toll, when a Toll-Man took off a Halter from one of the Horlcs, which Mr. Holland decui'd a Robbery, and immediately char^'d a Cunttable w th him, 'Jjld carried him in a Coach, attended by a great Number of People huzzaing, before the Lord-Mayor; but his Lord-jBtip thought proper to liifcharge the Toil-Man, n-jt being certain that this Cafe came under Ins Cognizimci-; na< ttie .City's, Concern, will hold next Week a Court of Aido-ncn, whenhc will lay the Aif.iir before them.  . � A Bill i" preparing to Jay before the Parliament at their .�exiMectiitg, to rertdor more cft"v.c\ual the Laws in Iki.^g agajnft educating of Children in foreign Couutrita, and in tbft^oinilh Religion- It was obfeiv'd, that in the Month :of June, upon a moderate Computation, not lefs than too Pcrfons emoarUcd for trance to be educated there. Theophiluj Hun;er, Efqj is appointed an Kquerry to bis Royal Highntf* the Duke of Cumberland. Jones White, Kfq; of the City of Chellcr, is appointed one of tile Impic'tora of tlic Land-Tax Duty tor that Cuy and County. OnTuefdjy died at WooJford, the Lady of William Hunt, Eiij; Governor of the Bank of England. On Wcdnclday Ni^ht the Furze on Putney-If ratfi waa let on J'-lie, probably with a uiifc.'iievous Ir.icnt, anAurnt 1 COnfidtruble Tunc, winch grawly alarm'd the Inhabitant* of Putney and in the Neighbourhood, who curried out their Engines, thinking the up; cr part of Putney had been in a Maine.  YcUcrtlay in the Afternoon a Lad, Son of Mr Dnvfon, of Little Britain, inkling a Uorle in t ie fields by Wood's C'lofe, rcciiv'd fo violent a Mow on his Head, that 1115 Life is defpui'd of. He \va� carried to St. Bart! olomcw'* llofpml. Un VVtdnefday Afternoon, as the Son of Mr I.accv, of BatierLd, . a j, and lug Uangtio-ii; i.l , u a iaid they h-d been drinking too fieelv. YelLrday a i,o:rd tjiinulcr \ia< 1 <ken out of a Houfe of ill Repute in Ciii.k-l.-x ie, for dcira Hm^ t nirl-maii's Sei^int and a joung Ci<yi_itryiii�n if L' j!-'�7 '' Ncw^a-c. 'I'd I...J ilivie a;� ljurieen in tiie (jang. Ycllerday Morning, between N ne and Ten o'clock, as Benjamin, I 14, was 1 optiog to'I'o'.vn fr01:1 his liojie a; bfittn, a Man t-11 Hoikb.u.k, v�i.o h.:J rode fome Way by ine Side oi i.:c t-oaeh, jut a. i.^y uu.c ii � Pu�i�ey puc i, Piece of Llaik Crape bclorc Li.s i ace, aod prtfenung .. 1'i.tol to the Coachman bid hint Hop ; and he " bb d tvlr Leih eu Icr and h>4 Daughter, iho' �hnc wai a -Vjtuaj behind the Co^ch, and .iuoilici,pn H^ifcback. Yefterday in the Afternoon a Woman tttf genrtdlr drtf^'d wis feea to cut a Woman* Pocketed is Sinr.brkKJ. and hand it to i Male Compaaioa well dntiV. ivtih of whom were feited by the Populace, and the Pocket reft0red to the Owner. They were aft*****!* h�r.&Vsac!y ducked, Jinct then fuffered to go off alaott naked. The Articlt YeJhwday rdating to a Broker in M'h-t riehU beating hit Apprentice in a Inrbatotn Maoatr. fo a> to endanger his Life, and afterwards abfeondiar. {roves a Miftake, he only llriking him twice, sad ku Itl^ci't 'lrc;ri it is very trifling. Can/rt4mfy, AupiJI sj. Tb*. Rer. Mr. Pemherton i> prefenced by Moyjc Brctot, Efij: to the Livrag of Rough ton-Aluph, near Afliford, vacaat by tsW Death of Mr. Richard Bntt Ponltry-Ccmfttr, Aunfi a;. We the poor PrTonen cn the common Side* in all Humility beseech the Coaapatav a and AtlitVancs of the Publick, in Behalf of maay <t Fellow Pnfonesa who are iU. others ia a fair Way of Recovery, could they befurniflied aritatbo Means proper tot that End : We have the decpeft Scnfa ot Gr*�ude for a Guinea and a Half fent for their ReKef YelinJay. bv an unknown Gentlemah to oar Keeper, marked 2. ft. which fhall be em ploy'd for their lite, 10 wbofe Names we pray for Charity. On Sunday next two Charity Sermons will be preach"d at St. Mary Iflington. fur the Benefit of the Charity Children of die faid Parifii; that ip^he ^foratac by tae Rev. Mr. Harrifon, Lecturer of St/%eor�c in C^eint Square, and that in the Afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Apeu' C.:ftom-Houle, Lttudnn, A > rf *V< S'r ti,fn��. CiV. �� fa/ji. t, �,/ ' '(,/ $ lYTtJ {. _M e/' � >htta U �'>..-'. �! if ft f' .,V.''y.j,-*'.^i-v  .f; � J ..' i j. . ,-ki't'>-." ./* ^r�f� '* * '-f t� *t f.-r t" ft - .' 1. iv - �*r 'hi-: \i ,*.'v ii'.*>i \ tf, .-..t, iVi This EDM1TNJ-)! . it��t 11,y Tt�l� Tbn Day isptl>li$id% (Pt.\* found it. 6J.) . tc (�ju1c 10 ;�iJ IVfuis whu \x.t\rv �ny Tt�'l� i.r l'*n� with tiut t'ay d UtSttiS. uyf l'^r>� �liac�n( ; lunraiutn. 1. Ih- Nino 1.1 ill ilw Vmi>, Sfwei, l^nes, Ati. m the Ijid Cuv, *u& tt>� K[' �J UxiLii s. 71w Kwi tod Situ4tuia o' ihr Cl.ntchr* Chtfra, klasnqf ftfvfri. i~t*mpwe� Halls, &r. wali"i the i*io Q:lt ot M , j try. j. An At'uaial jHittc St�(f-C Jtli-i, t �mr,i, ia. �h i� tUrt u>m, *m6 wfan *&*f tnIt-4. 'l'hc Kj ri of Wiicfrtic,!, Hvkn.1 Cunti CtM'fnea. (Vncn, *nd l'iul' dk.�s, oiwtc i'pl �nd to wh�I Hljtn hen (tut Lrfr* tnl *Tfc^cH- {. The K�k� ai Pl�crs or Ahod� o* ihr meft cn�trvrrti \1rr~ r.^&�b mat INjtfors m*"�t Lon^iwi. 6. Ule'ijl table*, wlu> S lltrw tbc V^Icr mi a&y t^aw;xv Inlrr It, liorn o �� l>4jr lv> Muai ks. aarf fraaa  !. ic lou l Thrrr, 1 titer iik) * hilt, F.utt, and Fl�c p*i Oxl ti^irj the <�i/-c^ I'iccc ot tlic Kud luthcrro pukiJhd ; and �r^(^cJ Iui ittc Vic as l"cj:.i. ul ai) l*tnrcc�, a� �ra ai Fo�tfT��v I'linutu I.i J OlbotD, at the Guatec ia Patci-bo�rt-lU.�. tfnincnt Nervous Drop*, (it the m�J (abas Sai.a�xii, Cvit.ncii ot ihe HmiI. H; IUi> k>, Vjro�it�. fekto'xvgi aM I___cotfi , I'jlpit^iioii a j ticm^uog 01 iIlc iica.t, TactsMuy ot it* Ncran. *na iY- ncrvout l.>�ii.^tai'. ^ m Men, Wud^.( A3a 4 At bot y �^-. icjr^ by tl.c iri'i) Arm<*-t� <i+iMj pvbiilfe'a of I*crV^�.i ^c^g c^iod. !� lore llic R'^h liu-i. Ihr USr7 Mayuea, bvs Kk N'^tj�J o hr * ,n M-. I'i'.Uh', Pvititi- u, �lu . Mr Rookcr and Mil's Agnccta will 6rtg fevers! new Son^s. Tumbling, by Mr. Hendrkk. Mr. 1 artfey, Mr. f-nao. Mr. Miles, and others. To which will be ajded. W>.idun Holidays, or Harlequin at Greenwich. The viJ.-^e to conclude with the Tiiumphs of Peace. E*ch l'>n to be admitted for a Pint of Wine cr Putsch. At Sadler's Wells, Iflington. this Evening x.iY. b: rre "cored an Rntcrtanment not perform'd there ihelc twmty Ycar�. call'd the Hailot*� Progrcfs. The wkaic ts� e.ot=cJi�i?e with a grand Heprefentation of Rtnelagh-Gardeas 10 the Manner they were decorated at the Jubilee Ball. To b-f,ia a: Five o'Clock. Each Perfou to be admitted for a i'sui of Wine or Punch High Water at London-Bridge tau Day at 37 Muiutc* after g m the Morning, and is after 9 a: Xigit. Vefterday Dank Stock was 1 India Stock, no Price Soinh t>--a Stock, no Price. t> tto Old Amwiurs. 108 a 1 fob. Ditto New no Price. Bank Annuif-o 1746. 104 3 4ths. Ditto 1747. 105 3 4U1S. Dtrso Lctrrj 1747. no Price. Bank Annuities 1749, 10; 3 4th* a j Stha. Dmo 1 '40. i"? J 4th� a 5 8thv. Ttuee %�t Cent. Aaiuities 10a 1 8th a too. Mdiioa Bauk. no Priot- Equir^cn'. no !Jiu'c. Royal Alfuraecr, no I'ricr. I.ondoa Al-furince, no Price. E'nglifb Copp.-�, no Pri%e. Seven per Ceru, Emperor's Loan, no Puce- Fivie per t e�i ditto, ho Pntc Bank Ctroalatipn, no Pnce. India Bomls il 19*. Three 1 half Salt 1745,  half per Cent. Difc. Three per Cen\ Exchequer Order*, no \*mr Jliy *re put/JjJb%Jy HAU V ASTKCNOM1 Utr.ll. TACULAl. ASntONO^IC.2i. LoitJtni, Cat. Imya. ' i 'J, .-. } ,.t l*rf./itj, rt.i V H';.t., /Jt k rt'. ,.-%f rv<'�,# .if tk- tit,?** *l-\tr Crt'.. �W ,'* �-:,-/'-en F.'^it tt ?�*/:v �'* #*V ftrr^'ifi. �*J/ivvt ihit tj S; .r .\ .'4.- - �***�. �l5a' �f feV if/-tint Suit, 4U�.V C*U  India Hocfe, Aupt'l t8. 1719. T�fff Gar* r/ Ptr.x9.-rt ff ih f . .v.* Cv^./viTy <T A�Vr�fc.Jr.'.� - tb-jifrtlvr �i-tv l\ttief, rf-�/ ^Ai-(''.y�?*f*#">r*.� &�~*g fAr (letrfXj � J>SijiifSj^i r rjvfr Jfxji, Rrt/r e/ <i'i� FcvJi f*r Cx.&m Ut Am* /*� /Cvj.V &�vOr�*�/f*e ; etzttkttt in rtfif. itg /--''7rt�ir� Pt\firtntt- ivr/i* hgiv-i t* tiv frifriit 2iV/-7A/ .j, frwubJ tlv y**a yfrtJ tf lb.m �r �/ G.^5^�r �rr.�/i rtnJ ttv Ctnrf */ ih'ir.htl 4ett\nij fariinr lifi^r. r*�r /Ayr ��� 'V? r*f r/' *�y *ftt^kn #/#^�- ..�v .truth ' fchtirg PtfJt 1''tlf frit/ C: //>�y. ncJet&HMhtg r.'v f:3se"e\ ,/ AiKmr;, fines tit $ iMifC w .; mil T.,i:>"i'.>.�, the i'hli m'.faat. /'^/- cw�- Cvuntty. ^"S^F. RntSren c�f rhe Gratr! Alfociatson << ^ NTI-C-AI MOANS', a-e, drfit-d to *ttvn.l the jS��r4 Pr.-lltf.�-�t a� OlS^cTi. at S* u'Ci.wlc tttiv �trn.nj at ih* Sh?|� T�*trB, RlitM -I�!�--. m ordeT tu |-n<r.,' r'itini tH--mi.' t-" tin" ^llft TjtCfa lU I?jr O.Ji-r v� <k.;ji.J fVciy<mf� J. B H^iiit". V��r, TLc Comfwjr oj" llic IV^fii^jirj �nd O.JWers cl �'l AliciUri�o� (^ ,k-li?tJ. NO TK'"- !' 1* Inn by to the iVtty O f . Van-..-n l� lint !^ ^" '�J!,'1y*� "hip rctcfliutn, or tl�-ii Ar,mt* !ij aj,po nicJ, t  i,�rt at ll'.- 1 lire�-Tun� T��rn in Cia'tl'tl rt)*t-, 'I'iKncwrii*, Icr,,; ihe ii>tK Uii'iut, hrfwivn tiw MoO'l ot I t):l imi 1 �-Nc m the r ttneon, wJitia lJi.> will ic .ulcfmcJ ti to thei AJi�r!�'. 'Hl'.Stv arc t> defire the iViiy O/ficrrs and , Fuiem�fi-M�ji. Ijrc ttiirxgiiij; to hr ci!� � Sh.f t{ts Ce-.fUeU>�, thai -hJ flwt nscet Vc^-i 'a> at Mi. I>u;i n,�, lit*- hlJi I; Horfc tte*i *t. MartJter'a �*?�, V*�lnv*tlt, ih�t tfc-) �.(! oil ji the M ul.. ' M>. V.'ij) am Co�v>a!-I, At .-tsry at in Ui-qn.-' Srjcet, n�r Cl;nil- Chntcli, Su�r%, la..11} ihr l'i vi i�.< it |f.'j k*inlt u:t TVifocs o tc Mpnry du  �vr tlv ulc i in t'"c ^\'�t 174/, in <*J w InJlfAjment tot the 1 vintotiii. inj{ the laid Suit. Datti Th� 14th !>jjr of Aufuit, 17V)-N�te, AtteevJinte villi be g ven fi�'d Vine in tie Moriti�tliUTi*r?fc. -jt *H � five Ntftwr, that tli--> have pr��'<�-4 l",n.r the let'i �,t Ma-cli ha, thict ptnpir Shij't that I'urpufe, via. the l^-ieeiln, l'�pl. IV.m Tyl'i, the raoteui-i, Vtfl. Alrtailtlct f.1atl.r� .>�� )a�!jr, wh.cti are �l! t,,hi l|; hi; ^. .,1., well litiW, ami w*ih |, !>-t.)i!i. r, l>ul>! n , (n jt T.ti. Sauiuel A<w!rr�,', at the Vpi of the fo.witj 11 . 11 S^- I i n �: l,i , ..ul Jt the l*,in,vjflri't at Hull-let'. Il>eul,jl iM-> '1 fafl rij-. |V. tn l>jhln irr WcJucl'j)! �r;J tr.iju. in tlt# Mi-irung ; us A livia H^li)!.Ca4 s;i M-I.vij'.v, WtJl.tiiaji 4b4 Sj'-jlji>t, in the Murtiin^. _ _ _____ /�Vi>^ //'r 7/�./� �t perf orming tt tbn StafeH. Fd' //v lUufj-t ef Mi's b EliGUSUN. AT the* in Hichiv.oiid, Toinorrow*, mil 4* Li If p-rf-ii'J lv ".f|.�. V n.-er.f '!'� i'ukhnle fc.rh  I .�intn-llin.e t., il,t (li.i.'t'in U (Kt ('!�(�. Wlh b-t'itJ ninenn ..� S n,-n.f liv-lwrf- thr "l't< hv fff, \V:jj Jt ti Miv. .!� !.<� j j 1 t-.. jiI,, th.- !.:l In .�ri:e Solif, -(lu.u/Cf Mi. Lu�...... -l II The , _ V.u� ll^-l lY Ml. \Vl i.. v.h.h �. I'I-l- 4'.I^J ,1 ll.i'a.1 U; m- I'm-I'll." .1' IH'l! 1 lie lu lai tati-r. f.le the K.ui{ llr�4 " Wert Srfu>U . l-.i.', C.i...i/ ar.i o'tiui, v> ii 14 I U U W I) R K J?,- .v 1, 1$ ,f r ti.f.- <#f, � i j n 1... r.i{'n I'-'k, in /1. .i j it, c ,1 /iv. .M "t tie f. e� .i �^.wt.i, *i.j Tr nlj-*ieiu 'i. ihe �(.!- 1 [,.|.[.�_]. .2,_n. r,J'J 1 m th >.wf.>... i.i,,l;t i.l f'....f� an i 0.1' e^i.l I' : .� I is 1.1. TtJ-le I li > ate e^fciiicl, l^-.t' !, .-it n* J a *"tli a i �.n* .r vt^V. I.i, iu*ll >rn r.,  - I �..'e fe . . �#l -l� �- -t N|aJ' f ih� i.'UM. *'. �>!. . � i. . i ; tl V11 > 11 lie IhniK Rv.i; .n '.'t ty-1 Jr.r. Vit ul , lL._j;!. .c. J 1 w _'<-.r� < I Apr, fl �/.) �j M..L. k j ,i.t. VV.tb Laufc.-V1 ) Mallei 1*4 i,C �J ,n D�'--l*t ?, 1. i� p JSi1 'el..! irr sjrifmle 11.-a ul i hi S/.ti.i ,1 V.a(tr?a.*>! th^Hcr/ut  n. t Ii .<oi �.*� Ak.mfal �c taa, Jn i �.,�e^ :i tl. *a v.� IfcaH fi�, 11, ih.i t 1 ihr VV vik of ihioft t.r A".H, r. ti.� K-fi�- t,�| u'eac 4u<� ja*^.uv,(, f aaJ W'Ofitt ; an�l uciiufle � �n;rt-J thai ���.U.k*�� f*** �' aaTi.i< ll�a�.l� Vj ai* .a. S^.i^al,^,

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