Sunday, August 24, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, August 24, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 24, 1749, London, Middlesex The en THURSDAY, AuoviT 14, 1749. AME dtrnn and faiTd, the Benjamin, Neltnci, for Rarbadoct Wied E. N �. A Extra1? tf at trfftr firm *fr*-rig* Mrmftr *f i,:ib>Pa, dxird .'fvj** i j. * Tfce K:ng of FtrtmgtJ has really * declared Lisafdf ia Favour of * tie Propc�rt<n that hu been ' made to bin by the Coon of ���rfe, wnich me to join in the Arrnamcm preparing againn Uic Corfairs of Bsr&mji and Order* have beta given to three Men of War to pst to Sea aad cruize at _________ the Entrance of the Strwigbt*, toward* the. Coafl of J ikHI^'OWBbftK � Jfgervtt, aiid afterwards to earrr the AtaSttrr&HviK, in  onlcr to join the Spaai3i Sqaadroo. The Snips which  are to compote ir are every Day tailing eat of the Pom  Of - Me�tg<u Carter*, Bjrnuma, and Htpsre*. one by  oce. in orJer to repair to the Readezroas". The States � of Italy hare promifed t� joi� ifcii Araaada with tbeir  Galleys arid feme Frigatrs aad armed Xebeck; ; and very ' probably all �rs;! be comsaaStdtd by a Sprn&i Admiral.  Beware'of a Diwftco upon that Head, The Rcpablick  of Vaact w21 however cotvcni i;felt with cruizing " in the Jsriatiii Gzfpk and towards the Jrdffiltgo, protect the NsTigattoa of i-j Scbir&s in As fot F.^r.j juJ G/iatf Srittiza, HhKtt the barbarous a Manner, that he ha* ever fincebetn ftafeltfs, and how lie* at the Point of Death : The Matter hasabiconded. The feme Night two Men offeririga Hoifeaml Mare to Sale to a Pcrion on Sitow HUJ. they being fufpe&ed 0* having ftole thejtn. were fecared for that Night* awl Ycfter-day committed to Newgate. Yefterday a Woman war committed to Newgate, for robbing,  Perfon confin'd for Debt in Vr*ood Street-Compter of fome Money, and her Wearing Apparel: whkn �b effected by her pretending to be deftuate ol a Habitatiott, aad thereby ptocuting Liberty to Ik with the Prifoeet. � * , Laft Moadar was cottffikted to the GaUhopTeby Juftice. Frafcr, KHUbeth O �xzr.-A3 IM f.-r./ JUU kituM Ziriuaa, RUKO the � abovc-%en:ion'd power* rncee ia Hopes would have � entered into the CocfodrracT. tbeie is very little * room to thick that they ��'! corajvy wl:h the leuaBCcf * of jhe Miaifler* from $f<a*. Psrt*%*�, Grr*.7, Sec. the * latcreft at the trading Sobjocu of n<ic Powers, as well * as thofe of the Dutcfr. cWh with that of the SubjeCb of * (he Italian States; a- , where there wookt thca be us aware occahoa tor * their Caravans." Yeftcrd�y"d a Mai! froai Fi��ci. Paris*/! la -^g-'J* �9 Tfce King tctout on Toef- day lait far Ciwit'y ; asd the Daaphiacfi went thither on Wednet'da�. and :.iaiE.i<A Ve^erday. On the ajth hts M^i^ttv the C^=-y*;aieiiti oi dts Princes and Pnnceiics at she B! ?i�J. aai L'~rCi and L^dir* of the Coutt, co acccaci of stt bfirig �hr Fciul ef St. Le�i�. Yellerday we rtc : Ni*.- by u�e Kawij's Frigate, Called the Anemoc*. coins&aaded by the Chevalier tic Tourville, thu the EnghiS> nad cvacaa^cd the Roy a) Ific of Cape Bretoc, audi *i* i� Dvpeedcacie?, and un? our TroojM entered ibere-ipoa tics : }i c4 lad Month, and had takeaPosemoo of it : aod t&at ia Confetjucoce thereof, lis Maiedy had ordered the Mar a afetl i'*r curicg Filb in the Scotch Ftlhcrn.4. ci i ttb c^rei icr e^ii^r foreign or home. Marketi, i> alio >� Nava? S^^c* acd Mairrult fez the Filhencj for :he T< at oi icvea Yearv - We are aiiur'ti. o-it t"*s�e R<c-f rirntatioc? have been tattle to titi* co�r-. 1.0=3 Iiy'ifti, iclaungthe Boandj of cur f ithcry. The N*thiciei. Cap. Ticx."/. frcxa A&'.igaa for Phi-tapclphia, is iytl rejr the Uttu* . t&c Capraio aod Crew *a� taicu by the Ka^iciiae, Cape tan set, from Madeira bound for mat Place. On TucfJay Night died, aged �jcrv, at her fioufi: ia Pall Mall, the Rignc f Ion. tec Co^aiefs of Egmont. Relict of Lord John Pncind. Eirl ol Enaost, Vifcount Perci aal o.' Xi :uck, Baraa Peroral of Bartoa, and Baronet. Witi^wJaf 1 violcai Fever, at hit Chamben io Eton-Co!! jc. hinder Wiikci W^san. only Son of the Key. Mr. tjeorge VV-.too, Ke&or oi WoodxMMlon la Nw-fcJk- Aj he W2j a You:c ced .ed wtih a Genius that pro-euied grej.: Abdtete*, atu? waa s-k*v oar* amtablc itr)�oja tLcrtcsf. in the room of Mr. GbTe, wau feA. icbi^e-i . Fiar \ * �'�-�-" i me N-.-ctben �erc Jtr Mr Cow-!!  = j: Sevra Number al People JM*t�^ aae-sblrd zt *� the Racc4. b-t betc^ by ��=ie hiea-ii *cre fo outrageous, thai t^.e* tcre c-t* tii�StaTi3;.^ai*d C oaxic "as. aad afterward n*Ar a s-ue ef i>.em je the rtF.idlc � the fa�i Fielis. �i4 t�-4 ol U.c Rtaglcaders u>crc af&erwaiJU fct-ii-d aud cir-r-J to the Laft aiturdj> a Man. twaary -Vw y ���hei of aboct lJ�'.�-a�c, to Ori::.e r.c.-> ; ana I MUBbw wjto th- youged ifcc oit=r lu!! d i.i Hu BoOy uij. if:erv.virds oprxcC On J uet^.jf Neghi a B:oUr ta Mc-Mi*fe> fcaiioe �Ofi�e Woittj Wlt6 ^ Appscau<� ato-.t D.ja, L- it*tfcu:! m f. 1=9. o'Cloc*, a �reii 'l"cHH!l-KreM*. to dilippoinud. 1 cars of Age fo��fct and etc Edinburgh, Jj�*/tj. Wt are totd, that the Wotfan found near Hatton Park*, dangeroufly .wounded,, is on the Recovery ; that (he m of the Name of Stuart, and Relict, of �� Macdoaald, who fuftercd at London for being in the late Rebellion 1 and that (he was attacked by two Redcoats, who* fobbed iter of what Money fhc had, and left her in the miTertiblo Condition formerly mentioned. She had no bloody Kaire near faer. At Sadler*! Welh, Mingtoh, thii Evening will be pt�r /'. ' ".....- �   * *ttke *JfE Ctvtndtt.-t t\ A<win ef tt / fir 7i*(ix� ttf Ctffj L#M �*> 'JwmlwLi* $f tht Vity.ff' UtUm* % 'hit a giaud Reprefenmiofl 6f R�Bclagh-t�arden� in the Man> ner they were decorated at the Jubilee Ball. To begin at Five o'Clock. EachPerfoa tote admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch?. . At the New Well* in Goodman'* fields, this Evening, will be feveral new Perfortnancea by Monf. Tartfey and Mr. Hendrick, and feveral now Dances by Mr. Joe C.ra-nicr, MifsGranier, Mr. Miles, Mrs. JMj'cs, and other). Mr. Rooker and Mils AgnetU will fiug feveral new Songs. Tumbling, by Me. Hendrick, Mr. Tartfey,, Mr. Jarino, Mr. Miles, and others. To which will be added, Whit fun Holidays, or Harlequin at Greenwich, The whojc to conclude with the Triumphs of Peace. Bnch Perfon to be admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch, Francis Rawlings, Ivory-Turner, At the Crown facing Wood-Street, Cheapfide, London, begs leave to. acquaint the Publick, that he ha* a ,large Sortment of Canes and Sacks, with Variety of Heads and Ferrilv which are fitted up ia the neateft and belt Manner 1 alfo turns all forts' of Heads io Amber, Ivory, or hard Wood, wholefaje .or retail, at reafonable Rates.'_ ,' High Wa\cr at, London-Bridge this. Day at 30 Minutes "Vel^erday Sank Stock was 139. India'Stock, 190 a 189 3 aths. South,-Sea Stock, no Price. Ditto Old An-n�n1e�.* 107 7 a 108. Ditto New no Price. Bank Annuities 1746, 104 7 8ths. Ditto 1747. 106. Ditto Lottery 1747, no Price. Bank Annuities 1748, 105 7 8ths. D al Affurance, no Price, London All'urance, no Price. Engldh Copper, no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan,"no Price. Five per1 C^nt. ditto, no Price. Bank Circulation, cl. 177. 6d. India Bondn si. 'i8a. a 3I. Three per Cent. Exchequer Orders, no Pfkc. Tbh Day sre ^ pitb/ijb'll, T~ EDMUNDI HAIXUII, Al>T�ONOMJ �um *i?c��t ^ECU. TABOI.VE ASTRUNOM1C/E. Loiiilinl, jpu.l CJul. Innyt. � > _ TbFs Day is puMiJh'H, By ib, KING'i AUTHOR IT V, A M* aod bejuitiful (iJuiui) (t>tii> urufiitiai \iuii> 1(4 cuntui l>fSi Putt> atJ Atapi, ta^rav'J mi a �mt J-',\f./nn, fnm,i) gni tbi Jly ulrn cm �J tin S.Tipiitrti, hotb Oil an,I /VVw l-JLmmiJ */ MR. STACK HOtIS li\s Sacred Hiftory of tli� HOUY 8 I BLR, Uatn th� Oteitmn of the W,rld, to the tftiblioifncot ot �i-iftuniij by JESUS CHRIST and hit APOSTLKS. &e. ,,With hn\mtu to rnufl ot th* tujitiovrrird Qucftiuas, and OiflTmiittsiit on the mufl rrmirkiVlr f',lt^(.r). whliJi arc *4A*4. MJtea ciplainmr (iffi alt Trxii, r�ftifjtr�| Mi( TunfUtiont, hkJ irconciliog fcaninf Cuatrid Ylion*, tic. 1 Ut Set o* ftinti and Mapi 11 fuld fr|�tate, titlirr to perfcit tho farmer Edition of Mr. SUcklioufe'i Hiftoty, 01 to bm4 up witU a Family Bible. Sucahauic'a Hillory, pound op with a Set of thiie o atr liia. t._u�, a�d fmh � undci the liklllii� of COD, rft'efl the Curr, in i�' � i thiec Drrtiinin, it ulcd to (oon at ttw M�Udy tppean j aud when ni itui� lV.i>ruanc.�, thtlc Reincdic, do caule i vj/iblc Alteration (�i the t't'.^ci 411 one Djv. , 2. ThoSt I'KVV, and *;lfoci� ot HUMOURS incident to the Mouth, {.liici-e- tiir. (Il/MS and 'I'EhTll, and nullta the la'Icr white. J. toKSS ol all torn, il they arc leiler'd, or cvfr fo bad, with the v'yj.jfilj c xiki b^icty, and t�kc, **iy immediately the fain oscjfioncd l\ tr.i.r.. 1' ' i-c-r *o uccJlive. i.'IOt NAILS ^lnch gro� into (lie Fle/h, though fcflei'd, or how L^d ( �, without lurting. lfc.- iiohol the above will b� maje api^ar to (uch It (nttrtun tht Doot>: ihcrewt, n -tr, He ajiti>d� at any 1'ji t of tlig T"wn an 1 Country upon Notice. r~*~^iiB. I rmjb* far ctiLrgtng tht Hurbottr i,t Ramjgutt', (5C1. di btrAy fi-ve Kutut, /hat tb tryt,iUy, at '(V/t oU,i6 in tin Making, �.. iU Ottx* o/tlffi^'furntii/tt fur Stariun in tht Mti <intt y 1 tite to tb( Riyal JiMbtmp, tilt tf Ay d>f�*�i 'UMtifat^r TtYm, fty >wv / ik�''iK'tr Prtfofaft ii?lfn'tti$ n( tififCf^f-trvi/tr't Ojfftst i� th .OWAiX^.Vrf t%t Citjr tfl*�d*��tifitr JS*Jf*In *J X'"1" ^AfitHt,: tfattriLv /md1 (&vtfriMy � .. , THE -Cmt� �f BhvSiort ef � tftribath- \f 'tikjptmJ trading t�. St/i'hifal th WwW faflev^. , 4- d*i'tifo.ikfortbr gh* AVtrry f tiill rtttiyt ft tuft ft fa ttudtig &#p^fim'$�/tti ?�f4*�*J upw. tkitr,.Bovdi, tit ti� katt vf thm tfyitdf ,U* tH%^yH( $rtfytrh tjf fiybtt �&MLtfo0krtk frtwjdtl lb Sums offtted h uttn )itHmy^^ �v �/ Ostokr ntxti dsit/ lite'�ot,ri'tf J$�&crt&�Hl& firth* decluKt, that tbty .tvUt�m 'admit fitan}f$ntkri"^mtr^ ......." J -�' . .tmtwfiitoni RaU .�f .'far* andp �' ^Wi^tGaupens, Vaux.hal,i4 TVHE ENTEijMiNMKNr of this Place , Will.end on Saturday neat, tho a rtjby given io the*. Hetty QtBcers ami Seamen fflanpnj to hi* Mafcrty'sSWp Fr��tAam> or their Agents duly appointed, tit meet at thu I'hrer-Tuni Tavern lis Crutehed-Kryari, on Saturday ne�t, the aftth InlUnt, between tKS Hot*� of Kight and Twelve in tho roranoon, where they will h* InforrneA of omething to their Advantage._ ' ' >,^H? CorninUfion Officers, and Officii of 1. Marines, bulonting to CommoiW Olhutn'S Souadton, (a the Summer of the Vaar 1745, al the takioa the tharo Dutch; Ships tjff Cvdia, which weto fent uttu Gibraltar, and ctiourtilted to the Cir� uf Admiral Rowley, drfirr and invite the Captailui Urtitenann, and OtRcerj of Marines, ONLY, to meet them and tJ�eheV|ent at the fountain Tavern on Ludgale-llill, tliii Day, be ti; -the 14th .iflltant, >t Two o'Cl'Jtk, to hoar fumcihmH, v�hi�h"wili then be cinninunicatrd, tending creatly to their .tuvanCJgc, k\hcriby it n�y rcjlt'jubly be be-licv d they were I'r.ics. _ . WHKREAS there have bfee'ii itvcral AdVitrtifernchti .relating to th� fe��al Shipi. CranpanlM who wvtti at tlie takln'R til t^o Dmvh 3h(i(� 1>�twn;n QtiHrun U�y uud Ma-hoiie, and the fald Shpi Cv�ttU4n;e,� l|jne met �vcajdi��ly, and :hny� lii-aid nuihing t" their Sitisf.jv' j ttiu^xituclV-teto-aciiiwint fuchOtfi* c-ri, *c. fome of tho Oi1kc'r�, �h�h belana'.d to h'� Majertj�*� Ships line1, tick, and the Emcrptite B^isoltiuao, U�v� ftjt'd on a. pWVpff* Diothcr Olfiie', and. Sciuttenro ineel tlemat Church-VatJ, Ai'i-nt, and ilcfire their thr Mom and Fentheis in Dcan'9 ' on 1, St. Paul' rU onKtbjnn t� tht^t.A ia D*y^ the a.ith inftant, between lU rimu* �l kight and TVel�e In M'lie Motiiifi(i, vihere they v-ill hear ul J. YOIJK tl-fit'd la J L Li Tatbt irufttit of th, /i-vtrat Tu/npitrt itt Surry and $*jf%f, Ci b n t l f. m t. N, Votes and Intcfeft are humbly for 8 R P H F A R R E T.,^vd Mr. Atton., de�m�'d, im I oil VtilItitni *t the lai"! 0�tf,� voui Pcutiouer haviiig a niinicums I'^nuly, but by gven Hiilei in I'raifa 11 1 en ir 1'a incaf aUe yf inaint^iitinn ilia fame, Uietctoie b'^ yuilt tluwly Airutdnce. ! ' . 1 V A l-rncul fleeting of the XruA is ij/pouHfd tct b� JAM at th� Oslhri ho., -d [mi ,n Cr.iyJon on .Saturday naat, (ha ^tbth iaftant,. al Tea o Clock in the Foirnoon. : '. 1"*Hli QjHtraclors for f11rn 1 firi11gF.iclccTli^a^ tp carry hi, Mjjelly'i M^ili of LetCvfa hetwreis Dublin tad Hull} head, do hereby, give Notice, that th�y have piuvitUd tincaj tht AslhLo� March tat, tlnee pi"per Ships for I'urpolV, via. the LeiciUler, CapfJ feane I'aylor, the Kaivkencr, Cjpt. Alexander Math�wl>'ii, the WyvaJI: t'api. Onen Taylor, which are all tight Along Ship*, well fnuJ, ��( with good Accoinniudjiioni for Paf(Vngcit, Vot Ii.telllueru� wlien tha Parkets are tu fill, eii<|uirt: it the ticuri il Polt'-Oflicc, Dutilul jfn at Mi, Siiu'icl Andic vyt's, at tho Sign, ol the foiyttinu on Sir John K�c,vftfi,'f >Y, Dublin 4 and <t the I'ojliuadcr'i at flojljhiad. The ulM.wJ'ur.*^ for fait ng from Dublin are Sumlayi, Wtilnflihvi �ft ndayi, WcJucI'daji juJ s'urdj1*, T YEATIiS't. Gteat riieatricj. ttwy:lh the 'I own Will be cijii; ^ i^ti >�f A rune Hnlortcal l'lay, cali'd oppofite the Goer(e Inn i� Weft-MMiihheld ;di^i/.j thr il, <j Time of Bartholomew-rait} j'he Blind Beooar of �mwAL?Qx'n^n^ Wih Knuruinmenis ol' mnu1ng C1NU buiivci!fl � Act*.I To which will be added, anew |'**�u .u..: ta>li't* i.nmo*, >ai> I The Amourt of tiuilntuim 1 or, Ibt liijtilt t*./-i'" ..�/ t-tnt. With the Einpr yt Hsrlequin into a QUA RT It.J ! 1 I. h. Diinji, Od. I'll t.�. ud. l-irll luUiy |> L (./:� Li. To t>g 11 iich Dj) al 1'welii .1 I . A good Hand of .VluJi.k 11 piov^Ud, conniinn 1 I--' lh -n,,,, ratmh-Mmuj, Balfoont, IIjj'o.')i, Vigon , <'.( Oirat tlieaiiiul U< <�lh,  p^uLte �,* H\t, V-'si� v Siiu'lititU Juiiti)' ihc lli-jiv I line ut lirntlivl' 'iii � r *n .-... o< ri m 4, the trf)c and �(i'icot Ihllui) ol W H r i I N r. T Ut 'Ihrke I.or.i Mayor ol LONDON' With fi-veral Kntet�a;inr.r�i�% of a.iy.iit^ *n-! ^'fiJMM t� � i f'iril CJU'f "�!,' tVr� l' 6 4. j '1 <j ttfrll rxi.ll pj, n 1 �t,k 1, Ulil! A (; ui�.pe!i, Ynull Hoin l.t .�.. � M1 w 1. :._e .� # M:. L. . V <(� .

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