Friday, August 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, August 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 15, 1749, London, Middlesex f V B S D A Y, A VOUST �5. �74^� AM& dO\vt> kdi (iuta. Ibt M�sB�> Innd. Tutt, fot i>l)-moatlk. Arfiv'J, ih� Richmond, LitchfirMfMiMi tkt Mercury, Pirceborti, both from Cicorgia, and frit'd for the River. Arriv'd and rctitiaiBi, tit* IPcKTaad Mary� AihingtoD. frtm St. Wiiid$.W. ~^tKtraff tf � t^if Amftcrdam, ni((e;r' at tnnti^in hai already made fome  Reprcr�nUtionl ngkinR the Mtafurts which the Minirtrf * or the Nation h nkinjp tb-dfavv froin or iVimi * Saft^t Advantace�whKftiwoaild'nStb� inferior to tnoft  which Ftma drawi from Cavkd^.^''':'-Vfou which there  are (eyernl Confidcrations to bft �6ad�, ift, fwwrt mull  have'Advice of the Rc ituiion of Qtfi Briten, othcrwhe  (he will do nothing in this Aifair, for Pear led: tb� � Brbiih Court^fiiould Iccep that lflMtHttii(l'l�dg#M^li4  Execation of TroBiitf, by which Fromr yteUed Jc(a�a * up to it, particularly that of UtrtAt. adly. Frana * perhapi only talks of regulating the Limits of AWa * Sntia now, in order, by giving to the Englifli what they -�-d^mand there, to nbinin for ii in Bxchange-that tbey- * dcfilt from' making an Oppofition to the Eltablifli-' mcnt of a Colony in Tahigo On the other Hand,  idly, The I'^ngltlh having been before-hand with (he � French, by fending Troops, Pfitatines, and others, wiil * find themfclves in a CouJition of difpucing with tic  French their Prctenftops, and if Caf-e Breton be tiot yet  evacuated, to propnie a new Convention, fuch as in Em- * ftfiVis made at Nice and at Bnt//els, when Evacuations * were making in Conformity to the Treaty of jUx-la-Cba- * ftllt. 4lhly, One (hall prefcn:lv be able to fee, by the * Steps that ihall be taken in rebtioii xo'Tttbago, and by < thofe touching the Limits of AWa Scotia, how much one  ought (o rely on the paciftck Difpofnion, we will not fay < of the King of France, but of the Mt'iidry, who, in * order to appeafe the Murmuring erf the Nationupion the ^ SubjeA of the late unprofitable and cxpcnfivc Wht. only . * takes thefe Steps with a View of putting their Com- * perce upon a better Footing, and panicuUrly to attend .'it in Amtrka by new Eilablifltments. An^ this ia the '.'"grateful Acknowledgment which the French MiniRry * makes for the Opportunity which was given them of 'tODcluding Peace, or rather of preventing that NadtNi ' fraloi falling lad Year, or at lead the prtffent, into the fad 'Situation that it was in when under a Ncccffity ofde-  fflaiiding Peace at C/rtruyJinbourg. This is not cxag-' gerating, but what every Body that is acquainted with ' the deplorable Condition that the Provinces are in, wdl ' readily confefs ; for there is no judging of the Situation  of a Nation by the Splendor which appears in the Court  or the Capital.' Yellcrday arriv'd a Mail from F � a n c a. Parii A-la-mt,tii, Att^jt \ 8. The King is ftill at the Caftle of the Mcuite. I'his D�y his Majelly takes the Biverfion of Hunting in the Plain of Gennevillcrs, and returns Tomorrow to Verfaille?. Yelierday Fires broke -out in three different Places in-this City, though but Utile Uannge was done thereby, except to the lloufe of a Procureur, where it burnt with the (rcatoil Violence. No more than one Perfon was burnt. On the i6di the Corps de Viile alTembled to proceed to the Elcdion of two new Aldermen, and the Sieurs Ruelloand Allen were chofen, and are to gO to Verfaiiks ttie 24th to take the ufual Oaths to the King. Lait Saturday an Arret w^s publifhed. importing, that his Mnjefty having thought proper, in Order to diminiih the Frice of A�\ions, to draw out a Part of them, viz. 10599, (v which Money has been d/burfcd out of the King's own Ticafure; on the other (land, the Company, by Means of tibe Lottery eftabbflied in 1714, alfo drawn out {648 AAionx, all which were burnt, conformable (o difierent Arrets for thai P.irpofc : His M^j^rlly by the fame Arret ordains, that thcie which aiHually remain, and v/bich amount 10 7847a Aflions. flull continue fijicd to that Number. LONDON. On Sund.-iy the Right Hop. the Lord Duncannon arriv'd *l his Houfc in Cavendifli Square from Chatfwonh. the Scat of the Duke of Devonlhire, in Derbyftiitc j and Ycfter-day his Lordfliip aveadod the Board of Admiralty. The other Lords of tliat Hon. Board are ail capeAcd in Town from Plymouth this Week. ^ Yeftcrday the failing Orders were carried to Capt. Williams, Commander of the Kathenne Yacht, at Greenwich, to fkil Uiis Week with the Duke and Duwhefs of Rvch.-mond to Calais. On Sunda/ died at his Houfe at Peckham, Mr. Timrnhy Lewis, ill Partncrlhip with Mr.Hoplcy, eminent wholei'ale Hoficis in LeadcnhaiI Street. Yefterday Morning, between Seven and Eighv.oClock. Serjeant Harilcy, of the Second Rcgimcnr, aod joho ^uih, a Drummer of the Kirft Regiment of Foo-Gujrds, Were carried under a Det4ch(n i-'ir.v>i mley fell on h;s Back", eying, For J huve Mctcy on ihf loil, ^�ktttapoB u�ihcr Tile of Mdlkram iir''4. mi ATjtetck'd hisi. Tidl Mw'uil the Ti�afpem m from Kewgatt t� JBONMdt-Fikrt, there to be pat i�o ckTe Ligh en. in ottkr t� ItoffcA for the Ancricu Colonics. OmSaadkv tn the AftcnMMtn oae Bradihlw. Matt of a VdM bond for Gaineir and the Weil la^irf. King at DtpdbnL fell over b.ard and was drowacd ; and Vcttcr-iUt 1|M Body was taken ap near tbe Red Ho�<e. Vcflciday JLcndon won the hiaich at Cricket tgltinA Bcrfted in Kent, with great Eafc. Thb Day th� &no�u Mr. Baacorr, Trtpenan, it to leap over the 'Turnpike in Hackacr RoaJ. ocar Shoncditcb Chnrck. bcvtrcn dkeHoar* of 1r*d aad Foar ia tlic Af:cr-noon, for the San of $oL on each Side, and Bcin depending to the Amount of tocoL or apwardt, Yefterday an Ox that had (len �m� drore. did confi* deraUe MiMiicf in Hotbora and St. Ciks**, where be toffed IcTcral Perlbna. one of which was a Cftild of dcvea Years did, who h^ oae of her Aims bn^r, aad arat alio very mach bniiftd by the FnU. Cmt^vhru Jugf^ i�. A lc# Dm ago dial ia th� l^iflfcof Sr. Dtrndao* in Aa iomh Y�ar m im .4gr� JMr. av|d Gnt, who was to thi PkocdKoa tm Boas^ioa-Itili at the R�Aoi�tton of Kiag eharfea IL : BHfitt, Aap^ It. Since la9 Satetday thit City has [cmaincd free noaa any Appn^cafioM e^'tha Colliers and Country People t as a?e^have bow fa. Troops '^t^ta~g6na 'l'ro ib and Chains are again ercAed. aad the TeUs levied: But tb� Coonrif* fionefs have now order *d the Tunipikcs to be lix'd oeaivr 10 the Libeities of the City, fo Usu it mall be a vety bold Srrp for any to prefonc cuttbg them down again f� near the Hoafcs. The fame Day ^ Body of thofe Paoplc accoScd On? of the judgn. in bis Coach, tiear Pensfbrd, coming the Cir^ cuit 10 this City, and toM him. 5)n Wt taw tai Jisa^m ttt TarnfUts'. He (aid to this Purport, Jam/tny fir it\ pa bad later tave Irft Am �A�r t and /iurya* xaU/t^. They then prcflcU his Lordfliip for htoncy, but the CoKhnair. waa iMrdercd ro drive on. All thofe wounded in ihe'Totterdoar* CoaBiA are ia a fair Way ot Recovery. Oyir Friday Morning one'of the Cooatrymen ibnT was faid to be fa terribly #e�ndcd by the Sailor^ in the late' Skiiaaidi at Touerdoiva. and was ficat to the Infirmanr in' a dving- Condition, .auda a Shift to cTcape oea the Walt, and has aot?nce bee* heard Of, On Taclilay bit was naninl at the Abbey Church ia Bath. Joha Noble, of thb Ci;y, E% to Mr*. Martha Parfoos, Rd'ia of tha late Mr. Edward Piatfbe*. hicrccr, in High-Street Left Week-Griefley. M. A. and Fellow of Wynd- ham CoUcM in Qif^d. int iatiwcd by the Lord Biflaop of BnSUA to At RcAory of Tktant Hintoa in Oorfet-fhire. a Living of zoo I. per Annan { is the P^dfcntation of Thomas Wyndfcan. fiiq; Lafl Thorfday ended the Afiz (or thlaCiqraBd Coaaqr. when the fotlowiog PctfiaM.reoriTcd ScaMweof Death, viz. Jeremiah Hayes, for dbc wiUJal Marder of filcaaor Ddlaid. In thb City ; Peter Warren, tet fioling a Silver Tankard, vnloc 61. oat of the dweUing Hoale of Wi Wm Parry. Vidaallcri Margaret Lewis, (or flealing fix Gat-neaa and three Shilhnga. out of the dwdlia^ HooIib of Edward Philipa Andrew Aade^foo. alias Anon, (or ttealing a SiKcr Tankard. valw6Lthe Propcrw of ��hcr Ri-chaltts J and EGzabcth Harrington, for Aewatf fiv^'Goincar, and tea ShiUinK> and Sixpence, oae Straw Hat. oae Check Apron, oae Silh Handkerchief, aad oae Irilh doth Mob. EJimtmrgh, Agmfl 8, llns Day the Loids of the-Coort of Jufliciary met. whea there were pccfiMiad tiie Petitkma of the fiari of K<Ua. the Laisds of Gleaganc. Gicoco. Glcncarnoch, aad Dongallon. Prifonera in the Cattle, on Account of,the U:e Refaclliop, cmvit^ Warrant for Liters of lotimation to be made to hb hdajedy's Advocate, that they may be brought to Tiial within iixty Days, confimn 10 the AA of Pariianeor. or let at Lttieny; and their Lordflups granted Warrant, that tttd Letters of loiixnation be made accei^ingly. Ln!l Week the AObciate Synod caoie to a Refolation to proceed to the Ser.icncc of t^c greater Excomm^n.cation againft Mefl*. Ralph Erflnae. James Filher, aad William Hutton. as lomething fingutar appcnn ia their Cafe, bus the Sentence b not to be pub d jaiiicully till Tomarrosv and, we are to!d, they are to procccJ agMoii the whole EriLiae Party againft the next SynoJ. ii they don't, aga^nfl that Time, tura from (he-.r Error i a(.on which MciT. Sraieton, at Kiliuri, aod Pamck Matthew, at Midholxi,' enter*d thhr Diffcnii but the Aliair being aftcrtvaxds roifon'd upoa by the other Brethren, they withdrew the fame. On Sundity a Tavlor's Wife ia the Grafs-Market was brought to Bed of three Children. �II ftoy\, who wrr� �!] baptize*, acd are to a proiciiiog Way; (he bad the fame NamiKT of Boys at one Buth about nvo Yean ago. ft^ttrj-Cmmfttr, Aapjf IWc the poor Pnfooers on i,he Cooimoa S-de. wantiag WorJ� to dcknbc oar'. in all Hunality. uapJocc (he Cumpa& Mr. Harrobin, oar Keeper, mailad j fl. aJ whcch wtU U laithlniiy appV"d f.>r iht lue t>f ibe Sicfei fof $tici� play h�t Chamv.  ''^ ''. l.v At Miurt^bon Gardtn;, dn FrtdftiracAt, by the JMJire of. fc��ndof<he Nob-lity, will bet Bali. . At Sadler** WcUt. tiUngion.ihit Bveokg will b� prtfeiit ed an KntkrtahwMit o�t prH ;Q>'d thaf* tbi^a mmt Yean, cat! d the Hailofi PtOf^^ ; . andethcn. To whkh will b� added,Whitfun Uohdav^, or Harlcotiin it Onraawicb; The'whol| to ceticladc. with the^l riumah* cf, Pcaca. Bach Pctfiui t� be admitted for a Kbi of W>n� Af>Kj�th. *^ the GoMen neaa, tnej^tncr oi lftttIelg^-str��tt near Excter-Exchtake in the^uindi wh�rt he hai X'^arlfty of 1^ and dd Priatt, Ma^uWaterCbtourt. Indlaii ta^^ t.cad and Hair IVncih, A�. ColoiU'tng;%vittting^;iMl4l Gla�ifi|^, in the aweft Manner r, where Mrs. Do, B)8^ ' Vrjpitiiiiiei to fell her Portable Soup^ Olrr fdlid Broihi. Huful on Journeys, Or at Seti. or fbr' rmdyinakiBg Gravy Sauce; in Caket of a proper Sfae to\makeilia Mefs cachi in Quantity thttrc or four Gill*. THh^OQ^ Kill ncytfT Xpoil. if kept dry, and is diJDblvM iiT ai fbV i Miootes in boithig' W.iw:r. Price 6d. each, o^ $1. a  Ottten. in a^ .Tin Box. for ConvcntcQcy of Catrtagei and ' to keep them dry at Sea. They are very Hi^h Wafer at London.bridge4hi% Day at i\ Mt'iiutei after I* in the Morning, and i;7 aftelf ta at Noon|i y Yefterday Bank Stock was 137 1 half * ijt.' India Stock 193 1 'half. South-Sea Stock 11^ a 1 4th. Ditto CHd Aonuitiea 107-y 8ths a 108. Ditto New 106 3 Sthrii Bank Antfuitia 1746, 10;. Ditto 1747. lo; 7 8thia ,lo6� Ditto Lonery 1747, no Price. Baitk Annuitiet 174^,^06 r,8that05 7 8th� a u>6. Ditto 1749, loe 7 fifths a 106. Three pet Cent. Annuitiei 100 a 18th. Million Oanlctiui Price:: Equivatcnt no I'rice. B � Mhi^fH$�4tk  �it. JUymbtu*!, Ortbtjrmftiimit OritrupiMt, biatrititat, MhfiMcal, M^btwrntkai, H:hfti*\A\ eontalninj tb* DcAnttlon MUjAi^Uaikus cfatl tb* Wm4s uovr ufti in th* Bnalilh ToiMu*, in r�tfy Ait;Stltac*, , F�c>>l(y or Tra^t. To wMch ii ftt&t'i. an Intnrfuiljon, caAisltibia a Pii)�eo Oramputkaf EOjy oA the Piaprieijr tad Rutiontlt.or tht fnwih Toanie t with  pirtieutu VUw of the OsnKw tmi VUt/n i|rth�Ot Ton|ut, aii4havtcanltibtttsa t� Its COmpgriiioA, Br BENJAMIN MAR T'l N, Note. Th* Intfoauawh, bcint sdaptcd to all BnglUh DMUoituUl, feu Ccfiiatc, Pnc� flitcb'<i Twu Shilllnn. PriatiJ (ot f. HodKO. at ttit Ltfaklns-Gli iMtten LittliB c Bitb i ana B. CuHbu, ai SaliAturjr. iatiJ kit f. Hodcei, at ttit L<wklna-Gliifl fkcliw It, Magnui OhO'ch* ~ l�n BrMi*; I Ncwbtrry, in St. Piul' i<ve A'oticft that �n 7utfdui tki ttd jH^tmti at Efevtn oCl6<k in tlf Mormng, Comn-WiaHir Hagiti'^uiUt Ac rradj/, at bit OJice in hii Majtllyj Ta4 at Ptrfpmult iv Water Mark to fx Fill and a ha^ at Ijrvt Water en a Sfrtng Tide } ami the rtmaining 1 200 Feet ntetrlj im tbt luji-mmtivCd Depth. The Spiing'Tidet rife about tightttn Feet, and the Neap iidet aheut twflvt Feel. The Foundation it every /ir Rtufm-Fr^ptftiU for either Sttmi or H'otdcn Fieri tn// bt rtiei'v'd. AU Frtjfifttt art dtfird to expl.iin njrry difiniliy the Manner in vjhitS ihn^ intend to earry on lifat Part of the Work Uihith It tt btfixd leLnu tiie Lint.-Water Mark, and to add iia Efiimatt ^frtbt Exprnce if totb ruiaung Fool of PUr, whether of Woodor Stiint. Ail Perfont <Vihj eat it-iliing to be eirplitydin that H'cri, trup uritt or apply to Mr, Ardibaid Elioft, thiir Srattary, ett tit 0f/U4 fir tlfi Relief tf Stamen m the Mert hault Strn-iitt tn tht M^jalExel'Mige, London, ivi/h thiir Prfp^filt, Jeatd up, 'kviui lu'til it rtu:yv d by hi.-n liil tht ttjtb Day ^' Siptimbtr ntMt, JUj OrJtr ^ tht 'Trufut. AR. tLIOTT. S^iTttfr^^'/

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