Thursday, August 14, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, August 14, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 14, 1749, London, Middlesex MONDAY, AwcusT 14, 1749. HE Outw�nl-bottn(I� with the Mar* garet, Richardron, for Mufctlles. are fail'd. Arrived and fall'd for the River, th� Ddtchefs of Qaeen-borough, Mac Nealt and the Prince Charic*, I^wfley. both from Antigua. No Ships in the Downs. WindE.S.E. 'WaJrid, Atigufi i. Another Fleet is daily eypeAed from the Wcft-tndte�, the Cargo of whidt will, with what has been already rtciived, amount to thirtir-foar Millions of Pieces of ^tght. His Majefty is inclined tocaufe the Money to be immediately d! ing the ufual In-jdto. The Count d(I Bene is declared Otreitor-G<rtei�1 * the Marine, and has tHc Rank of Captaio-Generi! of fcisMaicHy's Arftiies ustea hirti. Jidj ti. The the Bank* of (hi* City, not to difp;4fe of my Spaniih Piildes, Moidot�s, nor tli� I^[tt*s .Zckeeb;, v'hich tie tlcirj^;'is to have melted into Money of hit own Br-n, ^^fi'-ifl 7 ^ < nofvlfly Morniijg two Pcrfon* coii-ccrr.cti in till'luc Cofifptraf}', were' tried and condemned to prrpetunl Haniftihieiit; and thii Morning tc\xn Others r(^:civcd St lucncc of BaaiQimcnt* -four for \A^t� one for twcnt) Years, one for ten, and the other for foirr. ___ - Extrxtti-if V -ktttr^fioSfa /anan Abij/HrUtt Paris,  Ic may yet be well t�mcmb�r'd,-that prefcntly after * tha rreli(|iinaries of the Peace were fign'd at iaQM^Ut, fuch a Condition vcr in a very few * Years with that of Great Britain, and that his Propofition * having been agreed to, twelve Millions of Lirres were ' immediately granted him, and afterwards other Samf. in * tardcr to enable him to proceed to the Execution of his \ * Proje�i: But now much more confideraUc Sumi are * given to M>. Rooille, his Succcflbr. It's natural for the * rcrfons who raifed him. upon the Downfid >of Mr. * Manrepas, to interefl thcmfclves in giving a Luftre to * h^5 Miniilry, and with this View they caufe every Thing .* to be granted him which he demands; infomuch thai * the Marine of France will improve more in one Year * under him, than it would have done in five or fix under ^ M. de Maurepas. The Proteflors and Friends of M. Kouille already infinuate. and will in a (hort Time fay 'openly to the King, Sirr f J/ M. Je MaKr^'P^t^Lxd Iwa *Jitntr di/mijftd, your Mtijrfy's PrcjiHs ivouU itufiit m tv^l * teen cro-ivnJ ivitb fiiiory by Sia, ct thy 'zvire ' The puke ol. � demanding oi. his 1 aihcr-in- * Law an Aogmcniation of his Pinfion, fiul hi;h.-no he * has not been able to obtaiu any, and aman{',(l thofc that , follicit for htm there are none but the Uuichcis, Li* ^ Confort, who liave any Hopes of fuccceding 5 but her * Royal Highncfs flatters hctfvtf, tb?t (he (hall obtain what * the Duke demands betorc h?r Departure; and that in * order to make her the moce joy fully received, (he fliall ' rarry to him fomctlung ci^'ial 10 the annual Revenue of * another Dutchy. ' Some L'ciLors from Ittuy have intimated, that the King � of Spain had granted to the Duke of Parma an Augmep-' lation to the Pcniion which is allowed h'lm by that * Crown I but wc have it from good Hands, that bis Royal * Hij^hncfi haii not vet obiained any, and that-there is as ' hule i.ikclihood that he ihould, M there is that the Ge- * noefc ihouUi obtain a Coiitiaua^ioB. doring the Peace, of * pan of the Si:biidi:s which tvcregranted then dtiring the ' War wh'.cii liai been hitherto fruidcfl) foUiciting by the * Maiquis tie I'allavicini. Piuii, Aiy:iJ} 15. It is reported, that  Princefs. Who has fticwn an extraordinary Concern for the ASain of the young Pretender, lately prefcntcd a long Letter from him to the King ; yet no Body pretends to ttbow she Plate of his Rcfideiice. Some Days ago the Count d'Aatry died tnthe lixty-eighth Year of his Age, without a Moment*a Sicklier^ i and eleven other Perfoni of DiAinttioA have died here very fuddcnly within the Compsfs of a Month. His fiiitanmck M<tjclty'$ Ambal&dor is preparing to make a publick Entry with vaft Maguificence ; and it is thought the Marquis dc Mirepoix willdo the like In London. Paris, Augujl 15. Marftiol Sixc Tcturocd to thb City the Night before iaft from Germany. L O N DON On Saturday Night, about Ten o'clock,a Fire broke in a Building next the Dyehoufe of Mr. iipence, at Batde-Bridge, near tiic Bridge-Y4rd, 6outhwark, which confumcd Che lame, with the Brcvvhoufvof Mefl*. Cox and Chichcly. four Wharfs, Mr. Walter'* Cooperage, and about four-fcote Houfes, bciidcs aumy Houfcs gready damaged. Some 4Joaft�rs that lay aiong-Cde the \Vharfs had tiicir Rigging burnt, as were two Lighters laden with Fagots ndCodli. Three Fellows were detcAcd in dealing Effects from the luhabitanis, and fccured. On Thurfday Utt died at Bath, the Riijht Hon. Henry Lord Colcrane. Baron of Colerane, ia toe,doa of Ireland^ in the fifty fevcoih Year of his Age, by wbofe Death tbc Tide is extinei. ^Tke King has been pleafed to appoint James Adolphua IHckenfoo Qughtoo, Efqj to be Lieoicnani-CtJoael to the Regiment of Koot cemmaadcd by Colonel Lewis Driean. And Tkomai Buck, Efoi (o be Major to the faid Rcei- We arc aJTur'd that his'Majefty hat been pJca^'d to appoint the R�ght Hen. Lord Tjrrawly Cotond of the Regiment of DragooM commanded by the late General BarrelL . . On Saturday laft his Etccltency tke Marquis dc Mirepoix, the Prendt Anabadador, tcmov'd firoiii his noufe iii Grofvc-oor-Sooare to his Houfe at Patncjr. Oi^ Tuefday Night laft the Lady pf Sir William Beau champ ProtVor, Bart. Member of Parliament for theCnun-tT of Middlefex, was fafrly ddiver'd of e Daughter, at their Houfe in BnitoD*$tt�et� i�tf Berkeley-Square. Oit Friday left Mr. John FirJoe. Merchant, of this City, wa* married to Miis Urmlb.o, of Bafi^ghalt-Strect. On Tucfilay laft was married at Tumbridge, AlexMidcr Philpot. Efot ofthatTown, toMii* Am Jenkins, Daughter of  - Jcftkini, Efo} of Gakten-Squarc. Oo Tborlday died �t fiiiMham* new g��ling in Berk-^ flur^RkkUdHpffcins, Efot Rtcoidcrofdnit CbTttondonk Oil SoCurdaJTMorniOg died at his Houfe in Red-Lion-Court. Fleet-Snect, Tbeodote BarbW, Efqt ot the Middte* IVdtple. an cmiceOt CounfeUcr at Law. On Fridsy died in the 6ath Year of his Age, Walter Pebrward, Ffq; of Potntjr. The Cimc Dayd^TkomatOlbbrne. Efqi it his Hoafe in Hanover-Square. Latt Week died at Guildford to Surry Mr. William HuKhinfon, formerly an eminent Swel'th .Mcrchtin c( iBa city, who had ,acquiried a coaitderablc Forttino, aiiii retired frciu liudnc!Ss_:^____*___________r------------------- Q^tklay Night died at hit Brother's Houfe in Long-Acre, Edwsrds, Efq; late a Cap :i:u luCol. Uolmera Regiment of Moines." Yeftcrday k few Locofb were pick'd op near bt. AnnN, Soho. and 4bdie o|^ Pivta'of Weftmiofler. Laft Week* Aiald in Chofcb-Street, Soho, laltiiii, ^ Ct^pjpcr Stewpan to fry fome Caltes. Liver iit, which bad not been ofed for fome Time, the Perfons who eat thereof wereliiddenly lakea id, and the'Miftrcfs of the* Hoafe it finCe dead, and the other Perfons continue very ilL ' On Satnrday Night one ficeaJcy, a Porter be!aogiBg to Mr. Mahoon. bis Majefty'sfiarp(itJiord-Makcr, in Golden^ Square, was Oiot in the Shoalderb;{r the Maid's takin'g up.a loaded Piftol. and lies now expiring in St- George's Holpittl. On Saturday a Gcndetuan'a .Servant riding with a loaded Gun io Oxford Road, by fome Accident it went oif, and (h<ji a Gentleman who wfu (ittieg in K^^oomovcT'^agaiaft him inthe Airm, astdbctdia the Bone. eatie, on hit being appointed Licateiuiat Governor of tltat IHand'i et Winch WM drank the Heidtk of his M'jefty, their Royal. HighnrClts the Prince and Princv>f�^ .Wale*, the Duke, .ind the reft of the Royal Family; my L.ord Cobhffm. Governor in chief, the Earl of Granvil'e, Bailift'of''.tilc; faid lihnd, and many other loyal Healths. The Races be^in at the Jolkiwiliig Placet, on the Asvcril, Days enfuing. viz. At AyUsbury, Auguft^ 14; at War?, wick and Loughborowgb. K | &t Oxford*. Derby^'aiid Stockbridgc. rz ; at Wiri(cfieM,aiR; At Litchfield (firft Ra-ce;) and iJidlo'v, 29: at Litcb^d (fccond Races) and Lincoln, September 5 ; at fiurfotd, 18 j and at Newmarket, Ottober 3. Exlrti.'i �f a Litter /ram Ant'gua, Jeitejymitc * I'wo Veiicls are arrived ttcre, one fiom Martinico, Ai)d * the other from I'obago, b^ which we have Advkc, that ' the French are going on with the Scideoient of Tobago, * thougk yo(|ir Ncws-rapers tell tu, that the French Court  has ordered a Stop to be put to it; but theFrench in  this Part of the World iay, there i* ttoibiiig iii (l. Ptmbey-Cui^fr, Aapiji 14. We the poor Prilbiiert oo tbe Common Side, wandng Words to delcribe our W/etchr cdnefs, with utmoft HumMity, cmplore the Compaffi^i) oif the Benevolent, there now pretfailiog in bur Prifan �a lUncfs of which fi;veral have d^, inany are ill, and the remaining Part hourly expe�Uag the like Vifitation. We returo our moft dutiful Thaoitt for a Guinea delivered Yeftcrday by a charitable oafcaown Benefador to our Keeper, Mr. Harrobin. as alfo for four Bottles of Sack by another unknown Beaefi^or, fU which (hall be employ'd for die Ufe of the Sick (at d^c&cd] for wbofe Beneot only we pray for Charity. A( MaryiKm-Gardeni, 00 Frijav orxt, by the Defire of fcvetal of the Nobdity. will be a BalL At Cupel's Ciardc-.s, the Entertalemc^u of Vocal ahd Inllrumcntal MuBck will be contin9'dtbi>�fid every Evening during the Remainder of ther8^aSimer Saafoo. The tire-works arc entirely new, and f leptune, by Delire of great Numbers of the Nobility and Gentry, will this and Tomorrow Evening proceed in hi> uiamphal Chariot, drawn by Sea 1-torfet, fium the Grouo^ and fct Fire to an Archimedan Screw. At the New Wells in Goodaaa't Fieldt, this Evening, will "be (cvcral new l'crformaAc y Moef. Tanfey and Mr. Headfick. and fcveral acw Oaace* by Mr. Joe Gia-aiier, Mifs Gr^r icr, Mr MUef, Mrs. MTUet, aad oibcit. Mr. Rookcr and Mift Agnetta wiU fing fcveral new Songs, rambling, by Ut. Headnck, Mr. Tartfey. Mr. Tanao, Mr Miles, and oil crs. To arkieh wdl b< added, Whitfttn Holiday*, or Harlequin'ai Gre^wicb The whole to coadudc with die Triunphs of Peace. Each Perfon to be ttlmatcd for a ?iai of Wme or Punch. At Sadlcr'.< \V e�t not pcrfotni'tl there thcfe twenty V��rt� c^ii*d the H: n of R MieUvh Gardens ia tine'Maa-nrr ihcy were dccor.ttcd at the. |uuitcc Ball. To b-;^ti� at Five o'clock. Each Pcrfou to be t%!(nittcd r r the PullicU Good, ami in Gratl'mle ;o Df Ssi.dii, 1 declare, that for tcveral Vca�s t wa^ �(!Uticd k m s wcVat Ruprarc, ufcd all kiUlfe �* Trutio aui e* rj i ur .VJcbal I could I'.car of. to no miinner c>f Purpcife. rili i^sppdjf rccomnjendcd to the I )ot\or, >v ho, by a Co^jjtfc eCBtitM|j^�V peculiar to himfeU', nnd other out\*;4rd Af^pi^a^i^es CMide a pcifeil Ctire of me in a Month's Titne, wit{��> it Panfc or Confinement 1 which I will ceitify, at ris' Kxct** O^ca in the Old-Jewry. CheapfiJ^^ v^hrrf t F* ftc^i. f^jr Xtas*, ahd till am an Ux�A|ttct, J.diul'.^vrt Tfis. l^a^^wr.Siwitbe Coovenieniy of hU C'Uy Puic i v j^ivti A:tcr.'A*�c . Houfe in Soathanp^jn-iitrrfet, Co*'cai-t�a'�iTr f  scis --d Poor of both Sexes arc cuied without Ksj'r.tjri "^'^A^Kf. k" r' ij'">"V's', ""T"'" i^,dward Alford, bf M.'ro in VVt>fl,rr.v KitM^m:^. WUIIani Biuckle, of Norwich. XITntik.. i V.ct***.. Jacob MayOfPelhtai-Street, SpiJikJt vL itAst-x ihi^. ---H�f>W^er--at l^tii^ft^^ii 4jav"aT^^^"ft|^i^ ^ after I I in the M 3 8i.U*. BaVik Anft.nties-t*|||pey^ Ditto 1747, tc6 1 Sth a i 4th. Dit�>Lot�tijt^4j. ic^^'' Hank Annuities KJ^A* 106 1 r>itlo inij;'l06 t/5;t-.i 1 Three v<:r Cent. Annuities too 1 Sits a t 4d�. bli]!ii�� it Bank no Vx\ |al Affi-��. t. ^ India Bonds 4I. is. a 3J. 6s, a %iu Tbree fcr Ceas. u� chequer Orders no Friee. , . ' ADAM NUTTALL. y:$i^msl^ikn'i: frtm St., MitrtiH^f Laitt 19 i0-'g-jkrtik :JUm^m,'. , V> En�biei for et�cin|uidi!ng< rtnr aai WMttsfilf Crisetow. Vim coatlint Sttcsmi, ,Jtkt\vife tot r��fiosi Wsrw tvfoft^r Koblripen snJ Gi-ntkmeiU SciW, Ajf. i� Jm aujil nfaift �a*<fcMl Manijer, A� sll iht t,Uutk^� m..4e ufe e�. In tht fevir*! MwWm* (m the �bav�l?�i�porc��fi! orth^b�ttKSii.K �< ik****" ***** JE�f,it�!� M* ii)i4o in the molt tonef.*, dUiaUfetni* ex*l|M'�ner, mm . Uy\wi Espctitnie IviWe been founi W% ItaWrto Dlfa�^aBB�aBbif ��% rciaiifJ thiia my tociawr hitherto ecntHw^ ^ ^__ 1 mskc alliioftiuf UjiW BuekeUiil^ to Jl��fu�wvl|�fc Wisst \�|icrc tiiB Sa<li t be sjpiitJ, ed Wi�w* "H.Sirt* �f Uafhci Pip?� fjr EnciBCT, fte. in Uw btik Mtamte^. tiaK, All Softs of ola Kinjinei, Uather Hpes �mi ��eSMt�-�tt�iar"Jat tluj moft iwforutila Rates. . , , , j| ' ' This Day iP^/u^J^ , KING'i AUTHORrnr. .A;�tW saaibitsBtifvi Biilipn (K-iOt aUKJWKiitttt \D�.-h IC4 itwian la ".' "^n'liO 0iil lifiifi, irtr.rv'4 at * g-f>r t.rftnt*, Ji-^mi tifMtn lie-j eMuK tltf �f tU i'-riptuf*:, !�<* A' USiih sacnd Hiftpfy , �P th� HOl^y niBt.E. ftfiri �Jv^ ttfci W��� tht BrtsbUfhrnsiit ut ch�iftkBitr% i2.*u� cuansr *! -m ApOS'l'LES. *e. , - The Set of V'lnis smt MSps^U i4i fip�is�e, �� tf** )itfmer�diiioiiui M�i Stsckhonii'i'H4ls�y,Of laboa o^wiiiX* r*iiull# Kills.   Stfckhoub't Hiftoiy. Imuii4 �^w$th � Set ef tl�& anstlHiBsaai MsM, a Vol. mol Ihm^U H�- ^ .^ . A Isri* rsnilly Bible, with  ttti oT tht(c MS Piioss tai Uffi Hm-ffttfS. Viitn 1I. }� , V , wUh h(� M.kdj's Ri.y.1 primed only for H. Auftcn, tn^i�(�t�PJMnlt i Mht Wfcptka fetlert in Eimlall'f, Scniland, Si Nay)-0�cr, At^nit o� t TH� PrtHdfii/OJfittrt end (kffodftmmi tf' mM _ _ K.<vi tiveiNtt$te, ttat *� ttuS^ tht.i.ti i^^S^^r at E/k/fJi o'Cfeti in li^ Afarningt CfntKt^iMtr^ Higku miS te rtaify, at b�i,Off,tt in kit.M^M^^Tml 4tt JhnrtJmiJ.^ #4 ^rrfiZ nvith/nth Pir/m m ft* hmmiJik t^^Mfy Z*^-^ iwitL Tttllyiy CurtJht, 9�* fiamHn^ CnMlraei. . .� VlCTUAtLiNG-Ol'l^lCE. Aug^tl m, s TJJM Commi^onm /or nauj,m�i tit i^tii^'* Bim* gil't Netice, tltisi tnlVtibufJjifmxt, tkf'Hb nviH he rct^lfj, at t^f Tret\fitry-0�i(e im BrMd-Sffutt, t.ij Slf(itt-/iIl ,tHCe due (t it*. Heje^'t Siff* wiJ^-- aiHttaHj, ijix. Bt/tfefd, lfiiHJti/.g Matik 13, �74',� cmStg Rta^ sc. �747. :Oji(htifltr, Msrdt 13, iY4i� .7*** �* *7ii' 'Gurnfiy^ 0,j?��<r a?, 1747* SI.: �ts*- Leofardt Marib 13,4,74*, /i^ja^*" r. 174s, RptJ Oakt M<trih t, t74i� �^i �*, Jt�eiiu4, Auj^^a 10, 1744. Af�T 1�� -r**'' RufeU, _Jpra td, 1741, Ap*i� c. ^r^/)'� Tnijieei /or ttJarj^int the Hurhar <rf i?a�^^iJr. Jl. ih hfiLygive i^ttkt. P^t loeir ivxt i'ttttiirf K.iil In held on I't-u/rty ittxt, tl)t lifh ivpmit, at Ttm 'Oi/i, r4f Ojjitr 0/ the ihrpgratiUn^ ieam/n in tit'aMit _ AR Et-forr, ft<^it.^f. JSy^ Cmmaud of'the OK AN O H i IL ^7 HE Brethren of tlrtr Moft AMrt;t jit*! Huble Order �f BUCK?.' Woi^.tist to tt^ ft��<r*: rej^ Jjglk, �r* |ti|uin:i) � |||<SC hi��l nt litith fUttci. Wluts.lion-Strtet, � NoHon-Filpn, Xip<i,ttK�. tt 4� o'clock Ij} tin Evening, in t�<icr tu tir t ttgtlu t..^. * UtU ea tvfjy Tatttay ( dw kid iioiJe. a .A '

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