Monday, August 11, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, August 11, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 11, 1749, London, Middlesex The JDaily Aciverti.fciV F R I D AY. AuousT n,- ^ M F. 0 nvii - nil U\Y&,iheCharthing Naniy., for Carol- a. anic down and tcmuinR, th.-r V'lrc, Freely, for Viana. Wmd S W. An Extra,! cf ^/,.7/f�-/reflriribourg, lii.'cJ .iW*/. J.  Wr 1 LcJtrrs from ' LcrraiH aoii frini fi>tm� interior  Provinces of Fr/iKce, winch g'vc 'very intlanclwoly Dcrcriptior? of thcgrctt .creuy wbitn * BT?vail.<tliffc. which neither titc Prcxi.niiy o? -he !^arrc!(, * nor the prmictcCondudl ot ;Hc M;n;\llra.cs. have hitherto < been able to rrmcdy. In fomc Places n has been occa- * jioncd by iJk: Unfcafonablc.ncf'i of the Wcaihcr, and in ' othcrf the Cnufu it attributed to the Coinnti/rionit given ' jby the * Pritaie, Bt'-rbary and the S'ertlr. The Kingdovi was 1*11 * Year at its laft Gafp, and as the Harveft of ttiis Year is * very far from promifing to be a plentiful or.c, F'rar.ce * would certainly have been found in the'fame Condition * (hi* wat in in the Year 1710, and notwtihllandiRg her * Vi<LiOric� and her Conqucll.i, we (hould cctianly iiave * fecn her a fccond Time reneNving the fame Qlt'ers wt.ivh .  the made to the Allies at Uirtrunijnbcrg, if a Peace had  not been precipitately enter d into by the Allies. This  is the Miu\n�r in which I'oine Poliiicidns talk, ur if tii(|  DivitieGoodnefs, in the Language of Religion and Hj-  manity, which is always more ready to deliver Mankind feat of their Afflidinns than they to be relieved from 'ihein� hat! not fixtched the murdering VVcapons out of ' (heir Hands, wnich ihcy had invcnvcd to dellroy or.e  another.' Ht^t Augiift 1. Tho' it has been publiIho<1, that the Envoy from umoa at LonJon has acquitted himielf towards tkeSardinian Minil]<-r wun all the Polile|lef^ that the Mini-Am of Powcri in Frio'Kilhip arc accutfoWd lo do, we luvexeccived Letters from Turin, which lay, tha- tluit Coon was extremely f prized, that the Kepublick h�d fo long defer cd appointing a Mioi^V trc-�[�:� Co.itercnccs with xholc oi rh." K>ig, and hai lately ilu|iltcbed fcviral Exprcii'es to England. L ON D O N Wif hear that Thomas Prlham, Eiqs a young Oentleroan now on h s Tr.ivel', will be a Candida e for Kye mbuiiox, ID tbc room of Sir John Noiris, K.r�t doceai'd.  George ll'UCc, I'.fq; is appointed a Cornel in the Firft Kegiment !jn, Eifj; decfaicd. ivif, Robert Green is appointed by the Ri^ht H'^n ih.-liOid* of the '1 rcaiury a Land-Waiter for the Poit oJ Buftol. JWiUiam Stanton, Rfq; is appointed one of*ihc Clerks under t/;e Chancillor ol 1 is M.ijcity's txchtqucr. 'i'hc Winciicfter Man ri!>ian, from t'aU Jridia, being part of Admiral Ciiifiiii'� Sq.i�-dlfon^ and the Deli^hi, bailcy, f.o.n Alicant, are auiv'd in the River. YciletJay Morning Henry Slafner, Efq; an eminent Ruflia M<.rchanr, was luarned to Mils Brunfdcu, of Blackhea h. irntng died Mark Thurtlon. Efq; Atcomptan' CJcniTal of the Court of Chi.-nccy, and ouc of thi- Mailers ()f iliat ourt. YiJlerday M miiig ^icd Mr. Daniel Delan ler, Maftcr of the Wuriihoule bi longing tc� the J'arilhts o . Maruu Ludgate a id St. lir.gory ntar St Paul's. �fi� thought ihcre were five hundred Pcrfons at the J^uneral o( Inomis KHys, Ku], in St. Ma'girtt s c hurvit-Vardon Wi'diieUiay Nij^ht, feverul of whom bciittv'd in a JiotomMaintr  Th� Adjo.iinmrnt of the General Quarter StiFiJos lor rte County o* Surry, will be h.lj oa Wcdacidjy next �i Si Majj^arct'b ll.Ii, On Mon ay lail Pc:it i'lionbttrn, a Ha^wker, waj con-viftnl at Cr.'.don Alliics, for travelling with a furg'd HsAkers aiul PsruLira Licence, fund one S.^iilling, and to Itfct On the Pi,I )t) Oil a Maikc: Day ia the Do;o ^'i o* SouthvvarW. A lew IJa;,s fince Thomas Groves an ojtlaw'd Smug- !'(r, was taken at iJorllum, and conuniacd to litat , >aol. OnWcdTcfdny Evening a Man having fome Word* with  Woman in nca' N.jrtun Frigate, ilabb'd her JJtt beljv/ the rij^ht L.-il that u'b thouga Qic canuot _ U^hfr-frJa*! i-*HiHfd.ttte^y abltonded. VdlerJay a Wuinm ttiUt lJU Greens, in Spittle-aelds-f!daikei, was run over by a Limc-Cart in EricU Lane, sd fa mich bruiicd ihctc trc uo Hopes of Lcr Re-�0�efy. Ou Wrdnefday a Girl of eight Years of A?e was �P over ia Oxfu-d Road by a Buck Cart, by "which �ttn� one oi her Legs and Inigh iHiLiaJBly fluacr'd. Yefterday d cd Mr Thomas Tophair, known by the ,W�iU6 of Ut^ Suoi�g Man, MalUr uf a PuUitk Houic m Hog Use. S&(n�d>:ci). bccifigiied br the Tcrtral WbunJs he gave iunUclt on ToeiUay laft, after ha�itig ttabb'd his Wile in the Brcaft, wka is tikeif ta recover. � Vctlerday at a poor Wo nan with a Load, of LIfif.en en iMflr I lead �*� crtySing from Hamtiu's Uo>�^, OttV-iJ-Road. t9ward� Sj!�<�-S^oar.V. a Horfe lull Speed ran ��-er hcf� by whicJi the m'civ'tl fo much Hi wof AU-J>oah CVlejie 4n*Oxtord. (Son <f Mr. Al derinan jacub. Cbatnbtrlun <)r thi* Ciiy) is ytcrcnicJ bi the VVaidea aiKl Fellowa, of the faid College to nSv Lkvii't:  I .New Konoev. aed a?f�j to �fte Vicarage of Upciuircu, bvh in ihu Dioccfc. \tA fraCant ihc Pcaih ol Dr. Laker. On Friday rfw 18J1 cf Ju*y Wa� committed to MaidHone Gaol bj Sir Fiaacis Hraa. Ba i it, and 10 take in geBctal, in ml Roads, the Utt Haisd T rack htmfelf. giving the right to every oni: he mict*. as i!> done at Loiidoti-Hfidge sand in Harrow irt<:ids, g'^ing a< nrar as he well can to the Edge or Brink, but not puiliin^; others fo. Ail Drivers of lingle-horfe Chaifes Ihould. as murh as maybe (for the Sake of r'cmtctvcs. of th'ifc who follow, and of the R<�d in ge')era aturally follow auotiier, a.d tnjke u e.>fy. No^v ia' the Time for beginning it j the more do it, iho more in.iy ; the Track wU grow better. It is mighty obf.-rvaljli-, as to tkefc Tracks that where the Wiitel* of a (. oaCli g,>, there u uo Rw, becaufe itivrc the Hoifc^ alio Rurt arc the Bane of Reads, and arc occaJtan'd by con-flam Wear and Prcff re together, and not by Prcllure or Wctv^ht only, at f rae ima^.iric. Tl'is appears pl.tin, and ia�irt plainly now thai) cvex, by Ilackmy Road, where tie great Weighs aot being itumei04s, as^d ihi: Surveyor dilijjCO' in levelling the Ru^. h;.r,ily any are to be foi'iid, f�uin S^orcdlt(h Cfai^r-* to Siamf'ird liill Turnpiice : I Ley fccoi ri^hi theic aiio, m llreviii^ (Jruvel ihin, .1*id of'cri liicrcby. �t a l^all Uxj-kccc, c'i.ilantly recruiting the K'jid, makirg :i iiard *nd fold, a^d m all Pans ulo-tul. and laying Uic Dutt. or rather pn vcntin;; it much : 'I h� ( take 10 be as ruatcii^l �% their w.iving {be Road ; nt�r u itwatcd at �dl hout C'lopioti to ^laiiifonf Hill I urnpike In oihrr Roads tiic Cirvil is laid on onvc rf oa?y, r� y tMc*--. and hcs loui'.-, ^'nd wear' Sf^i.c againil S mr. ��oc half of it tf� po*dcr, tcfo�'e' it b!ii !i, aiMJ i� noi tt io (nvcl on ;iU fo j>ioanJ. I'l lligliga-c R'>ad I fcj\c i-itn this ni'.ich prtvenicd, by il:n[>_iiig ll.c 1'tul! SicS orcr ihc new Giavd to bind if, :i gc Ir^a RL^llcr v.uali mukc it tliti better. Tl!c Cartv ai.J W�;gansdo moll, if not all, the Dama{>e to cvciy R-j�'. b) g' !� g in o'>e and lui-,7r� ( th^ir Wheels, mrik.inp ihe two \ oic VV titli totpread difiierenr frogi the two Hind-Wn.t h, or die Mu^ld go with th�;r I lories"abrcall, like Coatlicf, wr.icii tnry in:^iii begin lu S utnicr, 1 c iice ve they Wgti' carr. any Wcighn, uld have no Rut^ ia the pjb'itk Road";, they would be quite hard and folid, like the Ki>�d bcioie meiiii'med Irani I Up-ii>n 10 5:aukfoid-Ht.i rumptkc. which is hoc to Adiui-ra; :on " I am concerned to fee many Roads not in the lead watered (as Slrailord Road 1 } rLough there is Waiter lu)-ficint in the Ditches clofc by ihcni, whkb lAipht vcr^ eafily flung out by a Har.d-Engitie with a Suction Pi^e, (one of NewOiam't ma,- be haj for abou: 7 I. ^nd would br ulrful alfo in cafe ol i irr>) TheRuad i Vappiag, for tite BcQ^'ti: oi (or:y Bay� mad tiurty GiiU bel r ir�r'�!Brw t'r tt�r3�*nce. by i4oDf. Tarifey and Mr. Hcndfick. and (cvirat new Dance* by Mr joe Ora- Mr. IlooKrr and Mil* AgWtta will liny fcmil tsisvv Songt.-'I'u.-nWinj, by Mr licndruk, Mr.'lAnfey, Mr hnnor Mr. Ntiiti, and nherj To �vlvvh Hill ba added, Whtifu* lfold�>i, or Harlequin at CJtrc^wich The who'e C Mul* to *� le \\ith iKc'fiiu npi'.t .f IVtce. Each Pcrfo!* to be adniiitcd fffiji Pint of Wine or" Punch: At Sadler's W� lis, l,ili'>gtijn, this Kvening will be prcfetitwi an VnieitAiinnent not ^MttormM there thiio twetity Year*, calPd the Hatiot's Pro^jrcls; The whole to ct�nciitd� wifV � a grand Rrprelcntanon ol" R.'ncli^U-G^rdent in tlie M�n- ft they wrfc dearoratcd at the jubikv flail. To li*gl#i� ^ >, ; !Vc o'clock. Kacii Perfon to be' admitted for � Pint'^ijf' ^ Wi:\e or Putsch ^ The purjjing Water lately tlifcovered kt Kitbumi BMir > ITampllead in Middtcfcx, found by Kxperk-nce ofgreak Number* of People "to bo good ajjainll Scorbuiick Uu� mour;, PjIvj owC; l. �ind DiHicultir of " making VX'ater, is foW at >4r, Uyrc's VVatcr Wat'e'iottfe near Temple-Bar. nt Mr. Davis* in St Allvin's {5trc�,,��Ki , . at Mr. Dr>.'dvr�'s in Berry Street, St. Junes'*. 'I'oprevent -t'r.iud* in future, all Pcrfuns that po to the Well lor it will have printed Tickets delivered, ivflh Ihc l)ay^ Of thcMoVth and Number of Q^iarts. ' , Or. Taylor, OcuUll to hii Majsrty, h.nyii^g lef^.thtt Kiiig'om. (inftead of conti'ig-lb London, at Ibnncily ad-�,, vcrtu'd) and being now at the Hague, whence ilifl^nt' la fet dut oii hi� Tour through alt li^ro^v� hts Soo,, Jf(3ifl Ta)ldr, Ocu i'l, in, Great Q(weh � Street, UlttioWa III* JtjLJJajihiiik^-prrtper t^i acqiiauit-the Puliticir;* thttt heUli^' -coi^tirtucs to cvire liti Difeafc* of the L<yci and fiy^Uift iib ufual ; and it being, iti a manner, peculiar iq b( di il^|i: groaii'll Kate aiid Delicacy in all violent Head-Actirti'DNt-Aihi-ls or Swimming \n the Ho \l. and all other*,C�f�� � where Ulertling is necrif^iy, which tcldum fails tp give ihi Paiicnr immciliatc RclittlT - ' _J Hiy.U Water at London-Bridge this Day at \4f MlauH<? after in �l�e .Momingi and 33 after 8 at Night. t VelU*iday B^nlc Stock was 1 y 3 8th� a 1 41!* % 1 lu.lii block iPj } 4 7 Hihb a t i(-'^ Slhj.-^ Ditio I'r-jc), icj 7 Bihs. Three i-er Cent, ^nnultlea |i09 i &ih. Million Bank no Price. Equivnicnt no I'rlcc. Koynl All'.itai>ce no Price. London Allurance ntjPticet ItogUlli Copper no Prkcr Scvtn pet Cetit. Emperor Loan 14.8 a 149. Five per Cent, dlt^o; no Price*' Bkitte Ciica'aiion, no Price. India Bo-id* 4s. a at, Thrfl^ per Cent. Exchequer Orders no ^ . .' ~'T 'Sbis Drty is publip'd^ By tbt KlNG'.r AUlHOftlTr, T A new kii.l bctutilut E.tuion fairtu ttnminud �vilj^'ts<4 iiritit-h^ lakrii ttkt of ti* ^it^fi%ru, tuih UAi a�. t lii}..nnii cluiO.anitv b� jt^StlS CHlllS C, aoit hi .'\ft)s;, &v. "Mic Si't o'f I'lliiiK anil Maps M fi>W ftpatat*, rJiKtr {6 bttrtft th* r�iiiK{ L^niuA ut Mr. ;>ucklwaf�'t H.ftoiy, �r to bin4 up^wiih a PamUy iiiWc. � , SuckhiHiCs'i Kidury, hound up with * Set of Ut�lb nivf Piinta|^ Maps, a Viil. Kolio. l�,(c� 4I. 141. 6d. A Im^e Fiinii 7 Uihle, with  S�t of ihcfs ball Prlati.aad Mtpi ijt'.fltir r.jerlcd. i'tite il* ti. Wlib hit M)JoAr*i Ruyal Lic ni�. Printvf) only fir .*). Au(l>-n, in Ntwyarc&triec) iiij foU hj tk� Bw^*  kiU'% in Enelifl'4, Sci>iUntl, vn^rthni), '  ��....... '......j.....*�" '""^ Wel>i�inflcr-Iitfirniary, Augultg -7 0^ N0'T1C7. h hirchy givtn la oil thi f^ujhtt fit raUtiiitJl the iink t^ndStufy at ihf PutHik hfirfmir, injtimi-Strat, H'fjhmnjhr, lif.l thi fMltuflcct art^JirJ mt lo rusi i ^nif trmn lit h-Pntiattt iitl/urihir tl�li{t, nt tttim cau If tithilittid en A^�unt of repairing tiiirlf'urJi. _ |<K:H4H D PLAl'T, 6'.r�, RUCK HOL/r: 116 USE, Ejfex. . I'^iWi ASSb^MBLY will continue t-my M<i\iiy Murn >i Vt\*, anAlhf CpiicHiu U|in\'iu f the t>ai| �ie Dfctit uf Charily^ there u bai4i; uf'ilui Koii will leiuwA moi* 10 die DiAui'i Pialfa J We rcqufAuU, 10 � i>�rfvn un4cr CvafiiKiiMni, vhvjfftii, li> �i� Xacswvua, UfuM hit CmiAncnicnt, ,aH ihrua ' of S,ckn�r(i 0/ h.� Wiin *� M * YtMt\ , M tatt <ii|(.tuiE�'l, ilic (^t'urt4u�tiu� ni 11, lot ta fhurc Tinv*. Ail t"u<i f'ci'ple tliaC jue |ilc4(:a to r�li�V( I P.ttKfl, ate <l<Iatd .u enuulra fur th<Cojchm4|i.�r'#, HeaV (LicfO'i 1^*4 in th< ok Rally, tviicf* cbfy mM hi" tviiu ih( Petfun i*, �ni( b� ttrtiut (la U ti� ImpoHi^t. tlqff.^/iiH i .*t�Ailly tckatmUHlii, m

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