Sunday, August 10, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, August 10, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 10, 1749, London, Middlesex The Advertifer. THURSDAY, Auoust lO, Dm/. ^KgMft 8. AIL'D this Mornirg, all tb� oat* arard-boaiMl Ship* to ihe NVcAwanl. No Ship in ttc Down*. Wind Wea. �fr E*<f*s.1 tf � Lrttir fren a Ma-giji'M* r^'Dinatck, JrJtJ lug. 3.  A� to the publirk Affairs of  jbri�Northan� i'arts of the WoiM,  thrre is of laic very little AUcra-tioii, -cvtry Thing bci.-^g in the fame Siruanon. cxcrpt the fudJen A^pjnRon of a Ru&an Sqaa.^roa before thit Port: It's cci-.jsa that the Psnprcf* of R:ij^a haj not cX-piai rd tctJrU. in regard to ihc Repttfentations �vhich have biren r jdc hct on the Part of ihe Court of Grt,it Brin^i", rt'aurii to the Di:larhances which that Court apprcheriiwl ia thcfe Pars ; fo thai no Body can yet tril whfire ^t.cliE Tkiaj,* *nH end. PcpJc are nv^cr^ thck& petfuaili-d t^it the pcblsck 'Franquihty will not b* ff�(h�tbe<i rSi*- Year, asd that liie IXpanure of the RuSanFtcc; 'roai /J.^r;/. wij rnJy to laakc a Parade, or to'let ibc Court oi S-itJim fct, ibu the Cmpreft i� in a Coalition of Jitliog offenlivdy. rather than unt?- r a Nc-cefity of keeping upon the Dclcna.e ; �nd this feemj to beconfirtacd by L"-;te�� t.a.a . a, which inrimatc, that tlw fitfl> warlkc O.ieaia:io.:j of the C>>�rt of Ri_^.i Yus not cattfcd the lea.! Difoaict ^de at y/j^' jy;. wimre the �A^e cqu^ Pace u k^pt in regard to rri iurV Prcpa. latiotL*. and wh^rc they lecaa 10 coatcm thenUUvcs with being read) at all Evccti. "O- A Saipb 6nin;; oat at IJjIvn, which to go to /j A' � Oajr ia the Sfja^ IViji-hu s, undoV the D�tiomtnatton of � Rej^iil^r Ship Ir i� at ihc Ca-ikelkk Majetljr has. \i. is faid, cosfchted 10 grant iVu Pcr-attSoo. Tbta i^wha: i; looked apon �s a Thing inoreex-nofdinary, becanfe this Ship. ��� ate aflVirci, not be obliged to enter into acj of the Ports of S^a, neither as kgtMSoaC, or a� it rctoras. Be this, bowever, as it will, dus Ship b lo2>iing with the ucdoft Diligence, and will jKTfJbon fail. ScTctal xltTarance; hare aVcaOy been tnadc ^pimlicr; and, it b prc'.cnded. that the Eogliili Merchants are the Proprietors of the grcaieft Part of tiic Cargo. Extrai q/ aLcStiT fr^ th Hjguc. iLur.i Aaguft \\.  The Coffer* of the Stste begin to fill. The Lt�:tery of  cigkt Mdki c5. cftablii^d by the Proviaccs of Holland  lid Well Fririiaijd. has fcad the dciir J S jccefs ; and  bom thence we ccnceave favo-rabic Hi�p-s"of that for  fotta ftdiiltocs ind a foinied by ihc ciiiics Cie.\eral  CO the fame PSin '\\~ ?iodac� oi ihc provifional Tax eacccds ojr nvail fi^.g-..jae Fxpcii^Tions, The Mcafurcs  taken for riii'iiig tor x^r.c ici';io � t v]i .-; t.'.o fame ' Ta.ies tha: the t'a^nt-.ii -e�r?".�cj r.cic;ojo c, aic io jull,  and give f>J . thai wc;.- nn Uuubc  of thetr hivtiij; s'F :hir .^^laijugcv, uitliou; lucunve-  nicncits, �( ti.vv: Fjirm-.  The pcbttk Revenue a'fo rcr �-�(� a very confiJer  aWe A�{c'-io.i irt a flioji lice bv itic i'toujceoJ die  Poi'i, w'..l.^. aif now umed ti> the l>cmcfn� of the Stats  The t'crt ni> wttj hue haJ itirai w:!l hivc Aa-  noirjcj afii^r.ii! thcci in Piaporf.ou not to what their  I'oUi a^luilii brLaj;h: tSf .-n to, bn to wha: iht-y were in.  .l'n�l Jutucc cn�t *rj to b, ihcm ; ^ad ull (_r.irgcs that  rcv}L>ire r.o rvir.tor J '.:*� i'ajenft and Knowlfgr, or thit  m^y be *;�.'-(<cvl b nrtnjiici. wiil be Ijld ior ihc Prwfit  0 " to tiic Piymcat of iSc Twentieth Penny, eqiiaiiy �*itb r:^; oi Niiion. Ycurr '  j.rT::v d a Msi! trom FiANce. Par/j .1'.-.'.j ? > ^. I'hc King aruf'd the iith u� the bvr:it-j ircri r!r.ce at the Macttc. The Ladies of Fr--ii;c iiintxi s.c l.iuc Day. Ttie D vt li b\ ibc ik-jboa tiivc unanimoufly elcilcd Caxdtn^l lie r(;.cui. L!i-- c crctLu..; m ttic >�^uare ct tlauy. Thc^rict ot tic Co-:.�:i.'cf b:�ic of inc 1 mj;, which fuppr..'ic4 tnc Co=i-l:-: ija cf in� Advocitf^, otejfiyns �ttt^TiJk An Or*Ioun-ir.>je of i".c Micg Ivis la'c'y iirueti, which ini-poru, it^at ht:\!ij,-.'y ,by i: cRcg.iIil�ou^ whtCi: be maJc upon Se Reform ot u-e I ro?p-. havjUjj ixrirpicj tiic ColoticU, e'^res dc Casipi, Lu�icijsi>, auJ Commanders of B.- allots, ftcaj licCarr 0/ Cuispjiiiici, now jhought ptb|[' ;at ihcm c-^ t!iipl.:>ya>ti:t. wf:ii.h may con-Bib.;  tae better revcliiirg of the Garriluns, they being tke-eUy duc.tivl to li.c Pofts and'the Ilofpical, and fee that every etc does tu D My, whenever ilic Coiq-mandan: cf t'.r P�Ju:e fL�!l ictjuac vo be done. The Diup-uc. . wfca ka^ been indifpu^cd lor lomc Days face her RctuTQ trwm For^Ci, is now mucli indU Aaion), 1840. Ticket* of the firft Royal Lottery, 618. Thofe of the fecoud, jyi. Ticket* of the Loan, anvi the Annutlie^ no Price. L ON 0 ON Yeftertlay diet! at his Itoufe in York-BailJings. the Hon. Williani Barrtll, EU]; Licittenant-Ginttal of lai Majcily'i Forces, Governor cf Pcndcnni? CalUc, anvl Colonel of the King's awn Rci^imcnt ot loot, which io bra*'�ly dillirguilh'd ihcmfclm Ht Falkirk ami Cjllolcn. He fcrv'd his Country with great Hcinoyr upw.itdi of tif y Years, and waa preiient a' molJ of tho grtat'A>.Mi jns and Sieges in Flanders during Qjccn Anne's War. On Tuedlay dictl at ^rowhuill in SulVe.x, the Scat of the Hon James Pelhafn, Efq; th.' Hon. Richitd Tcmplf, Efq: eldctl Son to the Lord /4count i'abnerilon. and Member in the prcfent!ia�n�^� lor Downion in \ViU�. On Tucfday Morning Philip RoJwel, Efqt fet out >r6m his LoJyngs in St. James � Place for Harwich, in order to cmbirk lor France, he being B; pointed Secretary under the Karl of Albemirle. Ycfli-rJay thirCouttt de Mirepolv. the French Ambaflador, and liis Lady, .were at Wellmlnftcr-Abbey to fee the Monuments ; and alfo at the Houfes of Lords and Comtnons. On Saturday lalt was m^riicd at St. Matthew Bethnal-Grccn, Thomas Tavlor, Gei�c. to Mifs Kathciinc New-ham, a celebrated liiamy, and endowed with ev^ry Qua-lihcation to render thti Marriage State agreeable, with a �hAndfome F-imtne.-_--_--.----��- Ydlerd.-iy iVIofiun^ a Seizure was made of a conlidera ble t^aniity of Foreign Gold and Silver Lace, at a Houfe in Rcd-Lion-Strcet, Hulhorni which was iromcdlauly convey'd to tSe Cuitom-Houfo Wjrehoufcs. Ycftcrday iiS-.,t Noon a young Fellow was taken and carried to Nc 1 non, chatg'u with being one of the Accomplices in a ^jar.g that lately has icifetlcd the Out Pans of tiiis Ciiy, .TnJ r.iimiutcd mPTv Robbcrii"*. On Sund.iy Night, about Ten o'Clock, Mr. Hill, belonging to hi> M.j ily's I'aiiiiy, v.-.ts robb'^ of hu ^^^^[.ch and (oA-enic-cn Suill r;;i hv leveral Foo'pads,. near the Milc-Sionc g"Mi^ til inn. This is to allure t .t i'jUluk. or whcin it may concern, that the Paiaj.npli indrtcd in Ycltcrday's Paper, with regard to Mr. Joiin Wurgan, was entirely without his Knowlrge or Content, and done by a Gcntlcniau out of pure juftice to hi5 Merit. Ptrtfaauth, Aiigujl^b. Tills Morning the Corpfc cf the Right Hon. the Lord Tliomas Ikrtie, Captain of tlie V.'in-chefter, ahd fourth Sou of the Duke ol AiicaJ'.cr, carried from hence in gveat I'.'ncr.d I'mnp nnd bolrninity, in order ti� be intcrrd at Chdleh.i'll� the Burying I'lacc of that noble Family. NfwcajUt, Jiij,u!l t,. On Tucfday died at Barnard-CalMc. Vyilfuin Hun lunton, Elq; F.Ji'ihur/J, ftur,(i 3. Wc arc not yet without Hopes of get iiif^ a Vilit trum Ins Royal Highncfj ihc Uuku ot Cum-bcrlrf\i .', f'cr 'hi.^ .>eaftin be over, piivate Letter,* acquainting us. that his Hi^hiicfs latcl)^ .figmtjcd at hts Lcvec, hi> Ini-ntion of c in'ng loon to H Country. Ycllirilay bis Grace the Duke of Argyll .irriv'd in Town from the Seat of the Right Hon. tho Lord Milton, niul went to hi^ Grate's Scit in the County of Pccbic that N.^ht At Sadler's WJls, IHington. tliis Evening ivili be f rcfentcd an P'ntcrta-.n;ncnt not pcrlorin'd thrr.e ilicfc iwrnty Years, call'd the Hiilot's I'rogrels 'I'l.c wliole to conclude with a grand Rcprctfluaiion cf RincU'j;h Gardens �n the Manner they were decotatcd at the JubiUc Ball. To begin at Five o'clock. Kacti I'eifyn tu Lc admutcd for a Pmt of Wine or Punch At ttic Njw Weill 'n Goodman's I-irldi, this p.vening, win be Icvrral ncw t'crlormincct by Monf Tartfcy and VIr., and fcveral ncw Dances by Mf. Joe Gra-nier, Mifs C>ra> in. Mr Mile<, Mri. MiUs, and others. Mr. Kooiicr and Mifs Agnctia will lin^ fevcral new Songs. Tu.Tbling. by Mr. HcaJritk, Mr. Fartfcy, Wr lanjio, Mr Milc", and 01 hers 1 o * inch will be added. Vvhiifun HoI'diyr, or Harlequin at Cfieetiwich The who'e to contlud: wuh me Triu.apfcs . f Peace. Lach l\tlon to be admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch. Mrs. Du li�is begs I.cave 10 inform the Poblick, that llic is rciuuv'd fium the (JlJ IJaily, tu the (joldcn ficad, the Corner of UjiKijjh Street, Kxcter-Uxchan^c in the Strand, where Ihc continuci to fell her Portable Soup, or folid Broth, ulrful on JourIley^, or at Sea, or (or ready making Gravy Sauce; 111 Cakes ut a proper Size to ni:ikc one Mcfs each, in Soup will ne\ei fpoil, it k A each, or j ^ a Dozen, in a 1 in lio.v, tor L uiivenicncy of Carriage, and to keep them dry at Sea. 'iLey .vc very ufctul in long Voyages, where trefti Piovifions grow fcarce _^ High Water at London Bntlijc this Day at ^o Minutes after 6 in ihe MwJtmng, and 21 alter .7 in ihe Afternoon. YcllciJny bank Stock was 1 1 half a 3 Hiti:i lndi.i Stock i Jialt a i 4 li a -j'l.v South Sea Stock 1 1 } i half. Ditto Old .Annuities loH 1 Hih a lu; 7 yjn a ilH Ditto New 106 3 iiihs a 1 half UanU .-VonuiticJ i"'46, no Price Dmo 1747. "oj 7 Sths a ic6 Ditto l.oucry 1747, 105. Baiik Annuities 1748, k.6 Ditto 1 49, 106 Tliire fcr Cent .Annuities 100 a 1 4ih Miiiion bank no Price. F.quivalcnt no I'lice Royal Ail'urance no Price, London Atlurancc no Price, hnglifli Copper no Pritcr Seven per Cent fmperor'i Loan 141; a 148 STANDING Arniita Uanding and ffov'tl tn l�e t'oniiift to the NsKite, SfU't rih) Oeni�� . f tii� Ot* K�l!!.('h t.inllltutiun. �lir.'li'>�ly cnntt��� l<� lt\e Piinc � H!�J rRENrHA'U>, Ki".>; ��>i< iv w lenu'a.fci. by �n tmnifni Hin<) 1p �Mth ii . ije�t, the V,iiji!il>iiti*n'� l*f .y^t, tiiit'ti iii t'� otttijr t>�ttiot Pfiii'f (Fied.titfc Piinte .i' 'V�tc�) i*!ivf� N� n� or.l V'fnt v�iil rtii-� tliroiitho >t tt.�Ti,irh. IViblitNM �( th* R�^a�ft of loiiT IVr'om uf DininOion, �n.l federal MeinhM.! of fiidiAtkimt. anf" tri:l' * Jlj/tUti rf..AjS /v.i .I'rrtj, <t C'.-Tfff, S f-p-.tnf,' M.Ki/l'y, 0 Bjni ftt Hrxlt ff I'--(6, n>lrr, 4 SnufLShnp. in CtC'UCiiurt, .St. Uartin'a ..".� Net�, t'lie SuVJi �> Miltir i�f thii Pei''nftiv�nfi> v4t th�t hti betii pfinted for t hunditd Y**ts p�i'-_ _ '"^HE Cemmtitt for Itttiig^ tlit Ot/ih.KJt :� itt X Aucmt tf the (jfitmhtiLuH cf tv^ Cttf of /.k.i'ji pV<' AW/e.-, to fuch of tht t�tftnt Poffr^Tsu of �U% Gty't Kf^t t4 iihout ConJuii-Mta^, as are a,Jtrem /# t.tiit ti/Irvlii-*" '/ir.-w* //'ty ntvf / iti>fg M tft C�.fttrti,Uf''t OfliteiH iht iiniliiidl efttf Citf of LondtM j ffttr KK-huh Sit* tia ivilj tt eii'tM/or their Atttnduntt, __.__ D. SEAMAN. C^ftr4//.r. rUE 'f)Hj!fii far ctilnrging tf>t lUrlxur at Ji^if^iri.; Ja hndy ^/tv Natiit, tl'af their iftxt Mr/titg tir'i/ ^* he/JTcm^t'vii', J,ih^ ti>rntl> iit/fctf, �tTtn i'Cfiti, tit lit OfiCf of thi' Cnrferntimfcr Sentfim in /A RIintmKtt Sti^utr, OH tL\ Rtiya! E.\i.h,aigt. __AR FLIOTT. J^m.'.'rr. rH \i. S c M o o I, - K K .^ s I,' ^ i I bi; lit kl 4C Bithnp.Stoitluril, Herlfor'Oilie, tin 1 uri �v t(>e i?il. mfl*-'�i The C5eiifli*Tm-ij wtio hiy� lircn c^^llMl^^l there uti^ ihrii V"�un4s, �ie ileGr'vl lu favoui* ll.jii-Nici.-i,.ir; v.- '.Iv itic r t'-ni] any. Richard rhanki,ani?. f./e> X ^r'llK Hnthren of the Moft Amicnt anl ,JL NuMe Or.'rr- ol H I' C k .S, In-Imininj- 10 tJe Uneril rfgutilr l."ilt;c8, an- loiiiitril to meet him *t Jtrutliiir 'Jiejig's, tlis IVwIei-ri.t'tn, Whitc-Li !! Str.-ri, N'oifn-l-*jli!.sie, I'll 'luclU* n�t, �t o'clock in the Evciiini;, in unlet to cfltiftitute s teguUt Ludg*. lie'ij on every TueJJjy at ihe fiij ifouCt, ______IT. G. Setrttay^ 'Jo.lhf ivtrfki B'f'hn tf ibt Antitnt and S'olfif OrJ-f BUCK.S, btloiigifig t� ili* L..'ii iiU at tht B.Il in SiblfSn,,!. G B N r L a >' � N, YOUR Comp.iny ks dcrir�>d TomorrO'*, (t ScVfn u't'l elc in t.Sr Erciiinp, to urtend the Grjnd aM Counul, and loiifiilt on (iiujht Meihuili (or tlio hctier r-juUllof ygur enablithM Oidcii, anJ to nulte locial I'minoiiuui agiiiilt yQui CrwJ Julnlce Djy. By OiJer ot tlie GRAND, __J P St?r,t,trf. ^'HV. fir-ntli-inon of the Amicable StxUiy of thr URIll'. .ANtJ-rriERIANS, are J.tir'a to meet tSr.r nrr((i,ri> on I linrfilay next, the 17th iiillani, at fli* \Vh le Mtiulr in l.itilc RiJci-iiljctl, St. ]jmr�>, to crlel'rjtc ihc Ulitb-Uay ttf GruihcT r. A. lly Oiaer of the CranJ. ____W. R. Stfrttart. [^T O r I C l'". is herrby givrn tt) luch ot the I Mrn brlfiiigiiig to the Mcilvv^y anil I'Klphiil, vkho lure n/Tt hy lliriiiUlvi-s, Aitiirntyt, or Alli|;ncc>, irceivM thrr Shjiei of ihc Mehr-nici>.t>4 J'liip, il'*t ilicy will be pjid ihr fime t>n WevlnctHay the l6lh iiiltani, jt thf King's Arihii on 1 ower Hill. Aviu/l 7, 1749. ESCATF-D lad Wclnefday Niglir, out of New-t', Ckrljcnwell, the three fulKiwing JVriiru in thriT Imni, via. W.lluiiiTayloi, aboiii live Feet high, hjl on i gieen M'ail!-<-ut, and a Vdi ol oil iii t^ienthei, with lif,hi-br..� n Hart, a rheek*!! Sli.rt, atioiii c.^h'cen Vcaii ol Aijc, and of .� very hrovtn Cunipleiian } liUiird Millt, abi'.it five Feet fi.ur Inchei hiph, had on a blue Cxt, I'mk-colour d Liiim(;, Lluc Bierthej, a ehcik'J Shirr, a brorfn Wi|!, I M^enty-oiKhr Vcjri of A|;e, a S^iluf, very hrown Ci.imol�ii.n. tai muct^ ritiej �.I'l iHe .Siiull Hoi I and Thonia* Keinplon, a Boy, Ir-Mt Ftvt tin iiclict hifh, had on a whalOi Cloth WailtcijaT, Uuiklk^n Bivt-vllri, sHm filieen or lutccn Vear� ol Afje, and of a very brottn t'lr^ Whoever ap|ir�lieu*ls or ukri all of them, gr any rnf, and btin^� Them to the Keeper ol ihc fjid l'ri(. n, lhall receive at a Itnward inc Sunt of Fiftren Ptlundi for the 'I hue. "l FiH IVur.di 4cnrri- fur ( ih-m, to b* paid bv 'rii'jfnai Ca�rijii.h. K?.epri ticf, that ili s Mfriing, JL bciwr^n One and I'lvo o'CIm l<, f, ^ I'.ge. ri, lud 111 thr Uil|>olr uilh Iht W4tehoii!i ,�� I'cil.iii loft hi^ lljt. If ihe (Jcntlfmiii plei'c. I� the Dlatk Hi'ilc iiul a linlhtip, 11. ji th- rierr-fcl ji kn, the C>'ti>i.iel ( ot ihe- laid, and Jpolii ll.r iJainagr, n,iy hue lii: Da! 1- .ml. y:// ih.^ l^rfirt of fcjoa! Per Jam cf ^^t^ltty. For tbe lien Jit of M-. WWiiAi. AT MARY BOK - (i A U DF NS, rn WcJiifftUy ucjit, ttc l6lh inrtJiil, ��ilbc4 Cy*ic:lt W V.#c*i �nd InllruiiK.iCjj M U S I K. l-ive per Cent. 1 iilo no Price. 11$ 6J. India lo.ids 4I. 41. a t.vchcijU.r O^diti no Piicc. I'ai.k CircuUtion ^1 3'. 1 hrct per Ctni. '-fhv Vpcal f^r^s by FauHmer arct Mr; Baltic. \Vilh t\.ni.ciiuj UM ij..: Vmliiitcli . liaglfci y, Organ, and CjetnunFlutC, by M. if. '--rivtiu, KituM, I'tiiij.ut, anJ Uavo, ''1 iiL J}.'-<ri l t'v i.p^n'd at Fi^c, JU'I the CJt.iu. It to kr|^iii < ^tly St !i.ff. iKi.rLi tu Lc tiad ul till' liar in Ihc tiai^eo-., al f � e�ih By Dcfirc t/ fficral Purftis of ^jitty. Ar the \jtn^ Uoofii at Hanij((tra uf Vucal and Inltruniroial t, M I ; S 1 C K. * - The Vu>al I'arti tv M It-ird To I V...I .1 I. Mi Fcft.nj. A., Con. cii 111 Ili<- M*'^h-.tnjid by Mi. butler And ail \lui vjtti� I'ad^  by the vti; bvll Maltcii. '�.�^�ti '. To b-^n at half an ll'ur afiei S.� THk.' ' i ^ vl Ml Durina' . HampJUad , and at PvOa't Catf -llv.l. l4. Ca'j.-jTrwi!, bj lA.,-...,i-iltlJ�, -1 ^1. t*.k. <r

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