Monday, August 4, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, August 4, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 4, 1749, London, Middlesex ^1 lie Daily Aciveftircr. FRIDAY* AvGV crn inform'd, his Majerty's Jntrrtfl. or that oJ the J Couniry, required it ; but at nofuch Ncccfiiiy appcar'ii, 1 forbore to give you the 'I'rbuble of meeting in AfTonvbly, before the Tiir - your-fclvri had appuinttd for the iJi.patch of publick Uufincf'. If is with great Plcafurc I how fee ) oil met in your legiflarive Cnpncity, and very gladly embrace the Opportunity it aflord* mc of fijiiifymg to you, by ihc exprcfs ComjnS"^ of the honouiable Proprietaries, the {^xcat Af-feftion they bear to the Inhabitants of this I'rovince; the cjr"^'* Dclire tbcy have to prcfcivc Peace aiid Concord sniong ihini ; find the p^riiunlar S^usfatUop they receive by their Welfare and PTt.rpcrity: And as I know them to le pcrfc(5lly (inccrc m their l'rofLlTiOn% I have not the Wft Apprchenfion but they will meet with fuiiaWe Returns of Ciratituf'c fr<'ni you. Having been for fome Time abfcnt, jt cannot be pprfumed the Condition and Circumllances of the Country arc fo well nnwn. to me. as to Gemlcmrn. wtio have conllanily Tcfided on the Spot, aiid who being the Rcprcfeptative Body of the People, are to be ftippofed bed acquainted with their nal Wants and F.xpettatitms j wherefore I Iball for the prd'cnt decline Inying any Tbing before yaa on my tvCi. \ ac the fame 'I itrc I very fincerely afl"'ire )oU, tl at whatever Dills you fliill judge proper to prefrnt for my Approbation, ihiU be favourably received, and confider'd wth Attention ; and where they fiiall appear to be a� I idoi/bt not th g myfelf a conlicfji'rBble Stake in th" Province, it is really my JntHvfl, as-well a� I.iclin itirin, to fupport them iu thi '�ujoyment of all ihtir jull Rights snd Piivilej^rs; fincc, wbene�er thc'J Inie fh.iK <oine, mwbirh t" fball reol^ to be tbciT Governor, and riruin to a private Station, I fli-Tlffind ^inyfeif, niy Family and iricnde, iqually .'UftiHcd wjili cvrry otdtr Pcrion, liv any Injury the Conliiiuiii'ii uiiiy fufter � uhd',r my A.'minillraricfi. ' I iliall ciiucI^Je wli.a I have to f.ty at Time, with entreating \oii, that a'l I'r.infai.'^ions b<tv^ccn us luay hc carricd on witli CanJour and Modcraiio.', as the aual effcAual Means of avni'lin,'', c!ifigrccalc AiiuniTKic.', and uniniig Us in ihe Uri necciiary lor tl.c publick Good: l Ins is \tfhst I (iideavour by cN'ery Me'hod \\\ my Power ; and 1 hive no Riafon 10 do ibt th.t yoj, GfntKmen, are now come together v.ith like Seiiiiiitiuts and IilI.nations. It! th, thr:.,.:!.\ J AMF.S H.-XMII/rON, L,[,. C'j^iiUhr oj tt\ Piil'i'ice 0/ Filiiilylvaiiin, ti'i.i C'JuntiiS (.J jNtwca.tlf, Kent ci/;./Jjulif.v, upon De'uiw&'c, tSt. Il'c ADD!'. liSS s///'v R,(irrffntoti-vr} of tht Yrumen i-f the J..t.l i'io^ji'.\e in inn.iij ./j/ivilly mil. Wl". i.cir ii\ cpiiv aiula!e the Govcrnor'on his Acceflt'in to (lie C.ovcii'.ment of this I'rovi-cc. and lafi-A.-rival aiiri'i^^ lis ; .Ai.d ml' return our fu.cere lur liii favojiub^c Sjiccch at ihc Opening oi liw i>tliion, and for the Rcgatd he hath bi< n plc.did to fiuw us, in for-bfaring to c.ill us togetluT bif -re ihc Time wc had ap-poinicd for tlic Difparch rf pcblick Bufintfs The great .AfFti..ion our Hoiioiir,<b'i- I'l(.priftaries are fleafcj to exprel:. t^ the lnhat.! mli "t' ton Pi<,'\inci ; tlinr l)rrirc^ to li.tivi P'' 'r- riiJ Cvmo'd th.m ; and //v pt:i:iuiM' iiitrfuCii^n th,y i;t.iie fi--).'n t'cir ii'it fart //�</ I'l /l<iit,; jiilJly incut uiofc gr.iclui Riiv.i ii , wlucliwcarc p c:v>.rnrir has h'en fume Time abfcnt, yet liii jo) iiirr lull.; Ai."q,:;.iiiiuiicc and ihoiuu^'li Knowledge of ihf fuhlicK Ailairs ol ihe Province, ii^iiM *\iih hii �ii 1 g ilh'd Al ili ic?, r, ruler hiin a very lon'p-rent Jud^c cl tilt- tillt wliith be ircfcnted to I :n, in order lo be pait>'d irvio La'a?. iiucn only, we arc dottniuncd 10 �'fi'-r, as flrUI appear to us to be for tiie general Unliiy of :lhe ttr r:.! .'] tiet, bath Ciiil iti.J R .'iinuj. And n incmis our pa:-Itcular Ackriowlcr^^mcni! to iht HonoaiaL't the Pioprie l-ncs, that thiy have been plcalcd to cu\Ur i ic (jovi-rn mciit on a Gentleman ol fo Icrabie .ti. I'.'.Uie amon.j u*, whufc I/'t, we kiit'W, i; .', and v, 1.j!c l-.d.iuv.a-i^ Wc believe it t v./ ^fo>^er,.titn, .all TrttirfiSiiiei tfiicr.^ V:i CC CIX Pan, endeavour, not on�T to mamratti th- firi.-i iJ.^jv -j Fii. ld/i-ip nvj nc^'iiat Cttt^^'V^, f.-'j'dr'-t frr ^/f-f (.ftV; b C to (hew the juft Regard Ue en;efTatn Ur the Go�-eJt� ment, by making an honcurab e Pio^ i^or* for tss Saprcrt ur* Kf'trt, 4. Sign'dj by Order ef tht Hc�l>. 174S9 JOHN KINSEV. i/^chr Uf G CJ V E R N O R  r ^%Vyr 1Heartily thank tou fOr tM* fctbJ and sffriUoa-te'-lt' ! drefs. The faroutablc Sctiament* yoei are p'eakd :e \ entertain of me, gtvc me-a pafticuUr "itafare * �� i y an j Harmony between the fevcral Parts of the Legiflitate. | lhall be the better able to rccoiniRer.d ottrfclrc* 10 h� Ma  j .-ly ; give Sa^isfaftion 10 the Ttcprictaiics -, zaA coi^futt the true Interell-of the Pcopfe. The Prefent youi have, to fo .bin ^ ''T" HERE are no Ships in the Downs. Wiod North-1 Eaft. T7 TT Jit Extras of a Letttr fnat r Gf^litscrm r> 'C^ jmrt'g�5e / /�. Triitd in Lonc'eo. d^SiJJ^h y. ' ' Excci&ve hot Weather here hash facoce:;e�i a frvr-r c^^ii ' Seaton, ' tbarper tlMP  as ncceffary  tread y ac ' Occjilon  Enquiry  94 Pari  ^Scarcity of Grape*. A?! the Rye has bc�� ki"j-J J r 1  Frort, which has grca-ly cnhanc'd the Price cf er Cnrn ;  and the Fruit i>.�imolt illdetlrovrd; For ny o;va 5*j!:i,  I have not one Peach. Pear, App^c, ofKat, ofarySors,-  in pjy Qanlen, which is pretty ex:tcSt'e. Tbre*  Pigs,' four Apricots, and one Chtity, arc a'l iSisi Ki^r  been left me.; The Goofebcr�e4 and CasrasHi 5iivo a-;-' dergone the fame Fate as the (�rapc�. int'.>niuch uc  have hrithcr.Defetr forS-JDHRer eor Winrer fhc I^^vr*  of the Trees. bc^iQeo fall as in .'Aatcran; lo that i"hc fc^v ' Grapes whicU i�ioaiRii vn^I be bjt ol Ihile ^etvc;. tot  Grapes withootliCAves never mike �>tal Winj. TticSe  are the f�d Eflvifls of sbtj cj'ami'oa* Srafi^i * Yellerday txRbUoufes of PaiSumen: ai Wc{!stlnac' according to their Pro*?>j�a��on, ar.*l wctr tsji^c* pioro* :eJ to lie �4fh of S ptrml^ r nm. Wc hear that tbtir Rnyal HiglinciTo iLc Prujife a.-si Princits ot VVjIe^vfi;! ga tt��r Bi'jtr.iiag 08 n=x5 Week xo Clii f an's commanded by lord PcteiQiijn. la the rz^tx cf Cajtaia V/i!brah�m Sub Lieuiepant Cba.lcs Cha-rcy. 10 be Cusicn acJ Csp'ain, in ihc room ot Capt ji�:ktus. iit>fi/f�'Wilham SiarV. foo f P-ty) to b- Eafg^ io Lieut tf -. Thomas He war.:'} l* of Foot, iij the ro'?m 1.1 RiTi^n Cent>ingaim, ifcc-j>"d. lirfr^n Miotnas fluilcy. (a-i ta!l Pi}} lo be EaA^n in Licuf. iv1;j.'iiy"5 601^* t^alio 1 a on ihe C01.^ o! Irda-a* haJ Dean and I hapfet PjuI'i have C()l'4tc.l the Rev. }�rrc �r!-vi M ,\. tTicrel) IJn? Week JevcMl j-riiitcd LibclWffe a*".;*'.! in the Citv cf A'cUminJltr, rcfle rf�lst- diH. afr-d fiventy, at h'� Lodj'ing* at ^a^--^is. n-ciiu* Cucnihgt n, Kfqj of i^lirl-Slric", I. iter !r� frn fiiliN / Yc:*e \ dxd Mr Thomfts ManwsMrvj*, ,it Hoetc v\ ;,i!i:t'i^'ow, �i cmirtent Niereh,4ii� rf (hi� City. �>n 1 utt'Jay Uil di-J, at hi. lloiilc irt Cur Street, \\.-p-M-g. Lapt CuTWard Gi.tllfy� llroihcx of Capt Johlt Gi.">." ey Co Wccnc .l�V a Boy %vho WS5 holdinp ft ti-e AjT. inb'y Room at H.vnp;\taJ, recciv'U a Ricfc, wi* fcill'd on the i>pot Ycilcrdiy Morni 'g s Mnh, faie! to be i\ Plumber'* X.t-hojrcr, wis� 4?elcfietl id llcafiiig the C\�ck.�. Lend, ^s. f'Oin the !r.habiiant� iq aad about Wood-Street, that werii fia'd to the main Pipe*} he Wi� cAiried lo the Cumpte^ ar>d ibc fjnie D.ty. committed to Nc'wgntc by Sitting A'dcrman.. . Tiii* D.-iy the K?akfaf\brj fornictjy meti;�dn�J wilt be ciccatcd at Tylwirn. - *' . �� 'Carurijn'-;, JfgiJ H Yefl<r<I�y,, the I.O'd PortnciorcV Horfe Uthf H � waln'd "over the Coarfa on K.irh�ml�iJ�^WK!ij for h=� :,!iKrty*.s PiatC of iCOlt. GTi^K Jr'^jrr^^ '1 Oir-^Vc^JnefJay-TJlJv-aninll tv'**|iircrr' g Men j the Wopicn. had .haffJJom* : i a':an,i Gloves, and v'j* Mtij Glovcriani K�- will iiuf, ifoycral, jie�y %ing*. {, 3.Jr. Trntlievj >lr, iiniio. uppoitcd b>U|ad� wjrd^fey lU^iKcif ojupma* th*5 rersjr.rJ in rr.wii; in tJul/f , nrtd rem �n"� fUWi, tUU I^vcJ^;ng, iviU be f-�-er.^l new iVrfr|nn.>nce� by M��uf. Tntitcy and .Mr. Hei^l'Jck, and tcvcral hew Dance* by'Mfi Jfte Grh- Mr. Rookcf astd NSjff Agnett* wi Tn-bli'ig. by .Vir. Htndrifk, Mr Mi'.t*. audrihcis To wbt'ch %�'itl b�ad<!ed, vynvifun IJol-day, or H.tiK<|uin at Gieeiiiv?icb- 'fltii!'"Wli<i'e to, ccniLd; uitii iJ.e Triuirplii (f Peace Klicli rcrfoii.tb 'cz J-<3aii:Tc�i for a j'inl of Wine or Putich. At Sadlcf'rW.Ps Iflington, this Pvtn'i'g Will be f rcrritteJ an Kntma iimtM not pfr.foim'd there ihifc twenty Yfittrs, tjH'd the na<l,ot'� ProgreU The whole to cnnclu^f with a grand RrpTefeiitaiion of Rdnclag.h-Gafdens in the Kfa^* rrr tho- were dccor.And at the Jubiloc Rail. To'begin at Five o'clock i.acU Pcrfon to t� adniiucd far ft Pint of Wiue or Puith As feveral Pcfip'e that keep Mufick-^bops have printed and ivrinra out laMe Cctpie .v).j.:iy , bfl.> lUiio. a on ,fce Coi.-t o! um-v^ iuJ i direct. pr^,Kxeicr.J*fhangt! in the Strand, wh"CJie mutinied, killd Capcim t^;=c .u.� Oji.-�^ ard , iuc� . RoctietVr Msi of War �a� barcL'd at Cjni!n.4aJ of her is gi\x.a to Capt Ve-fUriav ilie Drptlo.d, a-ul the Phil.p Durell. Yelfcrdjy the WiM-.iau and Mary, boand for Nova Scotia, having on board a great Number of pAlatiae*. Uz for ih.ii Sculcmcnt. fell doAo itt^ River, m order ta ^to-cccd on her Voyage, where !hcy wili be foiiow'4 in a few Days by-fourteen Trarffort-*. J,ail Tuefday Ni^ht the Atilirs ended at Lewrr. far tie Coji'iy of SuflTe*. waeo the ixx fuI!o�sin}( Smttggicx* rc-teivrd Sentence of Death, vcz Kdniaed Richards. (For ifc� ba:J>^ruut Mnrderaof Wdiutn Gailcf �c4 Dtaokl CMtct ; Cicprgc Clupiaan, and jaiacs Ooitfalc, for ti�c |4ur4cr 1 houias Canwctl, a Rtdiog Oftocr of the CttllMas, ta tbc Year 1740 : Capt T&tsmaj Holraan. joho Geermg. and Wiltiim TrQwer, tor ([h<!r �4uidcr of JkficltacI B�ib, a Dri^oon, OB the 4ih of Feb �74| At the Time Mr. CtwfwctI vrts a Dn^^oca had n r.c:<en Balls lodg^ ia bia Body, bat recosrrc^. Yedcrtiay Joho Drury, wbo was camcul from Ncwgau I.i<l Surure'ay. in order 10 be aa Ev^Icmc �ainft ChapoMa and Double at Lcwvs Al&x-s. via bra^pit bock to ibc lar.e I'Uce. ijaardcd by a Party of Hnlie. Lilt 1 r<vi�y Eveniag UTtUiaai Dnuy. a SflMfglcr, mmJ L'oiKc ot tikc above Joha Onsy. �as ofcca at a VtOage in tvtr.t. and WC fccar lint be is Idwairitie adMtBd aa i 11.. lUv. Dr. Holcoari^ bavisg rc�pi'd tbc RcQory of S:. Linut GiaccchofCh ttad St. Lcoaard Eaflcbcap. tbc t in Cake* of a ^ropet Size to tp.ike oue /Weft each, '^in u(b<Sca Stock 11 f. Ditto New 106 J 8ihs a 1 half. Bfnk Annuitici lo; r4ih a toj a i8ih. ' Ditto 1747, no Piicc, Ditto Lottery t747.  { Bank AaauitiBt 174S. 106 t Sib  ic6 Ditto 1749, 106 I 8ib a ic6. Three per Cent. Ana lities 100 1 8tb a I 4tb. Million Bank no Price. Equivalent ao Price. Royal Aifurancc no Price, (^ndott AtiTarynce ao Price, Eoglilh Copper no Price. 8cve� per Cent. Eoipcror*! Loan no Price. Five ner Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 51. 12t. 6d< Prvm* India BoMb 4I 4*.  4<- Tbrce pel Ccai. Excbcqacr Order, jl. Difc. _ . KBNSINOTON TURN PI KB. ITH E Troftcw of the KenOngpon, Chelfea, rCMUiiMra

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