Saturday, August 2, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, August 2, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 2, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifer. ' WEDNESDAY, AuotJsT 4. i^^J fkdl, July 3,. IA ME down and ftird, the juHui Cxf�n Willums, for jhc Sireight*;' tbe Molly, Franklyn, for Carolina. Arriv'd.thc Li%-clyMan of War, with (cvml Tranrports, from Portfmouth for the River. Arriv'd, tht Muf-gr�v^ Walker, and the Providence, 6t�wart, both from Dublin; aud the Neptane, Finch, from Virginia --'--in �ve Wecki, who ill L�. 4^. �o. {poke wiA Ae MmIoIU. John Gale^who kftd been out Oa*� X 9�i^ ^ mtStnHtt Ptr/m at tin  Tbe Afair'aT Rncwiag the Traiy orCdmneree be-� twm A��aiidilwlt�|iSbtkk. k. it la faid. in fik-falr 'ii'a W� oif bdatr^idgrf^eardHrtbcif High MightineflWi  hanreoMMg^t fit to feed beck Mf.deLamy, who, it was  tkboflK. was dcfigaed (A fejwljr tbe Place of the CotiQt  dcGmsfrdd at SeHbi. It� faid, diat Mr. dc Uttej � kss kjtd the Addicft to Tender the Miniflen fatronri^d*  with who* he has treated, cfpcdattx fincc Mr.'de Rotfin*  has BOibcc0 of their Namher : So that if Mr. d* Lartjr  iotttxn tkMrnOf coadude thia Bafieda. Mr. LviU*** - mm de Bcfkcnodc appoinied Atabaffador (o Frtmdt, wil} � fiadMcS of tbe Difficulties removed which flood in tb#  Wff of fiaifhieg it to the SuttfafUon of tbe Sttte.  Thoe are. however, fime People wiio doubt, whether  JNf!''''^!''*^^"" which aiipcsr at liic Coart of FroMtt, fi Anr are prenmded to be : For, fay  mft thtrc|t�M*Aem with theonirearicd Meafuica  which thqr arc �iinff for advancinf their Commerce ? * a^,^j^ 9. like lail OrdonMnce pnUilh'd befe If the Siaae$ of Holbnd �f the egth ttJvAf, relating to ^ p�TifioMi Tax. has had die dcfir^d JMUt, and giyatly �iHBd ihs iiiada of tbc Peo^ei and k h aiKiy'd that tbe lems gooa wiiheat Oific�l^� and �iUi r4�i a vcf/ i^piaaof Mmey. JOigii, 9. Wc hear tkat AflUri dill coacinoc <� the fmm rootiiig between tlhe Courta of Lrfindoa and Mrind. Th�latBarcoafca�i�otbe�accqtion isoe of WaUs's Cap. and at Woolwich th* Boat of Mr. Bdhoefe, buSt' ax Lambeth for that Purpofc, w^ a Mile bcfone (he reft; tbc three next were, a Polkitons CV.iiet, a Giavcfcnd Boai. and a Wivenhoe Boat,, wiihia a few F�ili:�5ii> fcaie of another; the next was a Boat bclorig-iag to fcJr. Fhiiip} tfcc Grccnhith Boat, Mafon's, and t{ie othcn, went confedcraUy behind. It wa� almoit a perfeA C>iBi. Hi* Royal HighneG the l>ince of-Walca. with �c or Ikrco o! Lit Attendaius. in his Chinefe Barge, and tftcRoAHT!* in-Chinrl'c Habiri. lay by or drove gently before Ikes, and a Ciotvii of Boats about him^ whofc Profile frc^ocar-y tiMzxa'*!, on which Ocrafion he puU'd olFhif (lat. Sevaal Heafdie Yacfais, as ihcy came aloitg fide his Barge, calTd for \\t Boiilc or BOw!��nd drank^to his HcaUh. When bis Ko^al Higitadb casnencar Woi>Mcb, hit Galley (Ir/rcch'd afcrM!, uior<icr,aa1ti: fjid.iogo.teLord BaltimorcVScitt ne^r ExiUl Ihcie was not the IcaA tbo' tba River fecasod to hi ox^piud with failingVachti, Galleys, and faull Boas. Lord Bahimoie's Yacbt, which fet out after then. fcaiiBg liule or ao Wind, went about half a League, asd tbcn gac agaaji4�� A� Kcatini Shore below Bidck-wall. The girat t#faw^' of Raiu which happened for Qaaricxs of anRaur before (hey Parted, aad feat the Coa^wny who cuane to fee tbc Diverfioi), Urooi tbe BUdb. assj o5 ihc Wmtx'. into HguCev QcaTad 00 (heir Sianiag. fa thai i^itb ihz tbe fi|i�^iof� had a poA agreeable Arciooon. The Philip Afld MsTtha. Capt. Trofman. ffia Barba-does for Mo:th Cctahaa, foundered in her Pairage ; the Ckcw �ns happSv i ivcd by the Phscaix, Cape Brown, bound f or MarUcbcad from Dafb^idues OnMoaday b^^ Giate xhc Duke of Kewc�ille. and tbe Rt. Hon Hcory Pdhun. Eiq; ftt ouc from his Scat at Ltai^OKiat in Suny. to his Scat at Molland in Sulf.jc, to he prcicnt u tbe AJb/.�k ani Races at Leves, wliich begin (he 4ih aad i(tfa toftani, osd (c;u{a back 10 Claremont on Soaday Mki. Ob Mosdsy lai C^ Charles Hardy was ct^irricd at AwUey-Street Ct�pel 10 Mifs Mary Talc, only Daughter of BanholoMcw Tate. Eiqi of Dctaprca in Norih^mptoa- Ycflerday MV. John Herne wai anpointol TrotTarw to the Middlefcx Hofpital for Sick and Lame, and Lyinf^B Women, in the room of Mr. Arthur, who hath refign'd. We hear from ScatbOmttgh, that a few Day* ftnct Ifiiac Green, of the Coontv of Lancafter, Kfq, a Gentleman foflefTed of a large HtUte, dropt ^dowa dead in an Apople^ick Tit as he wis flcppio^ into hit Coach to go down to the Spaw. As he died without a Will, his Fortune, which is up\vards of 904001, de vol vet to bis two Daughter*. On Thurfday the 27th of July died of an Apaplc-^ick Fit, at hia Seat at Leigbton in Bedfordfhire, the Hon. Charles Leigh, ohiv^HalTy lamented, as be was defcrvedly beloved 1 who worthily teprelcnted that County in feveral Parliamenu 1 A Gentleman jaftty remarkabis for aniient BritiAi Uofpitality, the dil^tj^Qiihing Mark of hli Family. A moft facetious and entertaining Companion i PoUte and WelUbrcd: Of exvenfive Benevolence and Charity.: A ihining Pattern of Conjunl Lore and Fidelity -. A Bene-faAor to the Clrorcb: A Lovtr of his Conmry : A gene- roaa and fincete Prkad, poflefs'd of all the amiable and etyngittl.Qttab'ueit, whidi complete the fine Geatkmaa, aiiSadararfo^JUfo' Ctafk u cbofca by the Corporation of the Tri-ni^-HAuiie. Depety Madcr of the iiiiic, in the room 0/ Caat. S;runoo j tnd ia a f�w D*y� the Vacancy of an ifcr ia cLc iaiJ Corp^mioa will be filled . YeOctiiif MoialBt, ^htMi'mf o'clock, ttvo Hdufei fell �le�^ Hi BttM C�i�!t, Bbtk.Pryan. bat bappUy ao Peifai wo fc#4 jfogjl 1 oU Man and hs Wife who lodMLui IMtilMK^ �|Mof them (bul cbuli not be pr|ev^*d on to, �r i# amr fovwra) great Crackt aad Sbiven iirent petvttf'd) Ml imr* iridi the Hoiil^i the Woman wiu ondar li* Hllibiflt itot Time bcfora they cvMtd |m,^r o�M^ lite^i^ iot mnch broifed. OkImn^^ f^tty^dght Tiihea O^VMRrr,*WwlpHn^PV i.VinPV^ww iBaa^s �awaww*n �^����Havw*' Oa lliiif^ltt^ who had come from ^t^atletdln tM'^m|gt*'GNtl^ to the Bta� Boar Ion in Wkkii$mii, iiid Wf�'waiting diera for a HKkncy Coach to fif^Mrio HoIbbtB^ Md died immediately. YeAM^ Ivt^ AiwilMl-� Lad �amiing on the Side �r a LMmt, to fe� tiiii Bii^^ the Old Swaii. /dllAM the llitriiriieirliOflidaa,*6rMg�. �od the Tide running ttroBg, canled Mifjk^jic dirough Bridget-fore any Boats coald get fo hi^lMBiance. Oa ili^it^HlkK two of dM^Ha^ey Stage-Coacbet wan retwal; Olio oil C^br^n-Hetb, and the other in die taMi near Mr. Watd'a lioi|fe iKMh by the fame Man On Monday Night |mnl nrfoni dr.fs'd in Sailors Hebi|i auackVl diirer* fMbnt aear'Mothcr-Rkid.Cap*s on tbe Hunptlead Raad.i they ibpe a Gentleman's Coachman, who got from dMn with the Lofs of hi* Coat All but one Sleeve, and receif fng feme Cut^ with Ibeir Hangen. YdhMday aMia committad to the Gatcltonfe by Thoiaas Ellys Efq; of New Palace-Yard. Wcftminller, TItomm Gfcen and 2achariah Hardgrove, for ftealing two Shirts and other wet Linnen from one Humphreys, a >^a(her-womao at Chelfea. Tbe Shirts were found oa their Baicks. As was aifo Eleanor Wiltisms by the Ame Gentleman, for dealing two Shirt* out of the Houie of John Noycrs. At Cupe'** Gprdett|� fbe Entertainments of Vocal and InllrumenulMuiidc.wHllNlcontina'd this and cvay Kvening during the Remainder of die Sumoter Seafon. I'he I'lri* works are entirety new. and Neptune, by Dtfir* of grca!( Numbers of the Nobility and Gentry, wdl this and To* atdrrow Evening pracced ia bis triumphal Chariot, drawn by Sea Horfe. from the Grotio, and fet fire to an Arcbimedan Screw. Ai the New Wells in Goodmaa's Fields, Uil* Evening, will be feveral new Performances by Monf. Tartfcy and Mr. Hcndrick, and feveral new Dances by Mr. Joe Gra-aier, MifsGraaier. Mr., Milar, Mrs. ftldss, it~d others. Mr. Rooker and MifsAgnetia will fing fsvtral new Songs. Tumbling, by Mr. Meadrick, Mr. Tartfey, Mr. J anno, Mr. Miles, and others To which will be added. W hitftto ilolidavf, or Harleqnin at Greenwich. The whole to caaclude with the Triumnhs of Peace. Each Pcrfon to be admitted fora hot of Wine or Punch. At 3ttdler's Wells, Klingjton, this Evening will be prefcntcd an Enteriainmeot not perform'd there ihcfe twenty Years, call'd the HatlotH Ptogrefs. Tbe whole to conclude with a grand Reprcfenution of Ranelagb-Gardens in the Manner they were dceorstcd at the Juoilee Ball. To b^in at Five o'clock. Each Perfon to be admitted fur a Pint of Wine or Punnh. The purging Water lately di{e�vered at Ki!bum, near Hampilcad in Middlefex. found by Experience of great Niunbers of People to be good agaiaft Sco/butick Humours, Pains occa&on'd by the Gravel, and Diibculty of making Water, is fold at Mr. Eyre* Wa:erWarehoufc near Temple-Bar, at Mr. Davis's in St.Albaa's Street, and ?[94r. Brodcrs's in Bcrry-Sircet. St, |ame*'a. Toprtveni rauds in future, all Verfons that go 10 the Well fo* it will -have oriatad Tickets-deliver'd, wuh^he Day of theMot^b and Number of Qiiart*. Great Variety of att Kinds of ufcful and ornamcial fecoad-haad IHaie and Watches, at Prices cxcrvntcly low ^ alfo much'Cliaka of large and fmall new Pktc, i.hafc ps h > *f printed, the Publi�k artU be able to jaii^e U t . . i , y hare beta itapos'd ok. For'thc Publiek Good, and In Gratitude 10 D t thai mike knoien. that fnr icvetal V.-ats t >>K� t*d undir a Violent Rupture, m�'c !l*"c of 'ftiiffes a��<l ewry other Appljeation cO^nmoflr rccork-mrsMied in tht* mclan* choly Dttorder, but mrt with no Succ<^fs; tii) rtc��aiircadcd to thi OoAot, who, by a Courfc of B*r.dige^ ptcvtiar td i imfelf, and other Ontward Remedies, perfv^Vv ciue gn of Sitnoa th� Tanner in Long-l.ane, Soutbn.^rk. �h�re t ha�� befll feveral Year* an Oflicvr in the Kacil'e oa Leather. Gtrea under my flaad. Job Ta. kef. The JX>aer. for thd Conveaicncy of bll City Patients, gtvet Attcntiaiicc atl^ C*harabers at Mrs. Acott*s. a MiiUner. Ia FuKh-ljti^' every Tacfilay aad Friday, from Nine in the Metiu^ tilt Two^ and efcty ether 1^ at his Houie in So^thaaap-OT. S rcct, Co��at-Gatdcn. At each Place the Po6r wc t�r�4 JofiiDh FJefcjMf. of teadenhaU-Siraii^ 4,�odan� C�mI^ "HigKllfhter at io;i^.\Mg^t#Bi afteir � �� tfc� J^ornfag, jad |� i�lt# � in tha Afa^iieoa. Veacni^y BankJtocktlHM i}7 �4dii4t7. iadiaSifidif 1115. SoaUi ^ >^<. QMt. fhis Dor is /�WV, * fie Seeoit^ EbiTt^M if , XHE ROYAL ARMCAN: er� M%�ri ter�4a^ aaiRetettUhtlwsvt �a,li*M�r(d�K�klMMwWMtI AM hyhi* MWr ie^Ca|ed��ie ' ^W*;SSfi!*^^ hum tliiim, 'u4 Rewewtn has* la.gitfaai* l|p*%'t^>e Hewapaat. itb fntrti HUtosM Ktnaria Ww* CswdM �f iht BWrM NMioni whsfeSdHcAs fsaiMat diSi^ lr��Mdiif visAae, A UKkrfbsn the lAmher Wa PW�� �f i�Knrt<Mi. I* lUitnMt (a (otM wNu: rn(.CI�to i arf W.|%.t. la Ml hir> ^- ofarttn's Lsat. >tot�. this is fiitw'd In tbt Hatt Bseh, and alaisw any Psr.t of it. �iU b� jSfdfcrvrti. ,. .^^ Tp t^ie wonby Livci-ymcii o^cheCity h.e� IMEMiST FOlt m GiNT i.9UeN. yLroVR roTgs, 1 dr/r'J/cr WILLIAM WinTAKER,EfiiJtei.Cbmmmdaai A a o STEPH.THB0D.T.ANS5HN.//^j^/a'.M�Wi**iiw�r. T� It Shrift a/t^t Oif mlCitotty tfhltdJM^, firtktr^ Noir, ^ EMIitmjixia h $ti$ D:>f. fo the woritKy Li vcrymt^n of the Cityvf Ifjuim* GlNTteSlBM. IA' AmficMT H tht MtMrtifiisfitt im t!tfiini0f*$ l^u% mti alft tht fUrmtir � Mi-^mmur-D^ pjl, rit�u>g t* ttt htm ttecTimt tm* tf] Jit forth FJf^ tUM u jiM*^ m Mtm *-mmtiadJt f �n�llri W ae d Qsj 5*ri.> ��� MiJfmmaur lafi, tmd ii 'jk it Lit, tbt B^mad.. _ 'lo the worthy Livery tiutvut tbcCay ut LhsA:m. G r^N T t a < a M. Hjll^lKG MrmJ im tb, Dj^V rafiri �flhtyj! if 'full, ^u' ^�jr Pulif n frtftr tt it titihJ ta tb.0 Oj^te e^Jto t./t^^'t^tJif iK.iMirogiHg^ Entreot'bmttMti m tb* l.t'^nti ^'tbw O> By '.11*/* IhrtAiam tt C varc-aur M ttr f^f^ If^rf urw ir({tid aiar tbt htmMatt, btisg < to Fttf tt Li^t ; I'l.i.eit/j-fi.e Ftet in Bnmith t�it� tbtEi%ifr. Kl^ tDalftr tbt Jafumg tbt/jrte t� ftntt-mt ^-yWt hlM tht S',nigattoa tf tt^ Bii-^r, t^ituragt ttbt* Poylr m Wm^;* tit /lit �iutatirbtHtmt4, oKd im tit f-^t U tbt Wmm tf Samthtit if Frttmen, -i-ij �*t tlitir Lt.iitlm^ Ijf \ttrhtt^ Vittkin tbt ( iij, f A BROIHi-R LIVERYMAN.

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