Monday, July 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, July 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 28, 1749, London, Middlesex HE SdfanM. Kttf*,Ibr Nc^fbtnd-land, h AiTd, witli thi Qaeen cf Hungtry, for Majorca. ArHv'd. tlie Mediterranean, Dean, from An-tigoa. Wind S. W. An Extnt9 ^ m tttttr/rtmm 3fa-tijtrate ^ AlilTBRDAM. iattd __ Jtiif 19.  i be MmtUeri oi S�tc in mote ftotopesh GabiiiMi  than one, are deliberating and ccAiAil^ng. whtlher it '* would be univerfall) benchcial for the CoiCilrs of Bar-� bi< v to be entirely extcroiinatcd. Tltt petty States of  Itdj KTjuld gniti infinitdy Utcrebjr, BOUiuig would in  thai Cafe l.iudcr them fiom fcrfoing titrftufincfs of their  Qdjuitnerce nccording to iLcir own l.ikifig % and they  would gain the Advant;^e which thcSubjcAa of the Na-  tioni in FricndOiip with thefeCotfiuia tnp, who atprt-  ftntOfry oft almoft all the Trade in the KtMt&rmtM t. fioafto's grey Colt, got by Sedbury, four Mika. for 2co Cutneai, hailf Forfeit. In the firft Week of Odober next, at Newmariiet, the Duke of AncaiicT is to run a Match againft the Earl ^ Fortmore. The Duke of Hamilton one againd the Ear] of March. The Earl of March another a^inft Lord Egiington. The Earl of Portmorc one againft Mr. Greville. And Mr. Lcathes one againft Mr. Blake. Uft Week Philip BrunOicl, Efqj prcicntcd the Rev. Mr. Thomas Bowman to the Living of Bowes in York-Ihire, vacant by the Death of the R'v. Mr. Taylor. On Friday lall one M.jfes, a Poliih Jew, who ufed to travel the Country with Hard-Ware, was found murder'd on the Dvik^ns near Salifbury ; his Box was taken from him, and other Effedls to the Value of 1501. By fome Wounds be appear'd to have been (hot, and being a flout Fellow, 'tis luppos'd hi) nuking Rciiftance was tiie Occa-fion o( his Death. ^^^^ Yeftcrday were cnntmuS>to the GatehouGr. by Thomas Ellys, Efq; ot New Palfcce-Yard, Wcftminfter. James Mealc and Richard Rolph, two Drummers, they being in Company wiilt three other Drummers, going in Oilguifie .about the Streets at Midnight, by turning their Coats ia-fide outward, the Lining v^hrrcof wtic b'ue, and with Handkerchicis about then fsCks, and lutic Hats, endea-Vourinjg to api^ear like Sailors, there ail.t.:lung. bratisg and abufing the Watch, and many other Pco, le. and committing m^n^ urcr O i,-c anJ Mif.'r ncan.; On Tuclda) Ni^^ii , abo. r ! oVio k .. O-ntlc-Bum was attack'.! in Lcade-..^.!. .;vv) vrcic in^k..^^ ^.1 >viUi ki� Hat and Wk. bat Mag tlo^y V^'^A oae oT tlHrm was tikca aadcinted t9 the Wttch-|lbure. fboa after was fcftocd if leweal of hia cmi Gimg. who carried him 6t[ trtm thence Ihroaj^ Cttmhill �krkh Acclaauitinct. YcAcrday Mora!af eariy two Men in Sailofs Tlabkt robb'd uDWaida t)i a J>akcia Pcrfoas hetwtca Kewiof ton And Blackmaa^im^, Southwark, from ItBeae of whom their Wkle treat CollcAions. Vtrcdaettwla the livening two Fdlow^ drdTed Kkc Sailotf, with lnad|eo�t, attackrd a Gcfltkmaa at rcckbala Gap, and cdmaumfcd hin to fiaai and ddfvcr; the Ge�-Uetaan ialbotly jyi hoU of Mt of the FkUow-s Arms, and by a fodden Tttift diQocatcd it. wh'ch M* C^-panioa perceiving, eadcatfotut'd to aadkc off: hnllevcral Perfont coming up to the Geatlcnaa'a AfiftuicA Ikey Ktft fccared the Fdlow the Gcatlcawa had hafoic feiacd. aad tJMa went ia Purfnit of the other. w^OM tlwy fooa tooks ari they fWMi both brodfU Yaierday yhmt%itu� tha ^i^,'?S%''*cfRi% AM IMW lie tMMt fcvcnlTftaritomVith SpUiiRf^ liiHiVwaGibMltari Thry were twtOuy-One Ihjt, tm Jwif Fhjligit Smm of the Soldiers have been out of Bwglaait aMr l�*taqr'Y ecn,who are all loli)��Mca�iAoa bv*dtfM>Cheflcr-iielo Man ot War ia the HaHiMt iiii'MMaift{. Itea is no Reprice for imf 6T tfiwi .^yCt Ittiowa. -OthSuBd*^ the Pifiih Church �tf W�ft>f!ink, lia the Cooaty of Kflor, for the Beaefit of the Chaiity Clllinat behmging to that Panflt; inatin the MotBlag >^ dw Rev. Or. Simpfba. RcAor of St. George ia Mkhttcf�4 md Uawcr <^ St. John at Hackney; an') t&e AfteraiM by the Rev. Mr. WitigSeld, hi. A. the Ririit Hon. khe Lord Mayor. Viear of TahiMtoi^ �ith & Churl of Rcveliiock at^ipcx'd* iatheiiAuniyof Dcnn, aad Holmtaler of St. Thomas� ifnfpitaL At Cuper's CwtfUcbs, the BatiMtdaoMBta of Vo l and Inilmmcntal Mufic will be ctoatiaa'd the remaioiac fait'of the Seafon, aiid great Vanesy ia the Firewsrka arittl be exhibited every Evening} and, by 0efite. tU> Bvvaihg NeptuiMB wilt proceed from under the Grotto, drawn by Sea H�eie�, up die Cinal, aadJecFif* to an Archlmad^ Screw, and return to the GrottjO. At the New Wclli in Giodman'a Ficidi, this EvcaiBg. wiU be fieveralnesv Perfbrmaaccs by Mo|^. Tardcy and Mr. Hendtick. and (evcral aew'Dancct by Mr. )be Gta-aicr, Mib Granicr, Mr. Milar. Mrs. Mthn� bmI oiben. Mr. Rooker and Mift Agactta will fing �nre�al �ew Sonet. Tombbag. by Mr. Hewing MK Taidity. Mr. I�mo, Mr. Mile*, aad otbcra. T<^phii^ ��iUbe added. Wfeiifa^ Holidays, or HariMi^ at ^ Qnenwkh- TW whote to condade with the Tria��te af Peace- &ch FoftM to be admitted for a Kot of .wiii� or Fanch. � At Sadler's WeUa. laiaftM, thu Eveatng. Mr. Healuifc. Mr*. Smith, and Mift Lowe, wat imm fnmk near Soam i with Variety of new Oaacn by Mr. Hartqf^. Mt. Vaader-floys, MifsBaher, Mra. Hoagb. aad when. Semal near Tricks in Tumbliag. by Mr. Doaumque, Mr. Wittiatnt, Mr. Pedro, aad Mr. Francca. The whole to coadaie with Sdpio Afrtoaaas, or Harle^ua Graad Volgi. Eadi PlrHba. to he admiticd fdr � ?H|I of Wiae oc P^ach- For the Publick Good, aad in piaiitada to Or. Sayth, I thus make known, that for firmal Years I hbtMr'd under a violent Rupture, dtade G9* of Tialfa and every other AppKcatioa commonly rccopaiaeaded ia this neiaa* choly Diforder, but met with no Saoccfs, till i�BMMaead .>t 0-1 j k, ir^U A|ifl >U. niUci tlw BicflUif M < OD. ii�Cb'<^. *a two o( thra Unftnss, d ia foots * cLr M<i.j, *ry<*n  belter in oac Day- X. The SCUR V V. anJ *ll foiu of HU MOCRS .� (� sLe Movtfc. �rc<cr�c d take* ucac4uui} lt< fuaocciConet by tbein. i� cw MctlD.r. - 4. TOE-NAIJJ* whith gru* into the ITefii. U&a'^ �( U� (^�ci, be Clutd to n li�. �nh.ut rbiLBj. i tic Tiuth ol the oiii be mtHn tffoi u. U ! cMMWin the Ici'^ Doubt thcieul. i%wtf. He nxsaii *i t*j P*ii. <J iLc Tw�a Cjut^nj cfon Higb Wtttr at l^ondoa-Bridge ttiit ih: after i tvd after lO at - Navy-uice. J � Mi. K^f^ l..^XjKy J*s># AW�.V, tJkirt #r fif/Hir /'� 'ji iff t�txf mmi� s� fm X/jHith Mtrnvt. thn tiiH  <f ft t* Stfft ^Swvim 154 iimn tht th^t-, tf 418 ixm, 0sJ /h ^m/ium t^ptier'tioid thh-Mitfif, ftifyti, mi^tiv, Utt, Atvsfrtfy, n #r/h m ivh� /^U rntttm AttmiSJt �rv H rale N^tt thunif^ <mi tmufrt^fr'A. Jiff mtl tebnawMt mtit Bki^fvtty Dap ajiar tLt Utiy of Sdik tit O/fl/k JM U fmcftittil, latJ t*<�m tht Pt^^-^fj y�*rOwa. � � ; _ _ .. ^ ,, - ' � XT^I^^C^ hereby �ven to (he Gc^irleiticn, tmum, mm GmpAnT �t<^. I�t� Ukmtini ttt the Princo FMcttth an l EadtMctt at T*n o'Ctotk tn yjLfOm^M, ngiwtblc CO the :/5iclvt:r(fe- yr. niHAerthtf lithaia l|AlallsBt,iaw^ r� the fWiwkk.^nHier mat at th*. , wdW t� tAf�ll <M pwt� M���*W U ,,. WMV then ttt ' ______________________ #'f^ �*��* 1745, to M�fth t74t, Mt�i il�e ItR Crude, to glw jhrfr Mr-Ana AttcnAttee � tVsbcvtl�|�<T, T rrdW; th�ajthIni^ai4, le-twc:>� CMe ^ Threeia'piocit in tke'An�ino�n. tlt�Mi >t thc\Mk�0c^Mi^lii� i It i> thmfott it&xti they ^ift "VtOTlifiE is hereby g1v�n to the Ex t� tt th� femal Pttftni KereiihJ�t-fea�t!6fl'd, w!w Ia4�l� t�)< hip tht Edinbureh, that on tlic.r t� Mr. Rkhiit H�tr (Utt i�!ng fotftrr hf tha fild ^hi>) n lui Onin taSthtiaMBn-Tsverii'.Yiod, Thiirtw-^thrift, they, of eitlitt pf /amlis, OARi>r�:T"i\ 'IVl'LLtkM . WYAT^T, ' ralph C h V ft Clf. K t�; AH tHtm p^ ptJJ ofUl be Jtily snfvttM. lI7HEil�A3 a Butldirg Is inreridcd to be jfW tMQiel in Mirk-Une, tmi tbit tKc Cciitlhiu-n ct>nc<!in*^d VfUl aMtt at the'8i^ Thvern in Wattr-Ltnr,'nesr Tower-Stiret, �n WeiaiSUgrnialL UMisd tf Au|uft, stThm o'clock in th� Afternoon, in w4trt* ratate ProfoCilr, fiwl'4 up. from any Workmco qr Ditilklcti, whs ate r� w h� fftn *t tht H^uf� uf Mr. Vidteni �ivoli', im TMrer-Str�rr, �ny lltr between iht llMtk of tin theAfttnwwB, tilt tht hli of Awitift. -i v mjl^ji iwho arcconccrnM in TupprcMng. that , , lAoaiBelitensakeor fflliiif HHh on . tofeiMMwitilbMM in Tt�fd�v*� Prfj^tr. vin4lntin|'the fclttna of ��* �� that Oiy. which ��e ihiok M tiie nioft bnre-faced Ad�eittfo-wnterOwSsit Oirt ifyciM'd jn Print 1 inU tt the ftTime �r�hr< th�lhtt|[i�t UeafotceJ ta throw tircAtdul of ^!jMf�� �W whtc�tfcBC*if� wl ftllan H8oi�d�y j (uttop miny �^���|ht t, tbtow �tf.y im!i.tsri.y, fty that artTiw^MtObn kiww it to be ino trim, T W. hope, whin thtvalmtiCi |||^ thM thev mSA pot th�it N�^i to tl.elr ooor Ad-vcrtiftawa^ a� wt ham KeMU to thiak ibey ate poor in 8|ri�it, aw) not � VhAa U they wsat to know why we <S nt Infeii our Namn, A �� an to* mmwrxnii to havo tbem Inferted in any Daily Paier. whoever waali to be faither Infomi'd in Relation to thii AffaJrV la B�t �rfb*4 (d call �nMr.|obaCoUlBa, BtMdIa of the IlutGhm Coinpany, iit Hall in PMMin|-Ui>(, whete they may be fttiirieil wlieie any ara3�fanKvfc �^hawRillAJmtifemaMitdcferr'ti MtlllnaxtWcek. HAMPSTEAD ON Monday nrxt ASSEMBLY, tic Screacr Won. LONG-ROOM, there will be an ad wlU b� coatinoed every Monday during T(y Dejire. AT RICHMOND-WELLS, oil Monday nest, the 118 of July, will be An ASSEMBLY. Bach Ccadcntan {wfing ai. <d. and each Lady |i iac-Cr�A I  n�e.'a Street | at the Mojint Cf^ fW<-. Oi�rMaDr.S^aatci at tiij&awii Taeam and 0)<ree^H��r(, La at the Beifeed QJIm-HotU. hi tha f Lattx'mMJSil at the Beifaed Co*e.H�ae. hi the naar*. CjveiK. G�ade.> at ib. Beidb\H dtsOMTan � fe*?**} �� C� h tit ArtiUtrjJG^tmtd, ACup. Value Three t.iaJkonaH.a�.ih*mMa�i�a,ay flwWU � �. Mare TanM(n>w. (be sfth inAanl. Vaeh ^J'^**! L aihh rUia is ta walk fa.r, dMta, be ie no* (�>*� bMb <# V thMlAswTiaM. T� BmI H Haas 'CUtfc.

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