Sunday, July 27, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, July 27, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 27, 1749, London, Middlesex ,1^ The Daily Advertifer. T H U R S D A Y, J u r. v 37, J nr. slip as Wind S. VV. per Inrt remains .AiS'uo, th.'t the I'ati.H' wi o in lubil li-r fairiur Banks of the Rivers Om a'u) (anus lia\e a ik-m i .cd L'o:iic', iiul iD.iUi'lj; li,Cii:liMi fir I'liMiicr':. luvt comtU'.UC'i jycat ()i!r,- ccr\ iffucii to nuitone u c Garrifoiu in tliolc I'ai"!, ami 10 fend out,I'V'HChnii'iit5 ro obftrre the Mo'vir". nl the Tar tar% and oblige ihim to retire the Bounds aflign'd the in. Ltgh'-r, Juy IT. The Mailer of a V'cfltl from I'ort-Mali(>n i>a< t<roi<pht I.titrr'^ from Irip-ily, adviling, that there* arc at pufmi four VefTels at Sra from that f'lacc, who have taUcn four i'ri/.r<, hefidc* the urrccn alrca'.y fent in J mid that ih.cre arc iiv the Kaibour two Jargc VrffeJ."!, a Knganiine, and ci;',ht C�,ill-ys bcfidcs fifteen fmai'cr Videts and arm'd B.ik*. ready to put to Sc� on a Cruize in the Adriatic and .Artliipclago. YeHerday arriv'd a Mail from I'aANCE. Parit Aln-KiAf, Jnlx 28. The Dauphincfs fct oOt on Saturday lad (rom Korg.s, and arrived this Day at Vcr-faillca. The Dauphin came Vtflcrday Morning from Conipcigne, tnd arrived in the Kvening a� Verfailles The Qiiecn. the JfefaffiMju-JUyl thc-JjldiM of France, -came-hack-Uus-Dajt but the Return of the King is not yet fixcii Tli* Count it St. Severin has b�;cn fomc Days very dangcroufly ill, infomuch that his Life is defpaircd of. The liirl of Albemarle arrived here on Ihuifiiay laft, with a numerous Retinue. The Author of a Book, entitled Munnirs, which is looked upon as tending to enablilh a Schilm in the Church, has been arrtlU-d, arid fent to t! c Lallle of V in-C^nnes. Several Perfonr, fufpjdcd to be tl.e Authors of divert Vciles rtfln^ling opon ihc King and the Minirtry, lure been likcwifc Imi to ilie Halt hie. Ltft Friday the Scholars of ih- Utuvcrfi'y bcinp at Play in the Elilian Fields, ijjarr< ih-d with on; <A their Companion.';, i .Ucd tome of the Archer} vn lbs Htad : Upon which thr o'lwrs hxed ilicir Bayonets, gnd wounded {omt of the SJiolars, and took others, WitOffl tbey Carried to th(- Chaclct. Tlserc was found the othti Day, in oh? of the Net* of 8t/C)oud, the Body of a young Girl, who, it is ifaid, 4wmti hevfrlf fome Days iMice, becaufc a young h'cllowj w&onifhe cjipciffed to have met her at the 'I huiHeries with aPoit-Chaifc, did not come at the Time appointed. L O N D O N. Vefterday at the Court of Common Council, a Bill was Otder'd < Y�-ars 10 alienate; the feme o dtf'd in a Bill lor tlit Relief cf the London Work-houfe, for upwarv^s ol zjooI t) be raii'd on the Inhabitants for the Support there f, and feveral Governors were appointed to iiacccd thofe lately deccas'd. We hear an Oliiccr of Dilti.dion h.ij lately been ftruck 6(F the Lift of Officer.'., and is jone to If'ranee, for fome late Tranf.idti.:jns in one of the poliluk CoiMpaiiies. A large, who have lu'cly rnbb'd and infeiled the Avenues to this City, having been found out in a H jule tiicy ulcd in Drury-Lanc, arc alfo moll of them cmbark'd for France and Holland. On iluefday la!l \va,^ married at Dulwich, Ralph Gow-land, ofiheCity of Durnain, fclq, 10 Mifa Darby, cldelt Daugi.ior ol John D.iiby, of loois Cray, in the County of Kent, Lli]; .i^iiuii^ I / rv at'.Lr it s^ai t '.eii'y :o ti'Uo'A Mairi-.i"! i-, was .\ l.uii., 1 Iq, Kcc (ii 'cr � I On MonJa) Ull I. ('il; J whii f'.^i iiiC/, for robwii.g me D>\l-i,in^; ll.n.U at fr'.i. [.uklo'i, I'li.ili Creed ail i Kieiiaid ;\l-;i:l^;i. t(jr Sin ii'^lu.y, ; I'll.ii l' ;^i-i) , J..1.11 l.:.i., a .'.i.i.r, U/t Lhc IvluiJii o( U\. ^ifci Jo..11 :>.>.\said, kr ijjiiii; UtJiKk Jacob llaiie m Sniirim'a Ill t oiiij-ir \ \.i li .u<; otlii-ri i.ot yet I'll.'p. , ^Vi'dum ^:r;|�cl^l, ..i.J )jl.ii I'ryiT a iuj 1 urj-ine, tor fleaiii g a .".uti i ar.'.-ml ; wi.t-ii V\ illiJiu bliel~(-erd an i John livir �v i u- o.'.lci �'� l<i !e njiMp; ;,. >ur.ed tor l.ile, hlid the le't for Fxtcuii. 11, \s.'iuli vvi.l ue i.II i'liJay ilie 4(11 of Auigi-lt. Suil.-.x. Ytltci.Ly Broidtu.,.;. luia K,-k. of Mr I'l-' �> a Uig<- ijj... Oil ^u' J -. in L t.:'.]'. ^ 1. Chaiv;. CI..-. Mur.I.. Sou;;. .N ^:.: , Ogi'..., .^i tta- Ij ,.pt'. r-Altjjiiy 111 Auuuca. ilie :jiiilU'^'f. ;s to be Lang in Ciiaiui in I )".un i'.e.l ro ihe (,alehoi.le by J illn'i: 1: i'..- l ()\a\ t y, n�xt Subje'ls will be hn Ch.irges contr.iry to Law. Complaints ot City LandTat. Poot > Rate cnirruM to N .rtb Pole, an Ifland non fuited and paying CotH, Fdinbvir^h Omen, Pr I. 'inc'j'g : K. Jimes 11"* Tettdernffj to xtn- grateUill Pr--Subicc\ii. and a Cam-- Prof-r bloAirg the French Horn .iiui Trumpet. ,tc. At Wells. Uliugton. (hi n to Ite led for .1 Pint of Wine or Punch A- iLe N AV Wli* in Goodman's Kteld!. ihu Isvet^^ff;. win be ftvcra; n;vv i cr!: rmf.necs by Nti i�f. Tatifey ard Mr. Hendrick, and feitml ricv Dances by .\ir joe Gra-ner, I'Jiii t^irarie',! fir ,>i!'c�, Mr,�. AJiics. and o�ter= Mr. RooKcr and Mifs Agnetta wdl ling Icveral new SQf�g<. �Fu:-?bling, by Mr. Hendnck, Mr Jaitley. Mr. |�n�o Mr. Miles, and tthers f o v/h ih wili be addtd Wsuiun Holiday?, or Harlcqilii^ at Grce- wich The who'e �o conclude with the Tiiumph* � f Peiice. Each Perfon to be admitted for a Pint of Wiac or Punch High Water at Londoii-BjiiL. this Day a: ^1 Minutes af\cr 8. j.n .ihe-Mocping...and-af jXter^^-At N4 ck 116. Ditto Old Annuities ic8 i 8th a i 4th Diro New 106 j Siiia a 1 h�lf. Bank Annuitica 1*46. irvj 1 4ih. Ditto 1747, ic6 1 4(h a I 8lh. Ditto Lottery i747> 105 1 4th. Bank Annuities 174ft, �o6 I 4th. Ditto 1-49, icj6 I 4th. Thret rcr Cent. Aiuuiitic& too j S'.hs a 1 4th :� 5 Sih*. Khl-lion Bank no Pticc. F.q liva'cni no Price Royal .Af lurance no Price. London AITurancc no Price, Eagluh C opper 5'. 5s. Seven p^r Cent. Einperoi's Loan co Price. I'lve per Cent, diuo no Prior Bank CircofatiOA 5I. i 2�. M. Prctn. India Bonds 4I. �o$. a 8i. ^ t<a. for the t E E~^r H, By bit Majt/iyi Ratal Lttitrt Panmt ; R. GRK; NOUGH's Tmaures. _ _i The Pns of whith pfrfirth turw fhc J^i--n'r i� tlw (7�mi, fiftCHS anil p rr;rire� lh< TtE'l'it. rcmlert thnn wiirr.ani hnatitbl, Tlie othri, fitr (mot the lOO IH-AC.�iv� AVjV a * tew Muutics. and in i iurie Tim* Jwl'cftly curca it ; erta whsii mcrt' 1. SoW only by I. J.e�bcij, ji th� B.bit and San nc�r the CJupJfT-ftonfe in St. 5Vul'�,Chur�h-Vara ; auiJ by ihe Aat.H �, T. Cntaniih, Af�)tfiw��y,-n4*f^t, 5tr�kbtc"� Chu-i"i, S..o*-HUl, Uttdxt. Pike tt, ��iith CoUle. CtXiti Ailuwinee tq Mer�.lunti, Cip-�ins of Sh .d )>k�pktr?m, who buy Qyimt fx* v< lelt iip.aia, B^lls 0/ Utrc^liuna cn�y b� hjti in Fianel?, Puwh. or �at <i'h� L�ji!(" 1 he Viftuei of thtU T'nff^ rtt �ic '   wetJ knowa to tht N^M v^t *o<1 Gentry (ind imlrt-d to the \Vcr!d in (.cnctal) to n<xtl ant (-j-htt Atxi^zn-tr.eniiation ta t^is Pjper. .Navy-OfKoe. li�. fjy ^HB Principal OWtirs at:J C^Tmi^iti- < t his Ntrvy gn<t^ Naiitty tl\ c<. hcijarr, [uiv . . I'^llh t �/'..'.j''/-i.ff I f'jr c.vr/''/j.i.ri IK />il, li-.f i.'i::.';\^."i .'.ii > li Iv.m /.�� trit>.^,f^ in I i.i It tL .. i !;.: ('..�t''t, I :h.i. UI i y.t a ("cut -jr .; K .J / .'..-i :,�,)!. I I ; tK)\':i\, i)>( /.././C.v;/... , 7-/, Ai , , 'n 1) \ II I'.jlu.^l .,vr/,.-,/;-t'. ; ,.�./ Mtr,, :tu/ i -t I'ti- l t tl':n!J-!--t s h a'.l. .r,: / f i/f.-n.^ } I �,/ /..-./(/ liif l<inte li'i o� htfjrt liiui /) I, fji .'��.�,,r JiKe ii'lkJ.n'.J. \,r.\ III I ,11 ,'ini.rii .iJ, .'.1 rt'^r i uii.'., art is^'.l I - ft K.I fur ti',11 I'u'i Iv/j-, r t li,rf JL ./u '� . t.'.i ly >�!'� hj '. :\ Ill t . '-llr . H.^iui. lit 7�//y. luir; ,.i'j It i.\. ('...-Iff' II t'r "//i'V Ih, K.,r. l-vnuiir - FLiurr. w.i..o ;-. 'I, iivJ-jI t\ ffiL.:.! -.I Sir li.f.^ I. -V. 0...:... c.:u. 4,, O.J ['. I', i^njt.iui.iw^ li.1i C'f^r.Ill m �i a. ij. ' I H E J ludrrs for re| au i i^. ~i !u~ 1 bcttt*ccii H.j,l.f�"- �..�:'..u.r ^c) ^ O., Mi,i>d*y not. n 111- I Jfi- � Hn:ti�.(�. ,-. ^1 .. Al no.", to lumptfUUkJ �iiU t..c l.c.^Utoui j�j i . tviic VV.iJl. ..... .1.! . "'^�**'i �o �^� Rif!>!uti�M of, a A<m nu.ii vcAil ol the Aldcrini.n of lf���!'-.r�. {'l-rw;< if Mtif J- *ill ft lifU on Tt�(>l^j|f ht >*b of Brt^, ai tht C\ �irr� tHfi arf ("^fL-rrf t.i ir^vc i}>i�r AttfnJ)t>r� ft^c tM KitOiMVf t>sS�n t.M Wit r-!fxr>*. 1 , .> L T Mom if, at "Fit a'Clet-i in tl/t ^Icriin^, /' at this 0^�, the Uulit (t/l'is M.y.i.'i' Burttjtn 3^4 Tcnif tin Dtl^9% �/ � Finjhip, of Tom, lying at lit 'i.?/,.. ,,', , i.; to be fean at this Ojpct nrj th ' ' / he'vie-ivJhy i'ucb P.riviis u ir. t^i:lin,:ii tj .itt.vj '{!� f^id Sale, aii.i hiJfor tbitn. .liia .a si . .i.' 2 ; I ,4./ C.'.:f. er in Praiittiuii thtitta, ii tia li ...... Aj it* V � i it -icv//', lih li.i.i Si-'ipi . lU Part.iaJ.ri, nil i',>m ntt.iij ti't fi.iA ^.lU u! r li ti kr Ai".. tl-.'i'i''. iM.i ^' p.:,'J :, . >l .//.,. rf. /),> of S.ii'i, li.'f D.^uit jL'^ut le fnifcitui, u-.U t-i.^uit the . / /A ('��.>/ v�* OTf.rJ Xfa-V-it, >f j^cfifM ti> tn'�t �i thi Kin'iN HeU^'ill * tht Cv'f;. ' �! Snr-AIVi, JVncbfixh-Stwt. Tuimomsw, the aSlh �!>��-'�. 1! r.Vi o'Ci.'K^l! f�r Methodt M ifvpi^f tS�ir S^iattt �f vhf !i;dJ*itt�. v 'H ^ WiIL-.RK.\S a !\u i'ig is intended to be , �irO r-t !t tha . tinv-jn in WiWi-IjiK, n/air T.wvrt Sttrtt, a."tihk ii� th� AAtrtKiMI^ in ircj-rtV lV-fvt�!s, fraJM up, ficvm �n� WoikiiH-n or lluililH||| wh.> itc wjiiaj u-i �iw inji the lime i lit the mean fitwr tlw S^fl . anS tkiit) n, �tr 10 t* fiyft at the Mouft of Mr. (tkluivS !� i ��et-S(it�t.-at^y Day t ?m<l4.^^, uU the faU ad of AiiguiK' /iy Di/irt of jilt'htl (ieutLmeH and Lfulies^ i AT t It Nrw .\iVcMibiy-itoori at the rhr�!e lamp's 19 Jaauii-^trctt, WfAm^Het, on MonJjy nflik, the jift Ui.iJa.'xV -_-.----------------'----- A B A L I. v( J IJ B I L K J2, After the Venetian Mar.twi. Tti T'Stvi as. I* the Rorm ftom the back Gall^, **ill he tiim'd Itt m TrfV Ott llla.ivnatn W a Cu^ t, wlixh will aiioiil tWo Pcifnm, �r tiot " fi->jl� Priicn n Mi Pre-. Ut.-ifKi tv he J'l.t *ivrt-aj�irl> the fail) Rosm. TIScl>��iT[ t� bt ejNtna Jit Noe o'Cliik at Nirfit > lh< SWtboari cl Ij-tlre anJ iVa uiU l� tpcn'i at Ttn, and end at Twelve, V.sicu TO Kal at MnCirutona, *i tht Camion Tawrn, Chtrina. 0"t"'  it Mr, M-�ra-.ins'�, tht C�rtlr, Charing.Crcfl j at Mr. ToVynftBd't, thf rkauSM Hvait Tamn, St. |anK�'i Stittt i at th* Mount Cuf{^� Hmil-. r Soa�*Tf i at th vial> Ii4ijc3i at Mi. BiKiJt t, ibeOneTua in tlte Strand t at tfie Coc*i-T>ce CtMKvUte tlmtlr. m J^afon'a Court, Charine-Craft { aadiiittlM V�ire Rooart. _ < \ Ttis is to mquaint the Pabliik^ nr*HAT � gr ^at Mt. Ifaat |c�iei'�,at ttie Kins Henrj! iht E^htV* HrtJ B..<tl-^-f;!�� in Vje�i-5t�ee', in ttie ratk, Sauthxratb, ihey wiSI te f <hib�itd afwn iKii Kveninf^ bei.-ig Thaifdav, and be continued �ve aiay, 'nt'.�rta.if Sittirdar, duiiag the SuoifRrt SMloli. S iy new ikII te ittlJb'iH etcry Peirtiifiunre. N.>ti', tmch Pwfia t� lie ailmiiieJ tut Two F�are. Th� Doan ta tt oj>rarJ at &< 'Ciacfc. ' To le VV A L K  I) fir, la the JtttU,ty-Gr9�'!j, /-iiiif�, eti l\taM:/ity ntXt, A Cup, Value Three CJuinca<:, by Mcnt jiV to WJilb r fbieen MiJrt j to p.�y five Sfiillin^ Entrance, on or befiir^ Sjiti iCay aril, 'hr lo.rh inftant. Each I'etfcn that tniern Ifoj rh^i Pi^rr t wi'.lf 'si, tfi�t i�, lie it 1101 tr have bolli Lrgs tflV theCicvedf: Tsmr. t'att �i 1 hire oTIwk. \NY (jcmlcjiun of Ch;uatUr ami Fortune, ��- r f.'SiK T iiw at Pt.-ii, IT.i.) �..!uini'J of ("rrriUinS v;i> a,IV4iiUncou� b> I Xt..j�iv. Bcuiit^'.rt, at the U.bJc and Sun In St. Paul.'i CImtih-VarJ. _\_ . Advtutfcmint to Mr. MeanweI-i.. W: i''.kH.-\S a l-et�cr \ dropt dtnvn an Ar-4 nrir S }-> ^-..ije, ii-i.Jinp t > fiinr (laii-blom U t-J i.^. it tfcev �Jnt H" Di^iOnjiy tii ca-rh; AuTa-i � rf-i wn; ,*.!� �n ..{,. tin " .Mr. M�jiii>fll (m h� rt-- i< r�5'�;i'' �nj r-niir I it .it 1 :-.\ ��urv '1 ^(��irHi.ij-U./Ck, hi Uettst tot... fmf ^fs-n t.-ifi .1.11 Hv � i� li) dvfltf llli! WOtthy .!. M .....(U j.j II..-t '.-/ilrii J.., V.n oj.ik <.ii.- V^ i a^--^-.'^ .i- l^rt Sf!^l.l;. _ -_ ^^^^ BRoke o *T oj the Marlbairt-a-l'rifon lad Week, WIU.!.an< lORB. ivflut Mil, udfactil, uf a Wown Citm- f'-i.rj::. w rixTfut m''^ l.i. hiiS l.^jti, alid hjl lalj' IN' C\.\ntl-I.. lit* Ul..r.tH( lu llie Iiil.ufy M�n >�( Wa(, , . Mas. w , i...-L Ca^j't xj.'.-i. 41, im i.w n li^rk ihmt fUii, aliqut t;.. r,.-; fi. .V 'i I- ^  Mjijcrtj 1 iliipi il.f L^ttif ai.J Comet Bihoib, 1 vv�Jl-fci M. I, ,i  I-.-i!y Cv-Tip!e*i at^ut (ivt F�t 1-11 a t.alf lii|;b, aiie4 ..t t^art., s.a\ |AMtS COffH, Uu U-U.iifinj| li. hn M.,|cirv'f .!! li.m Man, p.:tnj v ilh titc inull-Pga, lifinj uf ..ii..j<� Feci Tc.'i Ii.<|jr. hifh, afrj n^yol twenty Icirri. \Vh.<i<i .i .2.t*;:i (I i Atr, 1 urtiLkeii it.i. Mailltal'ea aturtfai.4, fu tliry tr.aj i.<ai.u3. iLJi. irncjfe Tvko� lui each Peifin, .if ilic fa 4 w MliRE.^S about twelve Montlis ago I i ,\ tVLt :fft \u% Ludsxct at tU Heufc ui Kj.vaid Ri,.^i.-, ien lvrt�:r,i a ClitA .it<) iwe tki.'! fvow: 1 liin^l i� t;.ca^. . TK;� 11 Ki ...cnaint luni^hat unltlj lie frichet iKeni ... '..-a Dili Ir^vE th.� Pul4.wa:..n, iLcy uill tc j,.(HalUil UkJ iglJ, WH I- R E A S Samuel C.rt.i, Hciiryr Bf-ki * � W,J!jr., Sa. il.. A, -Mc-itr.-ti, ..i-K-j i.-i3 i)icii.i.|..t li'^. I .-.i i�^ Maa^ k ^(tice km Mitii.t�y 1 1). t.tvj nut lir...a fC- r, I -i-C. .. fftbir;. irtey iL.'.i b f . f : ;I .: M . Wji.c.rf tl^ih-uj^ hiiri ; r I .J ' ' , I. ,t j( tit- w .j j . ' ri n id tl - Ujli ; . ,. , i. -. ... ; � UI.JVi .ir.. i. . Ill � I'lluir, )i- . - - ; i... .-. I-�� .1^, .. Wi-.. rvli iMil i. J .. II. . . i i '  I, . ' 1.4 1 i.>iitl., Ciui.j I-. r., . !< . � . ... i {,1: 1 tiiuc-ji.:/ CuHt .. I.l

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