Saturday, July 5, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, July 5, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 5, 1749, London, Middlesex Di L Jtltv 3. R R t V E b the Chmriotte, Milkr, from Gotrafcy : the Dc&l Cafllr. I|aniun, from Leghorn i the Thrrb Brottier$. Rnj^ks from Jamaica ; thePembrOkr, OoUivct. from An ii�aa : atid failed. Alfo arnved a PalaitneShip fratli the Weftward, and rcmsi'.!! wi'h the Snow for Gainer. Wind 3. W. jffgitrt, 'fmm o. The Prizes taken from the Venetians, Ma't' fc. and RepuMick of Geno�, are convened into Bomb Veffe's, and ifai!ioB''d at the Month of the Harbour. iRami^tt of Earth are thrown cp along the Coajl, and provided With AniOery. fo that there are 600 Pieces ot Caniioa in Battery there aad on the Walia. *Tit given but, that 300000 Moon froai th,e Mbuntan^ h^yc been catl'd u to the AlEflaace of the City an�i Coali�; iW 40000. are anally ob their llarch. ud a Part of theA irriv'd. ORellting is certain, that a great Number of Moors are AuXj cmpliijr'd 00 the Fani�cattons. LONDON. 1^itrk�Il,^JiJj 4. The King has been pleafed tb gmt tinto tbe ^fght Hon. Goofs' Loni Anfon. the OjSfceaiid 'Place of Vice^Admiral of Great Briuin. and Lieatniaitt )6f the' Admirihjr-tlicreoj^ and slfo Lieuicnart of the Navina^vd Scas^of hi* Majdljr's Kingdom of Great ^fin-r lain, in thh room of Sir John Norri*, Knt. d^cAi^. The King has b�c�-n ple^fcd tO fcr^r.t wnin Wgliam- i. D N E S D A Joi.r 5, 1-4, , I Rowley, Elqi the Oi&ce or Place of'Kc�r-4daiitel of Oreat-Brieain. and of the Adminl;]r the?�^ and Of^Rear-Admiral of the. Narib and Scu of iiii f^ij^fty'^ Khi^-mom of Great-Britain. A Extraa if i Utterfitm Canbridge, lUkd 2. � Agreeable U> my Promife^ I J� 4Mw*-tojp>c yon a ' fliort.Accoaiit of the grand CJeralk^ I came � parpolcly Hi fee ; and my ** Ilagpiificcnce. About ToMte * Chancellor. Howfe oT Ho�ft^= * other OfiMn oT cbti XSiMlA Oart-HaU. 'Doaor.^ lie jaM f, ndii^ be iri� inct Jiy i 'Mailer of Mac! ^HodeitlusGnot^] en* ftHiSiaR of lis A� V.ce-!�, and Jn tho ioluaiGtace the pte'lcfiibd at ft^d'fevrral i*^|bo Steps to riWr. Cliapmin. jiptl^6enate-altended to ^i�ftH>r(} ^Ite^ght; the iccMor bprnip^^ ^ifEncPi..wl eof^cln^'CiuHR-er' under; MldlTumm^r ray tii(l tnA of the Sheriits iicqtt*tn^^ .tit ol hii Ar�,.'p'anc� of the faii Ofiicc tor the Vcar t iiig i iioi lat Green, Cfqi chotcn the fame Day fur �; � oiliei s .iir. has wit yc� dcterniin'd �Vhcther he vvili icrve til  ' .. ^Jfitce, or fine. The l*4,vr of C mmifliot)�r of his Nisjofty'* fevcril Yard� it ordered to be laid afidc, iti, (he CodimtflioHcrs 0> t^e Bo.ird of the fcvcr.d Yards are otUcted to attcrJ their Bafiucfs, in Ordci thereby to retrench the Uapcucct of the Govrrnmcnt riie Prince Henry Man of War, fro* tlie Coift of Afric*. is atriv'd a; Uarbadoct. On rhuifJay the Mermaid Man of War wa� pu; into Comm;{Son, and the Command ihefeol given to Captain CanrbejI. A Lieutenant of Marines, latie on board thfc'C1ipft��rfie\d Main of War, i$ fovnd guilty by the C�a>t >e was twelve Month*.in Xitginia River, b> beating him with hHkkfcnBirobnktnck, of which' ha languiihM tour or live Day�,�n^ then died. . , V -VcSitday^ Firft Rcgimentbf Foot-Ouiirds retlew*d on the Pariide in St. jamaVParii,|#jMi| a private Centiniil bf that Kesiment was fcvdnilv^hiitt'bdrare the whole 6f that Regiment wat fci^yiWiiibt; before ih< Re^imw.t. 1^ falling yli y;, Ciiinthi - On Mor^ Mr Wilfdri, i:o�niMi.eounciKP ha< , - . -.....----.....:^Man of �i�ni:bonrn Mwrd, wa* unaniaifH^ clwtiin Treafurer uf the Londwo-Workhoufe. Yeftmlay arrivtd In LbUlon. fijlui Amijjua, Robm i^^'ts. ntq; Naval Officer VdSWr vere greatly aiarm'd from a Rrport (which'thcji^ Ihy ^�s;^Ot U'uhouc good Foandatiaa) that the M^ftsr of oi�e .i^*thO Huufcs, which .was attack'd by the Mub,;oa Suiiday -^Itght, at-tcmpitd more than once. to tt'tFUe to it, Whieh'might !d (Gml to. the inaabitant*. It.w therefore ll||l;|ii�oiperC�i'c\vii| be iiijt�n tole^iiitiaicfuch '^r^heafroni iii'vibiting thcPublick-^tieiU of li�; : � ' �/ y was married Mr^ ^rajjij^if SfVlto, t6" the rjttf :tt�e fanjoMj Mflnjti�y,i$hiprfai'>icr, The' 'mm ba4, i|Ken for'foMe Years uaif^r the Tuition of .tlaJilcr.'and ha* To gVcatly iniproved him'i'U in of Painting, that hv mav juQIjr U(cal)i:d aM&Urr ft. He Itvei in Old Pia>icc.Yand, WifllnMttttet, Ha�rc*l^^-#eHiv i.'e, Ral^^h Lifter, of Caiclli-sd, Durbajp, Merchant George Piikcr, Lite of NcwcalUv- upon Tync, Br��-er.. Ycrtoidjy 11 ink bto price. Sooch So Stock, m� Pike l>stio iM Annuiti^'*. io<� i 6th a .o Prtit UaAk. .'^attuKiei ^1^(>. no Price l> tlo �?f, i-ij 14th n I ?th. Ditto Lot.CIy i74*i ntH'rive. l^k ARad'ict ^f^9, J65 .�"Sth a i 4ih. Ditto -1719. lej V*;h�i 4{h. I'll fee per Cent .4nn.Mii�. do Pncc. M'Uiixt Raivk, �o iVice ^(^utvaleit, ntv rricc.' Rinal All(nnii:e,nn Price! Lond^it Aflurattce, ho Price. lirflilH C>PiH:r 5! j�. hcvon ctr Ce.vt. .l\(|v|>rrot's Lrt�l^, tto P�k> i-ive ytt Cent. djHO. 719. . .ttjitk Cirt�tat:o , c( I'fv-m Indf* Bundl iil.;A7�. a 191; . Three pert>cnt. li.tvbcij.trXhderj; �l. DllCOUQt.- , ' -^ 'jnjfli K j:.o N D O N M AG^ 2 t>l Et CiutM^int; *m ."P. tht^r.iltric robb*d e Silver. , .^^.:9^y and Saturday hi! a Wcll-drefs o|leiv'd tOi be walking up and do^o Sovii - Mi '"l^uaedi %i the m m if f otct. mmI our conHfet^lif oa kim. arifog froar �>caMM^r red how aau^ %^tf^' advacced by tMrVHii-rcifiiy, tvlich had'jpftly of hi* laic and .pi�-happy Reigns were fipr Learning Arti and _____:e to the ^Sciences', the Glory oJr^|f|||{atioD. and^Compaoions * to Liberty. He concladnl^ith a juS Encomium ice-ChsaccKor icd |^r. O ator. who h>d,fo ' 4Sitfc;futcd tha:.Seiaimeiits of this learned ' ^ Vod/. Tlkr^Wbole coadaded with ail' ffbo. ^ i� Mofick by Mr. Boyce. filie'Bod of Vocal and Inftra-The Words and Mufick were ^1; and vdl fuited to the Occa-wcnr from the Seoatc-Houfc to tpiherc a fplcndid and cLgant Enter-it nia.ftniiddrd /or a moA nnmcroua and polite I am co?�deBt not Icfs than 800 Gentlemen l^e (fall ad the MaOcr's Lodge Gteat Plenty �pi"^r4�afg�niy and ^^et- Amr^i^ in wisich * lu|li 'Mcahhs uerc drank, and Proiperity to Uteta'ture * jp wljunuchcs. Th�.re were Mcfent at tfae Ccscnony a *� jplAlMaaiber pf Perfons of Di^UpOma: in panicoUr. ~ JDNtCeiof Richm nd and Marlborough ; the Ejrh of X/ioi Radaor, H^ili&jt. Taakervillc. and Gcdolphin i OpQff**, Mottfoo. MoAtlWt. &c. the Bdkop ^Ukcala. ChJchefttr. PetctbdrougK and Lou-ry; Mr. fiaroa Clarice. Lord Chancellor's Soo>, * JcAal ButUfgh, ^ir Wi'iiam Yonge, Sir J^hn Sarilte, * &r I'huma* tvobicfdu, &c A* u> itc Ladies, thcic 4 was the iuo3 brlli*m .'%&mb'y yoj can conceive, aqd ! At! greatcft Ncriber of Brauucs in pibportion I ever ytjL % |tw. i hA> Da J Eli Grace the ChybCfUyt went ii; St�tc gSj. Mary's, and Jscarda Scnboq preach'tl by the Rev. r. Grceo. ProtVliier of Diviauiy'i which wa* highly Bj^liLdcid hf the whole Coagte^'ioi|. Mi N^ht a rd Piece qf Mu^ck W*i the ^nate-k, cca>p tig^ly dcUgktcd^ Voors, Its'' ."afic J-v MX a Court of Akkrmcn at Guildhall, |M� I>awat Collyer,- oaa ol the Gcmlcmca iUvfXxi Ic^i aSiQut the bul^ hlf.JavidiyflJoiiaatly laUo.�('dilw: I'cUow into' who fceinf.-h^tji .^^ftijnj i�f;ec i(io�, Jchcw' hilii. hnd' IO\ik;! to hi* HWs.^r�ff-ri9Wn.<ir�^'� Inn i.tnic imp a Court^ which haviiiji no'Thnrouditlrr, he ^Itvn^^ ^ 'the Good? upon I itpj aiid footi i^tcr \va� coininlttVd lO Noivga'-e. YcftCTdity Morning ro n Bar� (hcyhiid wtawb'd Truni thf Cellar Window. Raiofbigh-HouTt'and Gardens wjll be opened cvpry Evening, a�uiual, till iurtiicr Notice, each riuruii pnying One ShJling AdfuiuAiicc. The l''ire t. At Broughtoi^'* A�)pi�>c�tre, this Day. will be fought a fcvcre Cattle, for lol. by Mr kichbcll, approv'd NUiter of the Sword, and la.o VV�rr< r:c the Mailers maunt the Stage. At^aUUr'* Well*, IfliugtOn, lUi^ Et^euiiig, ivir. Hcmlkiik, Mr*. Smith, and Mif* Lowe, will ling fevera) new Sonet i with Variety of new iJances by Mr. Harrvy, Mr. Vanoer. (lays, Mif* Baker, Mr*. Hough, tnd other*. Several new Ttick* in Tumbling, by Mr. i}oroini()ue, Mr. Wiliiani*, Mr. Pedro, aad Mr. France;. The whole 10 conclude with i>cipio AfiF^ntt*,-orHarlcqu1n Cftttd Volgi. Ejch Ptrfun Anccs by k/ionf Tariiey and Mr. Hend'ick, and fcveral new Oanco by Mr. Joe Gra-nier, Mifs Grai'irr, Mfc Mi't'-, Mr*. Milc�, and Othcri. Mr Rookcr nod MifoAgneu^ vviiUin^ fuvcral new Songt. Tumbling, by Mr. Hendrick, Mr. Tartley, Mr. jinno, Mr. Milet. and  thers 'J'o wbich joili be Ndded, Wmirun lloUdayf, or H�t!<q^uin at Greenwich The whole 10 conclude . with iha Iriumf-ij of Peace. Each Fcrlon to be admjtud for a Pint of Wine'or Punch. For Rupture*, and all Difcifq* of the uj^,t''tiiut<r.ii t I4i<tur<*l Account ut itic t^irU'cal .Mltct cf^JhiUiyl <h�t'(irnl nr()t'otMhih|tlir Jit .(lr.>Jbefj(jUrk*eM| Wcelilji journ�l> \ Account o( th� VVl.nIt K>(htt)r t f�. Winwn iAi>lk>uira* |4lMtMM> lion nf Vatk/h iri ol >n inv�rull �i^^laSh M^lll^, tT>J Sl'gjrr* InWi'tif", init linW t iKvut i-. . l^ vi�* l''jN:it* ofV>H�t�y. D-�mtlVLK nd Kvrr'gAOct. tt iKti, l*i\.i��t.<M�, Nt�!�.�|t�'� nt llwiM, u� .Sioclr*. *c. -. ' Pflnt��lt"i'rK.B*W*in jxn. aithrRo t*r-iMii-�.--Il�l�j (wImb u^iy.le )4�rt, < fi^*ir'( Price 6^,) ^ ferjfl iHta rtith^rr^ts' ir'r>y, !i^f.#.� ... Ji' qf iCoawlcitit shil t'IcalW, At, fiW*. tf4f. ChM4y% (in tbH* � Mt� of Utter Href*, ,t(�r�� Uiy(fr^UUs. Inc^ ' \ ' v> 1! �| Th.i^m.ry of All Nation*, hicluJfiiw ifc*.S�t�}����nt of N*(*.^ V^i Soto.' "I1> Hiftoty of tKeiiUiiML Mo.,i,t*in VHiiviu*. A D iTcirstirti on tho Vi*fet'^4 �p� tilMtimr VtilrtWii. . H^mM-i'iin l < �t�<l Totuim. OvnAit(Mtint s ibitciifitc4 |h� D^fV^f $�>>rl3n<l. An Biieinrinr4r�Walt:iaiiyH<i. ht. MttbtcnatidilQAraliMa'' aiu !itiliii , p)itirjl lijLb*rViti�iit� *rd Kr>cnr*. A Song frt to m��i(lti ' P�rm�, Pi. � (.'.rcuitt. 'I'JM liKtihiK^iil of IM Koi^ht* of lt>� Outt*. ttMr^ni knd .I3�iaarci in Avc�l m KiU"!)*. N* rtt!. Ac. Print�4r�r J. Hinum, ic the Kiiifi't Arir t h-oth.Vm^ I LOlMxn ; and iolj by alt tlx lluokt ll.?r. in Cttt ISr fl|rlrrnt In Ihv FuuflK will Ire tioMiOiM.Nn. XXX. Mng the lt>lt W'uaibcioi VuiutncV, Sua GQitiiuu iV Monthly, I'rico 6it> , I J . Njvy OHtce, June 28. 1749. t ,I N'n>fjii-v* l^'atu', tkit enTt/uijlLy tht 6tS '.'.-Jtt .Vi,.tr� /� e'VM in ti<-' MiinhijT^ /Av .t-//tr/w^ lo S.Jt ait tit:t \OJJ!e^^ ffvtr'il l'i.rctli t/'eUi'tortJ, /. i* pWfiij fi'^tr'ii \\.t'nti o/elJlittltti, Ltd nf^irt in /x/i ih'^ ta h f*i/yfiiiif4ij Iffy ^f'^* f^'' l-i'vti^ */� �'i'ci��[t �^ S-i'f. Ani a$ � Tiif^Jtt if ptf i'tot. tr id frffoHkm' //'rfv/j, it hi lit tiuiuU ly tie Perfum xvim jlhJ/ f4inl'^ thx ftH loll, m-Ea/em ivbo/6 II nlteinl fh, JuulSoL- ar^t* t^'it .NV-/kf thfreof anA (cme prrharaifor that Pur^fi ; tad ttnlji ttt , Ultra fo fwi/xiftii jhiul oe />../ ity tf S,j/r, tbt fitftfflt jljl hf firfd$i(/j * 'T^y/f C^iicitht fir /ttti^g ^tiv BiiJge'tk^fr tj-rtii, M ' 1 i'.'r^y ^/'-v'r Ktti;r,.ihut tljty iittctJ tn La foii^ ' Ijttfl fi fwitty-^ne Ytnn, th;ftl^\iHg jL^t, Octultiticn of Mr. Be�J, -..... private P��ti Arnat)d, Mfuibcr of the Surgeoni Company m London, and �>f tke Academy of Surgery at Paru, Author of the U'rcatifeon Rupture* lately puUliih'd by 'V. Miliar, ha* in� vemcd # new kwd of Tiuf , lighter, Uicj, and morccun -'coi^t than any itiihcrto nude ufc ui', �^ �ll Pcribn* of hu Sex afii&tid with Rupture* will arkh>).vledge on (rial thei^ � iMreft 10 hin� at No 1, in Mdr.L.t l-ourc, Bow-itfcct, CoveQt-Garden, wlicre thp Ppor iniv have his Ad-'i<^ gratis cut Saturday*,' till Elevins iu ih.- io canon. S/rjif, out in iIm .hcinpii(ijn of Mr. IJ^ti'li^it'', < eibi^r Oi^j'tui"^, litmf httt'y untenimttJ. 3 AAiipua^r or'ftinMmti� Scii^i^t-fitreii, t� ttf .%'.<-* Liti, ttxrtef, in thlOttupatitn oj Mr, 'ff 'faiL'ijf 4. Juftfungforfiiim^t in PjftJ-L^yfi, tm tltOu^uiii^ ff Mr. Ktnmun, $ti(ff(r, 5. /I Mtffutigi or 'TinjHtPtt in Ri) ifrJjt-Jl*~Che^^ li n of Mr I. dept. tJji Onitfufiin of M4:. Q< CiisHty, (Jittnan^ ic. tijh Strati H,U, in th( Ouufativu uj Mr. [iwi^u a i.-v.*r.r. upatlgn ot air. H ili-im Farirr, u C^.sir-Aiir , afiilhr fuidpi inltd rani Jmi /// Prrfmi tidirif /*r ti* aid/gt IhlPR ROBERTS. Cmf{,t/Lr. S'otf, At liiiii Tinu the drnmittn ..t!I,'ii.t*d Pr /'�i Hh *.'W ILlJft uni.ll ufi^H LunJ.H-iliiJ^e.

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