Saturday, June 21, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, June 21, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 21, 1749, London, Middlesex D K E S D A t. June ai. 1749 f>ial^ June 19 IRRIVED, the Atalwrc. DcAihr, from Madeira ; the Santuel and Ktrherine, Ore, froirt St. Ube's, with his Majcit)r'9 Ship Difpacch. frt)m the Wdlward ; and remain, with the Ships as i>cr UiV. Came down the Elizibetb, Roberta, and the Suranna, Ed4ir3rd m London for jamai-la, in *hc .'^looji Judith, arrived at Madeira tiie 9th of May. WWN W. Jit txtraff t>f a letter from a Prrjim tf Credit M Amllerdairt, dtlttd Jant 17. * We have jurt rtteiv'd Trom the NoMh a Piece of Nc^vs tljat poztlcs the Politicians, as it is contradiAory to othci' * Northern Inteliigcnce. which is^ that ait Order was * come from Utt/tstv to Pe/et^urg �t a Time vlrhcn it was ' JaS eXpeOcd. to Icecp all the formidable Fleet of thci * B0fite, Wen of War, I'rigatts, Galleys Frames, tec. * in a Cbadttioii* t(� pat to Sea opbn the iirft Ofd^, and * 10 anfe more than 50000 Men to' ldvanc� toward* the * Coaft, to be ready to be embarked iit cafe of Neccflity. * Bnt.}�rhap> tkis Order might be tlte Caufe of the Court of SwtJin't approvto^ fo readily of a Plan which had ' been tirawn up. and (cnt thither by the' Court of M^ivw, * fet jc�&aving the DIflibiliies {it reipeiato the Reguiatkm � UmujUtitlmf, New* of tvhttk wat received at the J^fajljjpgjgghjd^olbtf^ This Conj�amt�tfaatu-to-fae * diofirftcdbyM'ivaie Letter* froth PSterJiitff^, which inti-� aMie�d�t1wrIlBperial MajeRy had thoaght ptopct togivi * tl� fiflilbtfff Safoke to W great militaty Preparations, Jb � tftdef tofas&elctri)oihonld have any Intention ofdilturbihg � the Peace et the fi'eftb fee, that the Qrflcrs which tlie had * g'vcn n|ioa he� leaving PeterJ^r^ *vtrc,no GAfcon;\d* ; but they were givea in Reality to -put herfclf in a Con. 'dhtoadToppofing all the Enterpriz^^hich miglu pofli-' ii^ Im oieduated againft her Dominion* and Conquefl*, ' and c�ei| to caity tte TlMttre of the Wair anioAgft timfe 'of bcr MmjhbtMfswtecb fliouM i)ecla�e themfdvcs hce * Ettcrnks: &iA �0 Ae End that might b� fflade . ' k^mt^ (hal Itef Mariat^ {niWch  State, as to yield ' the $ntplr6 of the taltick^Sca t9 Qone< ; thtit Letters add< that, die EnOtarkation will not be] * made ttUiioftilttici be Comniitl^ed: If hoAe Iht)utd hapi * i�en. Uie fleei'VafterWuig inade a .Parade) and'txercis'd-jrheSeameii, will epter again rota the Port* oi .Cotjot 'lind Skkxl. Thefatae Letters further add, that nothing . *w ttore falfieilian the News which fomc of the Frien^* of * Vctdt Marihal Mfunch have Tprcad, that her Imperial Irtajdiy defiuis to recall, bitn 4rom his Banifhment, in 'older to puthiia at the Head gf her Armies; It is even ' doubtfuK^vhether tX-HiJiM he would cKuO: to berc-Cil6id Iroift cfee Waceof-hlsEine, white it'� faid he has 'built himfclf .a fortof Hermir^e. whereto there is a fiat * Garden, which hi:'4ake� Itit-h PlcaTure in cultivating ' himfelf.' L O N DO N. Yeftcrday the Court of Diix.^rs of the India Company ^eivetf the agreaabie � News oi the late Arrival in the Dpwns of the Scarborough, Capt Deverk,nc, from Ciiina. , Tomorrow a Chapter of the Moft ^loble Order of the Oaner will be held at the Pa!ace of Kcftfington, when, ttb aovf hear, hi* Majclty ijrill prefent the Garters to the of Dccmark. Trince"George.. the Duke of Bedford, �arl Gowsr, Earl oi Granville, and the Earl of Alberoarlr. Monday nejct is fix'd for the Inllallation of the Knights pf the Bath 9( Wcitmiiillcr-Abbey. After which the new Knights will give an Eatertaininent to the refi of the Bre-titrcR of that Iloaoarabie Order, and Et'quires, ice. at the I'hatch'd-Houfe Tavern in St. James's Street. Vctlerday was held a Court of Aldermen at Guildhall, i'hcn Peter Robcrti, Efqj of Devonfliire-Street, near l(ijiiopr�.\te, was admitted and fworn into the Office of (lomptriuiier of the Utsdgc-Houfe, in the room of Jofcj^h Pickering, Efqj an > in tiic �a/l India Service, and lateC^ptetn of the Kipgaon Man of W'v, was admitted and fworn into the OfccB of Keeper of GuiidhaJl, in the room of Mr. JNa Cianiid CM'yer. Oa Tttetday lafi Wcdt Dr. Coayei^, Pr. Phcttrn. and Pr. Oix, were adbuttcd I'dloM of tho Royal College of Phyiiciaiu. Titoma* Philipfon. Efq: is appointed by the Lord* of �4>e .Admiralty CohtnUnder of the CroWa Matt of War. Mr. Tkcophtlus 'i'hoip i� appoiaied Capuin of one of fteCuHwilwufeCniirerVdrebon tb*(;'wirof Sufcx, ta he To*� �r J�n^Bkh�A.t^eeeai�l. .^iag Co let out fooQ to> France. The Ki^t Uon. the Earl i>f Granthitm is dangeroufl/ HI at hi* Houfe in Albemaile-Sirect, On Sunday Morntag died at Beacontficld in Bucking-JUraftire. 'I'homas ClaytOu, Cfq; formerly an cniincut Pry-Saltcr in fhanies-Sircet, . ^�eilcrday Aiti _jrjho Cooke, Efq; at bis Lodgings in Mlt^^<gi*^�-Street. an rmineni Merchant of this tity. Afc# Days fince d:ed the Rev. Dr. Aunelky. Reflor Of INdltbuijf in theCoawy of Berks, Son 10 - Aoneflify, �r�lle lActr�Temple. Eft), On Saturday Morning M died at hi� f loufe to Highgate, Tliom^ Bayly, Btq; <a cmment SolUcitor, of Chiincci/-LaiM^ Ivha katli hit the greatc�l Vvi ot hit Fortune to an �wt toioglMc^. La0 Saivfdmr was married at S'. Paul'*, Mr. John |�iyth, an cmniBM Apothecary ia Wood-Street, to Mifs ic^ Bwcklt, Pwghterof Mr. Jofepft'Buckle, GoUrniith, of Stone-Qate. Yotki .'Vn agfccikUe young Lady, �vich a ||*ry ample Partuse, and pQflefs'dt with every icquiftic Q^ity to rea^ Ibc Marrtaee State perfectly happy. On Monday Ull was tried ta the Court of King's Bencb ( WcSroiallex-Ilall, aCauft tvhercin liic Poulterers Com-ly were the Profccutort againft a Perfon for following Trade of aPouhervr. having no Right or Thlc thereto, whtcb the �tid ?txioa w3t� cofifi^d andfio'd i^l. Asd^ we heir, the Company are deterttkin^d to profrcvte all QiTeHder* in that Way. which svitl be a gctoeral Bcadit to the PtibHck, there being no Tr�le in which,Bayen are htorc impos'd upon by Ha^ker�, and otbet Inte�loper�. who vend bid and unwholfom Goods, lU greater Pncc� than the fair Tfider would fenod ones. We think, proper to infvtm all Dealers, that of late there has been matty Seizures of Irifh and India Handtcer*-Chiefs by theManufai'^urers in Spittlc/ietd*, who are determined to profcctite every OA'cnder. both in Town, ard every Part of the Kingdom, by the utidcr-mcntioncd t\A of I'arl-ament, viz. 6 Ann. Chap. 19. SeO. 14 and ly. Wrought Silks, or Silks mixed with Gold or Silvw, 01 any other Materials fecreily or cUndellincly imported, are fot-feitcd, with 200 1. by every fuch Importer, and each of his AlTilUttts, bcfidc* former Pehitiies ; and tool, by the Receiver, Seller, or Concealer. Ordet* have been .given by the Cowmiflioners of the Cuffom* to all the Officers of the Out-Ports, to ufe their utmoft Endcaevuri in detcQlDg ihofe < /k�'.<�v���fx t Perfoa TTHE Gmritom of his Gracr ihc larr DO KG at* 4cC<�i t� fmt% M K�l�ttY�lT�'�Wr. the C�il*rt vf $#tttf��'ru�.-Txxt �X3e(k 9i the AiMlMWt to timMtt mf ft%r" M�U�*ts t*i ir***- Hy the tor Vtclv ailing Navy. sf txtht^t% rxhiih *mi tt�r^ ^ti f�]fr^'�f� W ^ AiW)r ii^9^fid t� fi^m tki Og^tr, trd^i-m R^t, 0^ imvr ma ebik^V /� /Mr- A >ti tivf db^j^twirt itmycif ttt^ fivr ItMt^/hAthg ># il ance* by Mr.llarvey, Mr. Vandcr-fluyii. Mifs Baker. Mr*. Hnugh.and othcra. Several n^w Tritjk* iii Tiunbling. by Mr. Dominiqaa^ Mr. S^juMii Mr; PedlOi and Mr. Ptaociet. The whole 10 n^ffflodtwithf Si^id* Afrit^hiin, M:;IIiMK%<Si)*Grand Volg} to Ite4dmttie4^ flir ft^ 1^^^ Wine or Pu At the New WiRav ki GoO(bs�n'� Field*, this' fivctting. will be fevcr^ new j%( of the WUkt, and deceit Vonvcnimcici for that Purpofe. The faid Water is fold at Mr. Byre's Wa er WareKoufe iO Flect-Strcct, and �|: Mr.Z>avi�'s Water-Warehoufe in St. Alban's Street. As feveral of the ' Nobiliry and Ge try. fince the Concluilon of the Peace, trai^d in Forti n laru, Mrs Du Bois begs Leave to remind her Cufiomer^, ani inform others, of the Conveniency of bcr Portable Soup, or folid Btoth, uftful on Jumnevs, Ot at Sea. or for the more reiuly making Gray Sancc; ia Cake* of a proper fize to make oi>e Meis each, la Quantity three or tour Gills. This ufeful Commodity will never fpoil, if kept dry. and is dlfToIv'd in a few Minates in boiling Wntcr. I'here are alfo fome of Veal and Fowls, fome of Fowls onl^r, and ibme of Mutton. Price 6 d. cacli, pr s a. a Doaen, in a Tin Boa, for Conveaiency of Cikr-riagc,and to keep them in at Sea. Sold by EliTt. Da Bois, j^t.the Golden Hcaid in Projeaa-Court in the Great Old Batly. Dia^mdi M tktfyatt�/ ll�y<y UifnaH, fn Taiaff, r<�< T�a >ra in Laao/hife. Chapamo. Higk Water at Lou4oA-B�^^tki� Da^ at 33 Miaatea the mraing. after 1 ia tho Aftewaoa. Yedcrday Bank Stock w** i}^ * >S> > 4^> aif. Bank Annuities 1748, 104. 1 half a 5 Sihs a 1 half. Ditto 1749. no Price. Tbrca fe^ Cent. Anouities 99 7 Sihs. Million Bank, no Price. Equivalent, ao fiica. Kuyal Alfurance, 78. London AtTurance. no Price. Fngliih Copper jl. Seven per CeH Emperor's Loan. 141. Five per Cent, ditto, 78 1 4ib. BjcIc Circulation. 4I. 171. 6d-Prtro. lod a Bonds 3I. i}�. a us. Prcm. 74'> I of Lii Mi^fi)'l Na^^ Officci Prinafal OJ^un und Cnmiiujfiui Naiyih/* Noliu, tLu au H^tdnffJuj) at Niiu a'Clixk in t(�e Morning, Commjfiaiut I'lmhmgh *kuI tjtfafi t� SJ* in iiii Muj'fy't Yt>rJ Mi tHjmaiuh,Jt%ti J Ptirait tj t!J Statu laid afart iit Lalt, J'u(h i� Jm�i, P^tftr^tmff, *t.trm R ta ht ^�rftit^d / tut CV*t*�, tm i,.jt the Partiu da *�/ fitit tut Rim^indir of thd Punht>jfMntty It thi Jreajurtr of bit Majffty i Naxj, and liikt t'l^.tj tbt/tjj L�ti in j'trly btiii after the Vay of Sttdf. A'ly i',>jcal licS ttrt tx-itling la buy tbe f^idoldSttrti, muy Lt,:-. li.n ul tmr Tttu, �i:teii"2, Htari, Ut 0^i>t of tbt / f tin-lifW t�fUr t� Smie a* iht h S�ift tifrJi^0m^Bt,rtttm 69$ 1 tdTm^Cbtlimtith Tifit, end AlArmn, ^ $04. faw, r)^.^�.r�^l>dmr Aft TxtA^ KiQP^y iSt^M it^ MW &> ad iff� ff^f;, rard tt Sktrit^. �tArv� tiay dt^Jg^ifveVhMPtti tu mn im^tuUt n mMmd lift fiSd Stdi� tmi ltd fir tit ^dmttiBip^a^'Ctm.mrimPnfwinmti^.i, takmtJkh rt?rtffivwUjimffi,ntt^ti*JkidSl^ ^ taki ICtitt thtn^, Sad Ham f^vfa**d far th^Pwrf^t-, e�d ' ' ' Kavy-Offiias, Jwx �6, 1749- THS PriiafJO0ttrt and GMw#i|w� ^" A^r/^'r Naxy givt Natite, that an ^K^ytln z'^tb i^tnt, at a'i^fjtb tn tbe Mtraistf, tby iii/l txpflt l� SiJt at th't Lett in b^t ^fet, f.Ktr^ P*.rreU af tD Statit, lead t^-rt in -r esft Ftrfstt ^i-i /mj * (t Pttnbafirt mry (fr.-rwr the iJ^ffj ajT^'e^Kit^ rVw ^ Tttar ia tbt nixrbi'rg W�ri �/"tbt f^Jt'ardtiit tb* i>.-jf af Srit. And ta fi Def^St / t% t. far Ctmt. mr im frrfnttifm r^ryts, it ta it aa*�t by t&r Ptrfmtt ^xla Jbail fmr:>^ tlv faid i^'Tt, tdi Prrfaat iebtd>aH�tttaJibtjfkidScit tsrtti i^ff SV-tiv tfvrttf, ainj c.'ttt t'-.f^'dftr tkiH Purfi^ i etnd mnl/t rfw Stsrti fa far.hifdf'iill ^ ^-iJfar anj tah% 4�,vttt a* tbr Sndaf fyrlj bt^l anrr th Day of Sale, the IXf>-/f fball he/srfuttd, emdhxtemt tbe P�xy� rfy ef tht C>�8�Te. Hav^:crs and Pedlar* Oficc, FieU-Court. Gray's Ina. jliae ai. 1749. THIS, it tagh>a Kuttit, tl\itjn�rit Lii*mtt* at m/lkeJ ttit dilntrirg ans et tbeirOMait �nddailf j&tittdnfatt it T-nthrf, aKdjirm f"** in lit jffterwaam tuttil Fhv: fiar<(f�ra adl Per Ami tmetrmj tut dcfir'd la afflj ta tJht OjfiU .Jaw mi^ian d far Uetmri, mad mat ta dkft'itd an tkt tMurtedm aatttiirf iiitb tbe Sarvtjari im tbt Qmntry, liba /wcv fri^ Ordm gtvim thtm ta m^nbtmdumjftr^titat tt.itb tbt ^ntffi Rifoee aUjutb HtKvitri as tbty /btdd at amf /iar if tU )W fmdtmdb^ ttitbemt Littattt._ _ _ EaA-Iodta-llourc^ iAay 14. ty^y. TUB Camrt if O^art af lit Vmittd Vanfnma af M.rtbtm/1 efEtLmdtnJimi ta tba Sa^bdin da ier^-gkv Katite^ tttH 4t ^n^ttrfy Gtmerai Cm7 if:(><.^< pra tint i<t ttt mwe 0*c4/ AdfU^h of B^&tKt^ thaf t*ta ttnt l-ytt�l CdinBuiicci, Tit. ti� tu( ihi ru-Ai vf'rit. twu) M^tS^ C mn4f t,Kt ia*xmi ia av^ot at ti.t E� thr 9%tA t^^ ont. tite iMh mlitat, u Tea vCU^k m 'I r WmtmuA, mti mW ti� fwiixi ct ih:pttati, �>b> W*a4 m a|M( ft* ikfn. Camlet �, (Im lUlfa'af-ltt.^r*, oa Jf-^'r a*ai. a^im^O'. ft fhttn o-ekxV m x^a A/t�adM: t �t oLwlk 1 mm aa4Plkei fa tt* tcieLaai kitj au'f cttci 1 tiatki'*4na� -

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