Sunday, June 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, June 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 15, 1749, London, Middlesex er. �)#�/, June 13. BStlBftDAY the oatwturdlwuiwl Skipn faiPd Weilward. CataedoWD and fail'd. the Bolton. Allen, ifbr LSfbon ; and the MayflaWet. C P^'mo(' V^iA Prince will not overcome it. * TlMs woald. one may venture to fay, be an iireparable ' Ws to the Houfe oxAuJiria. That Faknily can never * faave aPrieod who will be fo heartily inclined to fupport .�itsJoteraltt, and whoknt>ws fo weUhow to }|iiipn)veiT> ' at thisEiedoi;. Oar tali Letters from Jl/c/m. idittcd the f la of this.Month� advifc, that his j^Aoral Highaef^ was ' rather wor'fe than'at the ^apartareof the preceding ^oll, � having a violent Fit of the. Gout upon,him, which ihc � Phyficuns were apprehenfi^ve would no^ leave him before .fv,� . . , . ^ Lneafec}f>tfccfic- (great Pangcr length the abiu-iOtt^Superiority in the Empire, which fhe lias Veen fo * longamMvpuring to obtain, and which (he^would before �c ki>�V tt�queftionably have gained, bad it hot been fou;hc * Obftadcs which tliis Prince laid iii tha^Way.' ' ..^ L hO  N D O N. A Clapter of the Moft Noble Order of the Garter will, we Mnr, be.jheld in a few Di^ Keniington, to (ill up ,ti�e V|^wie�"in that Order. , , '''l4tft'M6ndkyj|tree Ships from J^oticrdam. boan4 to Fbilt^elphia, put iiito Cowes, having pn board apiv^'Ut ^ lcoo||autmcs and Swifs Paflengcre. .'The Right Honourable the Lord High Chanceiirr has brenpttaied to appoint Thomas fiufl'el, of Chippenham, in ^e'Cramy of Wilts, Genilemau, a ^4ailer Exia^r-'iifiilrjr Ih W� Maj�-fty*� High Court of Chancery. On Monday wa� marned at Wanftead in Thomas ^"fdUi JEfq; of Rumford, to Mifs Prances Payne, Divugh-*ttr �f'Mr.'Jacob Payne, of that Town. . Ycfterday was married at HaCkney, Mr. Esekiel Franlp. -Plerukc-Makcr, at the, Bottom of Inage-Lane, to Mifs Levi, Paughtcr of Mr.^^achaiiah Levi, of $(. M�ry Axe, �JewiitIlet.' s A-' t On Monday Ni^'vlied at hi^ Brother's Hoofe at Pech-Itam, Tjjebphiltl* Efo; many Ytars an eminent , J0^(a((Ui|t J^t Leghorn,' from which Place he wa:> but lately liUiiK'd, and was poifefi'd of a gr�at Fortune. . ^ a .two fmall Children. Ni^tafiit, June 10. We have Advice from Cleadon, that fifty-lour Head of Cattle belonging to that Town, have died of the contagious DiUempcr, but that at prcfcot all continue in perfedl Health. EMnburgb, June 8. Lall Monday 300 of Lord George Sackvillfs Regiment of Fct, under Comniand of three � Captains, three Lteuicnantj, and three tuligiu. siurcbed ifoin Glafgow to work upon the new Roads m tiic Hieh-luids. Next Sunday MoVning there will be a Charitv Sermon rchd at the Parilh Church of St. Botolph Aldgatc. the Rev. Dr. Simpfon,. Reftor of St. Gcorvc M'J ileiex, for the Benefit of the Charity Children oV be. Uo tolpb Aldgate. Milton and Harrington wrote agaioft the Stua-ts, for ratriot Modeh ami Conimonwcalthi. &c. the Cojuuons debated, whether Mihon Hiould not be *. and fomc of hi. Books were burnt by the Hanpinant in Confcnt 10 the Wtrjot King. Writer, next Sunday, the Dclcncc oi the Jluarts lhall be vigorouily purL'd. the Key to a|l the Scandal ogainll ihcut given, and Titui Oaici"* In-fsrniert . The Entertainments of Cupcr'-. Gardens will continue wis and evciy Evening during the Summer SeafonVtiiC Walks will be bcautifu ly illuin>n*tcd with Lamp Trees iii  grand '1 alle, liifpofcd in proper Onder. and to con^^^ludc *vith bcautifal Fireworks refeinblin^ the Royal or.a in the Green i'ark. ihc fireworks are cttccmed by great Numbcxs ' tf <�entlemcn and Ladies of Ditlinrtioii the bcU  ever f?li:bited in rubJi.k. Gicat Care wdi be taken id keep Wt Perfonj of lil Kcpmc.  At the New Well* tn Goodman's Fields, this Fv.iun^, Will be ("cveral new IVrforinances by Moiif Taiifcy tioKi .Venice. To which will he tdded, feveral Sccnci In (Iro �efS|*c Figures neier pcrfurw'd before, call'd Whufuo holiday*. The whole to conclude with the Iiiuuip.'it *rHURSDAy. Johl 15. 1749 �r Peace. Britinnif� Mrt. Mtift t Man, Mb MIt Peace, MifsGfanier; Vi^bry, Mr. Jijc Qranicrt :t*l Maft�r GMniit#) Time, Mr. Grinicr ('Ptiidchte, Ma9ait\, tattfayi Plenty. Mrs. King} JuiUc*. MMi Phillips f Trade. Mr. Hendrick. Sadter^i Wells, Wington. this Even!�g. Mir. Hemflii.k. Mr�. Smith, and Mifs Lowe, wilt tinn fev�t-aY new ^ones ; with Variety of rtew D�nccs by Mr. Harveyi rMf. 'Vsndir^ Qnys, Mifs Baker, Mr*. Mough. and others: Several ne�^ Tricks in TumbUng. by Mr. Dominiqne, Mr.Wil'jami. Mr. Pedro, and M'rT'Vanccs. The w1\ole to cdncli^de with. Scimo Africano^ dr Hattcqvin G rand V olgi. Each Fcrfon to be admitted fibril, Pint of Wipe or Punch We hear thi^ 'tl}�., Dunging Watf r , lately djtcovercd jtt RUburn. In the Pa^ilH, df Hampllead in MicKflrffx. gili^ great Reputation t \bit many PcrfonI of Ditluu^ioti wh6 go there to drink'it, and have experienced its gi^oJ Efil-ils. are alfo pleafcd with the Situatibit of the Place. NcatnetV ^ the Wall and fof Stiles that , t . - Wood M0tit �* ttkiAt more toiVtmodious tb pafs ovcrl Portable Soup^'or iblid^Brotbr �fefolron^f9oroey^tir a* Sea, *r for tb*- moriS i^dyVifrtakbtf^ Gravy S^^AJb Cakes of a proper (Ik tct.i^a^ iine MdV ciacb, A tiiy three or four GilU. Tfiii uftfulCo!ttmoditVM|p6� fpoil, if kept dryi W is ill^btvU in a fii^iiijaitiates in boiling Water. She bns alfo fome of sVeafctutid.l^wrs, fomfe of Fowls only, and Yome of OMottbp^^ T*ric Sold by fi. Dn Btsis^-atthi Golden Head in Prqjfam-Cbt>rgitttl� Great Ofei Baily^ . ,H,gh Water ai..LondoB-Bridgcithis Day atj 8 Minutes af^r 10 in the Morniog,arx! .p after joat N(g|t Miitp Annuities, 104 3 4th$ a 10^. DitC^^Mw MPriee. Kulk Annuities 1746, 10; 1 8th a lOeJa i 8th. Ditto, i>^k^, "104 i 8th 0 loj 7.8tbs ;t 104., pitto Litftcry 1747, do Price. Bank Annuities i748.^�04.i 4tV a 104. Dittoj 1749. 104" i 4th M 10J 7 ttha i : Cent. > ditto, tid'mttf. BabkCit^bMabh. 4U i7�. 6d. Prem. Ih#V ;B9p4v^2t^LLlf!^^^ JTiAVw. �ii(imi:M.i^ (Fricf ftiv'/i in the IT^H E Hiftory of. OM J ON �s;v a: By the - Purtcipal Ofl^ocrs anti Ccmaiitrmsm , - uf hii Maict*y*s Navy. � a:%iJ*cJ itttJ }-ftJt� /*ar, r^t ^f.^i'}^^ Nan-Otiicr. j�eTa. t-'4>. tU^Sfm^ dfmt ia'Utu ^tmiy^� Prefer Sii^.mstm. j^etHtent, -ii-iiih pffijit it f* l�r /ttfiittJt Uftit Cbcrv, im to the frtetfiirfr tf ifb itf*^^'* >AtT� mrsi f�^.' iyWVjJi fAfjSif. L>ts i*/irtjrDsyi.'Jtr ttx � 'ifS^, Jr^ 'ftr^w^d**! �f� tvi//i�g f� tmf tie/imdHi $titi\t, snrr ��^h;;iinK�f if�f fimr, Wptffl /ofeph AttAttV); �ml lili Ftiend Mr. t^biahim lift. I'lifc UwimI 6�. I. Tb* r�i?e Worli in ft *7a larifti^t^rtw. TV. SJini4 �. Mi\f'hitiet, i,y HfW] ~ - - - Aiiiu, by Mr. Fi,4iliiii 4. Th<; A emuft* of OAid Siipl i^^a V9I. Prlcvtfi. ' c. F.a.i|,�Uitr.. |>'l/o*n tf..wJMSp,^Ch�i s * (encitl Courfe of Eitu(Sti a 7. Oi L.t�lt i. t)tt KittM'ai HiOiity. ; , 9, On tihiiln 1 ; Wnjliljr. |o. On IVldc �i)d C". nimcicr, ^ 11. Oil Ij./i �!id Co�e((irr:r f. It, On Htiiniu Lileirul M.inn<tt. I .1 i. On Rea . 1. litk Cfinioti^. J. 0,1 Gt)i)j,f*ufcy and Aftrfnom^j 4 On Qiiunoluiy %r.i HiRggfy^ c. On Rhrlorick aad ft-ciry. p. Oa Dr*�inii. I hat tha fctitioacr baa been at (nat Eipcnce and Trouble in prrrurins t.ic fencni Part, of tlie laid Wuib tg be cic iitiU by Vetdjnt ^lyli'icd 10 4o liicai in the bell M�anet 1 aitd ilic luk Kl&lit arid Title tj ti.r Cj|>r f tlw fame beia^ ifeOo* ii�>l�o I'ctiticncf: Whrrefbiif licliJi moll huin-btr ft�(*4 ui lu ^raqi Ja^m uui Ruyjl I'rivilrgt aw4 Liciotc for'tl>�"ft.!e priiiti^ miU./binJ, and renainj the faid W rV f"i the Ttr� af fourteen VVe beiiiK Veat. lu Id g vt all due Fncoiif�g>nt�nc <o a Wotlt (tUi fcrmi to otRit ^ e ol (reat 136 ir| tiUt' i.rpwtaat Puiat the EDUCATION of YOUTH.-ar, �i�Wolly pitilcd tu LuiHlrfccnJ to hi, Re({ur(i, &c. Ginto ac i 740-, ' OTICE ii hcrthy gtveu, that a ut-ul. Buuun it fltittit {,t fly* Mjpliiig-isan.i, t\.':th Shitri, 0rfirWflj^. Wy the Coniniiin �ncrs for yi^t9|iling hu> Majdly'.s Navy. Wlf^JiT.AS Jiwrt Pnpni S.i'V/ W Siiik if Milty iLifr^UJ to ihm ly ui, anj utiim k-ut Jrimm Biflt of HMiltiiigi, 'nl.<i(/j ha^'t Ir.n pilU at.',/ f,biir^ii ealtlfireJU ui-iiiji them i /i.y.. urt tv yrve Notice ta altPttjam tmAsJiaawj lad 11" f Ma^ty ivfcjlcd tq (hem from nHt (ijilttt �r4rt �nJ ha%,t net d,Lv:iiiji: eiuir Aniumt eiudPtnt txami'd aitJ faji'd tu the futne, that thcf Jt fiilStiettM dil'n^i than into tin Oj^.e, it: onixr te ppfi tbttr jtuanritf, <inj I'.irtli iLjr ihi Jiii^tjii J). i.Jiii^ 3ur .i^iii.Jf tA-/a, anj frf^'it li'iir king rfturneJiuti- /�.� txch.jUii ,,/iJfirt/UultJ, et tl^l' At The expof^d ior th� Maiaunaace Sad �d�ei�M^� 4r >�� ait 4ft>f fart tf Itt C/W�,#�*f. l*Hr�X*^#*� CMIt  %j;t,d mttfiMi tt ^ii^MA ^^:J,ij^iiju^ifi:^:m^ �rf� H0}it^tMi,%Uf^0:t^^^^ �^lmii/�M Crtfi: AntLaU tvib aneitishti l� f.-SMtnlwit � w 'ti4� Chmiif, art A'irtAtil^l^itUt^liat fstfm rr PtffmM vitntfifVtr arf-,4mthei&;dtit ttOtd. *�~tntiiv a�j Itiimtffir tkh^*l�^t�I., l^r * T HERMAN VEREtST, S^^ar,, 7h%fe ?imtt.t!Ma iKTLai^mth lunar mm JMH-tNtttm rt^At Wm/ at tit a>,i/rm Jk 'titfiJtM.may find fir TttbU met^StmimtAM tie $k Day ffirtt PJ^S^aflht mJUtttdl -Jbiamt tiitittt (ih^iffi lw*|�?^^fl^ |��Mh�r^' tti tbam*mmi*ttmu^*'jtjfi*tti^ mad lU CAatfii u .jinp'd. � � � � _' ^- : � *|7Hir^cH0oi.-FE AST v�isl hrW at � . Jt lRftpp-St�tfor�f."H?��SkJai��-. �� tht iur #iii(�i�u an - <lc ^*^**��-i||ili:M ' Tt tie fntmem �f the OMg f|M:||f� IVt'&�i (a iHbit \jt �eir 'ifA Cvut r AU^iKQ 0* be JkJoifclM�Ht.^ livarv i* c'4 MR� ttv^'Htptiv^ uf riic I j�eiy Oxnpaairi ul dkj(' Vca� &|pii�Cvi, bj'a Itff 9.1^ Mi! to l� hcrr. miintrJ, frivJfin^ |l�Iy Vl" flii,: �*t.->'-i�tx� s.-tf TiAveictar .�#liie u l�..rt� Aftsur, 1' �l-.�rt '� (�� a��rl� S*-U * tUn-%ilm3k^^\J : �i*:.-- Mjjltr �n) W(.�n!en� of tttc tViT^.B ." �^-.:; '-'r � "V-B * v-j�, loliia F,.ri.nion, wl.rn all Pi-tfc'n-. �h� feviwif r:. - f�-t� E*ciife�'t3i j!i.ti� By D^Jfr^. AT the large A0embly-iU*<jrn. af th -B,;; 1.-1 WjjBaci. Being i-6�'�itti rl Iti tl \ Stjf-a \cty cjananOrtui), 4jU Ui.;. ^^.i^^". |. AiU.::.!..^. t*a^"d ^..^Sl Ba^t^ lufth.-Cmif ir./. - J i . ' ti^h lull!.-? i �. wUwh wj!. �irrfT �x� C��*�s3�*�f��t�t Laia�. lJ�t� '�l*�t SSfc'S't* lie*I I*!-.-**. , Tim DiMa (u be AS.irMW , iDa $i�.b�.^a UCUI|r. Tea 4n<< CU<oUt; at TcA. Tivkrb t� b< aa Cv4fara( %St, im ttm* ^aime:, u cs� C:�k wvJ itttMat* AJkjr. Cmto^i.M e|ji i;< ett, CI�TC�CJCantMa� ��t * dk* ASutsJUf^t^ UoKt, It i* l� ISK fin Camraw A�2l>^ �!kkcaluin, t'tNflbiT^ e iTo u N u Is I K a Boaca St.* "fir' '_ '� CiKin a 4"' The abbv/riiy K ti�tumt4.

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