Sunday, June 8, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, June 8, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 8, 1749, London, Middlesex t H U |L S b AT, JVfrt �; RRIV D. dM Difpttth Sloop, IwtW tW Wdttward : the Frances and Jaae. Muaes. from MitFordi and the James ctid Jobti. Murton, from Briftol. Sail'd. the Neptune, Pef-crxl, (tft Port Louts. Wind BaA-SoiHhCaft. Pari, yWcr i. The following 'Vchuoa thcn-i the real Caufe 0? AM Di^noe Md E��]:haunt of the Count <lc Mturtps.  Tibac ii ao Bodjr bat what koowa. that Madam de  fMBfodonr is a Lrcatare of the Duke dc Rtchlieu. and  that ftc �af jpttfistcd bjr him to the King fome Months  afar hi* Majcdf appencd to be a liule cont'oled for the  Jl^aA �f Madam de Chatcaaroux. This Circumftaocc  '�nt fir flgm pn*g Flarfttre to the Count de Maarepas.  wi� Jcjgarf fiO 1m�c fitpplied the Place of the Dccaafed ' hr aawtat Lady, la hap� thereby to enhance the King's  RwiHfr. and to fiqppon lumftlf by Means of fuch fa-� t��nie Sdnaa; bat hn Palm were frakHl^. Madam ^ de ttopdear pleaffd theMoBan^, ud being ropported  by riw Odtc dt Riddliea hisFaimarit^ ftiaed (uch an � iUccadaac ow day to repair thither, * a�4as faOB as Wcasae. be cnploj'd hinirelf in nothing " fe madh as to moore Madam de Pompadour from the � cmtttt Place whicb fbe yet held. He would thfalliU v * fcawe focccodcd. if the MarthioneTs, who is of as quick * .fans as the u chamisg m her Pcrfon. had not dif-� covered the laoigoes fliie was at �rft alarmed at it. and * as bcr'Ftariqr was pvaily wcakeacd by the Abfencc of * bse l>�$l(!e ds itk&a, jbt had bo better Expedient to * Paagtr Ibe wm in of boag dikarded. by th� Intrigues * oTtte CotAt de Mauiepas, who was returned to Court, * wJkich Ibe did by icuneduudy difpatchtog a Courier to .  Oonewitb tUs fata! New*. f > Tlie indigutkia of die Duke de Richlieu was raffed 4iie Count de Maurcpas. upon Receipt of the aMefiTs Di^patdtea; ^sd ho ient back by the fame ^ Cb�b|tcr.a ictatr to the King, and another to flwcMar- * rtiaatfi. wherAy. amoibgil otb�r Tbin}^ be ihtiiSii^ �nlHK'dbitteBoiMM� would not permit hijn to oban- * daiiadbeJCltywbicbw�abcfi(�cdi but he advifed her. in * wplec wlbppOK hei&lf tin his Rettim to Court, to draw " AaGMirde^Mkorepas into ber Party, to fpeak;eve|i-to * the Stag fit �i* Favour, and to let that MiniJier know, * that fte woirU rapport him' in every I'biog^ and by all * l>irMw|t:gkwa> ca{MS�e^ofi-Biit ihd Duke added, in * im Lmir, that Ihc might leS adtucd. that upon his * llctm to Cooit. be would remedy every TIjing. The * MarcMoarfi feUowed to a Titde the Inllruaions given * iRT ia the Dahe's Letter, aad (he fucccoded fo well, that * IkedtoNr the Cottoslato ber Snare. The Duke de Rieh-�fi(a>ln9�miini'dto Court. Ud tux fail of creOing hit * tena aoiat dM; Miaiftrof the Marine, ia order to � Winwa bim� Ja which be perfeaiy well fucceeded.' Tcfcfdqr^ airiv'd a >Uil from P a a m c a. frnmAJ^-tmei^ Jtcn ij. The King returned the loth fan ftamboaillct �o ihfe Cafilc of VcHailles. Ycftcrday MMajcfty let oat with all the Court for Marli* wherabe wB^oinaetill ibe ajdL and will then come bac)c to 9*dmt�, fnm wbcacc be wiH go again to RambouiUet ��tb MeMamcsorFiaaoe. Tbe aSib bu Majefty wiU re-Un to Vcs&iliea. Tic X9dk ibe King will fct oat from ibuKc for CUtfy. where bo wiQ icmain fbmo Days, and w�3. aftetwaids go to Compcigna;. On the loth the Prince at UMtf took PWI^-fiOn or the Gra:d P.iory of France, aadiaibeEmmiir t*^cre were Pireworlcs and Jlluitiioations a that OccafiM ; ilb Sereae HighncTi gave � grand Ep-awiiiiipaw aojji the ^cers of the Order of Malta, the # vt ibc lod:a t-ompany are 1745 ^ Tickets of the it�|t�3fal Lo^iiy 586 i tbofe oftLc fecond. 560. > L�tun bmiB k^k^oa' oI d.c zj advifc, that the Galleys M^at Cl^ base t^ok between CorUca and Sardinia four of I tasL at �b*di tarried 35 Men. ^ *- ^ DO N ,^7*f�*lJ^*44*y. attended to Council, finally fct ^ 1^ ASmt of tU Genoefe Lofles in the late Wus. Cka&m. Uod to have c�8 i�ool. Chariot of curious WBrirmwiCiipi. aad two Sets of renarkablc find liorfcs. "Ha i>an^ Cape M�tthew Gildait, from l^ilbon. bnund ep jbc Speights, was lately ioAi hci Crew �at oiumwf by � DoKh Ship. AstbcLady oftbe laic Lord Olypbant proves not to be with ibrid. Ibe Tsilc dcv^vc� to David 0)yp�j�nt'o4 BacbduM. -> 6acafday the �r� of July is fixed for the Inflallaiion of In Qutx lac Duke oi NcwcalUc ChanceUot of the Uat' veSay of CMi^idgr. i Tbqr w�iae bom WeymooUi of the Cih inftant, thai (jft. LtSe, of i)^: Cholmoudlcy, had Uut to Cullopi-HmSb �f tiwt liacc the fcUawing Goods, which he had fciaal. ab. ght died atrbi* Houfe in Scotland Yard, Ik- Qreca. aa CAtocci acd wealthy Coal-MercUant. OaTacfiiay �vcai3g\lr. Kambcr. Mate of it. outward bostxi Slip bwg in tJte River pff^^bc Hermitage, by AccdcK feli into the Rivet aed wa^^^'^' ^ i^ya appolanA fi^ hotdiag t!>a Saainier Affixca, M f D L A H D t I R C U I T. Afr; 7i�/,rt Wright Mr. rajtkt F6rftcf. Horthamjiton, Tuefdajr July il, at Northampton. Rutland. Friday July 11, at Oakhatrt. Liocoto, Monday luljr 17, at the CaAlc of Lincoln. City of Lincoln, the fai^e DAy, at the City of Lincoln, NottJhghamlhire. Thurfday Jul* tt, at Nottingham. Town of Nottingham, Friday Jaly at, at Nottingham. Derby (hire, Saturday July �a, at J>erby. Leiceftcrlhire, Wedncfday Julv t6,atthcCa(lleof Uiceder. Borough of Leiceiler. Thuridav July nj, at the Borough-City of Coventryv Saturday July 29, at the City. Warwickfhire, the iame Day, at Warwick. NORTHERN CIRCUIT. Jltr. JiMft Abney rtni Mr. Jnflict Dcmfon. City of York, Monday July 10, at the Guildhall of the City. Yorklhire, the fame Day, ai the Caftte of York. Durham, Wcdnefday Julv 19, atthoCaftleof Durham. Newcaftle upon Tyhe, Monday July 14, at the Guildhall. Northumberland, the fameDay. at the Cattle of Newcaftle upon Tyne. v Cumberland, Satorda/July 29, at |ht Cltjr of Carlille. WcRmoreland, Thurfday Auguft ], at Applebv. Lancalhire, Tdefday Augull 8, at the Caille ot Lancafter. ^t^vteftlft ymt T\ity write from Barnard-Cattle, that OB Tuefdav laftaMobhadaflcmti^led there, armed with Axes, Ac. and puUM down the Tumoike-Gate apoa the Bridge, which they carried to the MarVet-Place and burnt, and aftenvardi went in TriQttpti, with two Mm (their Leaders) at their Head, to the Blaclr Bull Ia�of. the faid Town, bidding Defianca to all who durft oppbfe them. We hear that a Gate was going le bo creeled tp prevent People efctping the Toll by foraing tht Water, wakb oc-cafioned the above Difordar. We are well affured that tko DiAampffr aaamg the Horned Cattle at Cleadon is entirety cm*di Laft Monday was married, Gaorge Baker, of Slanotc* Hall aear Durham, BCq^ to Mifs Judith Routh. Ihngbter of Cnthbert Rooth^ of SaapeHalt near Rtckmond In Yorkftiire, Efq; a bcautifu( f oohg Lady, with a bandlbttie Fortune. EMnbursh Jam I. TheRer. Mr. Robert Pollock. P^-feCor of DWnlty In the Marithal College of Abefrdean, sad one of the Minifters there, is appoiAtr^ hit Majefty'a Almoner, in room of the Ute Rev. Mr. jt>hn Hepbnrit, deceased. The write from Aberdeen, that the Bxcife-Offcer, and the SoldiMr who fired the Gun that occafioncd the Death of John Law at Stonehaven, mentioned lait Week, are both committed to Prifon. * . Tomorrow Evientng, at Six o'Cl^d^a^ermon will $a preached at St. Stephen's, CoIcniian<Stfeet, by the Rev. Mr. De la Garde. ReQoc of ^1arkG tbe.Leav� of fome Perfons of Honour of Dr. Oats's Brcod, call'<<l informers, who aik'd. What does he mean by thail ihare will b6 on Sunday next, the Day following the loth of June, at the fame Place, t'other Touch for the Stuarts,, agaioft the Tjiree-Letter' Patriot's Scitrriiity'On K, Charles the Siecon'dr that he* never was unco, in the Iiitpc^ll of hjs Country, and on th^ Ways of ihoi^ump-Parliament jn 1649, at defcrib'd by a Prc/byierian Miniiltr. Tomorrow will beaPuhlii:k Grsakfaliing at Marybop-Gardena. � � The' Entertainments of Coper's Gardens will eontUme this and every Eveniticduri|ig the Summer Seafoni Ute Walks will be hcautifuliy Hluininated with Lamp Tfeet in a grand Ij'ifttf, dtfpofcd in liroper Order, and to conclude with beaMtifhl PIretvorks refriiiWJcg tlie Royal ones; In, the Green {^ark. The Firawoi^ki are clUemedby.grcat Numbers of Gentlemen and Ladies of DilUnfiion the bed ever exhibited in Publick. Great Carf- will ba taken to keep out Perfons of ill Repute. AI the New Wells ia Goodman's Fields, this Ev ' ifcfquc Figure* never perform'd before, call'd Whitfiui Holidays. The whole to conclude with the Triumphf of Britannia, Mrs. Miles 1 Mars, Mb Mllfs 1 Peace. Mifj Granier j Viaory, Mr. Joe Grarikr j Fa&ie, Mailer Granier�. Time, Mr. Granier; Prudence, Madam Tartlcyi Pienry. Mrs. Kingj Julbcc, Mrs. Phillips i Trade. Mr Hendrlck. 1 At Sadler*sWell�, Iflington, this Evenirtg, Mr.Dominiaue] Mr. WillubQi, and Mr. Pedro, will perform leveral itvi Tricks in Tumbling. Variety of Dancfng by Mr. Harf'ey, Mr Vanderfluife. Mif* Bak^tr, Mfi. Hough, and othaysj Singing by Mr. Hemlkirk, Mrs. Smith, and Mifs Lowe. The whole to conclude with an Entenainmenl of Muftck, call'd Scipio Africanus. ' tnterfperfed with a Piece in Grotefque CharaAeri, call'd Harlequin Grand Volgi. Each " "fhe Way to Kerth's* Chspel is through Piccidilly, by the* End of St. Jamf�*� Street, and down Clarges-Sncct, and turn on the left Hand. I'he Marria�s (together with a L'cence on a Five-Shilling Stamp and Certificate) are carried on for aGM<nea at ufoal, any Time tUl Four in the Afternoon, kl wpthar regular Clergyman, at Mr Keith's litde Chapel in May^Faif, near Hjde^Pafk-Couier^ oopo-fite the great Chapef, and within un Yar**s <A it 1 thfrc IS a Porch at the Door like e Country Clturch Porch.__ High Water at London-B/idgc this Day a|t 41 Miauus after 4 in the Morning, and after 4 'he AftrrnoQO. ^ Ycilerday B^nk Stock wm 00 Price! India Stock, i*/,' South-Ses Stock 114 1 half a 113 5 �ths a 114. Ditto Old Annu't'P'f 105 3 4th� a 1 half. Ditto New no Price Bank Annuiiies 1746, 105 1 half. Ditto 1747.104 a J Bths. Ditto Lottery 1747, no Price, pank Annul ,748. 1,04 i half a } 8th�. Ditto 17^9. .64 3 |ihs. Three per Cent. Annuities 99 7 8ths a 1 half. Million Bank, no Price Equivalent, no I'rlce. Royal Affuraace, -I. London Affurancr, no Price. EnglKh Copper 5I. Seven per Cent. Empeiar's Loan, np Price. Five per Cent, ditto, no Price. Bsnk Circulation, 4I. 17a. 6d. Prcin. India Bfltfvl* ]l <^ wt KjAc*.-*, V>r<^. JlVm***, W Dircovttftt, ts tte in p^m-tl Elt^w. Ii! Jbv;*} H t**!** t-tiAKiSL MAM. inl I'lrrS. Oiiftiiaty 1^.1^-4 . Bf JOJIN HARRK<� D. D. F. IL S, . pi�rcnt Time i inc:a4.n( pumsUt A��mo � �r�. t-^.wk, SiMlb, Whttr^f. AMttm, H*ffc*. tviia, R�4ii��Mi. Oei, nrm^. ton, Aiv) Hanktak. Kete, T^ Maictly*$ Kavv. \\rifEREAS �^vr$ Pafin, i�ti hJSmt ^m�n had op Mm J l-t^ir^-Jtt tdkmI?m ilwCMkaar ^ tmdt^masrUiinrUimtk^A 11 ati ^tiidlfkmik mmud 0m4 fafid t� iW �lr >iwak >�ii� l% ^jfcjtuM JtirVtr tbttH im titt Ofet wHmlkt Ikfi ' as ottfTK-.-ifi rfe* iviSkk W fitS t*r^lt� tmrtf^^Sf' jfetanUt mrt t�b�HtdU urrf t%drftffiS BiS^ m i^^" tit frtafiirir eflbt AWr. tMittaif thit faft^ otiitN^'Ojfkrt M*f a^ sTi^ -/-^ By the Commtfltonets f(|t ViftuaBiag ^ Majefty'* Navy. WHEREJ^ Jk!tr, Pif&n Iwiev W &w �i^ mt- t^minHi. Ast. pretwa* tbtir iiing nturiuJ iit� the Exi&tfiLr ms* i'rsjiiimiiiii, m'- ttStir* ivi/t thty vsift it; ttstd fitc9 PitfiXt �t k^'Cf ^-^d thitr JSmmMt* ttrt txivrttd t� tarry thnr ftr^ Stl'i :>� tit(^i tg" $ht frtafunr ef the S'^ny, a/vl t^t of t^ir iv^i^ir. -jMei titt the h&uolUi^-O^.ai^ 3% K*^ X Oimnbirliim ^ Citf ff tarn/be -fpct A�!ir, thtit thiy intrnd ta kit hf fi^vwrd l^-tt^t J^Smuetvji La/e^/er ttufirff-et� fifirt, *t ei� Ofek� ^.fitM^r, y& Inar/taltJ Sit^mri Ki^, t^itk r EJ�ki'*�^4 md Jh^m^ MioKn th^etoJt-l3iit^J//g.JUMJitxd�ttoc^i!^$)^ MOW Ar ^ OtatfaH^e BfUn Dvf. �K*5(6igirj dmStie Warthimfit tKHmi^iJ^ th^/jid m^9t thi ^AQ,^�ti mtk ttirr, nvitkmt Jm^tiilr, lafsiafajin; m\ttijt�mj^Vk Umm J /tM the/MC^fm mtm^.sre'emtef,'^ e^-*! Jehn Knigit, ., * -.^.^ .d.: 1 yTht CtiJUAmJFaUMlme, ^kiirJ MhtJ^m/htw mtntiadM^Aam^^ememMTi , fir jftwrj*.;JW,, l^mnh^fir, AmIMEnOSmt^rndBmim^t � rr ^iJlimmh^^f,. to h^h'std.ity'MmX'^i eMim^f^rS^"^ tkraf* mt if Alda^jttfSmi^, euid $�Lm ie 'd^.^mt^ S/ahie kl0t� the iUeftimdm, tie IK^ ^ Sidtja murh or tw^ts ntm fWoic^ im 'irik'c.tSJIfeEa** A/<U T^tiej^h^m- i . e-a 4. ^ th^ fivtred ^Lfmj^ m Temmumtf, CmAJOk^f, BmliHHgt Oh hith SUit. �r t&tittinr "EtJ*/t&^tfSS^mJ, �xttm�i^ thtr^tsm, md cOn im tix O-mJUIS�dt .-UliMv a^mit^tm the Pmfmge k�&m^ t� Om^V iteii .m^<:^ md art U the Otaifiatim efMr. Jiem Eit ^uw^' Ptrfam, . , ' If Kete, The ihrte i^'mtmtifvd l^u -^r/.'.v i-it tfft^^S i;. Om a Rdfjirimg /�' t^umn-jm.' ��f i^mg* at BUumgJiatt, im afe Ot^f^'im if -ffeM UftiU:, 6. � Ftr a ftnm efjkut TufftjfiiM ^.&�^4**�r m-mr, mtlmgi Mfjita^e �r f�m,mmt, t*^i �r� titill, **� t!k mf^r EmJtf the Jd^'tish-thn^e-rdfd n ?.*�#.i;, etgtdhfirtxiti* C,-i/ar im the /aid T^d i./l^e ttr jUs T^m*mmt.'ittt��tie Jitd llnU the /mid C^eutt^ ^i^^^ me rte Ctm^-Ctmjkr e/theUmt/dhidi. Imd^ em M'tA/I^ m.'xt. �Jr .4** i�I*ie, famr e'CUk i� the .-fyMmiam, ts netiw tetf^J* pr riUW, e/'*tlhtth/itr:i.e ht^trmi^t^ ^Mdjeimud tfteti-mimn hthmd^llk^r,Ofte �tie Cmmmd^^^imi^, 'm u.hich/mbfjrimtdJ P^ifteaJdr^ ^ Pi'^v imdm^g /if 'the mhuve iMt m tm -urife $L-u iV^fejW- A�//, 7he Qutmutt^e 't<,iIitittiejJMmftmatr*'tevrPrjfefJh frtmt/uch Pafim v Pttjms ^t-^ are aptnSuit^ fmM Jgwm, tUmr, 'i*d csriy uti^ J! tie atf MMatumr ^*tem�mum* in BmJi-md-.^^M Strut, �J* mfMu^ em �hmmmmirHa^, and Lae im rk. O^imf^uum */ Ejus^tk ^fmnMiimr. gm thm mam Timn fmrtiimLir U/ieau^m tmay It 1*/mt theCufffnJt^'e

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