Monday, June 2, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, June 2, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 2, 1749, London, Middlesex The- Baiiy Adtertifef. FRIDAY, June a. 1.749. A M E io*Ta tsti (clel. Dake, Drrr. ftr-db* Mrdiimaneaa. The �sitf ^' CHE!tAr�#i�i df Am&erdam. * Tfee fi^oEBS Mancr i� wlikh _ ' sfce Coast <�eTe&i. PtW Mi � Mtter ot been jsfi^iicd I17 ku SwcdiOi  Majcfty htmt'cEt from the .Acc-.Hau�� H- o�gli tbe  former was afecrotascs be&cadei. aaid vbc laster could  nercr be ctear'd of kad been lud < Charge.  People canaoc b�lp rciaaikiag, that tkts Dedaraooo of  bis Stredifll Majtliy �� ia fcoe Degrtc mipmsvs to the  CovTts of Rtji* a�" IVwwrf, aribaw wfcro it bccaaie  Beccfiary to pubtifh stc Moarc of �*ir AtsusacBts. fuS-  cieadjr tnade ttapfca". tba: u *j� to prrremx tkc Ekccu.  tion of the Re-e&bltCuBCK ol t^ Smcrc^nr ia $�v)^.  meditated. H(s H�jcS]r. bowcTrr. boS oalj j ^iliiies the  Counc de Teffia or Ui-i Occa&.c�5. be- cren a!? JUr Swrd�  in general, by tajrag. t/ ftsik'a'' i'J^-'.'rt c^,  jttdtciai a Dtfi^ vrhiith coasTe���ais rda-aaon a liitle  equivocal, fluce any wio !i2w�ii3d esuicrain t'cch a l>e-  f^V^t would ceaie u> ccbnv'e ^< �i^ astscr tbe OcTiOsunatioa  of/MtkfuL Time wtEl dac tki* ftfyScty ; and all  Euroft ought 'o i^tCb. after visis bat beea d ^.lar'd t>y tne  Courts of Ra.^ a d D-mamcri. t&ac Cocci Te&a acd all  the Swedes were ftscb ss ka JAijAf Ci:s tixy an * Peojrfe at the are cadcr g;Ra> .^<fachcai)OD$ of  biifchitf fraiB the Mfcwotks wb�k are as be eau-ilmcd  there OB the ^ 3:^ of acxt Uoa:||  aad ^ mtc <o. as  the CooduAoi uf tbem bavisg ^oca a&cd. If there �ras  no MisftMtune to be appt^kcadodL - ^ Ed^e from  whence dxf are 10 be difpisf^d �� baSt ia the Middle  of the To�a. agfi a c above 40 or 50 Ywit from the ' ApartXBcan of the Statts-Gceraf, (be Stairs ot U^'i^,  and the Chapel of the Ccoktci ife wcxy istpradert^y .an-  fwered, I htOiKt mt ; e^' afam smAr Oci^m, tuhfrt I  kalt&e Ejuatttza � 5ar� 151^t'at fimmr Smvx, 15 lioijii  wrtipcofJ. Ic bloaii^ fratnl bliaiflcis of State  have taereupoa feat their fkpos tO a greaier DiAance  from this Theatre of Fue.* Ta'iit, S'ttf 1;. Hn Soriisiza llijc^ i:. arc in. formed, inciioed to ca.ser aaa a ficw 'Trcatj vitb the Empicfs Q^rca of UfU^atT. Rfimi, Mtyn Tteew as*, if �;#eas, Bmttien of the Rof***. tarirc of whcm �icac E^sken sli W^T.e. who have all taken Sioftiucj ; ibr t*arr!i an tccU-t..* fk. and the kith a iWkcr uiJ r^essc; or ut V:rrQ>.<' rc> �t Naptn. Whra I.o^i. ia.;i; icc tliti ai-^iiier, found it imjxatLtlif to rs.� j-i;!!: dac-.r fstvij: Vj r Rooic, he ga�e NvKkt of s; S:^i;>ii Kc-.i s: N*;" r>. wV. ini mcvltately witfttlrr�r. aoJ! tw .Mra:i> :o J�CiCte a grrit Par. c� S - F.-^rvt.!. having bicc of It.-- ko fv^--, �� n_ ^.-^i nioll o* liic new L>.iev>r > *Aa:i- -i^it N ..j.^a - t. 1. ;r,fj tieir limp'o;. ue.-;,. - ^ , . oiuc, a/c rrptJ-.cvi i- r.-i Fcople 1*..'^-^. On Sundajr Night died at Kii Loi)etng�{at Greenwich in Kent, the Rer. Mr. Bcllenger. Minifter of IVifiity Churd) in tht Little Minoriet, ,�nd Matter of th* School at Ratclii^ belonging to Uic Worihipful Compinf of Cooptrs On Wednefday Mr. Moon, a SchoolmalU-r �r Mile l\r\<\. was chofen by a grca M^jirity Scho61mallcr to the Lhanty Children of Aldgate W.irJ. On Turftlay Morning a conlidcr.iblc Quantity of FrcncU Cambricks was frikrd on boanl a Ship in the River by the Officers of the Cuftoms, thry arc valuci) at upwarili of 300I. Car. Wilmer. who wa<i burnt out by the Fire in (tcorjic tVard, is removed lo St. Michael's Alley, iltXltheGcorj;i; and Vulture William Barton, of Ruvkholt Houfe, in E(Tex. leg Friends, that there will be a Concert and Bre.tlcfatliAg on MondAy next, and will be continued every Monday during the Sammer Seafon. There it alfo ProvilVon and Convenience to cntcruinany Korhbcr of Pcrfoni in/ t>a7 in the Week. We can alTurc the PuSlick. that the Battta between this great Champion, Mt'. Motte, from France, 4lid Mr. Lill, a SubjcA of Great Britain, will be foi^jt this Day, being the fccond of June, for ten Guinea*''4(>wn, and ten out of the Box. ibeAtticle^belng lodged i| MLJImuj^bt-tons Hands. The Doors to be opened at 1^, the Mafteri to fight at Twelve. Bye-Battles as ufual. ^ At Sadler'sWclb. Iflington, this �vening�!lBr.Dominique, Mr. Wilhams. and Mr. Fedro, will pcrff^ fevtral new Tricks in Tumbling. Variety of Dancing W Mr. Harvey, Mr Vanderfluife. Mil's Baker, Mrs. Ho^iMlU and others. Sirging by Mr. IIcmfKiik, Mrs. Smith, bqd Mifs Lowe. The whole to conclude with an lintrnaintttent cf Mufick, call'd Scipio .'Vfricanus. Intcrfperfcd wiih  Ficcc in GroT'^fqjc C'harqidlers, call'd Harlequin .GrstVd Volp,i. Each Perfon 10 fee admitted for a Pint of V i ot Vtoney Wciglif. ovtryci invented, which has bttn the ^ j ili- 01 Jiic5\iii,; lo iiuitb bsfc,! tounterfeit, and diminilTi'd Coin, tht-v 'ill continue to 6c fold, being ft) contrived that a Perlon uf ilie Cwwity caiinoi be inip' led on ; one SiJc of wmch lo v\acn/ refcmblis the Coin, the other the Name oi'the I'lcctt* they tie 10 wij;li, thar no Krror can arife, vix. a t*,'k Hu.Jt- injj the Hay Murketj Mr. Kirk'i, neri Northiiin^ici hirui-Houfe ; and at the Shop of the Proprietor, John Kirk, lingiavcr, in St. Paul's Churtli-Yajd, ior Zb. 6J the Set.__ IPgh Wai<T at 1 ondon-Rudge this Day at j6 Minutes i'u I r -n " ' Hi _ j; i: . :3 itic t. O : -e . at N T in ct J^:-r.!.. "a !..e t^lun, i t. '.iA  j-3 -5. '\. Mr. '. ilie ; i 'II ' - ; � Waa t.T i � . i C CUk. vj! br I Auio. , -> a.iivvi J.. ! Sir V\.Ju.:ai V; . �> jr'-ricJ: ifsSTibtr of Pai!iJi- mer.l of cf.e k t>.v : i' V." ;_.^-�c; is rj e rOiJ-S hi* B/i>- en tr.siXrl^TTih're. 14 a J ICVCTil �'-tJ2 ]ir-.-xA iji Li-j,l�ad the tiler, bir Thcrvji juun Lo-v. l.>i{. ct CH-. CtrulliiA-c tui Ciicii-Ce-*;3 i.., _ _ Au Oitier u iijid r'lr isu S*:iSi i*. 01' Glafgow in Scocaiui w csvttifr icoc^l tc� �i.=i:r Damages done m ihxi Ci-^ fc. tir K-ridi e.^t-ft tlx 't-.e Rcbcliioa. I he No'.icc w'^.:^ k.a.> �:�ij:. fi* 1 mJ of the In- faeimxtoa i^ainlt %is f--..'^..rjL \ ClAr^ i^.--' cf Oxfod. �o 1 tuirtdA) ucau. m <W Kjj ci i. :�i A cii^r-^* \ It ta> bccvi I tii.i�<�i ay at c-ii at a -it j -e. a-ai Ccoinjon CQj4i�.it. iuj tic Ctni.'*.� cs fji'.i'g at �n_� coals or �. i! -Xr: Eapea^c CI li'C . aoii no Wc lao iuiiiie uxe �*cil: �. i^c Lord ViUouttL i fiaiii..^ u r^y a Maiti *i Cricket on ftiCUuioa^-tjtceu, ftr a 1 sic^eiiitr ii-ia 01 Moucy, g^it the L�:,i \ ut&^-i Lt*��, i-^-i Ri^i-s'd Ihc iiaa. icUn..} Viae. Lai. o=c u� u>c 1 cii* al t�e y t-I. i� i� �eii tcuvec'd M tj ^ to ^baiiid. The Uun Blues Wall^-T ^a. iK>a :* ie J'-fS P ji�i*T) to tbt D-i.e ot Cum b".*t.i. at.* a McjAttLroi P<�. �i ili Urf iiBjall fox. u his Farmer's ti�j.^ ut B.Tar-gtoo^irrci Ved��d�y died Mrs T j-rt^\ Ws3c ot il� Tor. ono. *^ Uu H�*--Tt bU:ur < wk-m ifc Su nk Stock was 13^ 1 hull a 136. India Price. Si�u�h-Sea Siocl . L>.ink AnnJiiies 1746, 106 Ditto 1747, 104 3 4ih al Alfurance, 78. London Atfuisnce, no Prn,c. Hnghrti Copper ^1 Seven per Lent liiiiprior'i Looii, 140. 1 ivc per Cent t-'itio no Price. B..nk C irculaiion, 4I. 175. 6d. i'rcni liid a B'tiuls 3!. if)s. a 171. This /)jv li piihlijh'd, (Pruf l/ound r^i.) 'T^^HK Coinjil'.iiu V or Ni^^hc Tijou^'irii, on L t', l>�th, >nd liTiiouit'liijr. To wlilcti it ad.icJ, Al' -f\u4le on ol :Uc B..'.k ol JOB. By ih, R.J Ih. V U U N G. P(jni- rt \iiy \ l.on ul r.iiiic, Ike Unin-rUI l'#/1ii>n lu Srvn Sitiics i iwu Epiltti to Mi Po^, an tt)� AuihuK <7t ttt� A^e , BuArK, � Til{cd|r i �lld 1 tic Fi.r�cnj;c, S 'I'llfeC^. Sfta'iJ y^lumi iuniflile BIoORAHin.^ liltllANNH;. ul the moll c'M KKKStJNs *h,j of A : or, I'lif I ivrs liu liive liounfti'J laCJUtAF BRl TAI S <iKl IK r l./A NU. Iruin t I.e c.i iirit A en Uuvnn tu ilie ^.n-kiiC 1 in.<-. . C".|ir'�c. Iioiii I'ic bed A �!'''oric .ri b. th I'r iiit<J ,,<! Mjii.ii. n^i A1.4 1 cin.irrui*' w/iii lie puOJijhd l.uiitLer L'X.)(1. bci/i^ hilt T tic U lfc )j- in�y \^ .Hitie un, I/ib-.f (i'-, L./ . H�u�ijc, 1. f 14. .fj. Whiu.dn.-, Hni, Hiut.. rtllif., I >,..,, M., y Sv�'c. < ..0!' '�� �*>" t*-"* liUrn iM ihi \V,./1< W'tkly, -i kj'j /'^m, ."i.l ". 1, .a^/ >i 'tiih tirj HI '"p H Ir l.O N 1) O i>i iv\l A u A Z I N K i Cotu4(ntng, ffint^g m'ii� . (her 'U� B v'U l tl>pr�, lt i'i llty A iidw l>�lf>tk-\ivi) ol' Siin>�il-,A w. C r of M�c�n�>. (li \>ti Nt ihtru F.llfr^. "i olipil^,.!! ^..�I'shr, pol'ticil Oriiicit . Hid f liiii�iit it I'vo) t. Ait art t'-^U An.iy ,�-� J u ic it A O.I.lion I'l 11 I': i.>(iiii � N.i�i i� i  1 K v.r >mm )rt I. VliiHclt. W th l ^ir.t V� tty �. l'..i�i ol (*.et>v. Ovcviuinc-* >i�iji ,1; Pn Mirringfi iiKl liilhi, Ueatb>, U^nkrupit ; Pi I ol MvxoL jf ^ �. inif4 fur R. Dstiwin }un. at ths Ro(r lo Ifttn ri>:tttt this Day is pkbltJb^iL, (frfoTbdJ - Number KX\ H .y (VltfimttA wrf* 4 Cif/xr fht', ttfrtftmii'g fit tf�Ut/�t 5iUt�/ tj^ CItmitfi, 41 CU/l/t-Hllli uMt r f/tt^ Coif rm Xuf gJmm/ifct ^'MtSJ-B ktign i atl tinrft a l^iirrf, tMbiiitinf tht i^tt *Ct Mtmmr wadh^V ^rih. UNlVivRSAU MAGAZINE of Knowledgs tnii Pteafuts, (�i 1749. Otwaijvff. eJ>b<fttiLna.�ucr Piei's. thiw Cnm-fuu*. ttt.) tr^m^ Ufeful snd enttitainmg P*itlcuUrt, j"'^ - The Alt of miUlnf Wlk^( �ni< Ttllow.CiiivUst. 11k AH N <r(rui'i.<n � ( t)t�pnlhii�. Rnn<'k< th* lt�fri%*t Cuilaljiiui. All tin'iy oil  Kinf, wiiit<n br ^� ii^natu^z^ �^<A r- nvejri � rral Mrs of a I'ttiiiU Kirijt. An hri* .rm! A<c<M,^ ��9. ftiirr, 'I'hii HilKrT ot F.n|iUnd. tuac't 'nj aitti >^ tC-^n m Edward V(. in hilturittl ..\iipunt bl thr Oup* i,n iU itti.fa. > Im Philiirojihy �' tli� .i)r. t\ Aaceiit to rtlViis th< K'iArai5 in .Si. PtuPt t1twc!t.Y��i4y (..'fidiin i and l.ild liy ihc It.n l:iifll<r� ol CJtMf P�-an sttl Jirla*!! 1 Where iiuv be hid %nv t intirr Nnmbm, Pru� tf.i. t%tht mr-'ih'tm Volume* nf.itly boumi and li-ricr'd, Prue I4�.  M�rj�J ttK #4. ' Noc, 0: to alk I-r tkt�rif >/' oLl Sl}'->l L\rJ cf.'jt tt Lsti, futh� 'fxni t'tilxr St), if,. Phtt, ^!.tti, S'lfpfi, i^'c. tL9-j tjijMtd iau. If Pur.h,./,! il IJ J'/fft l-^i. j^.r Cat ,U f^s "h^t tf .<-iff.i,v', '.rhiihlXfJil 11 tj b( fi'f'fttt.i fv !.h Cf*' im ii1l tlflir fit JL>.'/V S,t^,f. A':j t'trktm *r Ptt/atM tf.:tt iite \^ii'lfi^ lu i'liy ihf fiiiJ qU StJritj, t^iry tit^.v tivm mt tiny 'fiitit bifti'f thi Sjt, uf-ilt titf.'ytit^ 19 tit if tbt fat J in tiki fro^r itarirvg Hjuft. I3y the Principal Officers and CornmitlkMicfi of his Majelly*s Navy. WHERE/IS ch-viri Ptt/aas Ativ k^.J S*ki ,f ^ttff tmf: fjied to llftxi h mj, ami atU-ri i-^ut �/ HxifjiiKg,, 'ui'iib Imm httn fmtd /W J.wg^J .xt lmfnjl$ o^.iinll tirrm \ ikifft an to gti-e fittiu ta uU Pttfimt "Jtk* i'tive ,/ i.ny Man y inifttjini to tinmp9m thft (M.* �r dnT-^-m Bitls, unit l.>a %jair tivJ fv^iMuJ i/i ulhermic t^ry 'uiii h, tvtd Pnfiins m tMit f^jfM fikttr .�/.iOUHts (ire i.xljortid lo utt'y tbur jh f/ri-f /w/i'j / Of&V t/ til Tri.i/urir ly' f/je S'l-xy, u/:d t.i*t ti^tr /m/rfjit. U^ti at the .Vtj'i'i '^[h^i, Sti'y if*, i;!^. l^y ihc L'uniniit!! ncrs - tor V Kii�.iiliu>|j~.4us M.ijrl^y's N.ivy. WI'FRF. If d.-l-r, P.rf^, l.t;, J!-^J SjIW rf JL'^ , I'^l'iijlrd I.J ih n Ly I.,, ,uij (ni:,r, i-.rtw d'^ /f�ji 11/ fL.\Lt"[y, .lIiiO '^ i ft'i t lid yttd iJk-'^rJ ii Irii^j:* ,1, /(v "J , ll'ji- fl ;m tX fifj /D .;/.' fir; � t/''/�ri# L\ti! nnf'i,'. I U 11 :i , t j8r..-UL;� ^iZ", nvr liiU-: 'd I': tijur .ii\<n,fl, i J.^ � j /� �r tvwi'.t un/ p.i/i J t) il,.ir t' utm, IfW t)i'i J, .f�3r.-A J,!l:,' llH/ll'1. '):/!, ^. .z-J ^i., r.r tl')ir i/ii-iy '  l.i)UiJ ui:ji ll. l,-> -� unjr and^'^/ tjtij, a. irf/w. . ;i i,c li ) .��.'/ , <n:l J.i..' i',jfjTi it} i'ur^ * / L -' ' '* -& r.�/�//(i/ .'' ' I" I r^''i' /�i/t't Ii:dt ft tts C'^^t I .fli ul I ' to, ,LljJ i oj l> Lt 11: . � . i.J t I '�' ill '..It. ILL Yin.;, j: .a ^-r Med- /;'/ ..It /� IV; II f t i I I r ' ji ' ir n. fi . 1,0.\I)UN IIOSITIAL. or I.Nt'IRMAHV I^^hf- I.-'./'.,;/,, .1^, ti � ' f',# . P*.u ^ ti ill .1*, t'ii' iH htr^l>!^ u t' .y ij'. .a ! t-j X ; f, ^J*jt,� lum,, I, ii\< lit / ti i.l', j,..i'J 'if r

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