Monday, May 26, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, May 26, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 26, 1749, London, Middlesex le Adveftifef. \ F R Id A Yi May a6, 1749. A IL* D. the Shark Sloop to tke Weftward ; ihe BilhopttoM. Ajrm, for Bfifto! i �xi the GibTJItir. Ellis, for AmOcrdan. Wind South Raft. A� �xtrm9 tf _ hlof to. , ^im. fht I'rince Swdtholder made the dtcrMnve \* Propditi'wn* :o the Aflemblf of the States cf the Pro-  vlftce � hjr C3afl�, together with emy  thmt th�t related to Ae Encatisn thereof; that A� htincfles t� detennine.^ with--'out Loft of Time, upon one of thtfe two Expe �lyo�es that, in hisOpi-  nion. can be pat in Praaice; and his Serene HighDcfs  finiftted his Exhortation by a Remark worthy of a Fa^  ther of the People; which was this: He faid. he thooght  that in order ta engage the Peciple to bring in volaata-  rlly their Part of the Taxes If the Farms were re-?�ab-  liOied by Way of ColleAion. that the Inpofis on every *. thing which contributed towards the Saecnance of the � People, foch a* Potatoes. Corn, and Tatf. (hoald be  taken off, efpeciallv fo long as the Canals were f^nen op. * After every Thing thM was accnflTary had been Cud  upon the foregoing SnbjcA. hi* Serene HighaeCs ftrcnn  oufly itrgcd the JSacoaragemeat of Commence in geoeral,  and of their own llannfa^res in particoUr. and at the  (ame Time Commanicated to t*^cir Noble at4 Great . ' Migbdacacaawcll-dcawn-upretiaonoftheCommiAaries  �f the Silk MannbAure. and propcK'd a* a fitrtncr Bx-  'Mdient, that they would nqt foigjet to prrhtbit all foreign  Mttnflrfloiek from being worn in the Country j bts  Scrctte Htghncb offetinB to fct the irft Kxanplc :o their  Noble and Great hlighunrlTes. and to all :he lahaintann ' * of the Country, of w-hat Degree foever. by wearing him- � fcif. and caufing all his Hoafhold to wear, nothing bat  the MinufaAure thereof.' Chf^Hagtit, Mof a;�. Four Ships richly laden from the Indies, arc fafcly arrircd in this Road. 1>rtfik�t 4% *9- *r>s alTuted. that fome very in-portaat Change* will be xmAz at Coon. His Pohlh Majdiy nas, it's laid, been inform'd by the Piiante. that the States of Coariand have rcfolvcd again to poSpoae the EieOion of a Duke. L O N D ON. Jahn RoiTel, Efq; a Commiflloner of the Navy, u ap-eowted Conful at Li/bop.-in thd^^m of Georg,c Crowle. �fq:.';vho was laiehr appointed Conliil there. The-AlbertoB, Capt. Matthew Mbylt from Bennc�U. and the IShip of Capt. CharlcB Brooahall. of New York, are both loft. The Swan, Capt. F]isch, for Andgca (irom Carolina, was in her Paflage loft on cbo FIorii!a CoaS. Yrrterday the EfTex Ir. :umaB. Capt. jackfon. from Mocha, cam*- to her Mooring* at Erith. On Wfdnrf'diy at the Rowing-^4atc'4 for the Silrer Cup, their Royal Hi^hn;:ires Prtac. anJ PHncets of Wales were rowed in their Barjje a-h�a�l of the Wagennm, followed by Prince George, the rpnng Princrfiir*. in a naeniSceni neMr-4>ailt liaise, mia the V'cnaiao hlaaacr. ana the Watermeu alt (keUed ia ChiacTe Habits, nrhich. with the Number of Gallies attandtag, made a very fplcn-did Appearance. Hill at Wdfauinfttr Ftrry, and his Partner, won the Cup. The Chapel at the Foundling Hof^tal is lafh'd. and made very commodious for the Reception al at HamptoaCourt. by the Rev. Dr. Gautimer, Abc^iuun Atkiftsv of Clapham, Efo; to Mtfs Crati.l�>, cf \Lz Uaie Place. Yefterdity Morning WillLsmVJden. Ef^^j cftheMiadle-Tcmplc, w�s nwiiud 10 Mii� ^o;cley. of fcilcx Street. A lew Da>� fincc was lunrtcd lUe Rev. Mr Ste-c.*:. Archdeacon of Cornwall, (oMtfiChol�icn. ob!> D^vgLtcr ol John ChuUvtch, of tarringdon in -ihe C<�uuiv of D. � n, Efqi ii^irpory Recorder of the t uy of Litu.- ; .1 agreeable I.ai3y, �wih a loilune of jx;c!- A few DAytfincc wat rauticd Mr. V r�r4.i'. eminent wholcfale Liuncn-Draper of t-or:;..;T:.' lo Baker, of VVo.ccilir i � agreeable Litiy. c.-sio-. "d v�i h all the lalificatiocs lo rcuJerihc MarrLsjc Si^ic On Wcdnd'tiay kd Baak, EaA Smithficlt*. and expired in an Hoar after. i, , , Vcfcniay were coatmiitcd to the Gatchoufe, hy Tho. Ellis Elq: of New 1*aiace Yard. Richard CaflinR and Richard Williams for robbing William |nnc�, a Taylor of Oulvicti. on the Highway, near the l*ox theBotiu;^ of Dalwicfa-Hill, of a targe Bundle of Silk, and .eight Shil-I nngtaadSix-fCMe. ' GtMncrAwjN itfi^r Z4- On Monday Uft one Ifaic Siiiger, aliis John Smith, was.committed to the GctAl ofthit^uy for mnrderiag Mr. Greatwood, who Wis Matter of n Brick. ki!n at CoAky in Wiltiihire, about right or nine Year* ago, ^Ibfabing bin ia tkicc fcveral Parts of his Body with a AttbcPatiih Chardi of the united Parilhes of St. Margaret Pattoas. Rood-Laas, aad St. Gabriel, Fetichurch-Strect. tm Soaday acn, a new Organ, built by Mr. Giiiiin, witl be opca'd by Mr. jamet Worgan, on which Octalion two Scmioas will be preach'd fqr the Qenclit of the Charity Boy* of .BiUingfgatc W^ ; thiiu in the Morniog by the Rev Dr. Newton, RcOor of St. Mary le Bow, Cherpftdet and ibat ia the A tetnobn by die Rev. Mr. HcckRall, Morning-Preacher at St. Luke ia Middkfex. and LcAurcr of St. Michael BafSfimw. lite New Vcrfioa is ufed at the (aid Church. Next SaadarMoraing a Chatlty Sermon will be preach'd �t St. Andrew.Uadciihaltlii i,eadcnhall-Strcet,^ theHcv Mr. Faix!cy. LeAorer of St. Bennet Gracechurcli," for the Bcncnt of the Charity Children of Coml^ni and Lime-Street Ward*. Raaebtth-Hou&aadGardens will be opened every Even-%, as ohial. dH liirther Notice, each Perfon ShiHing Admittance. ing. paying One The tall Time. For the Benefit otf Mr. Morgan and Mils Sevens, thi* Day. exa�Uy at hall an Hour ^ftrr Ib'tx. the two Knights treat their Friends at the Ibeaae in the Hay-Market: after which the Atiitioncer wi!l djfpofe of fome Originals, pariicularly a Portrait of Harry tlw Smogvjicr, at he look'd at his Trial. To which riil lie added, the laft new Eiitertainingu call'd I'he .AuOKm. To conclude ^ith a new Smuf^ng Epilogue. Tickets ddiw'd ont by Mf<i.jpravrn and Mrs. Denton will be taken; alfo Tidtets giveii out fur Tuefdayla^. At.Sadler*a WelH lUtngton, this GVciling, Mr. Dopn-�iquc, Mr. WUIiaois, and Mr. Pedro, will p]prf0|nHrevcral ew Tricks ia Tumbling. V^ariety # ^Dancing by Mr. Harvey, Mr. VaadcrHuife, Mr*. Hough, and otlwrs. Sir.giag by Mr. Hemfltirk, Mrs. Simiih, and Mifs _^Lowe. T�� witoic to conclude with an &ttcrt�nmrnt of Mufick, call'd Scipio The whole to' conclude vi:t. the Tri-imphs of PeaCe. riidei Juilice. Mr*. PhUlipa} Trade. Mr. Hendrick. The regular Phyfidian. fo famous lor the fpecdy and rfie�hial Cure of all Venereal Disorders after Dr. fioi>r-haava's Method, i* rcmov'd from Johnfon't Court, Fleet-S-.ieet. to the GoUcn .Acron in tlte Old Baily, the eighth llonfe framLv<igate-Hiil. where is conftant Attendance, and Advice and Madicines on eafy Terms) alfo convc-nieot Lodging*, if the Cafe requiro it.__ H^k Water at London-Bridge this Day at f 9 h-lmut^s after f in the Morning, and ao after 6 in thu Afternoon. Ycfterday Bmk Stock was i}; 3 4ths a India Stock 1S4 i half. S3u:h-Ses Stuck 113 1 half Ditto pklAnnuhies 105 1 half- Hmo New 106 1 4ih a itO. i^nk .4nauitics 1746. no Pi ice. D.ito f^.;, 104 } 4ih9. Ditto I^ottery 1747. 10j 3 j.hi Bink Annuitit4 .748, 104 ] 4ths a 5 8th�. 'Ji'rctf per Cent. Annuitio loa 3 8tbs to i 4th. Millioa Bank, no Price. Uqutvatent, no Prxc. Royal Afltirancc, no Price. London Allur^idcr, as Price. Englifli Copper 5I. Seven per Cent Emperor  Loaa. ao Price. Five per Cent, ditto, no Price. Dank Lir-eolation. 4^ 17s. 6d. Prei.. Ind:a Bond^ jl. 15*. rbis Day ae fulUjb^dy (Prue6s.) Bf^mtifmlSf frimttJ in I'vlumtt in Small O./oi-i, D4Jkct4d t� tit R'�it Him. ihi Hart tf Chestiri ulu, {�^HE W'.rk* of th? moll cclebratctl Mi icr |%Kt li^fammy, C'�rZ-i I'arl uf Df/t. Ourin Em: ^impjitlei Stmael Cailb, Curit i'l.f^.y, Cl^j UL^w, JUitLt WitlJ�(��f i1m�U>*( nirniian'J I'u ts, wh;ch aie ton nKMieoMriB Qaawiiy li�lw,fAilc4 Wp riidy. �iv conui.i'a .1. tUU Vetuan. *�t w��c McWip Ifttm! |>�l ttlb'J Xufctlv. IrriicJ hm F V*fo. <' ll�a Jy|i� \l, Tilt Works of the Earls <.f KoscuMMtW, IK ��it wA tOt-rr �i, SirS* wo r 1 r:.4 . 1 h, M< Si  rk 11, Ml. Mr T�c��c, ai!*! oil�i icUbrtud v.ntcit, wlj l� W�^ . i'lssard t.f j- Mwl I*. ToB<UB�i�J I^rj-.,r, in ihc Stfjn<*. A S A h'. C L C L a k i k. I). l^U !�, 'f f �J"'-  " 'I'' Wi-;. , *�r�J�r, r w If i \ � '� lU �. >.l .1 (� � (UW O.". � : tiit ltd *l s. Wbifc- in Cit�v. Ofil ce Qf Ordnance, Mn> *, j int,tul tt fiU fy /W&d| AtHiott, fit thtir Of^ff in lhf.<Tt^,r^ ,m ^a./'^ *^ %OtS itAi.nt,fiv(tnl ieft'i)/P.jihtctit ,m.iPfftir Ofttri^ga, iSM^S .%\tif,u,ft, hHuJltiBtttttb, Bikitp tmr*Jl R^r, Dr-mtvr^ HiipK.n, Br*i if^>, Jrmeifnrti'i^li}*u/ttikP eU 1.W Nn/rr^viifiilh Stir:t, tif'u/) ttniv Af 'Vittv\4 at th* fiwivr, tf f^\,ftii^ iv/'W* fiit^jJ UJii ef tU Lott nvili t� d.iiver'd t4 huh Pi>/siit <ii tifflf fcr tbt fiim.  '-\ _ " CHARLES PUSH.^ Navv-Olficc, May la, 1749. '"V'^h'R fr'mdpal 0*km imJCsmtAihinm tf htt ^Uj'fi^t trt fi^tvifirfLtmn0tlf^^ ' Navy-Office, May it, 174 1 Mit5� gi'vt NHia,. tii�t ttf 7l<m/��j thi ^Jlifmtt' at Tim t'Cicd imJlv Mtttnitn, thy niiil tnt^t H $*U tit Wi, q0.u th* Hulls of Lit M^r/jU Stift tin Fi/iJIm, /lir/ir� I Pt>- Ctut, � Pt�pitthst titnttt *ii to le m/ttti- hy tht Ptrfins nvh/i>iM furdHife ti* jh'il Slip* tua/ Pwtieiihwit (ill Pirfom tvi'* Jh(Jll Htlind ti* fitidS*>tf �n.40-tukc Natite tko-ilff ami^mif t't; tv\l f�r tiiiit PtufOfii md u-n/efs tkt S/jipi /1 fHfchtt\l/-aU It f,;ittjbr, tttd tuifn AHVijr a* ibe EnJ effoilj Dayt, tl>c Dtpi^jsljlsillh/ui/, tUtJittm* tbt Preftrty if tin Own, _ EaR-ltidi�-liouf�.-, May �4> i74> '"JH^HB Qstrt .9f_ Dirffttri of tht Vititnl Q>*rf*i^ mf give A's !< /�// A; held at tbtir Houft the t\Ji of font mxt, at Elcvtii in tbe Fermten. Tb^ tbtir TrMsfir-^Becis <:vill bt Jhut uf cttfiMffisy tk tz4 of tbt ft4d JuMt 'T'wa o'clock J and o^hJ a�i;i� cn flttf0ijf tb^totb of futy next, v  Tbat the Dividend ff^arrants dut at Midjummtr sitjtt ^tviU t� rtady to it dliwi'd*� ^bmfitiy tbt t;tb of'tktfiid'fmff. IhJUtal for tbe M*iintinvHt end Bthtfotitntf tjefefitt mi ^firled fotstig (Mbbeif, in lami't C^it Fh^' Mtrcluints tfRKgUnsd treuliii^ to tba Rtt^i-'JfidifS dt krf^ Xetite, tbul a guiitt.ily GftimU Court ej tbtfi,)d Cimfml^ Iv Lcld at tbtir Houfe in laid id-c ll-Strnt ou ti'idk^fHisy Mm 19. 1740. |WTO riCK is hereby given i/\ ncccfliiry to bo ntade for Fcrfor that AlteratioA* beiaf^ . , to bo nude for the Reception of A^nia xronii of tiigb Diftinflion, thg Mufick which was odvcr-tit'd for Tnutfday the J^ih inllant, lo be perform'd intha Chai.<d, isdeferr'd till Saturday the I7ih initant, atTvveite ar r4oon, ami the Tickets for the a$th will be then recciv'd. The Mufuk to be perform'd. con&tU of the fnilowinir Plyce. compofed by GEORGE FREDERICK-HaNDEL. Efq. Fi'f. The Mufick fot the lato Rayal Fireworks, and the .'\iithem on tlic Peace. i'fcaird, htUfl lictei fron ttw Oratorio of Solofnoo, rc'siinj^ to ihe D^ediuition ol the lennilr. 7Lird. Scvcrat Picics vflmpcltd f r the Occafion, tha Wordi taken from Stiipiurf, and applicable to ttisChaiity * and 11 ^ Utnefjttort. " IV'o Pcrfons whatever will he admitted by prtn^td' Tkkeu, which �re ready i '.H Street, and at lindon > C oiloc-IIiutfi.- in Cornbilt, ^ No:c, There will be no Co Uviii-n j Mr. Tacf^n haviri,' printed the Words ol lliis l'*ih�rni�ncc (or tho, IletKfit of this Charily, L'ouki inii/be |. id ut ilic Ptac while ri(.k�i> art ddivei'd out, o( One SI. I'mg .aeh. . _11 AJIM ,\N U [: t .SI'. Sur.n^rf. LL Butches, Takers, Cifoci-s Cfitrd'c- A monger,, CnrnthniiJIcri, Sa.iiilio.'l.rt, MiUihicf, B a^n ># ul \\^ -nt . r . i. J A � . JlKCt Wlicil, Inflowflmidlei,, ttui LiiJ<ria'..'n. mn *ir w.Kmg lu furvif iho Wuikli.ufi; b<l. f-ijlnie ti t'le ujv-' Ufwfi. n t lh cf A/ulii-w J(.ill>irn, u'' St. (.Jcirjit tlic M. tttr, ill tfic tJi'ttttiy of Miil.ll-.'';*, Ill tlie.f it{,'cHit Ji li�er ih�ir t'ru|iot.t.> n Wriltiy. fujUJ u^, lo the Mirt^t uf tlic l.ii>t Wurl.Uuulc, cii or ti�t�ic Tr^tby till! i6tli Djy uf June n l (xriliiiully tu Hl'cmi lheC J Wutk.h�ul�la Llill; Cray t lit:. Lilt.;, 'f� /uho/ibf -u 7rvJ^ftt hJotijfiitg It tie MJJl ft* lied RJen 'fniliku, ihat *-xv ual fj^igid tSmt l^*iit for n >V;,,-H)�r Jtr iLi iij..d fnn itUuihuftlOttu^k '"f""MP". faJ [Marc ht np tlfclT.-cJ v.nrant Ort I ;.; .>ij.iUnt> ��1', �iul >l.' l.!t^t|<.n riiii^; cn lljt D*� ti-iif (cKt Vu'c. f i Ifilei'V arc liwttil,!/ .(rfiriil lur M \T tl'lE\V lU-.Vk'EI I', iju- uf I.a)a('--<l.ll, 1. iiJcii, M<ri�f, � f'iri:fiua.jB:i Cii. , i l>j 0 tu U>i>.i.4ic l� Ic (liui , m.i; (,.�.-cva A)'!'!  I'l"" jik' a f:!i,.ii-. O N'�i , i i -.jiiii of !'� i j.'ncM lifii/, 1 iVn-� Jl-^jl r-J I.I, , ^.'fl \ . 'P, C* n'. l^'jrj'. i\ ir..fl :\Jl ft b.fiMl i'.'VJi'. M..tihe�v 1/^ ivl It I li o / N We'll i:iav A- Ii i.cxt, A 1) i.^ 1.' h

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