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Publication: Daily Advertiser May 25, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 25, 1749, London, Middlesex 5 I I The Daily Adveftifer. THURSDAY, May 15' �749 Dealt May 23. RRIV'D, the Charles. Teague, from Naples. Came down, the -, Litler, for Dublin. The Ships ai per laft remain. Wind I North-Eaft. An ExtraSt of n Letter from n Magijfrate at Amftcrdam, tiair the Revenues of the Farm* : That � the Zeal with which People difputed concerning who  (hoold prdpofcthe mod uleful I'lan, ngreuably coutirmcd  hb Serene Hi^-Juicls in the idea which he had that  Patriotick Scniimenfs were far from beipg ftidlcd in tie  Brtarts ot the Inliabita^nts of , laid 10 that the Mjiiufaifturi j aiiti  Copimercc Jhould noi be over thait;od, but on the con-  trary eared as nnich i. pcrffiljle, appcnred to Kim to be  jult and r.liional ; T!. it after all I ic, wiiieh give Power to the Prince of Conti to take IVdellion of the Grand Priory of France. The Prince de Soubiie lias, by Coifent of the King, pur-chaled the Pott of Captain of the Lh^Acs de V^arer.ne of the Louvre, which M. Vaudicres lately had. Marihal BeUciflc fcas been cleded to fupply the Place of a Member in the French Academy, vacan: by the Death of Mr Amelot i nd the Marquis de Maillcbois is chofcn to fupply that of Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences. Mr. de MachauU. Comptroller-General of the Finances, is appointed MiniAtr of State. The King wentr this Week to Crccy. AAiMs 1697 Livres. 'i'icketa of the Mi terjr, c8oUvrci; tholeof the fecood, j$o Llvret; Tickeu cfthe LMftia Auguft, 990 Uvrca i thofe is July, sod liM Amvm,^ Frk�. . ' ' Ifi O N D O N. YfAiMter it w�i ipufed to the Committee at the FoudlMlf Horiitial.Thai his Majcfty, of bis Royal Rounry. o�dlo. committed to NrM-g�tc by the f.�me Gentleman, f ne) and murder'd him. by giving him ihrre Stabs in the Belly, Sreift and Throat, w its a C!afp Kaifo. The Coroner's Inqueft brought in ihcir Verdirt Wilful Murder, on whicii Mr. Tucker svat cjmsiitteJ to Rof-comnic^n Goal. LuJgatf, May z^. Wc the poor Cilisens continrd for. Debt on the common Side, return car fi-ccrc and hearty Tlianks to our generous ai J uitknown iJcncf.Tii.tor, fcr a Thirty-fix-Shiiing Pieec ot Cold put i.ttoour Brggmg-Bax thii Day ; which was t^jJaHy divided by our Steward, to the great Relief ol ourtU-and I-asnilie*. fomc of whom are under great Neccflitusi and oar Number daily incrcaicj. AtthcParifh Church of iKeani'ed Paiiibrs of S�. Margaret Pattons. Rood Lane, and St Gibrul. Fcr.chjrch Strctt. on Sunday next, a new C)r�.in. butlt by Mr Gnihn. iviJl be opcn'd by Mr. Jarne* W organ, on wltich t>cc�lion two Sirmons will be preach'd for iiie Bcwebt of tae Chariry B'lys of Billingfgate Ward ; thai in the Mor!-.i"g by the Rev. Dr. Ncwtoo, Rrctor of St. Mary Ic Bow, t htvv&le ; and doA .Affurance. no Price. Englifh Copper 5I. Seveft per Ce.1t Eniperor's 1.040. no Price. Five per Cent, ditto, n� Price. Bsnk Circulation, 4I. 171. 6d. Pri:ni. InUiA Bond|| TbTs Day nYe . fulitjFd, ni ^HK SEkMONS on fcVeml Siibkas of jL SAMUEL C L a r K K, d. Tnftther with hi* eighteen Sttimoiii nn ftveral QceaMonk. ^v,iK t Trcfirc, tionf ibme Accoant �f ih� LKe, ChsitNcr, M t m the.Authvtt By BRNJAMIN Urxl ani�b�f WtNUHRSTBH. I'r.Aitd lot J�hii ani Wu) K.napt�n, in W|M�-SliAt� Uh^ Mr W, The Work* of Si.-niifl tl�ikr, tJ. I>. in 4 wl. Foil*. Tht Semutiu tf Ot. Ssmiul Cist he, in  wl. Foii�, I)r. S^mnct Cl�rk�'� Srtmoni on l���t�' Suhjt^, to vol. OAaT�. E%h�ctti Srrironi pn (� ptrefiimM, that thti fv*m will ftiAtcirntl* t�fa of th� I'aV'Wt The fi.ft ii the inimttakle Author of the. FooihUint; .latfljr rnhlflt'Ai/ (Vol. iii p. 4.1 ihi feron^, ihe in|'iil'ut Mn fltrnVi wImIa^IM-fec>'ot*iiS(pt\ D rnntrJ fM Cbrhrii t|itiaanccs by MuJ'. Tanfcy from Venue, i o wliieh will be add^, feveial Scene* in Gro-tcfquc Charai\et', never prlorm'J before, call'd Whitfon Holiday*: or. tlarlcquin at Gieedwicb. The whole to conclude With ihe I'ria.nphs of IVace. Britannia, Mi*. Miles; Marj. M� Mi'c* i Peace. Mifs Qraiacr; Viftory, Mr. Joetiramerj Fame, Mailer Granter i Time, Mr. Granier : i'rudence. Matlaia Tarifcy 1 I'Senty. Mr*. King : Julhce, Mrs. Philhp*: Trade. Mr Hccdrick. At Sadler's Weils, Itlidgton. ti.is Evening, Mr. Dominique, Mr. Williams, and Mr Pedro.'will perform fcveral new Tricks io Tumbling. Variety of Dancing by Mr. Harvey, Mr. Vanderfluife, Mrs. lloogh. and others. Singing by Mr. Hemfktik. Mrs. Smith, tnd Mif* Lowe The whole to conclude with an Eater!a:i,ns;n; of Mufuit. call'd Seipio Africanus. interffcried �uh a Piece in Grotefquc CharaiScrs. call'd Ha>icraad Volgi. Earh Pcrfon to he admtiicd for a Pmt of Wine at Puncb. On Monday next the brtl great Matcii a: Cricket for tttis Seafoa will be phiy'd la the AttiUcrv-Grottrd, Lmdoo, between the Gentlemen of .Addingtoa Club aj^inll (he Gentlemen of Brom'ey and London- I'bcre aiv fevcral very coofiderabic Bets depetuii.ng between the Nob^aiua ani Gentlemen that inttod to ho.ioar this Ifa^ch wtd> their Prefeace. Th* Wickefy to be fMich'd by Two o'clock, m grand MMch. which fair n�iy Ycm MH 4cm " Office oi Ortinance. May 1, 174^, 1 krfly gt\r Nonce, thtit fifty intiH.Vto f,-/t ly PUiJiti jla^lion, Kt rt>,ir O^ct in the Teaii/r, en 'I tuMitf tin jofA inj).jmt, fii;raJ Lati ef P.^retfmtHt WP^ufio CtuttiilgOt^tatHt^J lisJ.s, I^Ktlnrnt, Mntfl; Shif-Siini, Himti SotiKH, Pe/t' Jx.s, Skiveh, Sf-atiet, Sti-orJs, MnJltt-liotTtlu HUJt, /.rrrV/ R9f>f, Drvmt, Bawnttt, Br,(il-J'm, Jrirenrert 'I'oeli, tatd ethir M aiT^i aKil'^Hc-ahlt^Brti, nvhitl tfftiiy he tfiVu'iiat tin Tif^vtr cf lJ"iJ0M, 'uherr fritittd Lifit of tk' Lett iviti It difhtr'J fj Jmcb Prfnu eu ajfly fir tbt fame. , ity O'rJir 0/thf BiitrJ, CHARLRSj BUS If. Kavy-OlBce, Klay ij, 1745 THE friicifdl Ofi'(er$ and Cs'mv{lfiinnt if lit Mijeftft Navf Netite, that ei U'etHefdhy tit % Jt hJinHt^ at TfM o'Q^ it tbt liforitine, tt>^ nviU w ntttfy tt tnat -vtUh. fMh.Ptrfoni at fhall bt �tnnMtofu0lyibtfMre&J�Hafit^i>>g?^^^^ trufi, nvith ftKoath fttving StMe, Gutter Stent, GiiM Sitnti JjSltr Stone, onJ rongb FUtneri or H'bll SttHt,'%^-':__ � r^V^fl-rcVMiy^i. 74�*. ^^r^HE Prineipal Off.etrt and (hKmijfi'mfrt bit Mitujifi X Niiiy give S'olite, that oit Tburfdtiy tbt pef ntttt Ktonl^ nl Ten o'C/nci in the Morning, they mi// exfqft to StiU at (bit Off^t tbt Hmlit irti at �Ar(n�e^> ^vbtrt tbty may bt vifw'tt bfftteb rtrltnt At art iMtdtioUt tt atttnd tbt faid SJe, ami M fir tlimi And m tiBtftjy �/� n I fir Ctfit. tr in PnfortiimtbtrHai it tt bt mtdi bj tkt Perfim ivhofisali fnrebafk thfiM Shift anJ PtirtietJan, a//Pttfini who fia// atttitd tbt Jafd Sttkm'^ h -ttdk-fiSat ehmv'* fnfm'Ji fw tikit Purftfi \ W ��|r^ rlr ^hiftfipmbtu'dJMl tt Paid fir, wui ta/ten envey ttt el�JM^fimOm�t tbt Defofttfhuii btfirfiittS, ttix/krotm the Pnf,ttf'ifHkt^fi^ii._ I ' iiaft-India>IIoure� May 44, i/^r;.^ nr*lf* Omrt tf Dirtfltrs tf tbt pnittd t'^feuiy �f give Katite, tbisi 'I fnutt.r/y (iiuertd Caurt t/' tbt fJd Cimfmtf Ki/y it kU tU thir Uiuf, ia LeaJiui/Jl^Streit an IF,tbif/UaJ the I \fl 'f funt next, at EL%'en in tbt peren^im. I kit their'Tramfer-Boikt "xH/ k Jbut uf omlburfdoy tbt itd oft it fid June, at Two o'C/oli} and oftm'H Ogidtt tu'Tbilrfititf tilt IQtb vf Jnly next. 'Tka the Dii Idmd fFarran/t Jtit tet ffiidfmmtr ntxt tvi// it naif fa k d/tver'dtn flmrfdiiy tbt^tjtb eftbtfiid J�^._^ Hc/ftttd fcr t/jt Maimtrntmtt tmd fidtnatitH if mfiifidan.l J.frtid yonng Otildrttu � huvdtU Cin^U TUtdii Mainil allBngM�. U mm tt>in(JvitlL' nSkttUSc^^i^ it9cim�r'�''^-^�^:-^:^.^. ag^BH all England; Mi �^ play'd^ ihe fii�,^ Fiiday the, ad of Jaise, vm OwM-mim, w4 Ue Ica Sicck 113 1 I 4fli* � I half. India Suata-&ea Sicck 113 1 hal' Ditto Old'Annuities 10$ { Sth* a 3 4'4>s. Diuo Nrw ic.6 3 8ihs. Bank .AnauiUta I7'^ "o i-*.?. io{  tfih a so;. Oiuo Lottciy 1747 no 1 ru. iU*:k Annuities 1748, 1O5  .04 ) 4ihs. Fino per Cost. An ouit:es lOO i 4th a I fchs. {>tili>.^^> i^af^k ny ; �^uiTalent* 00 ft'iOg. Rtipi AUte'f lonfc in St. Jainrt's Street, and at BtR^^'s Co8'e^l|ib�re in Cuichill. Note, rhefc svitt be no CoHefUDIIi and ItAi. 1 onfi9i� haling printed the Word* of this Pcr/Mao||icc for ilk Ijrr.clii if this Chanty, Books tfiay be had It the Place* s�!ic.'� i iijiei* arc dcliver'd out. at One ShiJUog each. HARMAN VER�LST< W/oy. ;

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Publication: Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 25, 1749