Saturday, May 24, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, May 24, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 24, 1749, London, Middlesex WW W IE D N E S D A Y, May 4. �749t- Draf, Mrjr la. AIL'D theFly Sbop. ArrivM, the Effex, Jtckfon, from IndU, Uft from Plymouth. The Ship per laft remain. Wind North fiUt by North. llamlurgh, Mry 17. 'Th ft�l reported here, (hat hiiPruflian MA-jclty wilt make a Tour to Koningf-berg, where Magaxines continue to to CRfied, nohmthflanding the March of the Troops has beea afioallr coastcnnanded. ' f�m�, iuf M- The People here are exceedingly ex-ifochHcd at the Swarm of French Tradrfraen who have tSibi, Mtnthii Capital only, but in every Town through-oat dw Dotcby. The Arrival of the Intanta Dutcheft is Mccttatii, the Cwtx of Vcrfailles being unwilling to MR witk her till u Appointment is fettled on the Infant SAt her Cohort, equivalent to that �rhich was given to Doa C^Hbi upon hi* going to luly. ^, r**. My JO. Tis aff^ttd that the Daliphioefs is.-very fc-fiomhciaf MOvered. PreparationaareaauallymUciftg lor ikt Maitiage of one of the Mefdamcs of France. 1 Wen-gy4i�e bttaliona. at prefent quartered in Provence, have Otdcta to hold thcmfclve* in Rc^dioeia to embark for L . O N D O N. TV ftaiiiH f9^ <l^tah. Cant. Leight. from the Spanilh BSaia for Jamaica, w^a loll in March latt : T.<c Crew , wcreCtved. aad Part of the Cargo, which was valuable. The Barttary Coi&irs are got to fuch a Head, as to oc-afima priidigioas Alarm and Confteination throdgboot Ae States of Italy ; they have (6 fwppt the Mediicnanean Itfriy. that fcirce a Veflel has efcapcd them that Appeared �� the Ceafts of the Ecdefiaftical Sute, or the Kingdoms iTNipfcs uid Sicily. There ars private Letters by Monday's Mail, which SWMion  Sooic of Neapolitan andGenovfe Vcflcl^which havi been picked up by thofe Corfain, fince the furiiu-r Accmmta we have had of their Succcfs, ^Theyi^iiiulk~ftrongly of lb concerted Leat^tie betw em WRsa ChriAian Powcra tor crulhing. the Maiine of the Sarinriaa Republirkt. Thb hciog the JBirth-Day of pit Royal Highncfs Prince ^'''Cttmtsei'ftc hear that fouiteeii Boats will ftart this Evcii-,iB|;1ai WliBchall, and row to Putney-Bridge, for his Royal vif|ie||nME& dwPnnceoi Wales's Lapof rwenty-five Guineas Viwici aad that itere will be grand FirMc'ks difplay'd (oa the Terras before Mr. Van Ncck*a^BHfk^f;uf-(be Boats get op.- ..^ism^w^^,-. Ycfciday Dr. ,Cox nfign'd his of Ph^fidah to the Middkfa Ininnary for Sick and. Lame, and L)ingtn lUTomca, ia Tottenbam-Court-Road. YcSerday the Mayor, AlUcrmfn, and Commdn-Cooncil �f Ae Corporation of Bedford, walk'd in their Formathies noad the Bounds of their �ftate in Red-Lion-Street, Bedfeid-Row. &Cv and afterwards dm'd at the KoIIj Tavt rn iaOmc^-l^e. Oa Friday laft; a Youth of eleven Years of Are, Son pf |lr. Howard of Hampfiead, taking the Air 011 liltinpltead'-flcaik. attended by a Scrvan', both on HorieUick, the Jtoft�if the foug1^l rfe, Mr. Ilitf, an cnii-# Pi^ Turner, and Dealer io Leghorn Hats, in Newgatc-Street. OiSitanday died Mr. Hiwk'nr. Purveyor of Wines to lis Royal Highnefs the Ijuke, occafion'd by the Druifes Ip reettv'd by a F*I1 �ronj hU Horle. ItEsfli Ycllcrd.iy Morning �I5rcechcs-Mal<er in Old Street % WIS foainJ hanging in a tivo pair of-Stairs Room in an *'empty Houf'-. lull- Mcff. Farmer and Buck's, in bi. Paul's - Churd* Yard. Ydlerday Moraiag an anticiit Woman that lived in Bellows-Yard in the Mmorics, and hat for fume time been lu-�aisck, tbnwtcrfclf out of the three-pair-of-otaiis Window, and tjcpired ia a few Minutes. Yeficrdiy t*o Women were wbtpt at the Cart's Tail duongh fome Streets rear Grofveiior-Square,' tor Itripping of yOMQg Children of their Ckaihs. ^ As the N"bV Author of th� Three Letters on a Patriot lvi�g. &c. has been celebrated in the Oratory, for his �ncial-Principle of Patriotilni; fo �n impariial Account fhall be i^vea of b\f incOflfiltencieS; J'allhoods. and Calum aicsoa chcStttaru and'thofe he calls Jacobites, there, on Saaday n�t, ik^ p,y before that of the Reltbraiion, com-"�^wonnad ^ Church aitd Court of England. , Raad^'Hott^aiulQiirdeiis will be opened every Even-wfr a� �fac]. tHl forcher Notice, each Per�bo paying One Si^ng Admittance. The Baiertainmenu of Coper's Gnrdens will continue thH and cgcry^E�eaing ^luring *he Summer Seatbn, and ^a^a4a with an ezad Rcprefrntation of the majjnificent C4m^ witii its proper Ornaments, viz. Emblem�tical rigores. Tsanfpareiicits, Sec. and the Firework* to imitate as stcacas pcflible the Royal ones in the Green Pwk. "The octr Rticmblsnce and Beauty of the Fircwo: ks have ciw great Situfa^Upn to Numbers of Gen Irmcn and Ladies of Otttmaion. Cf�^ Care will be taken 10 keep out Pcfftms of iUReputc. At i in SmuiU Otiitnt*, Dtdie<itt4 tt tb* Right Hon. tht F.-tl *f CuasTiariBLO, rHE. Works of tht: tii^ft ct-lrbfaitd Minor Vottti n�jn�ljf, jytrtiviritt C*rl Of Rfcmm , Chifl., I�l uf tit'l't, Cbatlti Earl of Ualif.'*, Sir Smu^I (trU, Gtkr^t Sufmtj, E) �� mcn'ionV Po t�, wli'ch �fe tno Inomridcrable in Qiianlii} to !>< piinted <rp i�tel�, �u <tii.isiii'4 m tbefe VotuiDM, uti wtrt n�*tr htfore publilk'J '�'��' I'rnteJ for E, Cogjrf, it tlie MiJdleTiriip r.C�(3n�Tl��t At Preparing fcr the P RES S, jind Jh%rfy iKtll hi jtib.ijiJ'J, THE Works of the: Earls cf Koscommom, DomST <n<<, Sii.S.^Mutt D.^ hth, Mr Sr  rm v, Mr. Waiim, Mr. ViriciL, ind other rtJebuM ktiitut, �l ��h.l� Wotk* liinrc *tr but fniall Kenil'ns, - ' Primed tut J. "t^i^"*' sml S. Prsyfr, in ih� Srnal. Bt fa'-tf fi'ifi in 'tltvfn ntot Vith% fthm.n, 4-. i Ptf*-, *�/ "l^'JiK Sermons on fevcral Subj-fts ot X SAMUEL IXARKR.' Dl D. lata Rr.Mor of .V. J�ii, a, M'rft-iivtift-r ) t�prct><9r widi ttj klihtRro Sermuiit l Urcifioai. v\ith a rrrluie, (Li�uis l u> c ol itii t,"t, I'baiwter, and W|i-tini,-aof ihoAit b. I < Uy UbNJAMlM tnrJ H-iliup ul vv IMpdHS I'fcii. i'riotcU lor J'lho an4 I'au. Kojimimi, in Lutt^ata-Sirtc't. The Worki of .Sitmu<M;talk4|, U. I), in 4 �ui Pi'lio. Tht Strinom of (Jr, Smuirl O'.iltt, in 1. Kolo. Dr. Samuel CI i|ke''i Hrimom uri (gy.iai Sui j idVoL OAa*o. Eighteen Sertiiuni oi. rki in OAavo. A AVav This Eititiott, Tricks in Tumbling. Variety of Dancirg by Mrf fiarrey;. Mr. V'anderfluifi;, Mrs. Hough, anrf otliers. Si->giagby Mr. Hcmfltiik, Mrs. Smith, and MWi Lowe. T)��lM>lc to conclude wiih an Entertainmrnt of Mufick, oil'd Scipio Africanus. Inicrfpcrfcd with a Piece in GroicCguc Cbar.acrs. call'd Harletjum CJratid Volgi. Each flcdlba to be adoiiried for a Pint of Wine or Puncti. At the New Wells in Goodniait's Firldt. this Evening, a be fevcral new Performances by Moni". Tarifcy from Vcake. To which will be adiicd, fevcral S�i:t)cs in Gio-�rf|W CharaOcrs, never pcrform'd bcfoir, calld Wbiifun �- 1 Day is pukljb'd^ in Four f'aluM-1, (fi Kt ftmtd in tlut Pnptr \0$. bd. �r bmtmii I2s.) of ^HE Hiftory of TOM JONES, Fuubdling. a, HENRY r f E L D 1 N G. B/ji Piiatcd fur A. Millar, o,'|io6ie Kail>�tlne-!iit�>l in the StrsiMi. H htrt tiny tn I aJ, t. The fame Work in C *oi. iiii>o,a'ii a Ur,rf Lc (�. rr. bound iti. s. Mitce'lanira, by Hcnrt Fitldms, Elqi j �.!. Itvo. Pr. buiuid 15 J). The H'ftory ut Jofeith A�ilicw>, and hia Fiicnd Mr. Abralum ami, by Mr. FitlJins. I'ricc buundii. 4. The Advrnturra ot David SimpU. t vol. Pr'ce6s. 5. Familisr Letlara betwteu (he prificipafChsra^lcfa i* Bsvid Siirple. and fopne otban, t �ol. 8�o. free toi. 6. Ti>e Ooycrntfa (. or, Female Academy. Ibices . Ad. The laft three by a SiAet of the Aul^er ol T>a 7i.eai. Navy-Office, May 1 z, 1 ^y. THE frinci^aj O^ttrj mid Cottuiiljjiuii(tt of hit Jdnirfiy\ Nov) gi h Offict in I'it M'ljtji/t Yard lU Part/moull' to rcaivtTtndn (ftaUd uf>) fram, and Ir^at luith fuch Ptrjtm M Jball lit indiitkble to fuffly lljt faid }',itd on a Jiuoding Cmh-tritft, txith fiHOOlh f^tM'i^ ittae, CitUrr Stunt, Uun Stum, JjbUr Stont, end ixu^b hUliuri or H'ull Ulcne. Nnvy-Officc, MAy �3. 1749 ^ W'^HR Primip.d OJficfrs nnd Cjimtnij/ioiiin of hii hh'jtj!y'> X ^''"Vy glXf Ni/tiir, iLiil an f hurfJay lit fi�f lu xt Monih, ' at Tm o'CJ^ekua th Ho/ting, iLty 'nill txt'h to Saif at i^li Q�iie tit Itulli of bit Mi-]tjtjt U\i tht FuUpcnt, liuit^o 6>;/* lam, and Ald^mty, of 5.14 'foui, togrtltf '.nth ibtf Mt:j's. fardi, R'ii"'gt Saill, (jfc. til thty ncnv lie at hit Mnjijh't Yard tit Shtirntfi, ix-turt thty nun hi liin'd by fuih Fi'/tn' ai art inclintU'lt It atttnd tht fuiJ Sul,-, tmd bid fur th,.ii. Aid as a Ihpufit if �? I fir Cint. or iii Proftrfton ibtrtto, it to bt made by tbt Ptrjwi 'uAo Jball putchaft tht Jul I 6^/^ '�"d Purticitlari, iJI Prrfw i'-l'O j/b.tll utlrml tit f>tiJiitUt to tsikt Njtift therrof, and fomi ^rtpar'd for Pufi-ft; "id unltfi tht Shipi fo purthoi'JJhtdJIt putdJur, tvid t�itin u-u^y at tbt Eia of furiy On'u, t/jt Di^ii/kiJiL- fi>fa,d, ,jtdbt<.t.-m tho Prof^rij ^llk C/^i^n. ... NavyOSk*. Majr 1^ S749., AW AVV^vv M Hlidlo^ ^ I / i^^o at Tt* T&rJ M tir illWWitr. neklr MrrHtf 4kdt| fnti Pt^o�i taj^n it IA'AI^*#JW ' itt Dfftfud xydt^ fiiotimiJUn i� esjfaar^t Chaftw^ft tkiti tbty tm�t *ttr�d 'witi' rlWr pt^^^iit ik� Tkmh.' ^ Office o� OicnAiKc. May . .1 hrtly s.i^ AWr(^. iftat fl^r MT.a^ <�/lfiy fWMi^ Anffion, mt tLir Ofixr /� tor fMinr, � f�0$f tie ynit ivtltmt, fl-vtfvi Uti ^ PofthmmtomiTtfir GartnL^Mg. ttfiti Hid.,, r^oihrM, MtOtK Sk.t^im, HoML<nw, FA-AxM. Sbivttu Sfiil't, S<vM<r, lihfittt.B*mli, J^lt, iarrV R^, Prmmi, Bta�m,ltt B^nrttiiwjitt Jktmfttt'^Mti^ tJiii:^!^ 0/J ttnd ntnTvicfaiit Sttrrt, m''Jt t� hfh Pftfiiu tu Jifiiy Iw tit Lmt. CHARtKS BtlSH. - HtttittU fir tht M^tKttmnvt tmd �dii*mli^iftJ>f^t.wJ Ifrt^d cmtm, t� Lmft iiJkit nut� Af�r 19, 1749. " i VTO I iC E is tcrcby given, tliat Alwati#i�-|K�(S r\ SKCcflary to be tnada for tb* Rcceptioa dr fi^ Perfons of hiKh Diftindioii, the M�i S�)Mn>s relating to the Deditartois of the Icinple. , \ v Third. Sevrrat Pieces ccunpoftfd f r UNOMi6Mi,tiM Words taken fton^ Sctipture, aisd applicaUt w iMaOiq^ and its BrnefsAorr. r - ^ .�s " No P^rtbns whatrver nilt be a^initrcd lr*t fttit*^ Ticiieis, tvhkb are ready to be delivered atHstli � Qiiam n:K at the H*.fpit�l. at White's CbocobM-Hotilt MitSt. Jaiacs's Street, and at Rarioa's Coff��-Hu�le inVtntHtii, Noi^ There wiU b� no Co'Uv'tioii i and Mr. Tti^ having printed the Words of thu P^tfotmuiiet fiir^tAM Brntfit of this CWir|r^ Booka awj^ltt bad at tW fUsm where Tickets ane debvesM o�t. v th*� ShiX^mg^ta^ _ HARMAW VERELSrr. Stw^.^ ro (be worj^pful Comfaaj �f BHhmdertri, QEVEKAt. of �h�*Livprvm�ni�f tSwCompcimr � 7 (vry the Favvar Mf the Wa*�tty Hfmrit Cttmikmm ttOiedki* ii Antft.t:tr* aiul li%ttt, to�nM tlk.-�is� tl� r<art)m �4^ssi �ihiU At ibc HwsMT aa| MiiMir of thr C.m>f*n*�mi^ fgtotl Aminkt ifiTlciMal �^ T the RING** THEaTRK hm . HAV.MASKCT. wSradqrassai,Aa^lJUak Ml be rrif.MdN aCMaic'Of�i^e�ir4 ' limsiSi U lit aMi'ttal valtbi t at half �sr ifc<ar arte* At the pa'ii'U'.ar Drfife �/ Jirtnke Dki^cy. AT h'Jt large AflTcmf^vRnoin, at tho Two X(icrn Umve, nnr f4Kttt.Eichm�e ia the iiami, ad MaMiiy ; neat, Uw S9�h Mun, �iU be - A BALL of J IF B 1 jU E Aftc* the VeMtun MaMVr. The Term wUI Iw fHinerf ua o.KnMt TtMt, lib* CTafctJisWiat �ry catiaudtaaiy, ani the Vaef* pieMofoUy Umdk^ mi�,tii^fttlk* iotAmCMnmttl. Eschllckcty*. �d. wbidiwOladw^t^agCiaali- eefatwlbfc Dirift* 10 be -had mgot the fail JUfMsa, No Prrfaftto |m oibBalwl artthawi KSe�r �v finMfd TidntSi-TU Dtxjr ta-bc ofta'dl at Kate at Nfbt { tboJiSAlSlilrf CidfiMb Tea aod Cbocdatr, �4i be MTtmtmoii lbs�i|fcr4iassisaj T�eJ��. An riniet ColiMia trtU ba aeandrdl, e�J a Mat, .tKki Twk^tj la be Itfd at Pto-Je'a C^dTce-liiAife. |�t,lW C<�k ard IJc�. � bticKarrt AU<v. Q� (m:t, Ca�e�l'(*aiitsa� acj at tbe AAmbly-kucm. Note, h i� to be ten f�e Cowciu, Aodtx^ MtCk i _A fcteft taad �t Mttfrb mJk b* |�>.vifa�. ' j ,^ t^Hf. <�cn�iemcn ctuc atcm.'oJ a CoiiTie cf Mr. RINCX Eaprrjeamr* <t Am K.^|'i Hr�4 Tatesn MS (t.e Itof-ugk. thi) WtJWr, *M �4 Io a^ft- tba� a? Fcer vCloOte this i>]� t aoJ the 9�nik�eKa titat eTzeaaleJ a CmhI� � the Yud t'oTtn in K aa-S'.i*�r; arc rar'$ He-iti, I.tcS?r HughMio^fe- �r;H�ad. tV^a I>^, Mr. �rae�er Ml 4r�f hu G(c�t lyam i tnt^oitcmi 0.JL"�. tea* *�> ia IJH^jm rl- t* t&e i^tl'^y!^%\ StrMSc* ol tbc n�(i>' %iB Itmyl V'trwty -ti frartl |a..>>r U^m r r-li Tt-rr T1iii�|Hei|^ ihtft Oil; i^cpmi w)M:a a^^g fmrrd ts a afv-A aftoc^Me Ifasaav lailb e��iy rs that ^an niktw fbffa a i^� OTry D*) it TWe^'^Kk. Ifci E�et�.r,5 ErJtft* Bcw��� "4! -f* as F�* o' t.atat8<.jjd 'tl'�S;ar^^ ^ ^ This ii to acquatHt <f//.GV�/Aw r '^ �i '.'lfm, .�n( COU>.BA I'M ui fcOfUeS i tV* BMSsen <i 1^^ �irK dw W liibcaoct^iljr (iraatia wed vSth fhta�aod sii.ll Wrxit, (i.taraucax RoMri^ �li<f� aoJ a� U� acriicSI Mjkki ; Idc Sfnaft te^ay c# a M��aat Kat�]f. m-tf kt 4t*tk CO U .-v �jntijr of ibr HctCis er IVr^MW a bfcs<n<c F n� to bryiey'^ if n m-inf di^�r<at If'jimt, ir7i�<4Mfll* (Uaojr tL^ny* t Mfi'.---n a CdTKa f�( Am. aa4 '.rc Sii,ili/)�, ta Artrsdawet *^ frr t^arto hj!r' itlj, TIkM ara a'fu j-iviljui n.-,!--.! tv. w-aik e, aai >t�r latS fu;�:b O.'atto cr c. Th.* t.i.tto n cu tc ittt ll� FonlMM fU).t>i m Wim, it Ozx caUt fttteas SatMMesS t* Ki.t Hith � �ie Sb'd!,. and ibr bet Centcr.f fii (;irrii � >�r ^rr.jtm, i!. 1 U\�* a i'-t .1 riokm uiiu,�cUj, a xiJB ouail cSci.u; 1 .i'i, r: too'a. K�W'!ti

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