Friday, May 23, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, May 23, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 23, 1749, London, Middlesex T U E S 1) A Y, May Jill /)f7. ilfrr 21. ^RIVD. the CHrmmg Molly, Hckirj. from Pon!inou;h. Rc-the Gibraltar. Klli)!, and ihc ladia Yacht. Wind N. E. ting the ting and bts. YeflCTdaj- arrived a Mail from Hon AVD.;'. ii;.rT 0 The Merchants of tLi� Capital hare armed fcveral Tar:atts to jam the four Galleys which arc a.^.i'ng againt! the CorUir? of Barlwy, and m King has tupplf'd crer>- Ship with 40 SoMicrj. Ammu-flitioD. and Amlierr. together wj:h Br w his Majetly. 'Ti� added, that there it now BO Talk in Denmark of any Armameau or Preparations for War, which tt b affared have been coantennandi.-d. Ptrii, SL^zi- On the xift a CIctk of the Fartni. ac-compai^ed by three Aicbeta, went to the Uoufe of the Oiuch Ambaflador, andtidtiogtheOpportunity of the Ab-fcace of the Swi& Porter, entered the Chamber of his Ex-ceUeoce to Aarcb for Tobacco. The Clerk, and two of <bc Atdaera, came hack, aad got off before the Swifs re-toroed to his VtA ; bat the third coming, and finding the iDooriba:, drew hb Sword and wounded the Swifs. He was aftcmrardt atreCed. Mr. da Larrey wrote immediately to tkc) Marquit de FoyCrux. to compluii of tbb Violence, and 10 dcntaad Sati^Saflioa for it. The pnacipal Motives for ifluing the Edtrl for ci the Ta� ef the Twentieth Penny, m lieu of that Tca^a wluch b f^pprcOcd, were, the NeceHiiy of pu| the Marine ia a Omdiikm of favoariog Commcrci for ctbbLOuag a Fond ia order to pay the Publick^_____ Letters fnuD Beriin advi^, that the King of^rutUt has ordered M. dc MaapsxtnU to leave ht% Dominions imme-. ca are to be dcmoiifli'd immediately, & Engii-h Eiit^iceer bcu>g aiiit J to examine the Worki, aixl Icc ii rxctj-od. The Jjmr Ltitert adil. that che laying the ne�v Duty of thirty Soi* t*uand on all i'obacco impcme.'l to Dunkirk, anJ �o Crnr oa all that dull be exponed, has deter-oiio'd Icirul i>f toe �caltnic^traders to leave the Town, and iMtia&oj'd a g fiom Pa.-is advif^r, that^he twenty French Batta-!i<�ni. *ri .;c Klkio i.i",o Daupl.iny fo much alarm'd the to �a{ nn.-. M J^. wa,i pre-*rii�3 b;. a�j Grace the D.-kc oj BcuIotJ to the Living of Lift Sata:t*ay the Lady of Si f'ranri. Diifhwood by fo C3tsgcfoufl, sliof the Saiali-Pox, at thet Se�t near Hi^h Wukham. that Dr 1 bompicn. 10 his Ro>al Htgonct: iuc Priacc'i 1! j�sdiuio, ueni Poit tlicrc lO attend her Ladjfti-p. Oa SjtA.* Mr. Djv ., o t'^e B!.jf-'^jp Uoufe, the End *f Harrow Vlicy. in t:i;cl�ajicl. bcin-; Uitovicited Wlilk Liquor, cjorrrii'.d wi-h icicaJ of h:� 'J"tj.4iiii, when in the Fray be irtrited icch �sclent 11 o�v5 on hi. Prcall, and other Part'. oJ liu &.><:. . that Le d;td the umc Ni^U about Eleven oCiuck. Oa S.iix<ia� Nigfci died lo St Dcorge'i I'ofpital. Mary Edisburgh. Wife ol o;:c Ejifib-it;!! j Liui'fiiarj, ut a *tab fljt tc�.e:v"d liota tjira lift Wcfi; ju ihc liieart, lur *k�ch be u now ucicr confioemcat in ii�c LiaLciioutc, fhe A?tair of lc\i. ti:�v, h'a'iocr, Ciji"'n'u(ci! to Ncw-fUc oa 5br:iay lj.-t lot the hi^i^ci vi t.i U.J.., w�j a got �followj, viz. h�vii�g fpetit all his Wages fln c Mil.'ord Man of W�r. mcctljn*; with his Wife at Mr. Murry's, the No.ih's Ark at Slunl well-Dock, a few Days rincc, he by force took a CiolJ Ring from her, which he p4Wii'd, and tho Money bciitj; fpent, ftie refufcd him her Wedding Ring which he \v.-�i\tcJ. and on Saturday Night lail he h�a got Iter Stays from her, which being taken fr-om him, he re(olvcd Revenge on his Wife, and on Sunday Morning, bcinjr at Brctkfall, l\c under Pretence of giving her a Kits cut her Head jlhrcc Paris off, with the Kn:fc he win ufing ; he then attempted to ftab Mr. Murry, and was knock'd down twice before he was fecurcd. Ox/orii, Af.tyiJ. Laft Tutf lay Valentine Wyatt. of At-terbury in this County, was committed to the Calllc here, on a violent Sufpicion of having murdered hit Wife And en Friday Morning a litlc after One o'Clock^ a moll furprifing Efcape wot made out of the Dungeon of the above Prifon, by one Thomas Dehtiis who received Sentence of Death at the laft AlTaes for Horr�>ftMling� bat wat afterward* Itprteved Uljl ami;. A18wsm att4.4h�aa ai)Mtf tfo lohs wKo lay tor Trattrpbrtation t they found Meant to get up to the WiniioWt which ii about fevtateen Feet from the Floor, and cat awajf the Iron-Bars fixed in the Wln-dow-Krame, of which there are three feptrate Seu alcove a Yard behin4 each other) and after they had got thro* i)� Window, they dropp'd down into a Garden bchihd the Gaol i but not having got off their Fetter*, they were hcird in going along by aPcffon who Immediately alarmed the Kwpcr, and Dennis, and one mare^ were (oon atierukenT but the other two found Meant to get olF. The above Valentine Wyatt, committed on Tuefday, was in the Dungeon along with them, but refuftd attcmptin|; his Bfcape. Brifle!, M.rf to. At the Horfe Race* Which began on Mbnday laft on Durdbam-Down, it it computed there were betWern forty and fifty thoufand People, befi^es a great Number of Coaches, Chariots, flee. Monda>'� Plato of 611, lis. Value, was wrh'aj follows, viz, ill, Mr. Sawyer't forrel Mare, Catch me If you can, got the Punch-Bowl, iiilver Waiter, and Gold Chtin and Locket, of 501. Value. �d, Mr. Pollard's Bay Gelding. True Blue, got the large Silver Tea-Pot, Value lixGuiueat. 31!, Mr. Graham's brown-bay StoneHorfe, Tipling Boh, got the four Stiver Spoons and two Cornelian Seals, of five Guineas Value. Bite did not run. Tuefday's Purfe of twenty Gutneat, and a Bet of firty, was Won by Mr. Dcnnirigof Ludlow's brown S.onc-Horie, which came in firft the firft and fccond Heats. Edinburgh, Mty 16. Tucfday Night lall Lolin Camobel of Glenute, Elqr was mantcd to Mifs Jenny M'Kny. Daughter of Hugh M'Kay of l^ig hcuff, Efiji and Grandchild to L'<rd Rac. From Aberdeen, of May 9, we hear, tliat on rriday, fome of the Laird of Clunie's I enants killed a yoont! Fox, white at the Snow, and went in Putfuil of the ulu one, 4]uite of the fame Colour. I'hey write from Gl^Cgow, that on Thutfday laft, came . oa the Trial of three Surgeons Apprraricn /or raifing the Dead; but they not appeiiing were drcbred Fugitive*. 'I'hcy write from Saline \\\ Fiftlhirc, tliAt a MaA and fcveral Oxen were killed there on Saturday laft by the Lightning. Ranelugh Houfc ar.d Gardens will be twienrd this livening as uiuul, and the I'ire Trvt^ will bo li^i.iiil thi Niglit. The ILntciiainiuencs of Cuper's Gardvn� will coiuiiiue this and every Evening during the Summer Scaron, ami conclude with an exa^ Reprdcnialion ol the magnificent Edifice, with iii prosier CJrnamentt, via. F.mblematiral FIgtiies, Tranfivrcncies, 5fC. and the/Firework* to innute as ncsr & pouible the Royal ones \r the Green Park. The ft�ir Rcftinblance and Beauty of\hc Firewoki liavt^ given great 8aii�|iiSlion (o Numbers of Gen l<in*n and Ladies ut Dillifi^tibn. Gieat �->ging by Mr. lienifkirk, Mrs. Smith, and MiG Lowe. The whole to conclude with ati Entcnuinmciu of VJufick, call'd Scipio Afticauus. Imerfperfcd with a Pi�te in Grotefquc Cbaraiiers, call'd Harlequin Grand Volgi. Each Pcrfon to be admi:(ed for a Pint of Wine or Punch. The Poft-Houfe, the Sign of (he Golden Lion, at Bonlogne in France, is now kept by J�'hn Gray and Compuny, where all (iemlemen will meet with gotid Eniciiaiaincni at re-a-fwin-ble R4tcs. Poft Horfei, Chaifei, &c. Im in /i Day at 47 Miuuitj aficr } in the Molnl' g, and 7 after 4 in the Afurnoon Vrllid^y llink Stock wa� 13O } 4th� a 1 h If In 1^ Stock iSb a 1S5 3 �ih. bouih Sea .Stock 114 iJiiio Old Aiumiuej io() i Ditto New lo6 7 8ths Bank .Anuuitict !;.�'>, lod i Kth � 1 41(1 J>;ti( f^?, lOi i bill. Dtliu l.ottciy i74f, no I'jivc. liaiiA /\uiiji ties �7)8. ir; 1 it]\ a 10;. Thr.-r for CcM. roirt  tit? i 4th .1 3 Ht't :{�^ bo Pttcr. H tk Cii ;u!�tion. 4? i;� Ptcm IcJ a R-v**** tl 4f a < VfitHitfui'} f-ittid � i"�**  � 5tn*�V 0�5�e�, DfjiftitfJ tt-t A"-j.r //��. tty .'.-�.' ^ CsittfrtKri�i.t^� ' l-^HU Wotks tif the im�il cd?lwai�*l M\ rr P-^'fu. Ck^tirr tnio* luf-r^', %t C^it--. & tn *"JI Tl.* ��, w*!*!! ai� t^a >rnrM f..t r <^1t"�. �' Mfc i� T<r-v <� tt �a Tm*s Stm*. "PT^jartHg fr tht ~P RES, ' .ItJ fit'I y tkiii ^V. npkmmvukA �f the liatltrf Roscosamom; JL D���t ii.ktr..�t>v�a<�, Mt. VrAt.tti� Mr. Tieos. sa* c*ktt nie^Mti n^trntxigti mkJk Works tlirrt �te lat (ru�h lUrw^ni'. Pttntf4 M- J. nd R. I tai Crtfti, tM �S� ^mnl._ /�'{ �.�6t� M Otfe**. �*> Cmr* W Obr�-.; f Sr. �'� " SoU, Ij^ t>. Brovne. *iclkn>t Trtn^^.tv: C. !>��*,� HiBwni| 1. Dl�ll, in rka(-Stttct( taJ J. *�! J- Rinjci**. aa St. CWS Ohiitfh. /�>�>. _ ilflkc ol Oidcaacr. h!ay t, t74| ,y vdti & r.-edj t* f? n ruiivc TfuJiri (ffultd tf) f�t mmi tetat viih imk Pt*fs^ m Jbtiil te ineJim^i'U tefa]^ let fiaj V^ani tm 0 jf wditjl Cam-traii, tvith fmeefh favir^ Omtttr dirt*r, C*m St*mt, Ajiiltr Stunt, tJtJ n'm^j^ Fi^tn tm tf�B Sttmr. NavyOl^r. hU> }. -JO eit Nine o'Ua^i to t&e Mi*^, Cj!m0Q^.M*r I'aidmifii ^iMi put up to SaJf ut tit Ofte w iit S-^Ht'i Ph^mHh, tk liu//. Mijh. t\rdt, W.. ^ la M^^i, Si^f, tUiin, Diuthta 6j9 Jem. 'the Funh^pr ts H Ji^f^ tii. f,^ Cw. at the I {me ef /fgrtrntimt. tuinh D.ft^M ii ts �f/l>ti/]ittJ f li't G�n�, i<* . y� iL* P.irU Jifp /ST *w Ji.j�ra. , /riJ Sitf. �./^r la^stint. t* ft^ty /la�> i^'ttr the 1)4.1 e/Suh. ./�� Pfe-ixt t�fe ^tziHf^ I^H.J tktj'^ SHp, (J: >ntty 1.1 tiwr jj a�rf ftme *'�/.��* /.� 0^ ef Setif, i.pun uf-ph>i iit. Srfa.dSi jo. 1149. � t>,rth^y p-ji Xn/tf, l.iu* m U*jf,^y tie t^thD^y^ y.iii.- it.xt. ll.y Ulit ie rtM.Jf �j rrjii-ii.- Pnfui'tli jf'ttt yii-u .t>,,t t'rjteh thut fMi t4mi''.^iJ Hjir ji^je. .j^ I'Ji nth r i'Pt'W Prv^cjmtiti, .mI �W'� i... *Ljrp^ . PiMuiilin^ iiMii ist',*tewikjt>t ^ V^r,^ ^i'C 7iiHe rU^I I'm Ca'trm^f ^t.tiiei' jmy i� ffiM ti ie et�Si far ti^ .iiul lit ttm fim* li-sy the tIi���J-~i,*.-�? tV rjv^ lo ffntie Prapr,pJtp� le* /aff-f^-'l f'- J>L; Jt^'i Sh}-t Jt*>ife�^i ut rh, futJPl-H-' U fft^n, jl */..Tr ^ - V ,'Xsr,-^..*��.h. �| li'ir > �� .Or C^/ I r, *ie � T^^ -.^ (i maj 'i- ^-tn, i^ie^ j^\r iljjr^'!^-- -n- . � t_i, �sr I'^-^-'^ ii, .'if-,- ,% Jir-jf .V..'.'t.-. c-t f' �.� > � .�#. .- \ i' �' it3..�:T. la tie vIl il'.\i.!.!.Nf. tJ. :v I*. -fia.. T I'-e 1 II- �t AL- it.ei.Kiti!ijr/jr.-- k.r __' # ^'�* 3 1.- 9 .SiUj|nif> r> I" \.\: ;t. , I .t; v.

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