Thursday, May 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, May 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 15, 1749, London, Middlesex MO M D A Y, Ma y I "49- \ I I,' n. thr C f nnn-; Vi v.s'?. Pa \ar.'. the l'rit.i:inia. Lr.i k.U.c SN'ir. Ci . 'ira, Corntli, arul the M^xjrit'ir. niirii*. tor No^A Sri'^ n, ;^c |'Mci-li, S;c\(n>, 'm ^ : . > \ ihrrc o;hi-^-,^ vn t ki- 'ivn. vvuh tiic N cT* u II NVr.-hai-'. S"i''--. . for (iri'oa. 'l'i>f~ !�' � Ini .! N atht 1 now ing l-c-  ."i'. li'C .--itit'ltf''� I.-cti1 to ilrcitcrW o ' 'i'- c! V 10 M o\ t r, and a t a Duke of Couflarul ui!l prohab.v bring trc ' about : fn (his I'^nd tliC; have ricourfc to the CanJi ' ('.atc�, and nf:cr ha\ ing dttcrmintd that the I'.icflions vi  Count Snxc, Count de Uiron, and Prince LcvvU ol Wol-  fcnbuttcl. are to be looked upon as null and vo d, by ' the Circuniftances \v\th which thfy "ere accompanied,  they now fct up I'lincc Xavicr dc Saxe for that tovc-  rcjgnty. But thcfc pretended Politicians probably do rot ' know, or live (Srgoitcn, that the Duke of CoutlMid is  to be a i-iitberan, and it is not to be fuppofcd that the  King oi Voi',ii!({ will riifFer his Son to abj.irc the Rom�n Caiholiik Religion ; and one may be �lKired. that the  States o( L'ouriand will n<\\ tontdiit tli�-mf?imr-\rtTlr  any A(\ of Secunty, that thry fliall not only have the  frfc Mxcrcifc of their Religion, but that it fhall be the  cdab'ifhid Religion of the Country, fuch a' vv�� pafftfd  bv the ln:c King cf I'elandznA. the irigning Kinp, in the � f'ilciitoratcof A.;.v�-v ; fo that 'tis h*rd to fay, who wi 1  be ellablillicd Duke of Courland, aod whether the Cho'f* � of i), c vmII be attc/idcti with any rMnarkable Coivtert ' Cof giti, May \y. His Darifh Mnjclfy tailed Ycfttr-day with a lair Wind for Norway IJ the publick Tran quility ihould be rtltorcd in the North, it will be tn a great Mejiurc alcribcd to the prudent and timely Mcafurci taken by his Danifli Majelly. Pivmo, Mtiv I. Some Germans lately came down the Kivcr I'o, and carried oft" thirteen Mills that were on that Kivcr, I rwccn the Parniezan and the Goallallou, which cannot liul ot at Icaft prodacinjjfonie warin F.v;'>',1c'.ition5. (> N DO N M. Duraiid, Mml'lfr from France, has fignilied toffVe-ral Irifli Gcnilcirc'n bclo.i.Miig it/ the Regitncnls- of that iNation in the J'r r.ih :\ci\tCi., who J,;u c . i-,ne here fince the Peace, thai t. avo d (;nin^ the l -"v i I'^cal'i"., ti..K the) iwmc diatel)' rejoin tt cir rif, ecfivc K^j^imeti ^. 'I'l.e People goin}', to \awt,.Si.jiia, iuve v'lS tViem two C'er^', trun and (wij ^< II 'olinalltTii, nut o' !� x ot eai, !i vit.uh tlic uiv 1(1/ the l'ro[i;ii',ttioii ol the U^j f-J i ; i oici^tt Pan' prupolc t.i Ii-ilO liuia. Upon il.Lir Ainval li.ev are to hav- (h-jr I .t.i;'*, the Siiil it w'.uii ii gii .Tjily vc'v {ooil, f .<ri,eil 2j uicir Hats, and promoting the Kilhcry. will bo immedi�iely delivered to ircin. 'J lity wiM have fcveial Prong forts crci'led i;i pii-pcr I'i.icc:,, iii.d (oi.rtctn t.u> . rrd .-'oldi-.i* to ilrtcnd 'i,;';n a^^a iitt ;t'.f native wild ;:nr". faiJ lljcre .iie \t\it lew li ivi f r i,is IXIence a Mulket with W'e (0 he..r the (iDvenuu ui ration, iiuiinaiii:^'_, tliat a'tho' il.v.- Iiu who inh.ibii llierc, were Iii lilies ouMn>; the all :i.r .Aliillame lii Hum Po\.ci to '|i<- y i i'l "~-t;ler ;ii)d lA til [Icdioid f,avc a i"ail Enter tiin,r,i HI loin, llij^iiut-, ihc J>ikc ol ^�iu^i^^a. ,{. his ( ,".) i.i.'e ; 1 lov;lc m l.iiiLoln k-lnn-l iclds His I'.xcclli luy the Marqvii'i He Mrepoi.r, \i: luifT.,'or ol liaiAi-. t.X.Hirtrd ..t itic l.Jii Ljl A'. r J^'li irli _ --------.or his Stat at \A(Oot)aMi \bl) y (or ui) .1. i I-.;';'!.: 1 i. J t i Ion thr I 1 1,1 ^.v. ! , (, '.'r r, ' l'-'^' '> li otul-.tiJ lor ihc I i.l II i � '.t I! V. . o.. j Ul^ ' ll I I all Week citJ r�i;?;c" It ii'e Revicu- of the Ccn-.p.i!ite� ol ."utinrry bcl ifc I i rf. x� herein a TawnbrrVcr wa- Pljtntitl. .I'ui I'l-ir S;v^t,r.j;;'-rj a-.i'. a Ccrr-ai-'e K>,eie Dcd r.dnnt�, lot a i r I p..U. .\Ttjal:. �nd f.i'!e Imp-n n>mCTV, and ior ia-^> 'n: avvav tiive---t_ir)OtN ot the fMa>n'itt ; hn it app..a oi,, evi dcntv, that tSie PI untti" n-.ade a I'r.ic'.i.c ol tUn'v'. iT^-<-r [.ea"hcr'. a.- i S.Ni-'o -i-, .tni ttia; the i)cftr- acievi un,!cr ihe .A.iii.o'r\ ol ihu S.Mto'e, ard in \ ntuc f^f a XN'Amnt prar.'cd !>\ Mipv '�'e'v'ii: .t:,! I.itncs Cf fr. Efmiire*. and ih?.t i;v>rrj|-! liu* i'ljirtru Cii<�:5 wore i.^ken away, the P.ii-.'iil^ i<kii w.ji. nonluKcd vv!;h double Cort'. I ail Situraa) the StlJinnc crdexl at the -"''d ivi^'v. w!h'3 fi.x'rcn Priionern were tried, two wherrot were eipi.a'U-e"nM�'t.-d. vi7. Kathcrinr Conwiy, for lUte in^'^ 'O'i;ed Vv ill, knowing it to be fo j and John Rogris, (or robS.':n, loirphCbfcs and M*ry Howard in the Fields near lllnii; ton Seven were cail for I rarfportation, aod Icvrn tU � quitted. ' I Rathcrin: Conway plc.idcd her BcHy. and a Jury of Mi trofti bdt^g tiiipmRdled. btougbt her in Quick with Child ITie nest SeBioc* be^jin* on We�Jncfday July %� On Saturday in the Afternoon a Man wai fccurcJ. .i � driving out of the Grouv.ds of Mt?. Hcntlvy. ol tho ;: n t". .Jer and H.i'l I I;k I; up .1 I 'ecl.i 1 anu'It ' ol Kreiieh K.l Iv ai.irig ;ui.! .jI' Itif)' to oi r �^ ar, yet if if.rv wj;! iu w give .'i..iri,Kk N.',;e'!v. tia v c 1. learcd frc'in the L ourt b ni.iles lioufc in Ciroivr.-o. S4| urc about . tJ .1..1..I. d� the Duke ol IkJtorJ let out lo Py*d Bull. li'.Jr.p^to^, foiTTTcorc i) U was nnfonunatcly drown"d, Toniorrosv wsll be preached at St. Leonard i.i Sliot-'-ditch. by the Res'. Mr .Archdeacon Dennr. Vicar of the faid Parish, the Annual l^clute on the H'ifdom of God in tht \ ege:ab!e Creatiao : Ko �r<it-d by the late Mr. hVrchild, Gardener- Prayers bc^in exaftly ai Tw�Ke O'chxk. Katiciagh Houjfe and Gartfens will bs opcntrti evifry Evenng as ufoal til! fuither Notice, each Pirfan paying One Miilling Adiaitance, Tomorrow be a PobJick Brcakfjfling at Marybon-Oardet} T 1 .j.'.H !it�. m'. b.mblctWJtiral figure-^,'rrir.''ja!rc: i- the I ii.tto kt ti;n e given g rat S a;-l >.;l to Nviiiln-r-: of (.eirlnntn a(>d ! 1 uiio !,.> i):.Mt of iU Rrp-.'te i l Hii;:e tr.3t wji to hare tfcn f-,>iigfit on the p.til, Sy Vi- l^.r Cl. "It-pi,cr Gravrs. -t-'^j Ki.iyr'l ri icvera'.Per. >f>i ol 1 *� ?n^t11 .i>, pjt .vi ;,1 at ..-.r L. 1 1 ' Ktusri A;!.p'�i'r.!'^ff. when tlu may crp�.-i>d on lett-i^ tlit p.i,, iv' ' urmcS i'erfci't!-.n, g'- r. M � I ' : Mr .Nn-J- l.>r I-vr I...-- .fa� a; ' x ici -^.^U. ;) � . m,I I'v � 1! t > � Doors vvi I tt o\ ^. d .ll 1 iJCv, atiJ la� .M.ol-�l^ in 'v.a at Fl> e prt < ir. 1 !)0:ii? \�'iri\ � l.aiun >; bv .Mr Hi'vr>. VIf \ au.V :l'. ov. Ml - H.o.'h u'.ti'M Tl r.llJ t. I i L'.tl.j I i^lP, In; I >;;h � ir^^ 'li.rie r-rr 1) ) i hill a lOO NIiIXh'ii�, ro !'-no ."'f-t.e Roial A;! Ill .iWe. 'O i ii.'i i l.-i t jrl" I >� t. op pel ' I.rsjin It; i i>, pt i t, enr . �> ' ; ' iiilaii.v, i' i, .i.C'-t, I''1.. '1 \ " (I  e. If I I . i'-n'i 1 '. s I'' 1 : c .1  .1 s 1 ^ 1 I- '/ . : 1 111 . . -N'l 1  I .  r 1 . i i � . , t.f f ,.trj v\ , to. .1 �t, U 1 (�"��iv ol (\,"n,inf � r. I AH , / / i .  ; . � , ', ,'. '.'.1 ..-ffli . I <� in - <r rht I. II ,� .< t.f-s Navv Cilice. .Apiil �,),, i*.)(y. Jl Xutfgii,' ,\Wr.i-, t.'ml ft ht.fJ i\ /or i yi' c' iv,.v/ .V. '.'A. (jt I  a :i'.j:.. '/ In M'lj'//}^' S.hipi //�. AJ.Jn.y, J 1:':!, M,'*-,/J. r/' ji;} Vi.-^i, Dflf'ht Firrjhp, ,/ .jiX '//"f. /'(.'/,,� Fiii/, If, i/" toj-.fl-,!'^ -.11//' tlx ?h>jli, l\.iJ,, /v.v/'j. i:-'.-. .;/' r^'eff, m eii\ >.>-i ll - ,:t 11 M - i'l /'. 1,1 ^..i.r'i ni^ifi f /A.T tlut ihf Piii liiHi',' ! Tj flJ'X'i.'h !^>cif fv -t ff /nti- l\in.tts as <.'. i^i. n'lfU ,� to < 11. ti.! I i'l /...,/ StJ,, r'.-J iU fur tj'ffn. /fttj 1:1 II if' tM^ Kfr-^t . rsifiJi III (.',,nt ai- ii% Pivfvi tUyi tliiin, Ii fa /�r )?:rf,/r !\ ^Jv I'l'.l it 1. i'j A.,/." tf'fjtli.i 4!.:tp3 r.rJ l".:.'l!,ln\l-I, t .V /'..'. 11 ;e/'tf ./.\."<V ,(/f.".l' fi-t P',\il h *wiJ I';- ..n.i f. f ; ,v:i,,v ,lt tl: F'l-t' "f' fair iK\'< tiftn' t/; f\ p < I) {/�/'�' f'< � 'liF. Priv Of. ilM D.H", \*iheii e tl All ivc.. a � J' I tl I .iii.jii-1,4 1  < M'lii' ti w e < J. .V. fj.k, a l'i(,e 111 ath ll.e C ,n:rh of Kil. :are I'l o( iLe 11.r r n A tl a I'll; hnve .u j..niri !� i . I, !� n]; 1-1 a 1 .a. V ol ' i ;i, .1^' i] 'l1 ,M l � On ' . dicil l�l I  - lie�, / I I, iin e.ti �" . n( 'i 1 r , I; l.i t i*m', o' 1 1 o 1.1 c a I 1 ! . r 1:1;; r' o,, r i I 1. ^, Dai.j^lurl ol .;r K..,:., ol la;c ."i:ejihcii 1 i<. a ii.u.'l 01 li,! it, ui M I �, .s 1 � .1 1;.1 id 11. 1 ill '.le i,v 1 1 w-j \V'i,,t; .\! I, '..itii . a hi:, \ti: 1 i ci.i, cr, I! uk.. aitub.'- Cl.nitian Rifij., a.,011.�,da/.Si^.,,H !.uiJ:-d at Drptfor 1, l-cvcr, Rieiiaid I.Iomt Knew 1.1 i 1 .ch laiiK I'trl ^ In Ins 1 1 1 MoiJ'i ri- ; t I Ciialiiude 10 fiij i-rientls. -oi.) rtOL'.o la.i li'-blv ll ive convuucd tiieni iv dtlci\e'. l'..iit ( By Lctlcts trjlU, il:iO ice, iliai alter Stone, Wife of Dr J Suiweon of hii ,M..jc.i>'j IJiipi;.!'-. > < Wife, an uiv-ulj^cnt ivJolhcr, ai.d t,.il k ii.a a valuable |-'rn.n.L Phtic IS an .Atcouiu fioni I'.pi";'', i';a; 1 '1 e loll Rank lia\ in^; U 11 their Caii:: .u f e 1 #�i.d. I P. 11 n ' n so Vc adii-iie.! for a Pir-i nl V. ine nr Panch I) If in^ iSc H �'iri i� J the I -V v e. iiOu� will lie p 1 loi ni .1 tv^ ite, ttic 11 tl Tin-e at i wo, u-o inc lull al Sii in ilic I'viiiiji.. tr.i .Nixv Wclh in (lOOiii'ian's li-ld-., ihis |-.v rut j^, wi,' t-r t->crij new i'. i' \ili be ko'cJ, Icieiiil S iiiei ii. tiro ;cia-e 1^ hari.-'.i i . ne-.ef p. 11 tin I bebxr, eall'ii Wlu.fjii Hoiija.j JT, Hr.t>;-iu :'t ( . , <-n u h Itie wliole 10 t xiv! .Je w.i;h itic I i. i.iiviij pi Pe n,c lir lamo.i, M.5 Mi;.-: . Ma 1 \*r NJi'cj , l'cj ;in V'.rll V.'atrr n nuvh approv'd of by federal I '..tiv:an< for p '^Tae aalMe?, foand by hAj'Cf.incc t � ...jtiv to be g'>>-: *e,iii>d uo-butic iIauiour>, ar.U vciy trot. !�, li'inii in Pi;i>> occaliOI-cd bv ihcGavcl luc t il lor rfri'l.i'':^ It on ttic Spot Jai bv .AiUuc l: .Clio i I Hji.o^;, 4!t nt^ly tomplelrd, ai.d Perlonj .i.''r<)i- ,t / r' �( - � ' . r_ /',. , , rA,.-,' ,.' � � ��'iv. /�'./.  / Uilue. .... n.: .1/ ' u /, l>, lie Mz� .'I l)i/-ij j' ii'j nJ. li-ieiif I ll'.ir Na' \ t ir'ue. May (>,   .^1) , -^jC vv, ./ /n M. � j'W , 'j iit.'" .1 ^ f> f ivii.'7t, I,,' ^l., /: . r: !�( III.!! �1 �� A I I'-.'ti- 1, 'nfi �':> r I' 1 ,o>, / . ' . ,, 11. ' I- :t , "1 . '. / p I-I y'l /�'�� t'.� ((h I. I % II /n > tv �� ,1.'. r , ft.- \ �ft" tl, . .i,A - i-'e .f r ih-y mix til! >i.i ,,i/<- tl-.n I' .iiwmh .ii t cil /nut. Navy Ollice. May 12, 1 41) '-p* // A' /''.�.//../ ')Jf...'i I'll / (' ..... t")..;. m v/' III A.'.y //('/ HI ,1 ,1 ll. 6  f. � ai-..vr lice, A . i ; ^iv<; .'. -. . , Ifi.l Mjl:ll\ .�(� t.irjeHo\.!- .,.(.> 'A ., r ! j'/,,,,'i iifj .;,.//'.../ .i-il,' luji Wijam . I '..!}'!.Jl, i,i],jji\ i..!.t ) .tl J til i. I ^f.ti, � ii.i I � I'l^' ii.iiiii'i II ,J. Sioii,-. /'./.'..'. Ill hii 11.11/ ill tl I' ttFiip-j ^I'lK'ir I. 'nr^lll.S IS t'l give NtiiKc, (liif .1 (/fmr.J 4 S .t^ fl .rt .\ Ci V .u 1 I 1. ',1 '.,:',(' I. M � .ll, rr; A TilUyf- 1 .. , Ml, in'h .(ill.1.1. 41 ll.,.l k !,1. Kl,l..,, Jt CilC I I �I c J;.. k." all 1^ . .1. ). 'J'li'iiii.i-. llarrifon, iM-ri. V t i Mr - 1 �^ . ! II B A N am \\\<i a, ,: ( : � . :. io....r, O! i; Marcii.'s !.ai.c ill Mi_ulc'eN, K k fi p 1 a i-a, i> . ,1 1, ..'.J -s., ,'li.ji,-, ... I,, 1, I i 1 11..,' I'..,r � '. ,..,'141 1 .1 ' 'u' '.- ', If � , ,,. ii., J J , 1 . t ,,., , I,, ll,, ,-, ., I. .... 11 r. , I S i-,. 1 . l>/-�.Jifi , ,v. , ..1,! j ' . r M'' f,| K . tw . .Ajoh�(i", iii.j .Mt n-'..,n'. .1 I ..J.,:i iil..i^,c 111. L\li .!.+ �* �\ '..�--� .".!..-' .'. \ 1. ..I'.ii ,) .1 N.,M ^ , 1 ' ; . . . - . ( �. M _ . I I .1 , ! 1 I I, , .  i'i..e D. < ' I Ai-.r i,.: . 1 '^,1 ,-UtV ,'l I'l,� IS M" I .M � ; , .-..I'l 11 : J'/ )j 1V1 1 il, . 'i � 11 t c- { 4 . -.> I'til 111 .J'- / Mo'.i I. f I ih, I) I, , 1; ll . I ; 1 I. K .. 1 141 .4- r.. I ', i.i' 1 1 e I I. i 1 I 1)

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