Friday, May 9, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, May 9, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 9, 1749, London, Middlesex IP**.- 41 T U;^ S D AY, May 9, tJ T back, the Si. Jdfcpli. Stevcw*. for Cadix, the -LydJd^ fpr Lrgh'otH, at il iho Iiuiia Vacht, ahd remain, with the Suiannahi Brao-'>iaw, tor and the Uifpatch Sloop of Wif. \V.,,d S. S. W. YcllerJay arrived a Mail frOtn Francs and one front IfoLtXi^n. Sr^ifcJut, AT/gp s. The Court hai fent citcular Orders to h" Mio.�ler� at foreign C >\ins jo dcclarr,  That the Ktpon which was fprcad abroad, Concerning a Change t* in the Fotm of the Government ot'thls Kingdom, cither �* during the King's Life, or after his i>eatb, was entirely . -dcilicute �fi iBert>', Ki^^^ �>4 Pi'>vl^eges� to be �vcr thought . * (Ma�le bf coAfer.iii^ to it^ fo (hat thefe ftcDort* could �  ooljr have been propag[atcd bji' vil'iaiaded PeirfOn<� or * fbttadol apoa lU-grounded .Siifjpicitoi which &av ;tb of ApHl". we have ctttain' Ad vice, -tba^-tha Grand Slgnor ha* ordcr'd the High Admiral of the Otto-^uan ^mpiic io have a ftrMg Squadron of Mas of War .and G�ll�y*, ready to put to Sea by th� 15th inftant. . The Motive Of this Armament is not known, .Dinlcfs lit be to oppofc^tlie Powers that have-fot:med a D�flgn to dtoftr^y thto Pnra(c5 \tp0ii the Coifts of Baibary! . ^ < N*rfl:% Jpril tt. The Bafbary PifStcs have greatly m-ierruptcdthc Navigaiioa ujpon.thcfe Coalti (or fomp Weeks paft. :rhere arc fevcn of ibefc Veffels that cruixe in the loni^ and Adtiatick Seas, where tUey have latelv laUeo fevcral^Ships, and. ataongthcm. one boun^ for Venice, � ��hiv,ji^^ry-iich Cargo, and 6000 Oucats iiv Specie, r JRAnwr, Jfrii i6i 'Ti� again reported; thai the Prin-' <ef� Charlotte of Lorraine, the Empernr s SiJler, will have ; the Title cf C ny wa? carried -iortcrCav to tfie fartiamenr, to be TCfiiAcrM. tojjcthcr with that forr�ifmgiheTwenfieth. The h:A u for a ItmucJ TiiKei and it's thought (hat the' Patli>nick�: v. ill make Kemonihaoccs upon this Sub|cA to the King. Iliey wii c from Bourdeanx, thiit great Pains . ace taki::g ^icrc lo^rciiore the Marine, but that the Works, ?o on very ilKk\v]y, for witnt of proper Perfons to dirc^ the /oikiiicn We have not ysi t^-ccivcd any Account of the ' Fleet w-hi op a Con(cl) winch fo me Time ago arofa between> " the OSiccrs of the Mint at Nantes and the Magiftrates of shat �. ity, un Account of a Seal being pat by the lauer  iipan :he Effeti^ of il c Siiur Pinot, Engraver to the Mint tticrv-, hi* Majcfty ha; jjft ilVvicd an Arret of Council of S:a;c. which co. Iirnu inc Orticeri of the Mint throughout the- whole Kiii^'loni in the Kiglti of doing ull A^ts of Ju:iiJu'tion. and foiLids all other judges from uking Cogi or iMcimciltliini; wuh any Atfair relating to the Mim. The Dduphinefs i� inOi^fed, and fomc unhappy Acci-  dent is ;ipprehcnd , thai the AtUtrs of are iti a fair W^y of bci g accommodated, and that I'repara-tion5 �vcre making for (oon beginning the Conferences- ](> alTurcd, thai rhc Count dc Maurcpas has icceived Oiiivn to quit chc City of Bourges, and to go to Pierre Aucue, wh!<ii i�akei ii be imagined, thit fomcthing more ijupojuui hai been difcovcr'd concerning thai MioiAcr. LONDON. On Sunda) Nipht arrived incog at the Abbe I.a Groffa TclU's, the Modencfe Mmifter, in LoiccUer-FicIds,' hu Serene Hjgbuefs the Duke of Modena. Late on Saturday Night his Excellency Count Fleming, Envoy Ej^traurdioary from the King of Poland, arriv'd at his Hoafe in Jcrmyn-Strcet from Holland. Tnc Lord Henry Bcauclcrk has rcfign'd his Regiment of luot. Aid Yeftcrday Colonel Henry Holmes, Member of Parliament for Newport in Hints, late Colonel of a Rcjji-ment of Marines was appoinitdColonel of the faid Regimcni. Richmond Palace is furvcy'd, and huing up wiih all E.xpcdition for the Reception of his Majcdy, wiio intends to be there fomc Days every Week during the Suuuiier, Some Litters from luiy a.lvift.-, that a Mifundrrftandiny has arjicn between the French and Gcnocfe, and Hut the former iire dcicrroint' la maintain the I'olh they have got Polfoffion of in Corfica, nil it be adjulled to their Satil- By Letters from I'aiis there is an Account, that certain of the Pfoicllaiits in Languedoc have bren r.ned 4000 Lurts, and itvcr.l fcnt 10 i'rifon, for frequenting uu-lucnl.d i'.ictiinj; llo ics On biid..y Idjt ciHic un at liye in Suifo-lk tlie Kleckion tf a ;u,cr 01 ;''uiliaincul, ui liic lij.jni of Cul Corn-\v,�^Ji.-, I.', y Cjt.vciriwr ot .NuVa S*.oi.a, wlitii CI. C.l.�yton, i 'v-iicn ; t. )!.ji4ci ot tf. J-irft 'i\p fne time iince near fflbgtoli: th�y liave both impeich'd. Wuti a View of being admitted Kvideiace, and fomc Potfont wcrt taken on their Iitfbrmatkii, bab have bwn fincedifchanged, they boing quito ionocent ~ ' botttrlmyy, J1*�5� Cr;' ^At Brfdgc-Hill on Wcdnefila^ Uft was-detefhiift'dthe vecy greateil Horfe^Matcl) ever kn^wn in thefe Paits^' bctwaen the moft noted Cclding caU'd the EflVx Strawborfy� and the little KcntlfliGeldihgcaU'd Kifs in <i Cortter; which was won with �reai Eafe by the latter. Thont<�9 O^ilvlt; of BitiAilt^ fif^i wai browht iaVKbc from l^i^ix^ koddmnitted^R^ln ite CalUe. . Y�i(et4ay dboiit tyrty Perfonat Men. Wontett,; aAd Children^ commooly ya* ft��*d to Pitrces, and all the People on board Were diown'd, being nine in Number, via. Seven Boatfloen. with Mr. Charlci Gordon, Poilmaacr of Fochabers, and a Son of James Gordon in Gatnouih. The Fifth' Day. At the; New Theatre in the Hay-f Market, this I>ay, will b� performed a Cihicert of Vocal -andinftrumentid Muftck<" uo|ies 5*. Pit js. Gallery i s. ' (After the CoMert wiU Wprefented gratis. L'Opcr4 du GuOix, iif tranflated Into French from the Beggar's Optra. Nonf will be admitted into the Boxes but wiUi pnuud Tickets, which will be deti��r*d'at the Office of ttie Theatre, where Placit* iQay be taken. At tha New Weill in Goodman** Ftelds, this Evening, 4wll be Several new Pcrfotinancca by Uonf. Tartfey from V�nti�: iti^lch will be �14c4, feveral Scene* in Gro-tcfque CbaraOcn, nei^cr perform'd before, cidl'd Whiifun lioliday* i or, Harfeqain at Greonwich. The whole to conclude witb^eTrittiitph* of Peace. Bntannia, Mis. Miles i Mar*, Mr. Mile* 1 Peate. Mrs. Delaviiicr { Vi^ory, Mr. JDj^ilicr) l^ame,Mr. BcwyiOi Time. Mr. lone*; Pradteee. Mad. Tvtfer t Plcniy, Mrs. Kiae} Jullice, Mr�.PhUIip�; Trade. Mr. Heodricfc. At Sadler'* WcU*. iBington, thi* Evening. Mr. Dominique, Mr. WilliaA^ and Mr; Prdro.will perform feveral ntw Ti'i^k* in T"J�Jl^!'.'R- Variety of ]:}anCing \^ Mr. Harvey, Mr. VantNMNkMi^Mr*. Hough, and othr[s/,.,The whole to conciade with an Entenaiamcnt of Mufick, call'd Scipio Africanus. l�tterf()erfed with a Piece in Grotefqua CtiaraAer*, call'd Harlequin < jrand Volgi. Each Parfon to be admitted for a Piril of Wine ot Punch. To bedn at Five o'Ciock. We can alTure the Publick, that the Battle between MefT. Wolfe and Lill is aftoalljf agreed upon to be fought for Twenty Guineas, at Mr..JBroiighton'�, Tomorrow, where the Combatanu will douqtlcf* exert thcmfclves for the Wager. I'ickets to be drBver'd at' the Door for the Matted Gallery at Fi�-e Shillings each. The Doors to be open'd at I'en, and to 6ght at iTwelve. Yellcrday Bank Stfick was 131 1 half. India Stock 179 a 178 i half a } 4ths a 1 half. South Sea Stuck 109 a 108 3 4ths. Ditto Old Annuities lO^ 1 8ih a 1 4ih a i 8tb. Ditto New ic6. Bank Annuities 1746, 10^ 1 9th a 3 8ths a 1 Stfa. Ditto 174.7, 103 7 fitbs a 104. Ditto Lottery 1747, no Price. Bank Annuities 17^8, lO) 7 S^hs a 104. Three per CcnL Annuities 97 7 JJihs a 98 1 4th. Million Bank, no Price. Equivalent, no Tnce Royal AfTurance, 70 1 half. London Atl'urance, 10341I1S. Unglilh Copper jl. Seven per CcAt. bmpctor's Lo&n., 132. live per Cent, ditto, 77 1 lialf. w.thuut the Dividend. B�i)k CircuUtion, 4I. isi.. 6d. I'rcut. iodui Bonds a 789. Prem. 'tbii 'Day Ims fubliflfd, _ in Oft t'afhmt, in Xi^i^rit, "T^HtoIogicdl Ltdurtrs at Wtrtfiunflfr-AW)ry. X With in Iat ct�ttun oi the Kuuc Gaifth. Tu .ic ;iJa.d, Some (ileA Diftooj(e� upun itie orioiif*! t'u>au <i c�i J Ktl.jiun.' Some Prdt -------_ . - -----.� itij J Kcti|fiba. JOHN H h V 1. 1 N. O. O. innivy / WifimirftT, mrj Uftlor Si. fi1^,y i, SnamJ frinuJ for J. tni R. Tunk... ,wl S. fSii^yt,, in il.c S-rind. Tbn Day are publtflj'd. Bung a f"'^' P"f"l }�' l^J^ti and ml y^New HISTORY ol LKCI. ii.. _ 6j Q_.cOiun j�J AntwLi. lCti'U\zA U* tr.Jll t�>irl/rau.t EiitlKh Wi(loii�t., pjift. Luf.}�t. I'..��i, i.p ..lui.oj ihc m. (I rrm.K kjbU- liK.i.3cnu ui clic Lii^LA liiiUi), tji tt.c L.aci n^ntt'it Y.-uth Ai*"* A New ROMAN HIMORV". t>f Q ,t�^m mi A'.l^ci k.'.. .. T,*� All rj, uia >j U.. Bmi*!^ �i Uit Ri/f� . High I.Oh�Jon-B.n�Ip? thi* Dny "t 34 Minutes after 4 in the M rni^g. and 51 aii�r 4 in the Atiemoon. THI". GRAKi:> �TbUU ; .Contnirnhg 5�>jl l> ftturttin �f fvu of ih� Oil f||*ti<f� wilh � OlrtinJl Aecmmt �4t''�'I>ilhm-,i, Uiiuu^h ^u^!l^ A, UauMMat. SrArN, It ____ tin rrl�ti�n ii> iht Miontrsni 1?x^i*m t(. tc��U>na t�|ff�irAt .Stiu v( Train, ai ivii) �s tht hbml Aiti *M $�i*nta In � 1749. ''Puff4f\ *ahiual�j}t^/aiJShift ttnj Piti'ttQtUn.jypurthj^'i finJl if ^iif yir'mJ tahn tfivty at tk^ �w{ tf Jh*ty fhp wfhr ti'* Day tfSatt, the Dff^fitrRtoMfjf^J/ htjwjhuiiy Anihtam . NttVy-OlHce, May i, i749- '�/ TV* i�'C/ffi inilif ^ft^�nlt#, thty HStiL ot' fiat's 'lant, fyifig tU It'ttkvi^kn tm:m�*Miet: Bumh, Tftti, at Diftforti, tiigttttx tiV'i' tim' I^fap. Orwl^ritt, tjfe.'r^Jhpf tlry untjf l,f rDhnvii /utb Ptr/tttt tit art (Mti;niiiU't� Mttiitd tie /mfS.>/e, fij^dt- rhin. Atid en� I>,^jit ef ati. fee Cent. orJn Prtportm ihireto^ u tit (if imfe ly Ptrjmt tf/v /btJi f'urd'iife tlie/iaitt Sti/it ..ndParlixuiutt^ Ptr/ent nvtfo Jltclt ttttiHti the feitdScl* are tp tfih'NoHcHlkti^, knd cofnt frtfM-'dJw thttt Purfe/t; aftd twltfi tht 514fi fttrclifti'd Jhtiil be fuidfor, ami tuien taiMtrt tit tht Em/ef Jatty P^ijft, tif Deftfit Jhntl he ftr/titcJ, iimltt'teme the f't-ifeiiy v/liie'Otiwtt. 1 Nary-Olbce, May 0, 1749. HE Princi/al OJictn und QmmWttiiirt cf hit Meni '�/hit Mej(J}yi ShipPettlnnd he tiru, e made by the Pafan ivixtp<tilImch. ft tht I'nidShift-aitd Peir-irulun, ail Ptrfim tktt )h�t{l ultfiJ tbc jhil Salt art tf take Nttice tfjftre/, nmd some frtftartd fir th�t I'l'ijm/n and untifi tiv /aidahip imd Patiifuittrt fo fkr i;f,dJhali he faidfur t^kim fiwrn at tht Etui e/jurfy Diiyi .r/J.r tht IXiy e/S4%, the Pcf^ piultit. forftittd imd itmuu the Pmp^rty cf tht Gvt�f�, VJCTUALLIWO-OIFICR, Mai4 3d; 1749- '~C^HE CoinmiJJicHfn far Fiiluuilfig hi^ M.ijfjt/t Stny do 4 herehygive ^atife, that on //''i.�W/iV�/y the i^th Diijr,(/ fune next, thty ivill bs n'udy to ntiiyt Prabaf^U frp^ijinh Perftni at mtnheit-iliing to undtrtaie the fumijkiitg hit^ftyijiy 1 Shtpi (indil'tjftli that piny touch ut (lihri/iur, ivith Ifine ..� rei/J of Siii Pivnj/iii'it, nMd fit hire hh i^f*l}^J^'t f'leiutiUiiig-Ori'ct and ^t^ttljifufi at tht f^id Pttr/t duriug tltt Time that th( Cuitttid -mltih. t>iny hafpsti I9 he ttud.'f^tht fufplying tU Praxiftoiu JhtiH laj). And en the fuite Day the fniir Cummiffientrt ntiili It elje remfy 'The R^nt ihut in hith C.//<t it/i.xtdun tl< hfdiy the MthtuJhtnt.tH ihi Firimun, tif.y ixiltle rcidy to ftiil'i the hi^'jiueiJeSk.f, Ihiuft, iLiflitgjleetdt, M Dmb KtUn- aid firfign tin iiht, dtca/Jliiitln , eld Cr,:n.'P'.l'.t, u�d tfd frm, /stHT Jtrtelt Outiiieal, and It Vttrttl ej^ r,.,k;it Potx, 1, ug iit tf-eln,t,t �f ihii (ij^it, Hn't/^wt, uiiJ tL RiJoLkja ill Deft/itt/.^ VKTUALLINti-OHl-1 ClC M�y 8V�7-f/ fip( Suiifr, jr. tridiu/dtly tnn'inlh injtu'it, tu ti-t Fwtntuit, ihy -mijj it rukij >9 f.U I0 'it li.fh'p BuLLf aii li-t CitiJI ttr Ii-.'-' U'tri, iht^t JiiM^ i.- (> Ju,.,'/ '� >r,, .�.i.v tit the Rid il.n/( 'irtir D'f'/'.i /�' t'-y lii", Cl'idlJi.H ./ tJhfiif^ tl.-r I'liist .lit .y lutiJih JIIJ tit f.itni I).., I In , It/// nljti hi rca-lf tv trial frC^^'), / lit Strui.f .fin M.^._'i\'i A'<i-cr. HAND IN 11 A N b~V'l K E O J- i- I c K V//. ti"i.-tvJl �ri-i i\W(.v, tJ.uii iiiiiitirnt /./.</</,, t, I //-� A/.../-./ ij f.xi.i VdKitt, mid te ^iil ( J' , lu .III;,,, L.t. t III . <v.i-//j./, rht"jd..tftt'.'. i i'/' tKj'.  , it li'lt. Ill I ../'/,/-�.�<, � h.' '.Kill tt lif.l ii'-'t . .. A/�ri,� 'iu..t. III If.- o '., ... .'.V/.vj Kr Litr..ti / h^ni^4t.

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