Thursday, May 8, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, May 8, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 8, 1749, London, Middlesex ...V4 M Q U ri A Y. M A V e, 1749. Denl^ May 6. MVD, the Dcptford Storeihip, with die Outward-boundt .to the Weilwarrl Came down, the Prince of WaFei, Strange, for Linton; the Firft of AuguiTt Palfgrave^ for Cadiz, And remains, with the Dif-patch Sloop of War. Ariir'd the Fricndfb'ip, Bcanct, from Chcfter. __ Wind South. tihice bur lalt arrtv'd ft Mail trom Holland. ^rtrrjlurgb, April\ bil:^<i vith mucltl^ffiitiKfii^oa, of the Reports which -*ihav� tieeQ fjtfcadr ittfinaatinf, that he' was dirp3*'d to Ait .�]> the f l*qacjvMch ieem'd to threaten the North, * and^with that Viflir was repairing his Marine, &c. his *.Majeftjr had, cbarglKl him to dedare folemhiy, that after * having bv his Care fo confiderably coatribuicd to * Halt fte-elltbtiih|i|'�it of the good Intelligence between the ' ^owor^thenilt W�r, by the Treaty of Aix la Cbapelie. * he had l>OW;iRtk^ cither Views than to employ his utmoA * ]VMppi,-ixot^P^f$Qt perpecuattng the faid Peace, butalfo * for exteRdtng'^''throughout Europe.* ' Brrlin^^SIf^J^if The Gentk'man of the Chamber to the |larj|atve Of%|uvedt, arrived here Yefterday, bringing the Cwo^itient JQitilSiews ihat hvr Ro^alllighner. the I'lincrfi, Spoufe.ofjKf ti^rgrave, and SilL-r of the K.tig, wzs itap-^ily deliyt^^i.^jf a Frinoe the preceding Dity. WchsnolMtifciVcd AJvicc, tha: the King tiriivt'l the 5-th ult. %t, Br|^Sy|a^in i^iUila, a�d that omttic ad inlbnt hii Maj�5y hii ioiide a Review of the Regiments o(K.ricyUvtk �Bd Schtfl\ffi*;lnfafttrjr. Cagtisii^jmti^- ' The St., Martin, belonging to the Conipaiqr the Havanna, arrived here the 11 tti. after a Paffiif*'�P'lKrty-four Days, with a very valuable Carg*. % UiUjHi^we Advice that the V!cr* Crna'Sqaadron andtf: lf^'l%u�� Rririv'd at the llaraiuta the �8ih of liil I'cbrii^U||^;!|rnh Specie and Effeas tp the Amount of up imtfli^i^'i^ieen Millions of Pialhe?. Wc have likcw. > i'e Adifi<i^;TS�t Admiral Ileggio inttndcd to fail from the Havmi|�%ith the above bq^uadron, as wcil aa that dtr�cvly i}i�d^^^.rders, on the 20th of April fo' that Uus uo-HJC^ift/Tieafurc i& cxpatlcd in Europe by the Middle cf i^^i'ii^vajal, with the MarqHis du la Eitrenad{i.-conciuc:cu .WI���|Mi^j�6th fevcra) PrcUH)i^vy Articles, wi.ich arc to Uti^^lbe Bajis of a now Convention between the two .f/iij/tS. By a Lift of the Treafure exjp��ed Wcrt-li)djlc5, it appears tnai abM^o Nine Mjliiaas of Jpgillars will cosne for the to^nmcrce; and upwards of OlJ�'Million. One Hundred and 'i'weniy.fix ThouCuid CMi^rs for his Cath .Jitk Mujclly. ' �'�''Pam, Mtiy H he Funds fettled for the Marine p�ill, it�s (aid, be iitticirnt tVr buildjiig fpdr tagital Ships every Yci^r, ur twcivi Ytfurs, excluftvc of tboic thai axeia|icady .Xi^^Bi tilc ^u)Lk�. /y^r w, .(tf. V 13. When the Prince SudthoWer was !ail Fti^^-ay ic'iinightat thi; Ai'tinbly of the Siat^of, Ilolland. h? Jt';\ci(J lu thcjii in ^*mug. fl .t'ropof�mi n a j ^itjL iVicalurc abohlhed, as Well as .the Method.o> levying 1 tnci.i, ought to be imputed to ^hc Magii^Tates of ihe Tc.vns, Hiid nqt in the leait to himfelf, it v.a uot,i.^c Im^ution of his Pi]c>poituoii of the ^jihuf jji:e t^^S, to abolifli the Hoaxes, but only liic Mctliod of raiunjj thcra. His Hijjlincfs alfo takes Notice of the Rcfo ijtion that wai laktn by the States, 10 ibolifl> the Piih-tera in Conlcquencc of tlie above-ineutioi.d Prppffi lion, in wluch i�e had oilVrti to their Conhdcratson, whether a CMMioa 01 PoU-'i'ajc Mould not eticaualiy axiiac good the Odlciency that would be ihcrcb/ oo-xiiencd in iheir Revenue, ^'iiat this Pro|)Otal was not to l>e eo.i-ddered as made with any Intention to confine, or iailiccce the I'rccdout of their deliberations, but only with a \':cw loaflift them, as much as pollible, in iiudjug out a Method o( caihng the iitac I'axcs, in a Manner more fut-:ible to tlie Inclinations ff th� Pirople. That as tiiis wokld be a Work of Time, his Ili^hncf had in the ukj.ii v^hiij pio pofod liieMetJiod of the pi o/iiional TaAci, w;>ich m3s .lie oaiy one that could iuimedtatcly anfwcr the inieadcJ P-r fmt. That hli Highntij had cjfpciied. that thule Conuvle rations would have engaged the Mcmbcis of the 5iuc> 10 lofe no 'I'imc, nor Ipaic nu ironblc, in the Laccuti>n of the above tncntiuncd prorilianal Method, but that not tvithllandiug hii feiious �iid oUcn repeated t.xbortitiori5. hcpcicciicJ, with the gicateft Grief, that all the .Amn-p'.* made to attain the delirablc End of hading Munry to ijp ply the Coinptuus of the Province, had been Litlieao un eel tjl 1 iiai iiis berene Highnds would glad!y ha*c 1 t\t�.'-pUvl hom the Neceihtv of malting ti:o:c Rc -7uk, <.iul (hfii� againft his lncIi�>|tion) hf wa* obliged. In the V'itw of aoqoitling what he 0>cs to himfcIf. to fet this Affair in iutrue Light, as he would Vt make hii.ifclf anCwcrabfe to Pofttritjr, for the fatal F.ff�.iU that might attend the Prejudice occiftontd to the Finances fromthcfe Delays. His Ifghnefs then aj^juaint* tbc States, that after iukving maturely weighed every Thing that could be Oifcr'd on this Subjc^l. he found that there were only t^^o Methods of inll^'crihglthc F.nd propo cd. Th� tirll, ty the IntioduAion of a general Poll- Fax on Families, divided into fevcral ClaliestBCcorsiing to tvtxy one's Confumpiiou, Retinue, Calling, and Means. The fecond, by lcvyt�g� by meanfc of ColWlOrs. the ImpoiU which were fotmetly farmed out to the Pachtert. LONDON. St. y.vKf,'j, Jl% 5. This Day the Chevalier Olfori >, Envoy Extraordinary from the Kii>^ of Sardittii, had i private Audience of Leave of ids Majclly. And immediately after Count Perron, his Succcdbr in the fanm CharaAer* bad liis Jirlt private Aadicn ; of NvlHlttvat h"s Houfe at the Adoiiolry, tv-hfrc bis RovftI H'ghncfs MOiikc honour'd his Loi dtinjs v.-kh hti CufO^ny. The Maf-Flower, lliompfon laico v.itli Corn for ,Lif-bo;ii is foondcr'd near the Iwmd'a Lnil. but she CicW bai� bcca &ved. ' t I'bc Elevation, RcauM, bound from Toplham to Spaib, foundcr'd on the Coafl of Gaticii: llio Ciew vvcrc.favclj. On Saturday the Court i�f Kfng'i j^Oth in VVc'iminttcr-Han, Irtforc the Jndm of that Codirt,*' the Gijeat Caufif tried nfpa tyo \I[ut� dircJled 0'.|t of ^eCoiot' nf Chancery, wherein -Bamfley, Efqj v.-as Plaii^tiJF, 'and Mr. Barnflcy and others tvers Defendants, in order-to ptove the Validity of the Execution of fome Di�as. by which the Pkintiffi Father W l�ft a Urge K(latc in Hmfordlfairc .i(> nf''j wbea afvr f� Hearing whKb tailed without Ifltcrmiihon, Holy Tburfd^/.oiuy excnM�d, fix Dayr, from Saturday April the zgkh to ths 6ihtnt|ani, the Jury, which was a fpccial one, eompo^d .of Ccutleattn of Ilereft'tdfliite. after brin^^ qutafb o I. per Annum, at tlie Prclcatatton of the Provoll and Fellowi of the faid College. On Wcdnefday laft died William TroUope. Efq; at his Brother Henry't'rallApe's, Efip Me/chant, ia Friday-Street, and Brathcr to Sir Thomas Trollope,of LineolnOiire. Bart, ile wa* Psdidcnt and St.nior Fdlow of Pembiokc liall in Canabri4ge. iic died anirerfiaUy lamented, bei(tg a GcaitlrmaB of great Learning and Honour. On Friday died, at his Houfe in Haekncy. Mr. ThoKiii Shcpp:krd, an eminent Weil India Merchat-t. On Friday died, and Uii Night wav uatcr/d fit St. Paul Shadweli, Mr. Philip Cfcaulcau, a Co:u.-uat.tior in tbc Virgin:a Trade. His Coepfe mcafor'd upwsidj ol ihi�c Ycaia crofi the Shoulder*, atid wati other>vlie lo large tL^i liO Hcarfe was wide enough to receive H. t^nFridayas Mr. Stvaac. Mallei of LitKoln't Ina C^qticr Houfe in Ciiichcllcr Reat>, Ch.tncc(y-I,aue, wa coinnc. f;ivcn great Sjtiifaf\bn to Numbers of Gen kmtn and <adtC3 of DilliniHiijh. Fhc Kjtjicncc* atteniiinj� thi* Un� dertakii^g obhces the Propriettir to^j.-iife it to'� ^liillitlg. Great Care wiiT be taken to keen out I'ttfon? of ill Rcjvj\e, The Fifh Day. At the New I'heatr* in the Hay-.Varkcl, Toinotio'w, will be pfrtormcd a Concert cf Vovat KiXi! JnRrKinienta! Mnf\ck. ISo.vcs 5�. Pit js. Gallery ts. After ilic Conceit will be prrfcntr4 gntii, 1/Opcr* du (lucov, ns trantl.itcd into French tVom the'� ()p�ra. Not^e will be admitted into tlie Boxes but with i^riiitcd Tickets, svhich will be d cn. Piascs tu be laketv^^^hc "NewThcniro In the llAy iWarket. v At Sailer's WclU, Idington, ibis\ing, Mr. Dt>^M�-" iftique, Mr. VV'il.tiitms, ami Mr. Pedro, wlU perform-reverar new Tticks in Tumbli g. Variety of Dcwcing by�Mr. Harvey, Mr, Vand�;i:flai(c, Wis. Hougl^fifcf^ihirs. 5|Ho whole to conclude �*i\i�. a�i KutvriaioWt'tu iif M�it*.k, calPd" Sclpio Afiicanuj. Ivtcrfi-crCcd wUh ,a irt Grotcfque Charaiter^ caUMlIarlcquiiipnsiid B,ich Pcrfo# tii be adnmted for a Pint of Wint or Puhdi. -To i-:_ w----^ ^ - .----------.. w -'.�w�wt)| wwias* tfv^aa*'* III xjilV* tcfque Charaflers, never performed before, calPd Whllfun Holidivs: or, I^Iarlequlik at Oriwnwlch. The whol^ tti conclude with the TrtOmphs of {Vsace- Britanhii, Mil, Miles i Mars. Mr. Mil�f ; Peace^Mri. DclaviUer > V\mtn Mr. Delavilier'i Fame^Mr. Beat^vioi Time, Mr. l n�� ( Piadenc�, Mad. Tartfey j Plchty, Mri. Xfbgi Juftlce, Mrs. Phillips { Trade, Mr. Hfndrick. . '  At Kilburn Welt Attendance U cotitilln^Ty give?), hi^d great Care will be taken to have every thmg netrdfary provided for Otsntfemen nnd Ladlei tHatpl^<afo to Bfiuk* - fafl afier drinking of the Waters. * We can aflure the PuWUk, that the BiUtle b�t\�eeti � Mcff. Wolfe and LiU ii aftaslly agreed ^oppn to be louahl for Twenty Guineas, at Mr. Brcugliton*!, iK^t^'edoafiiriy'. where the Combatants wiU.tlojbtlefs txqri tUcmfelwis for tlie Wager. Tickets to hi dcliver'dat the Door for, the Mailed Gallery at Five Shillings each. 'Vhc Doots to b� open'd at Ten, and to %bt at Twelve, The Wi^aw Hug^c?� from Tunbrtdgc-W^lU^ who aUvays had ike Honour of fcrviog tha hVft (Wity. has d hew ColUilion of Rob? apd V^cncTinaDomido? atid A(Ii|fla, at her Moulc in CV�rlcf Sjfcci, Covcnt-^""!*" Al'tl. the better Convenience of aJtirKe comroo<liou*'fcb6i��,. Iho will attend at the Golden AnchiJr, near-the Oo'era-^[fdui;� In the Hny.Marke�i?.thl*'"l% arTen rj't.lO(;k, Gcmi�nien and Ladies th.^t hftV�*i[lt!itd fb^^^iiV pui^^uUt new DjefSestaredefircd to'fcBJrhtirOraii^ Wofc* B. Dickinf;}!), on Liulgate-HilK iViU PbthcirVow pub-lifli, iind deliver to the eubf�Tib�f�; idedlc.'itcd tO> his into the Foiindling ^fufpltal^ ht\Vi^ Ma" yon^g  a pCrfpt^i tVv-0 ttijw i^eek the Rev. Mr. Alhton, FcUowof Eton CoUege, :uttd b/ the Lord B!(hop pf Briilol inta the Living complete iinifli'd Piece. Whilin|�ty hopM a$ futjb ff ^vill be aciiepvbli; 1^ the Publlck, and {>arii^iilarly for thu corlool'ii^iet thdr<,aW fomcpiltitlog on wl itc Silk. ' # B A N K R U 1� T a, ' Tjipmas Deane, df Queenhithf, London, Ironmonger. IHivid Cotipar, of WdHngtoft. Somcrfetfhirei Dyer.' Jacob Cadday and Samnemail.or the North Brcwhoufe, in tti^Par Stri9et,St. Ha htiliie'a, Morcliant. High Water at London-Bridge this ()av at $9 Miinit.s after | in the Mbrniig, and 6'after 4 in ide .Aitcrn ion. ' Satilriday fliink Stock was 131. Imlia Siotk 17H j \iU . SouUi Hc� Stock^ no Price. Diito Old -A,niiuan.s .o^ 3 Stbs. Ditto New 10; 3 4ths a ic6 a 10$ ) Ijai k Annuhies 1746, 104 7 8ths. Ditto 1747, km ] 4ih' Ditto Lottery 1747, 104 1 half a 3 .|th�. tank A m 1.. 17^8. io>3 .1 - c. Aoyal Alliirance, 70. London Alljiante, la j 4 ,.>. Uuglilh Copper 5I. Seven per Cent I'.n^prfof > - n, iji. I'ivc per Cent difio. yj. U.*.iik Circulation, .jt 1 u i. Prrm InduBondj 661. a 755 f'run to Fown. kc was ftopt by three Hichwaymen 00 Blacl.h u Ln.ilc-i;.�t!ca! li^-rrt, '!". ai.fijrtnut >. &c. auJ tJ.�- Im/i;m(.>.1> lo liiuldtcai i.CJf a� }jl>iijj!e IBl Kov^i one* nt ifte Ofcc 1 I'iik The ftcar R|(k�>^hui�9 �iad Umu(v of 1 o ki kjr. ^ I'm'u nil t, Fiilii, rhis Day ACotnplrfc lioJy ol Co/ivt'y.inring iti T) or/ tr-4 l',iflu�( Mt(\tA f�oni run-, I'li. u/.ij M iiu,fv..... . - d ii.., (ulWI d t)y fOWrtltD WOtJI). O.^ I' .1..h1j. J I. �... lo Ol, rflf J in � Mvlln'i) entricljr ne*, O'mH nf j.l Ri-; rdii'.ii, an r "S 1 gf rtirr V jfC'Ti iti Pn'rr .f f.Wtrr�|l, iii lU !>�� Ir, 1), 1 , , .> I ,,. , f.i Tbti D(ty ii puUtJh'd, (I'tue rs. I u>.J) Im On, rjume. (^.1.1%,. if'-/*.' It Jlitl) I'lij/", "1"^ y�ii> ticj/o') /Ifmii^, "I.I .'./ Ctfuu �h, T n-.iti( ri Arri'unr uf l> ,j ,i? naw .uiitfii.riil) ufVJ in ti^t f i.-i*f>.7 <.( r!)fu. tirii OfUi.j.t,.,.,,. C'liyiiii.iil  ni v. Fffcrti : I't.i.llf l.lirii iitt'/ieN tHAMJi i.tOlFROY. > il .'\.j.:iui/ Jl U^i.vU /, RALPil TfllCKNF.SbF. ' ri.i.lio^.i j. <'U.Ke, ukIci I'lcA"}*' ta. *'�)< , i' �'. ! in. I \i^l. ilfc.i, ii f.�, lUKl , il.; $, ... A' i\i , V'.ii IrOfli 11.� A/.t'( I ,1. HI i>. i'l.'itiv. u r >^i'a('i St Hj4ii, i :. H I.

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