Monday, April 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, April 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 28, 1749, London, Middlesex ;4 �5 F R I D A Y, April 1749. y^fn/ 26. 7=%^HE Dutch Ttidiunan ind Oatwtrd-boanJ. <cvith the -�. Rawlinfon. ^ for Liverpool, are (�ilcd. NoShtp* in the Downs. Wind N. E. Ejeiri^a ef n Lfltc frtm a PffoK Credit ^ tb* HaOVE,  \Vc are now prftty w�ll alTurcd here that the Dcdarationi of the Court of France, That i *de fince the Conclufion of the Peace, has put it out 61' its Power to ftnd Succours of >Mcn to* o_caa-I>y_no Iflewu-~f-qoartel wit* and who will cottfcqaeatly letre the ^ Field open for ttiat Court at the ElrAion, Js enough to * fnfTtrfs the PretcnCe for the War; beuufe the FatUopi * which divide Che Nobility of Cenr/amJ, will be obGgCd t� * onitc in the ElcAion of a Duke, for Fear the Pol^wbo * are Maftch of that Dutchy, fliould reftore the CoafHta- * don of 17x6. airi iWoc� it into pHlatinates, which would * be no difitrult Matter |o effeft, after feiiing upon *ve or ^ fix of the mod powerful of the Nobility. A private * Letter aeceiv'd hero frOm MaJHJ, tntimatei. thai if � Things may be judged of by Appearances. Mr. Keene *_.dQeaju>t:fecm well fatisfy'd; frwm wh^cc it's infcrr'd, that he docs not advance in his Negotiation: That it's * prctt;y-ceitiin the Spnifli Court is more ncfolvcd than ' oreir. not w defift from in Pretcnfions in refp:<Cl'to the ^ Navigation of tkeM^f'/ff^Vs; �nd that it pretends to f caufe all Ibtts of SMp� to be vifited by its'Gvdca Cotes, . which they (hall meet with at certain Didances from their * Couts, in order to fee whether they have counterhand * Co M-ijcAy s Forces from the 2 jrh of Dccciabcr 174$. to the Z4.ih of June 1746, both Days inclufive. The Right Hon. the Lords of the Treafury haive ap-poinitd Mr. UeLb V^'cilon a Land Waiter in the Port of fiitilol. la the room of Mr. Diiptr, dcceas'd. There ii an Account from Colchciter, that a Smuggiing-Cuust wai uken v.cir Harwich, with four Men in her. Oq Wcdoelday a labouring Man was taken as he was at work by Tejople-MilU. chare'd by Lee, now in the Poul-iry-Compter, as being one of the .Accomplices in robbing the Ferry at Hackney. Four mare are alfo taken on his lnfbr oui acTvani�, j^.J X', M^'r, Oi't.fiA-'SUBSCKliitRS. On Si-nday next two Chani) Sermons will be prcach'd in thfPariih Cnurch 0/ 6t.Cicincnt Danes m the btrji.J. Jor ttie Iknetit of ijo poor Cluldiai; iha: in the Moirirg by the Rev. Mr. Waucn, Muii.'.cr of Ihnipftodd, a iJ Kcct. r of Chariton in Kent; iiuJ U.-t in t;4c iiooii by U.c Rev. Mr. Moore. The fjinc Day two Sernior.i will b- preach J. at tlic !'aii\h Churcii of St. Helen (.;,: 1.1 !; Loi'i^tto -)tn.c!. i^i uic i)cac�i of the > ^.Ij.uun Street Wards ^ that in thcMorningbythcRev Mr. Harveft,. M.A; PeilQ.wofM>S^*I*^"-^onrge, Cambridge; iihdtlist in the^ Altcrnoon by the Rev. Mr. Brougluon, Chaplain to the KieKt Hon. thcF^arl of Murray, and Morning Preacher of St. Margaret in Lothbury. At Marybon-Gardens, on Monday itcxt, the tU of Mfty* the Evening Entcrtaiiunents will begin, antl continue every J5en!* oors to be opeftVi at h*ir ItifHt^uii iifter Fivir. P)a4:es t6 be ukcn at the New^theMnin^ejUey-liMrl^et. - -, At Sadler^ Wdhi 'liyf^liing tO the New R^^^er Heitl. Iflingfon, thU Ev�iM,w0,btt the ufi^a) Piverfions. To lehiclt %nhi"m3^*^pvm en the Itctuni of feacei *Wi -ttj^wl iW^flJto' trf the pro-SfaaiSfatrFMMrtwMti^^ tn grotefque Chtfafter^; cali'd Tte^Hivrf Wghjanders. To begin at Fii� ffCi^, .EacKT^D )to be admitted.for a I>tnt of fWhU'^f^Fiiiteii � ' '"^ ^ '' " ' . " At at�^:NeMtVelh ihiGdoaainS Klai/t^lu YieUt^, ^'W^rt^ehwia iMjiddedv-to^^ t^quetfelSrtr i�eiftr:p^^ HtAidavst or; HfUrl^Ui w Grertwfch. T�� whole to cenclade Wit^i ij^eimuipphtf of Peace. Britknriia, Mis. MUe>: MirMitiM^tS* Peace, Mrs. DtlaVilier > Viitory. Mr. Dehiinyu^U.lkli^ Mm. PhiWpe I Tii4e^ Mr> H r *~ J To be r<M. at ihi^ S�lM^oi(ceHoof)i the Corner Cow-Uite. W�ft-Sihtthfifiaf jiifb i^ ,: Perukes, ill madeiii tb^ikitWctt ehti acsceftFaihion. ind cheaper tbam any yet cxpoiM ktr n. Yefteiday BinU Stoeil 'mtj^, ��tf  1 4tKa j h|d( Indhi Stocti Sh.iithSi**;5il^fe^W I hltf r / iths DittpOU AARttitiesDoPricw. J9itlb jP^ice. Ditto Lotterjr io� 1 half a $ Sthi. Ba^k Annvi-J \\H 1748, 10] >i huf. Three per Cent. Annuities qi;. Million Biidc. no FHce. E(niiyaleft� M Price. Ittiyal Afluraificet 7� I 4tii.-,Londott AjBTarance, no'Price, finglilh Coppdr 5U iMveo per Gentj Emperor's Loan, 133. Five pcrCcM. ,ditto^74>r'4'ths. Bank'Circuktioji, 4I. P pTI|� eif*in at%mMJnates, . SaM Mil l>r l.)tfawkafy,'�t tha SiMa vlA Sun ifaar the Ch.iptor. ' Hani* in 6. PiU'a OwHii.Vtfd 1 and brtha Author, T. Oreitnough, ApoK&ocary, naar St. StiaMm'S Cborcht SnowHiU, Loodtn, rilce 11. sfdi Battle. Ooai Altowaaet to MaKhaMS, C*pUint of Sh'>p>, �n4 Slconlcfr^rt, wko kay QnatMct to lUI aula, aoJ Bills .of Duc^Uous miy ba hsti la French, Dutch, �t�ay�lMrl.*i9a((�. The Virtues of'tlwft Tinlfiiru ara tna'aralMcppiwa (q tiM NobiJiry ind Gamy (Sod inieti �e the WoiU In lanatal)' to need any farther lUcom-mcndatiwi la ijlil P'f'* I^avy dffice;^ April J4, 1749. TH� Primipal Ofktn tmd CemnafftoHtn of his Majcjlyi Nmij give Notite, that en Tut/dm the udof next Months at Tt*i oClitk im tbt Morning, Conmijponer Hutha expcji to Self at {'if Opct in iis Miiji.Jli'i Turd ttt yorlfrnouth, n-e HstUt of I'll M.-f^y'i Ship! tbt Medwtiy, Burtbeu 91 .| 'luni, hfomtagu, ef gzo 'Joitt, C3>ijltr, of 7dj Totfi, Imxriiffi, of 354 7oni, D'jlfhln Firtjbif, of 4*8 'Tvnt, f^ulcan Firrjhifi, of ij8 'font, and tht Primifi RojaJ Sttrejt/i^, of 546 Tout, isgetber ni.ith tfte M.ijh, Yards, BonxJ^rin, Piimfj, (sfc. of /o'at of thim, m llty ao-w lit at Im Mnitjly'i/aid Yardj ul>eri they and ti>, Pewtiiuluri ta bt fM ivito thrtit may be njifxu'd iy fuib Ptrfont m art intlinnble to attend the /aid Sale, and bid fur tb.-n. /indOi a Defift of fuuntyji'vt Peunds Ptr Csnt. or tn ProfcrtioM thfTtto, it io be nH/U by the PtrfomluboJbuUpuicbafe tht faidShifi toid Particular I, ull Pdrfont who Jhidf iittrnd the f^d Sale are l� take Setict thereof, and come frep,tr'd for that Part^fei taul unlefi the faid Shift and Purli^ulars fo furch^fd Jhall bt fmd for and tdtn envay at the End of forty Dayi ajtcv tat Day of Salt, the Deftfit-Moniy Jhall bt forfeited, and bt(omi th* Proftrlyjf theCronxit. TMK AiinivvMfjiry Mc x\v% of t*t? ChiMrcn \''*rt!rtir,l��t, m.K'-� si'i^Ktrtt, ii ^^iwyK t.x \r- ffiil i;*Wf^,�--�t!f lU'^t, iho JJ i>l Miv, .<*, li'.'.liUCSui'ii in N e�. V,-. S^nt�. rti4 gt* f .-ft?h(iat'.>! ihj Trt'!�r*i snJ it.ViV.^V.t �.� i!v S'SjwU �m iWir'J to Jirif ii>(iethr�, �t tlic Cnnvn T���'n. tSk* Roy^ r�ch.M'^, lit I hnS- ot?k^ ii n tha AAfmo�-i>. J lu- Oir^x^ n Sa'4 at FitcSlViMtntt^a'tif. T^; v�il! p-'.l ��� 5j *��rl�s, ti�. Sir WtlJkm Smith. Kngh' .M ti�>gion; lifyt. _ ...... , , 'I ""HE Gcntitjmfn ediit^atctl is* Shiptcirt or ir i>clK>otWli>� I at t" " " tn, lomatTv*-, th,� ; , WfLMAM CKOW^Lr, k"iii;?\v.^.^ ' Mr. lUcHARD HOTHAM,!' Wotf, I>ii"Wt will bf rrfJy �;iSly �t TTwri f C{a�i; to meet thrir SchwtWIo^i �t thf ftcdf; tti Kt*il, asuHua^wsn-StTrt*, C�vent-6�\(VI�n, lomatrv*-, th,� Mth fnflast. � �\Vl. Ar k .'X N i;; L, AG H - H O U S Ii, Tii-morraw, ih# SOih inKsAt, wUI'l* a COMCUtT af M US ; 1 C !C. Tha Vdesl P��� by S'twrs . F tt. A Vl to* Mr. B.lfAltO. AA�AK,FAStl NO V^rf. Tha Mudrk ta M|m ac l-Weha *Cf(:S ((�My. K'ete� l>r�alif�flin| on Mettfay "��it, ma R y bTo G a R 1> Ii N :> WILL pm:n with Iniprovcmwtfson Mosnlay by MifaFalfctlitr. PRO P O � A aii/y.'ASfWv^ Tidttt^VbTjtUrarci �whSabteitcTi HwlTlrai %lmit two r�rruni every Kvcaing into the Gjnkcji, aaJ otta (VtCil toMChBall. )Uly, Nun'Subfrnben to fay Six Vtrttt Admittam. 4thl), KeiJVtiontintttiitttd the Bal) NTiabt* w^htjnt pn>{>�r IMitlKa. Stitly, No hind iidttis to ilmii t^vA'tmn r IVffjnx. ithJy, No Servant! iiriUMry ai}ll i>� adndtMl ta w>)k in tht Carttna*. Siibicri^ticnt ara takcit hi, aad TieiiMa tl^s^f hsitki.^"^*, *t Mr, Moiitsomcry'i, Odhlt'aiitb^ uK^mbtldte-Strtati tlr^Jrcn-Stau*, ���J� . :k u c k H oL T - h o u s 17 VERY M6nd.w Morning, durkg t!k; Ml* Rummer Svaion, vUJ ba a CONCERT cf Vti�i} m� tKltramertal M U S 1 C K. ^he VoMl P��t� ISy fignt'fS S�^!^U j XI^X d'A�iR��i l>*  Few: e�e. Alio rterf �: Cjjfmboj (jUlV. BariDW, who �e;\tlf jTaipricriij^). that Ibrat hito. J" Bt4jlkT4l� oft' Monday Aflonune) a*. r��h ^etl'an, �>l (*th^ M�nme^ � � Note, All 0 m)t �rpt, luwllitMta at Oiie fluinra eaah, \�hkh will �iit&t tht tAttt �f*tf %i.itiJbf Morning during the i*hol� Sc�fiin. , The M4tlh<< are novt 11 fmpodi a� a Carpcti the S�<^^!m. bciatfiSI'J up and the Watet itvtia oft. , "... _w RxaTO.S- AX die K r .N G -s r H EAT� E in . HAYt^MAftRET. Ton�<^ow, tkiii| tha S^th uift��, antl be atrforrnM s n�v^ Svranade, eotittcd P t.ACE �n U up V E, - llrand 8'oXM ta be. put to�<th�t. a^d (W Fecfiw* ta be ��iiitttied witlK out Ticketi, wh[�bv�n1 dctUerM t]^ t^jr, at the finl Oe&tc, m Ittlf s Guinea MtfcV Culbry it** Shillioipt. . ~ ' Bv His, .MAJESTY'! Cmtinttl. No Petfons wfiatfoe'ver tu b<* admitrtfl bthigd th* Stwiu Oallirtai to be oftn'i' it Four O'Ciocfc, t*n *ai BiMta �% I.��. . To Itf'n at Sit 4i'Cla t>on fl^lnti, >t bciat' ita Ccmic Of<aa. r the New J hpatre in the Hay-M^rki^t, ^1 W Weftiniailer-BrJdge-Oirice, April 26, i-^m) HE RE AS it apfeori to tbii Hoard, ihtit the f��i�g , , ever tbi Bridge during tht Time af fuUtng dan 11 itnd rttutleRng tht tit-e danugid/Irthei fhertaf. Out htm, and m,n be a great Hindranct to tht executing that ll''orkf at idju diingiioui to Piijftngert, fcvtral Jccidtntl hwving l.itrly b .er Lluuf^iii^ U ihtCjfn-n:J..i:, it bang atLru-ift ifj.puj/iblt for lie Uoar-k^cpiri ij h ringittJD ti^e Co iini^iittcr 1. Pj O'Jtr af the VimpiiJJio'ii  I, _________ JOa. AYLOIf I- N ! Y KK AS T Tomorrftw, Uing jotU ioftjnt, witi 6? perfvna'd *Cc�s'�� *l wt rnlfmniFiital Moncb. Boia t, i. i'rt 3 �. C�n��y s �. After thoCunorrtwill be prcfenied grior, by aSrtcJ EpilUN l*�fc�b�of% L* O F E a A L) U i> U K U : trpn rta'Hy it 5iX oTt-fi.. A� Itiu is ific tii\ ;>i'cinpt uf tlw Il^iiJ t! a.luct tls� �ngli/I>, 'ti 4 a  lej.- Lrjvr to milcr, in >. �.t 4 Ijifle of our naiive Aneiii (lioiilJ be ||lio�ei d, wc tjeJlly 2i�^�f fcngtidt Ajdtcmi: will e�iulc It. For theBenefitefM-ff. W inUone, K � ngatidi^x\iu<r. AT the I iic.itie Roviil in Dtury-ljinf, tliii D^y, thr t8tb inltiinr, will br pwl r Don MjhucI, Mr. Vam ( fl pn..lii4, W��. rtrfti r.ifiutu. S4tif"^ cjU d \. R r H t 'I'ckrti t'l bi: hj'l 4t Ml. Wcjtlic.'Ui the B-n Jjhiftt.". lU*^ ua RiilUl-iijiccl, Co�ciii tJar.ion i �liul u\ Mr. liutrMO, *� it* Stijc IA'M, v hcrr I'l.icr^ ni.iy be tilteii. .^lor I be lienefit ^7 WILL HILL. T thcThcaut; Royil jh l ovcnt-Gardcn, 1 he b 1. .1 I J \ -S V M a I A G L M, DAMON I' H i I L i D a. T iitjl*: Con*.ieiiiftl inJ (..tilirl ^a ho ilklsll-l I.' hcfjv-.^r bijro rrclclHt-, Jir ftu/ii' vi Ui fjitf i.ttr'i i? the ; '� '��'*U'f ^acr^^ �t#. t^jc lUallii 1 Ii..iil0, in |�mrl s Siffvi ( | Jc V (!, .I'lf ''1. ^' r i *3 111 (lie S'tj'M , ilall M >� n, 1/, li,li.<,r . , Hi T.-r;.;,- Htf , K'r-^ * l(. aJ, in tlic uiM � I t . 'I.-. LiliJ ir.i , il.ti. , K_-.j'� (Ic'.J, 'l.-vM II,I , I<,-r-i ::: t�... � U.V".a^ Mt. Ocv*.-.�, �n A'' :d M Di . h. I'r iCjlL 1 //// Ik. ill hi I �.;>.�. ii'ld afttr^. I, /'-.) d4 .U'l. A CfMtli iini (uUr 1 Io: Ics V..1! Il-t njit Mr } h'l t'.,j!inc/.. O'.i 'i'ulll.irn'.* , i>r Si/.* '�"*�'. ....�ii V\ji.lcJ, J ; ^lit i'.fj n IK- 1)1,, '.!! Or'.tiMlij". )j4<ri,^ f h J yiitf, la:ij fi i from e v. It !,t V%r-r \ tf l-.r ' fifJOli C (l.H ''1 iii il - H'^. < (j X ,1 f-11 1- n rf-s 1 (t

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