Sunday, April 20, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, April 20, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 20, 1749, London, Middlesex AiLl). the* borough Men of VV�r Came, down, the Jiritannii, Ltnlif/ foi% Havre dc Gmcc) the lA\ty^ mktc, Exorj the Ma'il;l.i. l^iiddie, . "or L"i4t*'li the i'^gf^i M�nrt/ ftjr J^irghiifc; *lhc� L\imf>;, !-yl>. for n'ewfooni-'Und ? , the' F.iiAV;b,\ How'iira, for Piiblm; the Fvio' I'ackW, ibr Ftro. and (hp KrOt>.cr-ioo�!,Tho-p''on, forNcw-Englam^. The Dutch Siim fcr Intfia ai-.d Onnvard-bontid' remain.. Wind S. YV":. The Mill cavtrcd the TfA^ftft-Aich tf,'�tcfi$ Xlt North begins io dilSfate, ^r.A jt's^ platnlt, porcciVt-d, thai the Ambitiort of a certain l^rincc .is*Kc Primmi i.iiJUe of ' midc ufe.df fui occ�ii,;j;ng- th.? Of- of A.':�/ to break up; unfriiUfully, hays been cinp'qyjJ lo gain, eyjer t)jK; priotJ^al Co�rURdci5� and ih.i: it has btfca iiriiMjnted to thcjn, that ihfy ought to ijviplorc the protcflion of ft c�!r�. Uin t'owcf of their "own Kctig^tMi^ in order tq vr*<lt on .the or.c fhnd, tJicr Ri^ht an3 Freedom �l lpi�f&i�n, i unj to prevent C^rlmJ- And Stiaigiuu on the orhctv^fto^lj^ -bcujj, theyiare mcnn�f^r-rcdiK*d-hrTW^^PsfeTinSteir' A$ this fccms tu itp th� C'nf?, STKcJ^n has no Buijpcfit to intcnurddle in thiti^^liir: Tlicrf is howt\fr a Treaty of AHiaEcel"ubfilliiigwhl^^|M)nJydtf^nlivc| but>l{ichi4v !^fni, � which ha� coiidodcdthi* whdlc Intrigue, itiffifinjthc Xtini-ftcrof that Crown, woutd make it, cafy for him, in CoRceri with the Author of the Enterpri7e, to fifld-joui or ctrea to occafionCircuniflanccsjHiat would make *lhe VVar. xVhich i� likdiy to happen,' imagidci to be a CafiuJEcnirit, andl t1�it the r5wcjc>iiich fliall lirft; .draW tlic Sword^ i� hm the Ag-grcfibr :For, in Cafe ofa Roplcure. 5�uWS* will be obliged to make a 1>i�-eHion on the Si s will pafs for the ^g^rcjtTijt&jbpaolejli^sty have hadMhe ' IVnflencc to put thcmjclvcs T�'%' tagl?''�'* for'3?^oi  tJ^At S/^fit is af Hand to be matJc the I'^atre of anothtf Diverfion. ThiJ ap|Tear& to be a S[-\tk which rhrL'atcns all Europe wicKa-frcih Flame, unkfs Madab\ dc Pen;padb^r will ufc her Endeavours to �x ingu.ih it, "by ik'/piring his Moft Chrifiisn Majcily rtoc to iitccrnicddle in this ^Vlaitcr ; tor it is fee who at prcfcnt governs fi.c Kingdom, by the Afccndant which 9rle, AmbalTador Irom ilic Kuig of Great Critain, is cxpefted here ihe 5th of next Montlj. Tin- King has j^ft uoinina-ted the Son c-t the Prime tic'] Almond, Duke of 1 aille-boorg. -The Uou-t pors to Mavii th^ i(l of next M'Wiih. It's aiiurcd, tis RcvieiV w hteh ttrc Kijig ii to .make of hi&.tvvo Kcgjnicnt<: oKFr'-Tich and- SWifs Cioards,' is piit cft" to.the 9tli .cj i:o.t Month. 1 he King will cotne back ch PurpofciV^.n: ivjarli, ai.d wi!l r.ciurJi.'riJe fafnt; Day. GrcatT)i'ij^itKe is u;cd w pa:, the Mariae opoin i ^ood T a U us DiA V. itpR 11. 90, f-40. .qn TuefJay Ni:|k'v b�w<^ Kiae asd Tin, si - Ililll, hi.]: of^PariuilcRoTv. C3�cl!cJi. tvat r^ttir��i�f�t froixi .l.o'rivTo'p, Jie.)*av?"'^�' n th.* |Fi ;ld., r y a^ fins'5/ '-h^iinh^r^f^i jtjfiir^,- \ 1^^^^ bear, that Ci)"�jntl N*ooV of Kc'vrr\ro dkdit^ii Cl^umry ;icat ^^ fr^h crfrrm, Tiecb lanicnttd., ' ''' YcJlcfJiy Afterftpon Cci'e U.'DonaVi DanWrJc. w�s brought'[^jti here onder^'IUoaj{6iui^ ar.d com : iitcd rnfonir to ihc CatUe. ^.1 ' i �,i(^fU.- Jff:( tff'f^^M^ OUT fi�||ing-Box, fuJJcd  iip-ia-^ li�*pw hmk'd-R.^ ^. "one Faitl^ag, by a Li>vy tJcrt-ant in h blu� l^cli >Jlli iik dib<', ;inJaSi!tfvr ticed Hat: V/e the ici^Vf^oMti thia^ it cnr J)mj' to-acqti<i;rit all Gcfttl<ijj\tft tA^ivs ilicrwith, thftt if fxif^ Gold NiaVfcn: nt,'ikc:^%hi.myi^^ into our JJrff i�|.^6xTtfn<* ^(;S in '^TN'^K WHO It JL �hr.f'Ot'SEoJ'l>tr.HJ L 'I ft  in I � (Ill, f�ili f ^. (�trM ioA tUitira r.wi, t^ ^--vH*! s.TfeVtt .r ihr �m..h, r**vi iaib.*, to'.i s,i�'y�. C J;�^ Rt� ^Viii.�n( A'li.t". Mr A�t< nwy r�nrat� ^^ ,,� tit ��), R r / hn *tni�r;'� R�;*-��^ l'l*y c JT Mir �tl Ull#;fK>�, *<, rctarn our fincorc a&�l h i.!^^^^ iyfealcd Paper, dlrefltd , , . . . v Pfiiaftcrsf'fihd for fevcn-./;/ �^^^fy'rOjlf'tf t>/ Ort(n..f;(>,- It(:ri{J>\(ily hyj^fe't'lf^ l^dlvM�t((^)'ali cijoally; ^h'vidt'di t the MortTing by the Rfv/Dr. Miib^eVt of Darl^in, ahd Rclltir St Mildrid Jfi Br��d-Strc ^i�taf/ oftUcrUV By fpscial Defirr,^e k�int|kl (ih tbe^^fif^ VauxHaliy of Mr. Hatiad'a Mofic^ f(�# ;h�^ R^J^ Fire works ; which #ka wlvcitiCitl ;ta1� Ijn 3^3ajr. Itltc ffth inflant, is now &p[|binied ir9r.1*^0rro�rr the tift* iMtd to begin al Eleven io tlia M'drning. No Perfoni to-be admitted withotit Ticfcof (it II�lf a^C>Wivc4c;h. wd W admit but oftWVtlwC^K) for iklivcfjf^ �t the Star tod Garter'] avtttoi P4U-|I>U � Wills Cx^fee-* Fooiiaj;; a ..J it's aliuicd thjJ his M.'jcdy has j;raottd Fund of twenty Millions of Livrcs ptr Aunuui iiKrcafc atid Support of the Men cf W;ir. Marihd BelkiUc took Vcltgrday his Seat in Parliament a's i^iJic and Pcxr. L O N DON. Vcfterday the fnur Coi.ipanic!; of Arti':erv \v c unhappy Man a Sum of M'�nt-y. 't'Uc Commiffiontrs ior builiii.'g W;.i ;iitUtc it, and to Uif-cl�.>rge ihc other Trullt aoinn.ittc! 1 > tlurv Oil Monday the Loifipa'iy ol SiijL:^. t'f which his Royal Highiicf. the Priucc 1.1 Wttlrs iVipi-tual MiScr. %vai(crd on ihctr Koyal iri^bntifcs w^i.h thtir otigtatuiaiory Addrcfj on the liinh of Uic yoan;! P.iiiccis, a:;d was wt/ giii^iojfiy received. S14 VViiliuni W^nne, Knt. Ra'tf to S.r Thomas W'ynix, Bait, dcccas'd, has itT.-4..'J hri Tut or SunJarJ-BcATcf to the (icntlenica Pcnfiuijgr', 111 ord<r tn l^l^Hl a <�aiuliJ�^c for the Fowo of Cirn:iivoa, in the looai of hw BnMbcr. Koyal J4xcB�ogC5 ns^d at. tii v�;raiJ k^^ieaifal, and :c*pn�f convpnirntJy i^iaft to it *rainorrow, may have their Moticy >rclurn'd any Tii�;e before that Day, at the fi;vci'ai J^laces where they porchafcd their Tickets. �fh� Ninth Day. This Diy," OJaiRly tt Twelv^ the two Knights treat their Friends at the New Theatn: in the Hay Mavkcs,; after whish,.the AufiUoiicfri will difl>ofe of f foice OriJinili, parjicularly a Pprtrsit.of Harry the Smtii;j;kT, Hi pc luok'J'at h!s Trial.. :Tt� conclude jviib a new Lounrry iXtntc. The i>oor� to ila�ip�u''d Eleven. Br(AkaftiPg wUr bp coniinoei 1?iJ.rdav .s(Mrda\.s. Places'to be ukx-n at the New Tticaiic in the H;�V Market. Al the Nsw y.'ell5 ir. Goodman's Fi Kb, this Fvrt,inp, wt'^ biT'fcV'.-rar new Performances, To which will Lc ' oddtd, fcrcral Scenes in Grotcfque Charadcrs. i ticb.' Tiie who'.c to conclude with the I'ri-unphs of Pc-jce. Britannia, hrlis. Miles; Marsi. Mr. Miles ; IVaee, Mrj. JJclavilicr; Viaory, Mr. DeUvilii-r 1 Farlr, fur the X Nlf-R.Juvio; TJme.JVlr.Jancs ; 'Prudei>Ce, Mad. 'J'aitfty ; I I'lv-^ty, iii1rs.,;JCi��gJ Jatticf, Mrs. Plvi'lii>s j Trade, Mr. 'TlcialricU. At Sarilcr's Wells, adj-^^in'ing to the New River Ilrad, Iflingion, thii Kvrniu^j will be the ufnal i}ivci(ions. '1 o which will l>c added .1 new .Adcj'oncal Maftjue on the RtWrn of Pc:tei wiiii a gnind I'TOCclTion oi the pro- uc at of YfiU-rJay dicii. aOer a f.w D^ys fllnefs. Mr Peyton ^uiK N.phcw 10 Mr IVv! 11. a� triiii;cni Dry m.ui^ue,: W Upper ^^*i.^,c^StrLct du-d at h:* FurSe^.. Hojfc in loth-ot h:,-Ape. to ihc ii;�onf.jhi�^tc grc it!y Oij Mon.'jy Ijll buri,. i.i Lhc i-ili Year Crlcl if 1.1s ParrM:. <.i-d fcc w.�5 k own, Mr. f liDm.- of a i;rca: G^nia�, ever H loll (..r jjl 10 wi.-^im l!ou! :h : n a irf-bir 1cmp--r, LiiJ j> ud tciit., r^it m.t. ii-i liir'd Bon. hj[ a wo-.hv lc . f lincatiun n t.-il" fy 10 '\'..i< ti 1 Ijiutt-ii vii'.-i ij j M^jji ,r III \ ..^ A Keif; lc J.If a VVc(i. buj,r cnrri-- IJ. K :'; .i ;u h*^^ been flccutcu (liii i).y. LaA Tucic.'-) \:�~!).l^Jl. r.l>->jt 'N.-inW :\ a (icai Coit iirr.i"bcl;-i 1 xi' u'vit.j!.'> -.i^.-ii}, ^ cluiioing oi Pence ; intcifpciUd with a I'icvc in grot*-t^ Char^tcr-. calld The Rival Ht|.|danJer� To b*^:ii Five.o'Clopl^. Each Pcrfun to be iidmittid for a Vim Wine cr Pumh. 'Jo K'tr, a warm and coiivcnicnl Gallery, but eight Feet fioiii the Cioun.!, Ctuited bet^">con the Staldmg Oihce and tho Model-Room. frouL-ng the Fireworks in th> Gn'cn Paik: Cor ffthcr Pjrtic.ijrs euqaiic at the 'Fhatci/d lleifc Tavern in St. Jam&'s Street, or at tbe faid Gallery. It will bi tna'ted. fiili d. anJ hotiv. New Cherfe �o th<jf�.' IVcp't �vh� fell it ajiin, on Tnef-day Morr.i gs, 'Fhuifd.iy mid Friday Altc.uooiu, durtng the Seafon. cheap r than a-iy I'lace in i oiidoi. .and (jlo�;cclkifliireCWfcfe a^ thrsp. t'V.J'by Richard Siirr/wer, in the Pa^'J-Ails-y, nc-�r the leaflu-r j.I.-irl.ct in r.f..v!en-hall ; all'; WihiLirc ILxtOii and dti d HoJ^i t-hciks, ncctl no Ui-comnicrrdatian ; and (�r the bcVcr accomnu tliiing tnc 'i and SV.'.Inunflc, he ha^ auoiUcF .jJ.op, the Corner of ClicijU>y-C itt..; Hr>'.;fc. Y rwrrs^ 'tf/r-!-r �� / if.iy 1^' ^u^K � y.^fc* , (*frji�t'. Mv lv,ht,)>Jiirt 4-1, er i'.:Ti'i:-if ti>'''^ /XA if'!.'ijeitpl� ^trr t'.c i'fji e: I) . -.-^r' 74^, >-\i-tit j'WM m tr ''t'hijfkftr . f-VV^i/vi- l;>lf yfarlj I d , ^ f�t;tK-j utff, ^rpv 7i(// at- BUI, f^yctir At' f$t^Ji^'fh^^^firt^%t�lhi' nvnr /w.-vV (sf en et; fj^vrt'tie ^ 0^:^^^iim^t,h,kg * � � ^ - 1 /W;.-ftV;V Jir lie PuiHfift^l }l4,Iiiitt y r^nf fit-Q.vf. fiet jin/i.te!, ta. (t\i,vi,U(c/}$, 3 it^^4- f(>f* '' Aft-'**. J^.f'->tl!. M^/'jAif^. i W fi!4 j-frttuii)' to thorpJ h(\;i fit- Si.'-.ih'i; Fitii'fi ffnJ to If flp)!^ thtali't at tl<f iBuni y"Ehglmduntil f/uUitaitit', GlJ.GUv.H PuOINfiTObr 'ihe ll�l-itai for thv NlniiKvnnuce and Ktlncittion cf cxpofti atiddifcrteil yoni gCiiiHren iu LaiTb'ii Wonduif fii'ld", WedncTday Apnl j, '^M-f^'^liE U'utnsft h/yi'i'-g twfilvrH to i;k'e n PulHtk X Brrf{'<^i, fit tLtir tivn gx/tpni-tt cu ft'ttfHiMiy tbta u Ar <itli4irr\(fy' ike &ti nf, i,t t.'.v Ihjiiifl, i� Gwitrm^ ,9f titu Ohicr] in iy'nti^t;;v^tT'r/-^:^f:Wt~r't 'Tttij Si-Kif.Tyi cxc^fteJ; cft.r liHfi' no //'., Ih Oitftr c/ (tie CtKt\~^ Gz/W/A'c, HKRMAN VF.Um,S'r, tarctnry. S'otc, - - - .V thifiiil, tf ite-Vifkm.jtr i , Jt il'f Dif>i tf f.-vh-tl t.f,i, , "/ p':jiMiit�, tMi-t }itfrojIi w4ihin �*n! Oii(�, r,f LsnJun .ahd ..-1 , a-'a'j'c \ m A < u i� il 11.lie Wii nd:i- tic wa* Obfervra by Voaifttr. .1 i; 1 ;iai ; i. V. 4.1 (...<i.'ii tii.d if at to lue VViic* ai I on^i�c Kr.-y; iu.� ^i 6 '.-.n-^., a'-'d �! l afiir 1 in the Aftc-rro>n S'etlcf'jF I'.i K o i�vi>. ��. . IJ .1.- 1, oiovK, I 7 1 ftilf. ^lyi^-'^-a iJU'^W. 107 I 8 il a n;. I>in'j (>d Ann K;es no Price l>.�o .Nc�. lOJ 5 o lis Ihiik Ar-n itie� I ^-V loj I 4th. D "o 17,,, no Puce. Di 10 ( o"e?y 74''. n-Pr'Ce. tia I. 1 1. 174**, \Qt - htia. Three rcr Cm \ i-.i;�r , ? 81.1 a i^"f�. M.isrn I'jid . no PliCC. Fo <'w� eoi, rij Ci f. t'o.a .^Hj-imr, 70 I 4th. l.on.I-Mi aniT, no l'i;;e. i0'j�wi, ^1 Seven }cr Leet Lw{#ctok,^� l.o.n. i>at I'.t. hai.t;.-. J� f hrv  l>. '1 lio OiJil'Ji j 1* fivMat , S:i \Vilii4:u, Kiiighi anil AKIcrnMii ( Vt iltUm Whit�lii'^< SlMtliMI Th' J.i'urni, V^ifit. mil AldcrtTKii { Tlu lis4t W^icr, J hn'i'uH^ alW Jvlin AW' nftson, fJ^rj._____ NO I K:K Is ht-ri'liv gtvcfi the Ulfitcrs .ind C<AijMi�y h ,J uiul Hif H i|| hf,;in to l�j majg th'! Ill-rr I, (III It not M..iith5 it �hlji f-ntliCi .N..�iti! will tc givrni Iciil.i t into Ml-KUi'. *''liliijii ii�t, jiiJ (III. P�fH . j.!U. . , V ir-, ..I.J ^ C !i.cli,..> 1,-4, Irf*^ i.t.t 111.... .1 II. o, .1, t tn ii-, Oii.:/i.i�, i 1,1, I) /all, ft.jft ni thv ii.iniii.lo: ()v tdi- I'lo t,f,\, ill i'� r I ON - (J A R I) wit a I 1 <i'inii.fv� Nlli ^'-lU-mi. i- <l .S A <i-vt- t ;iiui. -I, dl:l^ ...1 !., rj.'i �..l^j.lvr, wllltll .,� ni ^ it, , 1114 >;uii i' ijrovmi 1)13 I he Inttcr I .wt Mo.ih. Frj<) Vleil^ Mr, I. If. I, 1 I --.'r A.t/tT J..'I ^4.,ll, .1, I'r.l .1  ! . Il \t y I.' J 11,. f'ic.ii. In 'lU St.�i:J t'.i .r iS 11 t � d, lya lit -^t ,' .' .'t<.'.-,, .Vii V. ntuir^  r M.-i I I l.r / I 1 \ I 1, 1 kf'j 5 -.ll i � 1,1, , ,., ' i' - 11 o'Ci) ? .< ' fl !' (Lu.�, �  'I V f s (c ,. hial. f Jl a I", 1 \'. J. IL., V I . ..Ik. I, . u. 1 I V 1/ ii..'lii, 11 i.T ,'vfr. - A/:.' rl-'f  I ,1.-11 ' ,1,1 I, 1- 1) ..: . I .'v . ... -I .vi .1 A / ... ;.l 4l ' ' � 1 Clu 1*3 I) M. �r w b/^u'.).;.

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