Tuesday, April 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, April 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 15, 1749, London, Middlesex ft er. S AT U R D A Y, AprTI 15' *7*9- Diai, April t^. R R I V  D. rhe Clianniite Pc�g)\ frvim Roc^clte for RoUctdam 5 ��d ja!l c �v. a Dutch EaR4nd>4 Ship frcm tSc \*'t Award, outward-boand. Wicd S W. )iT^j,\f^^rr/ lo the Ccn^ f�TMJce� ihit Mr. Kerne has hid with Don jofcpfa dc Carrsji!. Pnme Mtniilcr, and the jVtarqutt de la Enfenaia, Secictirr of State, he propefcd to tr.em ib^ rbn of a riew Ccr.vcntioa between thii Court Snd that 01 Great Britain, for �Ttnir.a;iBp. by a t>cfiT!!>ivc tegalaiion all the DifTerenccs rela'ing to ComcncrCe and l^avtgation in the Wet*-lDdirs The AS^?rs of the Souih- mp�riy are W be sdjnncd in thu Conrention. Mr. Xeetie fpara no Faib* to bring kii Negociatiom to a FtKiit, Affil 9. Advice ha? bcm received from Padua, dut in the Night �fiKe *Sth of laft Month a Tire bappen'd fa the Cboit of St. Aathonv^ Chiirch, which btuiit for tea Hour*, and did va'i Damage to that n>agnificent Ediiicv. Sudt�Ixi, J^ig. The Coaitr��Uon of the Ga1!cyi, Cad the railiBg of the c�*o new Rcgioientt, have ail the SucceCtJthat Could be ddircd; fcvcral forei^o Ofl;cea-o� Merit, who lave propofcd to biiog hither a Kamb-r of fine Men from faici^a Cout^Qiea, will be admitted iikto thcfe Rcftments. D-iK/sucit Afrit X. The Ra�ian Troop* which are trt-vetfing Poland. fre<|QentIf nuke forced Marches, in order to arrive upon the 1-rontitn of Coarlaod lowards the End �f thb Mentb. or Bes^Btiipg cf May, where, they arc to lialt till they have rcccsv'd ftcdi Ortiers from Petciftourg. The-Braodcboafg Regiments which are in Prui&a have Orders to bold thcmrchre* rfa^y to march, and its thought tlttttbqrwtU fpbaiily advance toR^rds the Frontiers of CourtlocC in order to obfene tbc Mouons of the.Ruffian Troops wbicb are inarching thit Way. Wacfiesc, Jprii t. IC9 adTurcd that the Rcpublick has Pott Orders into Lithnasia to keep the T^roc^f wnirh are ia that Ducchy pzcpucd to martb open the fcfti Notice, jtfiAt they my be rcbdy to reinforce thoie which area�taa!?y �iH�r!d Coartand, UmUrgttApil iS. Toer wire from Sttalfund. that Ae'^KOtdt Part of the Ssic<d:ai Troops which were in^ Ifonenmia. were eorbarkcd lor Finland, and that liHtrc* VtmaiiMd nA more in that Provuice than what were ae�.cr-hrj to gnard the tirong Places. $frlim� Xfril 1;/ It's conErmed tbat the March of the JUag'a TrOo- s that arc in WcAphalia. is fufpcndtd. 1 he KlcgliacMt of Srrdtyw and Piioce I'crdtcatul, and fome tbersr, itbicb srcrc to go out of tHieir Quarters, arc alfo coDBiersucdcd VkikVt J^ril S. The Dcpatics from th: Protcflanis in Htuigwjir'bare coiaplaiced by Memohai to the Einpfcfs C{aeea m the fnjar/ ibax has baen coniiair.cd to tiie P^^-lc �f (heir Pro^effioa. iD tskioji; by Violence their Ohuict�:^ iiratii tbea, &c. to which tcr fmpeiial M�jctl.t aufwcr'd. tbat there was tiotbttig she urilh'd for more than to (cc *!rraitqailiiy prcrail benvcen her Sobjc , aiid that &e would caufe the Aff'uir com-pi^aned of to be exUBtacd iii'.o wiih the utmoft Ar.rn-tioot to the tad tbat it migitt be detcnnin'd according lu tiMi Xam of Jiigiice and fqaity. fiuicc Cbark� oi I^OJuaiQ, fet cut for Bmilch the 4th Af^ 14. 9lD iKc 6:fa tnflant a Fire broke out M Suttdbaiiiea, about three Quarters of a League Iruin thi� Place, tirhicb b;t^nt with iuch Violence, tii^t in Ids cbia t*0 HouTj I03 Houus uctc reduced to Alhcs, tc-Ades Sials'aa and other Odi&ou(es. faTV\ jf^U 8. Siwae triportant Dir;Mtchc� have been tflkdv'd at Verf^tHes from Mr. Durand, the Kin^s Miui-Her at London, rtlatiag principally to the Setdciutnt which -ccn ih^c Count and that of Fiaitce ; and ilTafiured tfait the Nortfccfa I'owcrs deinaiid the Meduuoii ' of liogbLni and France. Tib: &Ian|tti5 de Mircpc^ix. whs is appointed AmbaSador at the Biiaih Court, has agreed to lodge at London io the Uoufe of the Eail of Aibcoiarle. the Englifli Ambaliador here, who wiU alfo ledge at that of the Nlar^cis de Mirepoix. The Marquis d'Aurin-eourt, who went to London to execute a Iccret Couj-miMon. it is &id. will fet ou: fooo for the Hague. It ii allured, that ifce Marriage of one of the Mcfd.nies do France will focn be dcclar'd at Court. 'A'c learn from RochclSe. that a SUp f:oa! Bourdcaux, bound for the Cap^-, has been caft away near ihe lOand of F.hc. Tbc Ca'go wa* )�ooc�ci Litres, out of whicb only 30000 or I5CC0 were (av'd. bat ail the Cxcw, except tea Men. wai preferv'd. tL^me, Jfil 21 The Srates of Holland and Weft-FHcflaad b^ve tetclved to rufe ei^t Millioas by way of Lottery. Accc.-Jteg to ocr .�IJvaws of the journey of Prinee Charges pf Loiraia, tiiougiu be atafllx: aCiuaUy arrired at bn:�ds. LONDON. We bear that ihc Trade to Africa u-ili be l�;d free and Ojjica to all bis Miidty'� S4:l w^utroocr. without being taxed widi aity IXiiics fcr tbc S-ppOrt ot the. Fons and Settlemeau i thai all who traJe ttiibcr �^ill be uoiicd in an opeo Ccmpuy. laider prcpsr Regalatui. s. without iny Joiu S�>ck or Power to trade as a Coiporaiion ; and ftM. the Foru and Settlements upoa that Coafl will tlill be loaialaiKad. a* Marks of our Poifeilioi: in thofe Paiu, and bepui urder proper Management and Oiicelion. An Ejcprcft firrit~ed on 'lliurtcay at the Admiralty from Ate Watt-iatltc:, with & C^aErrauiva of ibe Fnotb fcuiuig at Tobago, and havinj?, rais'd two Batteries one of thirty fix, and the other of fivtccn Gonl. " Col. Ptice^s Rcgitiicm of Foot, �ow At Fort Auguftus. In North-Britain, and two other Regiments of Foot in thofe Paris, arc ordcr'd to finilh the Crofa Ro�d� cutting in the Highlandi. which will be completed thii Seafon. The Right Hon. the Spe Ciir HyJc-Park-Corner. Mr. Satnuel Moore is opporntcd a Iileutcnmt in C<^dncl Lee's Regiment of Foot. On Thurfday died at his Lo . On Wednefday Night about Nine o'clock, as M^. Eliai Liodo, of Dcvonlhirc-Squarc, was on his Return home from St. Mary Axe, he was by a CJang of I'cHows force J into one of the bye Aliens, and ;-obb'd of four Guineas. The fix Fellows who lately robb'd fo many I'crl-ns about Iflington, are all difcovcr'dj'Ulnd it'* no( doubtctl but tbat fomc of them will be foon "taken. Such Search has been made, that they have beett oblig'd to quit their Lodging, wfaiJh was it ail old Wotmu's in the Tovvn t and though thty had the ADdaciudfttefs to go in a BaJy ladTuefday Evening to eniLTt�inih(?�if�lvos with a I'uppet-Shcw, yet it feemM, to be a taking !ll.*avc of the Pl.�cc, as ihey have, not fince been fuea^sbou^lininuUxi; npr han �iy Robbery been committed ihe'ro'^jlince Mr. Dclapori wis robb'd, which wjs lall Tuefday feoniaht.^ Mr. Stephen Bryaft, laio^of the wiffi of St. Michael Bcdwardlne, iiti theCauuty 6f.Wofce(l�-r, J the Hofpiril for lying-in nvjt riud Women, in TotteobamCoun-Ro)^^, fix Vuuitds per Ana. for ever. S I R, T Am a great Lover of the Arts and f etcncc*. and, void of 1 all Narrowncfs of Spiiit, can sdmnc a fmc I'iecc of Architcflurc, whether dene by a Forcij,ntr or an Iini;,lilh-man, 1 muft own the EdiHcc for the Flfcwoiks p culcs me ckiremtly j indeed I have fvcu rQne Whom it d'^es not picafe, judges or not Judges; the AiKiirntidn fecms vomeral j which is a certain Mnrk of its b:in{� cxcelUm In its kind. It is mnjclHck, of an etiiirq new Compufitton, has a biautifal Syrtietry in all its Parrs. v.IJi anoUrligiint Magnificence, and brings to my Invagination five Tillu of Palladio and Inigo Joncs, two of ilic v,rcat� ll Maftcr* Itnce LLp ,vi>is. But ilill I tiunk ihoy have not given it all iTc Lullrc it was capAble of nkciun^: 1 coulil haVc wifli'd, for th?it purpolc. it had j|e(?�i-.iiiiiw >tone Lolour witjiout tlic grea'dt Impropriety, anid going nf^iiiiiU all Cultom wlimcvtr. I ."iii the mt>re turpriztd tlurefure, that f.* good an Artiiiica ai the iw-hcvalier Scrvardoni/ecms to be, couKI IhH ii'ti> capital aMillrtkej to whom with jill Deference 1 lubr.ilt thcabo^e Oi^tcrvatiun, and am, S.r, youu, &c. Tiimoriovv Morning a Sermon will be preacli'd in the Paiirti Cluirch of St. Alban in AVood tUrtit, l>y tin? Ri^'ht Rev. Fatlicr in God Richard Loiil Ui!!i( j> of St. Djvi.i s. for the Benefit of tho Cliaiiiy ChilJrcii uf the Ward of Ctipplcgatc vmhin. . The l ,�le '.' urd, by the Right Rev. Father in God jUr. jojia 1 ;ioin.ii, L rd Biihop of Peterborough. Tomorrow, two Chaiity Sermons will be preacli'd in thcParilli Church of Si. Giles in the F il.ls, lor tl,e H.-nc'it of 101 paor Boys and loi pour Girls liriou^'ing tu ilie Charity Schools in tlm laid Paiifti Jiid St Geoij^c JJlooin( buryi that iu the Morning by the Ki^'.hi J<ev F;itlkcr in Cud Martin Lord Uilhop of Glouct iKr i uiid thtii in the Afternoon by the Rcv. Dr. Junnour. The fame Day two Charity Sermons will bo prcsch'c! In the Parilh Church of St. Stephen in Walbrook, for tf.c Ik-nelii of the Society Children beiongini^ to the ('aid Clturcii that in the Morning by ilie Rcv. Mr Barnes, Letlurcr lA' St. Bride's i and that in the Aftcrnuun by the Rev. Mr. Applcbcc, of Elthani in Kent. The Concert of Mufick and Breakfafting et Ran.-'agh-Houfe, will be continued now ou Mondays and Wednefday s, till othcrwife advcrii^'d. The Seventh Day. 1 his Day, exaftly at Tweix-r, the two Rights treat their Friend* at the NcW The:icre in the Hay-Market i after which, the Auctioneer will difpule of fame Originals, particularly a Portrait of H^iry tf-c Smuggler, as he look'd at his Trial, To ooncludc wiih a new Country Dance. The Dourj to be open'd ^< Eleven. Places to be tak(i;n at the New Theatre in the Hay M-rket. At the New Wells in Gondmau's Fields, thii and every Evcniog.wili be fcveral new Performance) by Uic celebrated Monf. TarUcy from Venice, Mr. Hendrick, Mr. Miles, Mis. Mile6,and others. J^ach Pcrfon (o be admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch. To begin at Five o'clock. At Sadler's Wdh. adjoining to iJie New Rivcr Kead^ Iflington, this Evening will be the ufual Diverftons. To wbicb will be addciTa new Allegorical Mafque on the Return of Peace j with a grand Proccflioo of the proclaiming of Peace 1 inttifperlee with a Piece in i;otcftiue Chaj^Acr', caUd The Rival Hi^hlamfers To b-vm ai Five o'clock. Each Pcrfon to be odiiiifccd f r a i iiu of Wine or Pcnch. We hear that this Week Mr. Hay*, an Upludllcrrr aid Cabim Maker, who UVcj at Mr. Sna.v's, a Silk Dyer, in v*�Sc�Lanc. Fleet Street, *ra� relor'd 10 Si^t of ht.<t rigKt Kyc bv John T ylcr j n. Ocuhft, iti Uftrai Qjtrcn-S;mt, Lincoln's Inn field*. The \hA Sort of iriti Stuffs, ftowcr*.', (Irtpcd, or ^ai�i, are fold by S Hartley. Mercer, at tie Na^ed Boy Woolouk in Lud^te-Sirtet, where a l^"** fak J�r�t�*d with Variety of new Mtxiares fulrabJa to tb t*t)rGt>5id�af afckl. Ladies. ConfcAioccts, and othem, arc hereby iCt^itiiktei}* that at t!ic Okfs and Cliitta Shcp tbeOoldelli Battle id Jefm>n-Siree�, facing St jaitiesYChuttb, is a very jttat Quantity of the bcl\ Flint Glallct ef Jli torts, psnt�:�larly Sxveetineal-GkflvS. which, will be fold at prime CdlL WincCilstTct at 41. aJpkixcn, all of ibe b4:% FUiti Cibtfs. There h alfi a grettt Quantity of SiTMseatMl E^ttbctt '^Htvl The Bull nrf of the Shop is jsj*^*"* on as efual. - A well accutloiit'd PalUcfc Udufe In a good Nei|(b-bourhocd, is to be Ictt i�iK;^:a:ciy. Bnqaire dfj^r. Fryar, Hofier nn^l llatter. the Cvro4.-r. of Wyhl.iitftcttUtt Great QjeeB-Stre�t,Linco'n*� Ian Fields. --,.........".,1....... ........Mil' mil � , iVi-i.i.,^iMi Hio.'i VVatcr at Lon�?oi>-Br.dge tJiii I>iT at 7 Aliautc* after ^ i;n the Mt^tning, and after at Ni^b% ' Yeiletday Bank Sock was tjo i half a ijt. l; Lda S'.Dik 177. 5outh-Sta Stockj ii;6 7 tths a ir;S; ^.O^no O'd Anncii:e� 10+ 7 Sil;*. tUv^ New. I,0J i-8-Ji� ;il;�nk Aniinitit! f.f6. toj^-Duto, ,>^4:.. no Pii^e. Hi to Loltery 1747. toi 7 fiUis. Cat V An suites 174.*. ioa 7 8ths a loj. Three per C#n:. Anmsitie. ^| 1 half a 5 8ths, M;!Jio� tank no Puce. Efltnvaleat 1.0 P^ice. Key a! Affo-atice 70 i 4th. 1 onJ^^ A JTa-arte (Hb Prtee. Enftlilh Copper jK Seven per Cent. Earpsror'a l^o, laid I half. Five perCtnt. ditto. 74 3 4tb�. Bastk Ci(��i� lanou jl. i7� 6.1 I'rem. lnd:a Bo d% 4?t> a Vt?m. Hbts Day is m ffw P^|f. (Putt �flt>lh F'tt J �� BMrM �yJlk.Vf/i# 'f*f*r^ O kJ l\ O G K AI' H1A iViiftija: Bnuopia:: or. n-iy-fotir coftTJl hhf* �f tkl, {Hear* 1(1x1, tni Wa!t�i wiilt s^'*>( of l� b R^Jc^^ aiit ** itm lc�t-r>t *Jj.K(itt lilirt.!(r Exh c>{�-Si:t| tfct^t CSt*i, fi(�>iM|f|, Mtrfeet an^ t*itlb}tt�; To�ri AVHifc*. fto*** aM ](���'� i vitli t>)� Numtcrr M�aMn ttnt to pjn Urkvi { (ojttfccit �ii5* TitWrt in. , In hm, t^tkn Vt^itgti, iCki fourth Edi'iso. To �hhh th*fr *f>^� .te � |K��rf Sa�j4'�Pf<i�, Note. The M*n of fnfhai tai \V.:�t ou; Im tud utMt, Plutt }� BMird* 6t. (n4 ��Mii<hi Ji. tJ WhichsH. AfHl r. �7+9. NO nCE it ^�v^, iL-J ttr Bah 'u.hii ^ eff� (it Limtij,'Pirfi^ti �^ Piymaii^,/ir rtttilii^^ tie .Vi��kJ s/fintfOpt tijCtjtr. m m^.jJSrmt (^$^1^ is tu Miye/t't Pf<V7'!ff ef AWd 5^r;//Ji*/^a� wEwawA^fSsii'** efa^Jfar tku Pur/r//, t.ii'/ rtmc^n efrm utfil Ti-'/i?t IVXt, A hi the l'.v irJ S'JiS^Htiat tt./j,rt tl\j luii netive CrJ^-s Jit-hi'tr eL^isifteJ^i'tiitllkir are tg e/f:it.ifi. Amu nil itP,r Pirfts i'-'it-rt, ,-^J ta an f^t're tLt-tui' Sttiif tJirt ^tit if oj' Jh.io.tj lire rcijpir'J ta irjlJ t!firCllii iii'Rdt'Ji* ft h> d^'ft i''Jiiint, at f\ft,' eit-i; la tmi-vt e^t i^^rj ^^:(iJ*irA�u t:i%in.'4 i,t t'jiil PLi^ 41/.';/ /'/^ tvs.' ll>. . ' � �t (),Jzi 'f tit Pi'Jl Iirrrar,IIt th LirJl C^-.-.i^i'J'-.'-eijftr ir^d. i-rj i*L!f!t^^:s:r, 0*ce of Ottipaacc, Aj'Tj! 1749. WUERE.IS ^\4iu tiMU gi tKt tf ttei'.t.^dFin''.''.'-'!l ta Ois^fk* if tL P.nil u.w fi'wrni-iM^, et.J iiitJJ fe /i!Jj.'j[^itte'fijsu hifitt lif^' f.ij Fif^Kufh iJtin fi''}^ <tfi 'iiit u iviTtfi^^t tv, iufiri lit Paftifi, ll:J tlu fJJ Pnta i$ JhfjSif^' tyJ tttt ill Criree tie Mi^jf.rUiSir.J, lJitati^JXt-fJi*.-r^lf,aKj Piiini^.:' O^fii-en �f La M<.;f)'i (htUeme; iv^4 eeub^tfJ Si^'nn iiatiufio pMr^iiti gtJ Satti, �jnf.m (tb,t4, tn luLUjl ItJS J.JIt.'. , � *' Bt OrJer tf tht B'luit ' i CHARLES BtfSiH. The .horc Print k bf (he VwS^im ci t<cd^ smA WetnMiAov Mr. King, ill tlu I'auliY. Ciw�pl)ls, iAt.Tam^l, C>.tuX; Mt. �ii�if>li.� i�'IAai4 LttLt ;-iMt. uj Nr�f>>rr-S�irtii Mr. liuJLn|, ui St M�ta�'i Wust\ Mr. Bt;cJi�/, tn :�w Jk; fyJ Ori,an.- LrAr fiV-i 1 iV./iV/, tUt Ij a IlJ'Ji.ti.i �/ tlr Us.'iT.TjslU tie i/%J ff Q.vufn�i tf lU i'ft Diy %f KU'^, 1748, ^Jl fAfnt K !i tut tf til i>ti'jjjijt Ctjfit (f O'Jt^u, -uert diitU(.% fc� A/vTf tit of Uuemkr .748, i:J)� AeJt m tr luf�re tft toth Dt'} tf'Af'ii *t*t, wt) tbiJMtM tf the 'trtjfur^-r tfhii ^^jlfyt Off-it tfOftUtm^tt, uUurtiJ^liin'tatb�, (i(rMttlar uiddrnfanj of lb* Bati^''Evj^limJ, Adt>liSftitUi unto anJlume en Jtn^ fitr the Pivk'$j4fidhitt^ tm tie fuiJ Diientum, c/i.r tie Ret* af F<mr ^majt fer Qntam fir Annum, ta uiumtnu fttn tin i^Jt^ Dot </ iUji^ 1749, fayahlt hjif-uatj \ ihj fail Atxt-4tt-l�_ It ih.a%tJ kfem tm SinAiHsF^nJ, mnJ t� U trjtM:/l.nMf tilt B-Mi ^' Sp^- { JOHN ^lUM?Tltf.

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