Sunday, April 13, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, April 13, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 13, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Ac^vertifef. Nun*. 569^. T H U R S D A?. Ar"til. i^, 17+9. o It. Sliip in the Down*. Norcii-Eaft. Wind that is huildiiig in ' t'r Us Miias, tuivrrnor of" Cata-, 1-if.ia, lui^ (c.-K \ the Stives ih� were on boAfd the GoUcys which na\c been (iii.iniiril in the feversl Tori? of th.1t Province, in vrAer �0 their beitikj; rmj 'oyctl on the Palace .........-.........p City, wm! the fluiliiional BuiUi�g� Which are uiakiii^ by the King'? Or,;, r. to the General Iloipiial. His MhJ flv, hcfidcs 9)6 IKds xV! ich he ha^ alreaJ^ given ft>f the ;ick, has ordcr'd ail the BcJs that were intt-nJc�) for ti)c Troop* iri the Freld. to be applied to the fame Ufc, as alfo the Medicines, dcfigncd tir the tfa\^;inng Mofpttah of the Artny; dni fttch ApO'hecarics �nd Surgeons as want liinploymcnt fince the Peace, arc to ferve iii this Hdfpitai, and to hive the fame Pay ns they had when in the Field. A Scheme is talk'd of for mending the Highways of this Kingdom, as is dane in France, and crcAing Inns ftJr the Cpnvcniency of Travciierj. VcOerday afriv'd a Mail from Francs. Parh A-la^nuih:, .-fptU \6. fn Confcqurnce of the Judg- Bient proitounced h> The Council in rchrionnto the Sar-geont, their Community will be divided into two Bodies; one of which is to be compsfcd �y. latl Week Mrs. Grace, Stephens of Little ^odbary in Wihfliirc, being ninety Years of Age. and fupcrannuatv-d, fell from her Chair into the Fire, anj v/as burnt 10 Dtaih. On Monday Night l.ill (after a fliort Iltnefs) died, at bis Houfc in Dronilcy near How, in the fixty-fifth Year of ins A^c, Mr. Rjchurd LoyJc, who \\.'iih much Repatation kept the Vuun^' I.scics Boarding School there upwards of Forty Ytari. He wu?. one of ths dfldclt Livtryraon of the Coiiipany of Mi;iivian>, J^ondon, and had been thfeeTimts Waller oi it. He w.i.. a Gentleman of great AiFablliiy. fine ScnA*. and gcyd Miiuaers ;  Stranger to ihofc islTumJng Liberties frequently too apparent it} Men of b^is Standing, whith tendcj their Converbtion irkftJmc and nnplcafant i he was o'� 'he lontrary, remark&bic for a Cheailirlnci's, Vivacity, and Swcctnefs oi Difpofi'.iyn, which ii�renfibly i:if[)iritcd his Company, and gave a peculiar Delicacy and I'oignancy to hit Difcoi^^ which w*s always inanl), raijonal, and edifying In hiin, it may trujkr be , f�id, his Acquaintance which w.ib exicnfivc.) have Iw agiccablc Companio \h Iniiinaics a iincere Friend/ bis Scholar� an excellent Mader, aud his Widow  roort ifi-dulgcrt HuibAiid. His Bufinefs. which wa* coniidicfabtr, \iriir(we hear) be continued as ulual, by the Widow of t}ic deccas'd Gentleman, Mr. yalia Drur,-Lane. EJud'irgh, Afrili). Laft Satgrday a Meffcpgcr fct o^t froiu tl.i Place, in order to brinv up Mac Di^nalJ, of Barrtfdalc, aI>o i> n*vv on the Way, aud expected here gainll Tuclday next. Ke\i Sunday Morninz a Sermon �vill be preacls'd in the Parilh ^Uurrti o� Sl Alban ui Wood Street, by the K-v.i.: Rev t-ai!cr 1 , (�'>>! Richa.'d Lord bi;liop of it. O.mi. s, fur the iJii.clU (If Chan' t^Liicitn oJ tnc Ward of Cilfiplt^atc s. �Ji.c iauic^ a Chai.t) Sermon will be prcatii'J at St. Aogim;t.*3 in the OIJ Clwngc. by �1;c Rev. Dr. Newton, RcifiV o* Jjt Maryi liow iti Ch.'Spiidc, and Chaplain to hrs Msjcily, for tine Dcnefit of lod (h� r Children belo.-.tiag lo the Charity S;hc3l ot l'.irrn'^.^?ou Ward withii. The fame Mfttnlng % Sc�fl(i(>n will be prcacb\^io the Parifh Church of St. kahcrinc Crco �n I erj. nh.ill S-.ret, on 'Behalf of the Chait; Chil4ri(� of Al.lcjsu- \N arii, by the Right Rev. Father i'urGoJ Dr. John iiiotait, Lcrd Bilhop of Peterborouj;b. On Sunday n.-xttwoCi-��5iyScrmc)?!s wiU b? pTi-acVd n the Parilh Church oJ S:. Gtles Ja the I'icKls, (or the Bent fct of lot poor Boys ami toi pOPr Gitis belonging to the Charity Schoohih the f*id Partflt mi Sc Geuige Blooraf-bnryi that in the Morning by the Rsght Rev. Father in God Marti.-t Lord Biihop t>l'Glouccilvt; and that m the Afternoon by the Rev, Or. JconOar. Th^ Seventh Day. On Satiirdiy next, exanTy atTwfcht. the two Kights treat their FricUdsai the NcwThcavt in the Hay-Market; after which, tha'Auctioneer will dtl[h>f>> of fome Originiab. particularly 'a Portrait of Harry the Smuggler, as he took'd at bit^Trial. To conclude with a new Country Dance. 'I'hc Doors to be cpcn'd at Flevcn. Places to be taken at the Ne\�Theaire in the Ha|-Matkct. At the New WcUs in Go^^oi^aa^t Fields, this anJ every Evening.wiH be fcvcral y.tvV Pgrform-t'.icr^ by the prlrhr-Ui-d Ladies. Con�ii\ioncT�, �tiJoth�T�� a'e hereby 5f<}v�inlf ^>. th.-<.i.4d�:n l! at;]r SH-ewmeat-Glallrs. which v.ill bs Irttd at |ti�iHe Cdft. Thete J� alfo a grrat t.>5jant!t> of Store aiu] Ii;itihca.\Viiie. The finfind'j oJ thf Shop:� carickl on �� nfdsl. Whichall. Apni 7. i?*^},. �^ f^xtint, PcrJ- -wi- 4ii.t .".V^ie'S, /-r �<T.*trwf //V S'.3Ktt ef Jhit^Uj^ Ofcif: iT,.fJ' Ms,i -V J/K-k^'f^if rft in bit Mr^tfy't Ptvx-ime rf A.;.) ytifu:, �^-<t {K- A"f..-��^ ij^ir'^/^ ttsit Piitf^fi^ ^iv'// rcTiV* cfi^ ft.y''n' �v*/� a-t I trbt'fttatet, i-/irr 11 it/I' ite r,rfit� uv.V/v i*.i<*!*i(iit. IWlonf. Tartfcy frcin V,eniee, Mr- Hendnck, Mr Milcn. Mrs. Miles,aiici others. Each Pcrlon to be adnii:'cd for a Pint of Wine or Punch. To fccgin at Piveo'Clovk. At Sadler's Wells, adjoining to the New Rucr Head, {flington, this Evening will be the ufual Divcriions. To which will be addca a rtew Allegorical Mafque cn the Return of Peace{ with a grand I'rtKeffioo of the proclaiming of Peace ; i�tcrfp in at Five o'clock. Each Perfon to be admittctl for a lint of ^ me or Punch. Thffbcft Sort of Iiiih Stufis, nower'd, flriped, or plain, arc fold by S. Hartley, Mercer, at the Naked Boy and Woolpack in Ltidgatc-Sircei, whc^e a Parcel is aniv'd with Variety of new Mi^xtur<s ftiicable to the Seafon 1 alfo great Choice of othctiapiiooabictSiuK's, and HrJAsil^* fot Ladies cheap Go-.vns, iiij all Olbcr Mcicery Gom� as ufvial. llctfcami IM/Mta. _ H!gh Water at Lond(M Bridf,e this Day ai 16 Minutes after 7 in the Morning, 42 after 7 in tiie Afternoon. Ycllerday Bank Stock W&s 'sjo 1 4tli. It.d a Sioik 176. Sooth'Sca Stock, Pr*ce. I>mo Old Annuities no Price.. Ditto Ne^y, ftjj. Bank Anniiitiif" i 46, 10a a I 8th, Ditto 1747. toi S ^tt�- Ditto Xcmttyi74T, 5I. Seven per -^------, . ..^^ ditto, 75. Bank Circuiaiioo 3I. 15s. Prem. - India B�Bds r^rrjw, ttt�g tbt �5*j*#j ttt^Bm^ / ftmr / Sim ( in tit ytftirm^, f.rft>�i� � � U^^M*IMM^ <Wr �/ ��. AFrceUoltl Uocaln's, Ipn Fidds, confiftiar of (etntsta. MdTuutsi (U whsmif are �ti�|!cii in Tatnftilc-Rmar, tuaof UMain'ft im Cwicn, ttd, ckvca 14 HuJbcta-Row, with Caa |t purchsW cf tKt Esccauits of tl�� Mi^Mr. Kaat *b* ftm Mnutoinf popie* �f tfac Defijin ei iiago Jnnct, (a ji � vutuNlc and pii> �iu> Dcfiensi thcie bdo; no m.>*r Itn than ira of (be Jlinall, �ikI but of ibc Ui{> P i�. tktf ttt fi^ifuCmi to Cen^li^td nt Thics Cuiimm I'tw flixll, f >*� Cuiikji i|i� Uifc, till the si'of M�y i 'tttf wh'cfc Viy, if sny reicJrt uMiifofcJ of. ihfsj will be MivaiKcd t* tb� orig-.ntl I^Ue of Fuur Ouinttt il^ isiuli, Mki �s Oaic�u lise ><'('; " Axx\�t �lio�ef*id T. tXWne't m*y k� M Monr* fftf ttit Il n4*r (tf Ul; l^pttdVoii 0/ in; Buuki, ot any LHuuf at rarcd �f CUiu&i, 01 ~rbis Day is publijb*d, (Price 4., ; StcotJ hciumi (iMtk t�mtUtH*th^ If't'i) if Sold b* Mr. y\\iSt, in S .iri K^Jnta J�W, at �iu! Ra4t in fMfr-nf^lo Kew. TU SubfctiitcM wiU Illir4 Um� 4�i�v�(' �< Mr, CsTa -^ifr; Of* 4 i|t( <(Mirilrce|i*, to* t^l<at the Riwwiafcf of thtir VjbfcvijpiioR MiUKf. *rbis Day IS fubltft}*:!, H'itb Uii MAJESTY-i R�)ul Utt.t, (DlJicaUj t� lot MtrtliaHlt ../ Gr,ut lint^i^) Compl tc Coi!t.aijn of V O V ,\ < i E .S 4, ��4 ra. Wi'Uiiy put.:iut d Bf JOHN HA KRIS. p. D F. R 5. Now c^fcfullyw;'''1"K� .\.'..;i!.jr. tjid 4'ly lf.c |wcicDl r>il.c i ii�� P'.iOcatu AsiCjuU ei m.4 A Wo'k ilii"iai�i> uiii�tea>i�feJ t>c!<;fe in inj Lvoj-j-jsr. rr.oicJ l-� Mcii. vVuj4W4..i. ti.t, R< .n.w, I, H.-it. Hi'th, Wtu(iJ , ittiier, K�^.a;..,, O.^i, iJuiWo, Hwiuj- tit'lt, Tn.':c C.cuiliJi^ta wliu l.itc I�kcu Pttt ot 'ht Wo'k In '� y MiTT-.T m.rA ikir iV.+!n^, ti rrf^'Ji' tit th pid Ofljce of Ordnaucr, April i<?..i749v ~ WHBREJS Nitiu 41.7/ jf/tw, dtfvfrtifemtm 'in iti, Ptrftr, hi l^^Tty tied Fifrutay t,^ ^i^'�j|r � trur *W ^utfv*!titt Fritst cf tif itf.^lif Firt^erij at Oitmil ef'Kx-Pccre 'j.'JTS'ff^tftfhfg, cmtvivi-'Ji-f/a^'^^'^^/ii'^fTii^t-t./iyf toe y^tJ Fi'rtjvtrit ',-^'4' J'trf i$ i'ff^rvt tht Pnhtitl, that thef.ik lUiit'U sk-xv fi^^ift tViJ that Hi Grnif tit Meftr-flfit.rnf, f� �.vi*4rf.t�i�r'�/; �fwi/ Si^Mt Gaif.rm9 Rif^kri ^fttf Cbi/!/^t S^^i, atd iS� eifiKft, tf^k'^fi tit /:w. By Or^Lr tf th Smt^; " f> ' .  . CIJjARttS SV$IL The allow Pri� ii TjU liy,tHKhitrdlcrtif tvQii1�a>ii4 WH!n>�ntK-r, TUB rreeftftr l^pOrMmt�imhjtH,y umtti rttUtukiiij ParliMunt. jotiM pi.UMpyk K, Ttralury Olhce, Bioad-Strict, Marcfc �4. IT48. THS Twfnrrr 0/ th Mi-j.ftji A'..iif ktrriy ekfcJ S'lttiu, Cmmm tf 'iu.fLty tk- i tf iajtunt, ail Ptrfmi fiiall tm itinffitj in, �r ti^litUJ titti, Pui or BiU$ fhiytiiJ^ }m Omtf* mtt tf hit .l/y^","/ Oji<t% �f tk< tr ^i^'^tstWitg, ar Jl'' Irtutf^Pts, 1. LHcb �v.if^: ^rJt sat cf OpLi in Jlfaad' �f tbt BtSJii ef EtiglaKd, jivJJ ttntliU wtt, enJ l/f^rttf m Atatiuty fur tkt Ptinft^i Utinfi tlv/jktj BiUt, |j/>/r toe R^ifi ef Ftfttr fir CtKl. f.rAv9�U!it t*,mif}�cf /'im tit tyb Day t/ iLh injl�-t hlvth, f^tymlt llJjji,-.tlj ; ti,; AsKitity ti te ttmpi mkm ttt Slttiin^ F^tl. visJ ti, fr^J-f^rtMtat ttn JUsf sfintlvtd MtJ r. J. 1 �rxiJ hy P s.H.n u*. ^ tiUDRl.K iV)i>l>.'Oi ON.^ ' \___ N..^y Ofcficf. Mfaith 1741^ 1 JVfcflJjr pve Aiffw.-, ibut ci FriJ^j tit 'j^tli a'':t MnUlr, at iCJat^ in tit ^f^rajtt!', tl % u/.'/A, ttn^y ta trpd %,%fi/m:% Pttfi-it at at^ i�.'li4Jti'.t .'ff.i> JOTji/y't f.aA 4a Drfi/tii e%ljrciiv.Hh -uisf' . .//V Lai, rs isrJ P.'it.%-Lri iy'jnt, u/:<t * S^tttf, tL^i tK li\titif4*i.j :k > ./J^- J ..^ iLt P'j.^-,.^^-C^/.. J'l ft Dn'itn. E.-i.l.n.-CVL.'.: H..w'- y .^ ''i.JfT, if lit Cl

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