Monday, April 7, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, April 7, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 7, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifer. Ku mis. 5690. FRIDAY, Apr il 7, 1749. Dal, /Ipril 5 K MAINS, the SuflFord. Bakff for Indii. Arfiv'd, the Curtiti, Verden. from Malaga 5 the En-tranger, Delar, from Oporto; and aVrd'el from Scvil, Name unknown Wind S. by W. An Exf^aff 9/ a Ltitrr frcn Stock holm. itattA Miird' 2;. t ii ibme Time fince frcfh Inrtruftions were fcnt  to the ComtniJTaricj who have been employ*d for fo  many Yean to fettle the Limits of Finland, and as the  Court has publiflj'd no Account of their Sutcefs, we can't  help being very unetfy, efpccialiy whisn we rrcall to  Mind all the Differences which our Minidcrs have had  of late Years with Ruflia, in every one of which they  have come off with as little Glory and as much Dif-  advantage as they did in the laft War againft that Empire  When thev follicited |ihe Recall of Baron Korff, late  Minifter from the Emprefs at this Court, they were  obliged, contrary to their Expefiation, to recall in their  Turn, M. ^e Wolffenftierna, the King's Mmiftcr at  Petcrfbourg. Having thought proper to have two Senators  prefent with the King when M. de Koiffhad hi$ Audience ' bf Leave, and M. Pan in, his Succcflbr, his firft Audience,  our Miniflry were obUgrd to promife in Writing, that  the fame Ceremonial iliould be obfcrved for the future  with regard to the Minillersof other Courts. The Prcfen  made to M. de Korff having been only iioOjGrowns  Bank Money, whereas his ttvo laft Predcceffors had one  3000 and the other 2400 Crowns, and M deWolffeniKerna  having been unwilling 10 acce|:it the Prefent of 600  Ducats, or 1200 Crowns, aUo Bank Money, which the  Emprefs deftgn'd for him, our Miniftcrs have had the  Mortification to find, that that Princefs has charged � M. Panin to intimate to them in Form, that in Cafe  a Prefent was offer'd to him at the Time of bis Recall ' and Departure from Stockholm, he was ordered not to eing engaged the 17th at the Rchcarul of the Muftck for the Fireworks. Yefterday twenry-one Prifonen were tried H the Old Batly, two of whom were capiuljy omvifted, viz D*vid Davis, for robbing Bartholomew Fleming near the New Church in the Surand. of a Silver Watch, a Pair of Silver Shoe-Buckles, and Five Shilling?: and William Mac l.�ughlin. for being concern'd with two Others, not yet taken, in robbing Benjamin Tribe on the Highway, be .ween Whiechapel ana Mile-End. F-ltvcn wert; caft for TtAuf-ponation. and eight acquitted. /^A"V^. Manf- ji. Lafl Week Mary Woo�ls.of Grun dift>ur{:h. who b laid to have been eleven Years old laft New Year's Day. being brought before John Sparowe. Efq: by the Oftccrs of the Parifh. made Uath, that John Mayhew, a Hulhandman. of the fame Pkrilh, had carnal Knowledge of Heir Body about three Yeifft sgo. knd Alfd at feveral Times afterwards, particularly iii Auguft laft, and every Time by Force .ind Violence She not only declares hcrfelf to be with Chill, but thjee or four eminent Surgeons, who praftife Midwifry. hare examined her, and look upon it to be out of Difputc that (he is very near �her Time, A^Wattaiit .waa,jtrantjtA aggl^^ but we do not hear yet that he is apprehended. Cntrrlwrf, jffnl 5. The Archbifhop of C�oCerbury has iffued'out Inhibitions, preparatory to his Grace's Mctroi>oliticai Vilitatian of this Cathedral, and all the Churches of this Diotefe. The Bifhop of Chicheftcr aflifts his Grace, in the OS�7 of Confirmation. Laft Week died the Rev. Mr. Richard Bate, at Afhford. Fie was Mailer of the Free-School th�t�� Uid \'ic.v of Boughtjn Aluph. Laft Friday was comA>itre�rtoMaidllone Gnr^ by Charles Browne, Efqj William G�ogan, charge** v.ith felonioifly appearing at his M|^clly'> > Office at Chatham, per fonating and receiving 'm-. of tbs W^oes c*. td ThdlMt*'Lynch, of his tUjjt ^*s Ship th'- H-d'ord, alfo for appearing after tnc eceafe of th' i.. y the Rev. Dr. Pickering, Vicar of St Se;>u'chrc's; and rha; in the Afternoon by ihc Rev. Mr. Shacklcton, Chaplain to the Hubcrdaihcrs Hofpital, and Curate of St. Leonard Shoreditch. Next Sunday two Srrffloiu ft'ill be prcach'd at Cbrift Churc.i in Sdrry, for the B^'iefit of thirty Ikiys and ten Girls; that in the Morning by the Rev. Dr. Kcnrick, Sub-Dean of Wellmioflcr; and that in the Afternoon by th> Rev Mr. Jackfou, Re^lor of Petrockftow in Djcvonfture, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. tb� Earl of Powis. flic Fourth Day. In the Hay-Market, Tomorrow, e.'^actly st 1 welve, Mr. Foote's Brenkfatting will begin Ail tlic Materials IVefti imported, and the Company to be wj ted on b^ two Knights from the Land'^ End. As the Iialijc Cats would not do for the Hay-Market, he has dif-pos'd of them to Drury l-ane. The Compan) may depend upon hav ng an aJdi iobal Treat of Chotoiate, but vaftly dclFrrrnt i!i Colour and Flavour from that lately diRribu<ed bi^ Harry the Smujjgler. ToconJudc wi;ha new Country Dance. '1 lie Doors to be cpcn'd at Eleven o'Clock. PUccs to be taktn at the Newl'beatre in the Hay Markit. Mr Lill drfirei to affure (be Publick once more, that at the Hour of One, thu Day, at Mr. Broughton's .*ni-pi'.itheatre. he is to fight Mr. Vh ildmafter. who he intends to well recompcnce tot his long Journey and good Ini�n tion' to conquer rhr Bririfti St^ige. At Sadler's Wrils, ac'i^ining to the New River Hi'ad, Iftington, thii Evening will be the ufual Divcrlioni. To wtich will be added a ne*v Allegorical Mafque on the Return of Peace; wiih a j^rand Proceffion ol the pro-rlaiminp of Peace ; interfpciled with a Piece in groteiquc Char*<'t;r, calPd The Rival Highlanders. To b'gin at Five o'clock. Each Perlon to be admitted for a Pint of Wine or Punch. At ihe New Wells in Go.-tdman's Fields, this and every Evening,will be feveral new Performances by the celebrated Monf laf.fey from Venice, Mr. Hendrick, Mr. Miles, Mis. ."Vide;.and others Each Perfon to be admitted for a l^lnt of Wine or Punch. To begin at Five o'Clock. The Oratory Tr-Cts, explaining, proving, and juflify-ing the Pian. Advcniiements. Difcourfcs, and Conduct of It, and demoliQiing all Adverfaries, are, i. The Oratory-Magazine, dcinonftra:iog the Scheme, and its Superiority to all. 2. The vidorious Stroke for England, ftiewing, it u the only uue Friend to the King and Government. 3. Law and Argument for Oxford. 4. An eminent Pliy-fician's Bujk. ca I'd, A cheap and fu re Guide to Healh. To be all had tiie-e, �t Mr. Corbet's. 8tc. 'I'hc Magazine is. the reft 6d each. Veftcrdi* bank Stock was 130 1 half. I a b:o<.k 17; t 4ih a 3 4ths. :�outh-Sc� Stock. ic6 1 half a 3 4fhi. Oitio O d .Annjiiics no Price. Difo New, loa ^ 8ths a 3 4ths. B^bk Annuitict 101 ; 8ths. Dmo 174', no Price. Diuo lottery 474-'. lOi 3 ^ths a 1 half a ) 4ths. Kauk An u:tei 1748, 102 3 8ths a 5 riths a i t �. Three per Cent Annniiies i)\ 1 half a 1 JJih a ! S'h5. Mi'iiOB Bank no Price. ka eo( ro Pnce. itoya. Affaance 70  4th. London AlTuraere no Price, tij^lifti Copper ^1 Seven per Cent Emperor'] Loan, i.'8 Five per ient dure. 75. I!,nk Circulaiiun 3I. �It. (>i. Prem liidia Bod-, 41 a 421 Prem Day is putlijb'd, (Pme 2 s. Gd.fcui'd) MIS.s St kO.'F.'s Aiifwcr to Mr. CRES W! Ll.� N�miw�. t-. .t I> i a Cfn � hr� omn Hin'l-Wriiisf, %ni tnut'i in ih� H <i <^<' Cujnp.ay ol Sui.aacn i tbrtcfurc ho<<rcr lltaU [�ir! in-i tu ,ir�: ii. m .ny (ft (htirsl, �ih t� p/ulrcuied V ,.1 b, a D*;<lrtn jua. �a fatuwaefttr-Aow, Bo f 'ti* r.�rtu*or< nf xht Itle Mr. Kfnf ffw IKt^ if iig. t'uiir. t.(' 1! r t) fijin r> i � ( r.tnlilliiif �( I' tnt fi li'c�� i o. '.st yw'ol ct Mut fMi-tlf JtiiminfS, with lonie � �l IJn'ijnt: Th�>p hint ii.> ni'K i�ll tin"* }fi\ ef ut t� . ni ttir U i 'I'hfr^ tin ti^ai thr lrt^ali, �n 1 Fvf tluin-** rnr l�'�r<i, till ih' t �'i rS O'^, It �nT f*m�in (iixl f ii'tit of, tlf* will tir a<**<n.Td to th< � | nti Vtict cl l.-ur liunin ilH< (mill, .simI fit Ouinrat ih� l�'g'. nf thr tn<p<�llion of tnj B.h r.ity or Kt o/' tl />, tfrttf.iih if'"! /�> GmHrner ttiiif Cof^^.'t'y ef fh* fi.M ef f wf/jv./, jKJ/ hr iittifAif ntle-m:-/hir', ,m Afi'MHy /,r t'� Vily,fl^-..fimtimrf^'-itt>'t>9 tlv/inif IMfrrittrS, t^\r tlv Piitt of finr PaHvZ- f^r CflffHil fif Annum, ti ibmottiee fr'tum thr 2 %ti> Dm <f M.ttth iT^flU P-mlU k^^ierr/y i tlv f,U Afos.ity to Ar fl'.t\t;f -y if fi'hiitliifS^, �r ill > f'rn-ir-ft, 'U'*iJ.' '-���!; *"� �' tflft t/� ^*Jf P'l 0/ [>.f,',-M^r 1-48, w hf/lrr /!� i'ti IXy �y Jfnl next, f..':^ rl, 'Ii'.-' �'*? T'>i'\t- St>t>t, to he .vr.7�jf�/ an^ caflfi'Jto tW (ioiii / Civfmt^ of thf P/ni of f<�j;/W, /.-nil' (v mtiflA unU, im-i -t'.-t* ii� Annuity ff ii f Pri^UifJ ttnj l;t,iv/i en tl'e faii/ Dillt. ofirr ttv ef F nr /-r f>v/. AttffUfit, tf cj/HHtfitee frm tif l^tl> D.y of tLh in/hiiit M">ef% f-vM liJf-ytarly ; ti^c Annuity to Iw fA.'W uPsn (Ik fititi-'tr fitvA, rW to htniif-firfai-)e 4,t thr PitvA ef E'-'t^Lrtf uatil rn.'.fmJ^ iy P.irliat.tenr. _ GKORGK D^DlNtllQM. Kritvy^OllikMar'ii 31, ij'^y I'^FfF. pn>!,i,K:/ f^^'ern rvti Cem-rjjiftt.ii ef his M.jefft N.,vy gii't A'^r/Vr, tka ci F'l/iy tht nl 4. 1 J\i) THE r>;�ri/>.-t OJ/ireri crj Cte!"!ifiiinri rf hii M f.fft N,fx,'\ rivi i\i:ur, that en'[hurljty the \ \t!t injt^int, tit Tri: oCini in lU- 'lor ^/vr. ''-'1 i.Vi^o/.- tt Hau cl ihit O^Ut, tfy Uulli of l-is M.j,-Jlf'i ihif^i F,w//\>m, Purlhru h'^f)ie!tt, L)i, "fl^fi 'loHi, ,iiAi'i,!ii'e'(uif, nf-t^i Tens, trp-thir idt/j tlvir M'ljls, y,iul<, Bo-i.(l�i;!, Pti-'.-fi, i^i. j/.-1,/ ; 11/'Fry iley m.iy ft Mi'^i'' I Juih Pcit-'ii t!l lite iiulut.hh II) ti.'livjih, f'.uj^liL; nth/ liJfer tlvro. .ikj Ol II D.frft rf t u.:1t f f-vf PaUnJi p?> llrlit. tr m Piofiii tia'i ihirita, it 11 It ri.i./i li\ /',>/�/( t.'/xj JhaU fi^ehafe thi /.III/ Shii nmt i'lti tiivliiri, ttll P/rfm ivho Jhull titt t.i%i.:i,- tin Prqfrty ef tie Cttnvit. WcUMiinftcr liiiJge Oflitc, Apiil 4 �/�49."" 'T^/fff Qofitnijftunni fr h:ii/./ii,g IV, >' � B,i {if I'.rt X tiifnid itiftt ot /WO/* (JlJ PiJ,Ke-i'.,ii{, eji IkffJ.iy ruxt, at Eleven e'tJtift in the FortHoei, on 1. _____JOS AYLOfFH. Mcfiial Jor Small Pox ^md litocuLtioii, at lfliii^>coi1, T"* ///.V 0 ta fii't Satire, tht hcvih^ frt'V.-fdf.vo f'f.iintf liiufifi Inn ultttoii, ivtJ-t It ill ,1 /t'.i' li.t)i ^ r{ta(f ti> tiike lit il (.rliiiii \iinhfr rf Poor, iihi iire tii/Ji'ig tf fe ini^ulutiJ, to irioui '/�' liof'fiiii tt'iy /lit hifly til urui.iif), fu-viJiJ th^y btexte iku Dn: i-ftf in tht ititiiriil II .tv. All iLoft tUrtfirt  i/m -xi/it /a re\eiJ^ tl-i Pulifit of ll^e i'jjiii/f ,'i ihii i-ijr, lire hmhy infi^iniij tu �'I'l'n t'j lir A l.iaij AiJjfi, in il'iujlti'/ CjiiiI, by !i dl, �^�hi k-'iH gi v.^ r*. wi ft 'jii' lniti-u:liuiii h<fm to f'tii i iare of It-i/ij^ reiu'jit.iit.lid ly any of lie (j.ivtf -Wo/( 0/ t'ii much \\.\wlf e iait^.n, i-y eiiqui-tnji ut ih, Snmll-P'i.x-Hoffltiii% ullih ii tji-'itft atfufiti t-j tht 'hatihi.tHouji at Ifmgtvn, In tht LoM-ei ltu.ling to Kin^ll.,nJ. '! Lr ('.,iilruvli^i I Lkho t'rt in .�1ri,'ai,, anJ �ll\ri -.ibo uir J.firaui I't firettwtc Jv gooJ iin.1 <.�. '// , tirt Ajii'd tii fity th>i- Centiil^ ii-ii ta Mif Ctmfbtll ittul Htuif, Hmiri I. in the St-^unit, -ji Sii fa/tfh Hit''kiy ii'iU ilii/nf li.ini.i,, in F-^d'vrfh Sntel j or ti Ei-i"' bViJIti, h.Jp ut B.lhn-ii\Jrf<n, I'M liiciUr^r; or to Xlt. Rut, tit Rti,ii,r, n^hi mil brin^ c Rucipt fffJ hi I'H fitid trtalunr, ft tit /.one ' 'Chef. f-.ns. iinj r:a oi'vri, l,i-v/frof^r Aati)3ri0y l� rfttf^. v M.n.yfor tl. i'/. of th, U.'.^riity. *IjL ! titimn tctj - ut 4?ht'i lu mm ihn f>�jr in.- nt.iir �i lh� j��o Txcrnl* the ^tiuxl <c Wen a Clock m th Jc SUuflU ia�| nwJ< . ivyftMK �f UliiiTatoiMMciKy.

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