Tuesday, April 1, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, April 1, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 1, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifer. S AT U R DAY, April ,0/Mir.b ^o. A M E ilown and faild, the Bcckfy, BiUoaib. for Bermudas. Wind North I'-all. A' .i.y'/cf, J/"-!/ i. At Toon a-! ilic )ini:hcv1, �ilic l>u-t wi 1 ilc'ibcr'atc moil x\ t Affa r- wmch yet ic.n.ir; vii) 1c.11 III,nii ; Cuch the S ilMiJy of loiiitf Koimin i'4^n-h- for rcpiur-Ing oi Phiitpi P!/>i the othor Portr^flca ot the lunpire ; the Dicfri' I 'impfn.il Coniniiliifin (or tnc Seen .:y of thr Linpifc; thi CcrriiT�niil bet vccn the Scilir and Ikcleliaflical riin.cs, wh. , it's fdid, firmly frefolvcd to make no Change in the Ceremonial ulcd under his Prcdcccllors. H^gae, AfriJ 6. The ln(c Indifpofition of the Prince ^tadtholder, whieh was not a liitic dangcrou-s �*�s oc-Jcafioncd by h's too great Afliduiiy to Bufin.fb; for his bcrcne Highhefs frcquemly, afi n be in a more happy Situation. But our Misfortune is this ; There arc Uill fomc Perfons in Credit who pcrfift in the old Syftem, and who traverfe the bell Difpofitions for no other Reaf(5n but be-caufe they come troin the Stsdtholdrr. Great I'uins arc thercfoife taken to rcdrefs I'.vils, but to liulc Purpofei which extremely chagrincs his iitrene Oighnei.s. The States of Holland have been fome 7 ime nlfeinblcd, but they pafs away the Time in Deliberations and L)eliatrs, ana the Cifies have not yet |>iven their Content to thr Re-folutions for this Year's 6ulj(iJy s anil as loa^; as the Con-fent of the, Mowns is wan in^, fo long will liic publfck Treofury renriin in a Munntr empty. 1, O N U ON, The Margate Man of War, from C iiu w ,\\ ii.luim tte iown, tiiai 1 inirnd vrty Too i to aipcar in Pubii^k and ejilirtaiii tlem,.iiol by thiuwiii^ mvfrlt' tlirwigh the ..cents, but rail, jur.pn .L. .-. m, >i Tm-oal 1 am, Sir, yo .r., if.'C uUnluul CAriTELlO Ju MPfD') From my L '.[''"l" lii'''i> Juiui'r, A >.'.i.ni, Muiih (1, i;.vj.l Toiiiurnw Alunmi^ u ^criii<jii Nsi'.l be pre ;k h'd in il.e Pdrlrti Chuiiii c)t S[. t;;a^c IbiiS'rcet in Cnmli'.xi Fryars, on chu bcl.all ol il.c C h.iuiy (. iiildrtii f the Ca-.v Flaccs^to be taLrii dt the Nnv lia.iirt in ihclLy Ma'Ut At Sadler's Well.'., aJj.ininy tu the New K.v.r llt.u', lilington, this livcnii-.j; will bt; tre nfoid I):\j:lM.nv 'f-.. Which will be addid a nesv Alleg- iic.al M.if.jje cn il.c Return of Pcaic; mth a {;raiid J'roeelh,)ii o( i>.j pru-clamiing of peace ; ii.Ujfpciud with P Characler., tall'd J'he Rival Hiijl.UnJc... bej in Hvco Clock. liuJiPulon to be i'.dmiuoJ f.i a Pi.u ct Wme or Punch. At the New Wflli in Goodman's Fields (Mi prH.nt evening will be feveral fon will be admitted for a Pint of \\ inc or I'uu.ii. J, Houfc is altered in a moll elegant M.amer, and L!( .-co maiV-lor 111*: Rectrpntjii of Pcop!-: of F.ilhion. The DrWle. c all i)cw, with every other lu.t..blc: Decoration. Wc U.jII perform cvirv Ni^t, lo bc^iu at 1 ..c oXlock. Wcaredciir'd tu inform thi I'lib'uk, that M Bulci:'^;', Surgeon and (Jc l;d, wlio wa. Alii.Lnt, ai;d rctomnuud' f by the cnunint i)r. 11lin.i., l.n SjcccII lur tuiirj^ Dcafnefs, 13!l-jiii;1i. , m the F.ve., . n,l IMlr , ..uk where he gifts AttenJaftce every Diiy f^nn Ten in tie Forenoon to Three in the .Aftcm Jon. and where ciil> ht .�� is. The idow P.xpwofilt, who by the anhtppv F>i ia Cornhill was ob'iged to q the Geor^^c a ;J \ ol-vrc f avcm in St, Michael's AHe;., i.* now rttuiu \ .o the f�'d Hoiile, uhcrc flie humbly bej,.' i:'c vonuiii.'.iiiOn oi th*; Favour of licr Ftieods. Fhe we.jring of Cambri�.ks being pr^>h bi;cd, there i^ ijow upon Sa'c, at the Naked Boy and I nrce Crow ui. t^acfl the New Church in the Strand, (a .--eed >hor) a Parcel ol fam-fi'ic Packthrcati-ftrip't! Mtllin cat into Gcntlewen* RutJk*, being the mcfl curious of tiie kind t'ut have be�:n :a Kngland thcfe twenty Yenr,'*,. not inferior to Cambr.ckJ tn Strength, and no other of the tame t;>ijality to be had in the Kingd'.m. Likewilc a fmall Q:i.intity of fine thin NJuliin. 7 homas Fryer, Holier and Hatter, the Corner ot Lincoln'* inn Fields, ne>r his Grace the Duke of NewcaiUe s, is removed to the Corper of Great \Vi!d.S:rcct in Gri.4t Queen-Street, near his former Shop, where he hu : My holies the Continuance of all hb Cutlomcrs Favours, and they may depend on liaviivg the frcflicll and bell of G >oJ$ at the inoft ^cafoiwbFe ! rces; and likcwiCe all LsJics that will pleafe t nt.>i->mt(, aini>ng  g�Mt Nurn^r ut othrt tDi*>u� P�riH.�U'�, (tie Idfj ol a Pjmot K.in i� id he t�anJ in �n]r oihsr l'�Jltt. Xitn, .Arc'oonr .of t^�(>'*ti(> I'lu.'f in l<rUn4 i!i�;t� a Patiifhlet il)>.'uf the Trta-y of H�n>u". SUw t>f JViJicf.rrry. Cito* etcc.lcni ^lurjAcr. Totil ol Ihr Shi; 1 aivl Velfcts uk�n, dn-. ^ the Frrnch \Vt%. V>eifj;�t M.wy ol K.i�e C'ImiIt! II. a|w) M S�. I'.kremint. Rife i>n>l Hifi.ry ut Muimr BHli, wnli .�thn JV!:ik�l Ml'iy*. Alfu ihe L �rr'� .\hlr cr, ( I tu Mufuk ; ai.J a Vji>ci|r Ol Uir.i\ P.<iifal Hir j " iih ei.c nioR rcmwkalie t�ctu;fc�*.> K>ih at hunie and abroi'l. I'rinied fui K. BaMwin jun. at ih: Ituk In I'^tM rv:ii)rr Row. This Day is'^publijh'll^ JPrue (yd.) Numler XX V. c/ ' r>\K UNIVKR^AL MAGAZINK of Knowlcdfr and I'lrifu c, I. r M�(�h 1719 Coaia'iiUig, ( t1 three .S crts of l.rtfer Ptrtt, Vitrt Cuapft-i'iad., ) "iVu Vtrwj ol ihi tiicnilct ( i�rte fkvtii^ at, f��v"l i*ijii|h( of tSat tiiuous Piece ol Arcliilttlure, hi Hot aon^al Vicor of �.>ie tKtgHlwu' -ing t ojricr) . ' he ottier rcprefcntia Nifiht View the Maoier m \> i< rh the r<id Kiiew^ rk/are to t ih:b:;c.). 'I hr ih'rd I'la'r  a li.cly K. ['irli lit itioii ul i lie IVocrttion mac'eHjr :l >e lr, �, lilt atr >wtti�ii. IlcV Arrount of th ( buriimR ibe Prrf �> c..t>lemn�-J. IT e Hii*. ty ol Ail 'itu^ni, c>'iuliUiii)t Willi it> m .-uj i'.fc- i hr inTrui.> a �! ( un. ic , and Art ol aiikiiis Ru ii ia� il>r Vuta-ity ul Novi s'J'u. I he AtcottBi ol |>i,.�i(h.te (<i ii..u-d. fbc l'jI-oi'.i^ii.ii of tlic Crcdibililjt uf teaii -cn. Si 4Jc. ir r. M.Mltw^t Jill li^ An a^cuiiil*. Aruto'ik'C ii at�4 vSatl'rniaii'�t h.ji 3 ii^ P.>-'i*. i hr \UiUiy i.t liot;''n.i C'>nii�urj. I.^ifc*-f� in ti;^ ^.i*f i-jU. Nc � i Kor. .^11 d'.J r)\j:Tir iii. k , I'l luU J ki J i lin.oii, it the KingS Ainj <n Pav.!"� CVi-inh-Yard. The i'l.fc N'�''tiine�, nejtW S.t,.�l a-.j i^tut'^j.. I*itc� c�i l�'f bound, 1^5. 6(1. <!.(� ii.jf linglc N i-t : r ;'-mB ..v ; ^r, f. rr; t 0} Am .Miij^jh'i ''l''.' '>�..*.-.'..- , - Cvtri.j, uiiJ CjA^>lf if t': B .1.' .J I'>� J:-^:.i, .� .'S. . / tintj t.r.l li.fiit un .litn..:l, /;> :U /'.;/.j/>.7 ��./ !:! frft djt i-t t'l h ill I) ii /' ./. -tr t>-: j /'.V-M' > .if \turfy : !>' 'i-.J A-fa.-i !, f--. ' ,J t,j\n :ti S.'Uh^-FidiJ. an.i ti f I / .'/.. B .'i.a t/ E-^J^, nmil rtdttiiuU i. I'lt, li ; Pl.L'MI'TRP, 'I tc�K i y Oli:t ;i /.iV.-, Ul f , j ; \.'x;, f'"v t'.: r-'r. .'.r:> h: Oj^^ m ii'^i^.J-/, Ij b, :v..>i..l uv./ . > ::Ji.i iL c^-i^i^.i rt.i C.-.J..'} 0/ lii Bm^ iy '�'^'>^', >-�<' l !. 'J y. ' ( �' / ' i.r .jt. nr- firr: il; i^^li IK,) cf till .y.'.'.-l .'Lu; (,.,,-.�.1 U.J/ ; r^i l..:d �lll,:....y IJ L �'' � i^G<o^ Whitehall, March 1548 9. V 1 lirMA/i-Jfu JhM _ mA�t<�i* y iV^* t OJhar: itit,i firivatt Aff* i\>t,(f A/mt^ie/lkK M.yfh'ih.'uiiin.iStD&.'^.u; ,u /!,�/ 1^'nfJ/lnj; Atf/t////iW ilffitJPrc^zi^..': /f't.i.Hi M-^-^^ Li^.-it.i: fixi^/tiliitRmit J^-ffvLjiM cf thf I*tr>fcft !;/.-i/ii'.yn far ft^tdtf-'fti Pfa*Mi(midt^ niU K-j^iv.f) /i- /i.if cf'fL C^t'^t f!P:,1f>t^i,tf Milt lattif nr^.'./ /vi M.f-^/'yt Li>:.i t'-.i'S, i -V. -rrV< ,�!J <t�v f.'.t^fing t� i�e it>rtt t^i.i tj J.i'i/i- -uidi m i r, ff.t J'tvm P.symnt if j^it Rt-.ti.c T.xn, J"^ '.'v ' . fi^.v( f f\J < .V.:Kf ,f t, r; Ar: 1, f :<.r arl/ .,?�tv //v fxfdff}^ Aittti -.'.Hi K' rr.iJ, ta rn{b f"!t\".t, fiilur vr Stumn f^avin^ it }'riM(}lfi for ^I'r-y P.tfsf, ^.'A's^^i.j; .'/e.w.vr fiTtJCNfihyft, ef i(h ht F:!-Jfy/i.u'/ k.rJ:;,>: a'.j fi'ikr (intnts W /^vw *�/A* l-if C'lfi.'i m .J fb.it F,i>i:i.} f.i// rtviw/?, dt PtvftrtivH ffi^: .t^J-tf I'.'i,'  . C Jifi"-;', nil!kgi-iiMtfti tit t^'frf 'e/ i^.-rittn.tKi tl tin Si'n ^.-K'j.,- j on.:' u /ii/!- rt< i^^wv h'ti-viiUfi f/tttn J.i.i, o^rr ,\n.{ .ih^xc tltfi.tJyt^L'iy.iir,i,fjrl-if)^^ Pi-i fat cf '.t.^r.ib tinir Pi:.-ntliiSirtt/'ijl. l f'lU tivo luiii.J .-l-ra, on hit l^MlimSt ii/'//hirvr.'^J tirvffj Etfign, th.'.t f.:"fiJ tj iViiy U at.'Uirtt, far t;ui.ln-i f-xtrv C/.'^/.T. ^ikJ Ji,\- l'it Ojfiti- ilkil'tttt RjUii B/'(Ziftain', in tl^r luin.i itir^.u,, ..v tr I iir,:af'vf thi, ly .t* rt�-it j;7 fKiuk, wv r ioiiiaimii fA if rijj>t^i�t XjtctJ't, fr t-zay P,rf..t: qf t.'.xir Fa/ni/iii jt%M a>!^^> Tht 't'-'n LuK^'t .i// 6i'fti3tri/l.a �ht ij ibtSttdfH tiijof pjl7i:Ic ajl r tltit Airirt,u;J, nx/ a Cjvi! (li^ViVn/fittit tj}al^ijl*4t 'iv-\rj-f il'..y-n:h'i rjejf tJJfiv lJt\r/itj, Prin:}'.�fi o-�it tiiti.'t tf^vfj lit iH.tJ.^^s^Stii/t''.'t in tiny Oti'tr of the (jJeniti a^tiP'iifitJijnliit Jhi\mca,\y.Lr lif M.mjiyi GifVatimcnf ytml fr.^^ J^ti^rtf ri wiil tiift h tah^'jifUhftr HuHtityahdPfyli'Jfi*^. Ihut mU ftKf> m ortKciU'itg i1 aterf-t ef tht atwf Prc/vjitltt jhiJJ, n.iti titir Fatmi/iAt iie^-/yk'ijhJ, 0tttfi>ig tlitir Paj^kVt at dp fir tht Sffitf oftivdve Mi.'.tts aftrt thdr Ani-vitli\ iltit ttftyjl^ h fw)tijh''JnDith-Arm anJAt^ifiUnifitit Hi Jhr ci ivtll bt pjg.-ii ntttfury fr ik-ir Dtfntf, tK-ittr a fre}tr< i^TKfify q^Mati'ia/r eidUtrt^lt fjr llujiatkhy, d'atif-j tikJ catti-iatiVi thfif LoJiJtt trfSifti rLittiationi, t .ry, and^thethtrPieif^tt atpttlHe HnrJ/'at^yfcr tkirSufipart. 'Tkst aUfi,tb Ptrfcnt if) nr� tLJir^ut if r�SiiJl>fg J� ttt nluv* Srtfiament,' de trettifmit iy-Ltttrrt cr pA-fif-i/fy gfivin tMr Kamts, fi^ittfji'ig, it tvtet Rfj^irtfnl' 01' (iltifain, Cr a<rVv<ft-</ ttiuit Si-i^ thiy l.iJI fiY^jid, it!iJ, {f thy hur F.vnifiet, tt,^if.t Niimbfr tf Pi-rjtft hiltngin^ to fick Patnitin if'iy intfiil Sr� t.ury <uiief ti\n, Sfiias^tAvng li't Age tiinf !^iit'iiy ef r.ttft P,'/3H, ta (imy if the fsilsiKttig OJicrn, itpf^intid fa reidv* 4iK,i iH/.r tbe firtr tu liogkt efunfer tint PurpJIe, o-t*. ftl-j Pthn^JJ. Ff p(e at H'iitth< stfp.cnir 1/ Ut M�Jf/lyt Ntfvj t>t' P'^rtftieuth. Pb:i:f i'.i'r' j-A, Efa; Ca.tr.^^3K,rofl ..'�/ .'s.' rMiy laftijlt fu.'j l',)f:i.i j-i 61 tl:^ lO.'A f Afi'l. .i:;i Iv �y.Mf tj fail en tit ii:th ; th..t i: '- it S :..t ^-Jili h siii-ft of th P'ah tr PI tl tj :iLi/' I'ltib P^rj.'tii m. tj r p..ir ri ar.Lr til fitihn t. Jb..t fr ti. l:>:.'l iff.'). -V ; ff,,' j',i:nr ("Mti.iiliMi �ii'k-J... p .ffJ I. ;'i: / 'J L'l '..vw!, f',t/i .v/f,- /�! tKt.J ti ('..',' ii:.i;, Sh'.p\'-i if.ti, S./.ii'l, liLiJatu, fji'uri, Ii>i.k�t,.it<l, li'i.'t. , < -, .r:.i iiJt .,:�< i .{ili/i.,it li.'ijliry IH Jii/.'ui-i^ !./ /ijf.i'-.n,, . � V p" (,. tf iJUuri it AV( /-� A/ /,/.,'; .'i.i Llii i,r njt.upiH ttitir pi ^i.UUi >.g p> ^pf t  � t It' I '.i. J/ i: IHg J, If ju,JI/i. J. '�r Xtr./u.- ..l'l A' �/Tr� of til'.iiit Uoaki King th- iii!. i Sii.'r.l.i )itt!l l>t .jinphtcJ, w: iit t,-i l.iit til ( '.om.-t:l_fijiliri fbr 'IIU.i^ t/.l,' /'.'. J lit VVJ AS nif,L. .V,.r.Y..o. H^\\ -Diiici", 1VI rv II .7, I 7 rllH PiitiipiJ 0/...#i i.n.1 i. .n>iti!,ij,,r, �>( l>ii M.j-jiyi .\'.i^y^lts Av//.-., /'�.!/ a>. M'i1ii..y M.Jtmr-f tf^ 51/ cf 1/ M.^ti', at mmf 0 (y.,.i, C.ji.: :t{fii!ft F. oh ugh Kvili put uf Sjh ,t i.,. Ojp.tt rn h, M.'j(jh', i'atfut Ply-mith, tl\- Haill, n. \ n ^ ... .''�J lit, J'.i/Jst M.i ^t.m it ill \h]f}]f 1 S).,p tUs %Htitfrilu, Pkti'fii T^fU, .-'�./ i':rtl..-ilt i'tU. (/ dA6 i'-Ti. Puii'j.L.r II I . ^-./i' r � :ii'fjii f pf' C 'it .it tht iriK .f '^i t.iKfKi, '\i.ti.i '* / . '� I, fij'tii.J m t,, f''..-,(, lijt p.u tit I tL py ti-t Ji-c fuiti J Aij Piij.i: ji i',ii.-i> ~. i.11 -.I.'., ^ 1 Hi..y �i.lP<A. iKCTtI I'ft. L pflj'\t^ til I'^e O'ptfi ^ ttt JitiJ ) i.1 .t i-t t , pnptr Hci (� tli.vrr. '.i/i. iii i.ijt Ptt'sbiif-^jiff t, -J. !> ' 4 i.JtiT tl't y .rr ,f, P.j^ tf SUA . lu, t... i.iiJ ^h^.Lf.. \i ,> A , t. t...J J r ^l'.; t*/^ '/V - \ fc.Ill.. II ; . Il.c �. j- v., .'I ) . V ! i! m. J. i;...,S: .1 . i A M ic:. I

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