Saturday, March 22, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, March 22, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 22, 1749, London, Middlesex W E N E S D AY, Mah^m i>t> 1749. AtL'D. th* CcntBriofl, R-gby.'for LUbon. Arriwrf, the MiffVa, Smith, from Lifbon: Wind N. E. Am^rrJitim, Mtarh 7. There is nothing fo mtlch ullt'd of in ihcfe Pr. viaces, *ni thdife of the Cfourits, as of the prodigious Number of Ducati dimiliifliMl in their Tung or r<Mne other Means, e teUewiitg is vn A e Was Ckrk� He kaew thai ttitre Doc^ts were not Wiraw ^ He daii^r.^ them for JMtdrOn^ AW^�^�y^ -:�Qt vTiE^rCoonlir, to the Amount of 100000 l^vres at a Tine. H� liketvifa drew Bills 6f Exchange ujm. Mcr-chatttt at FaHs. ikh City .and other Places, ftfitcpta tegular Acxotint of all thcfe Tranfudions, and of 1^ letters wlucb he wrote relaiing thereto. The LcWiljft from lu� Pffttdpal and other Correfp^ndetttt^ conccn^^ this ittfiuBOtts Comtnerce, were found in hHCiiftodv, hi^ve alfo Ame Hundred* of Docatt >h1ch\^ere ftll ioo li|i|>t cmifid rs to the Inhabitants of thefe Goun-tAetf already roiaed by the War, ar* rety rigoroufly ^^iidclcil bf Edia*. a* well that Of iiitroduciDg bad Money, at parehaGng and tranrpotting good. The more ninvwly this Afiair is cxaniia*d iator' tfie lefi Likelihood li there diat iba^rrironcr wiD be exeofcd. N^ffLi^ aj. liaft Week leia|<fdar, and Zckccn* attwoi^ Hit M�|etly baa ordered- to 1)^ fdeafed from the Gaileyt, and from th^ CoXnfgioent ia the CaiUe, feveral �or hb SubjcOs, " �bo in tkc lateincivitoa of the Auftrian Trooos in this -Ktagdom' bad jtuoed with them; and were uken Pri-foQcrt by the Ncapoliun and Spniih Troopi at Nocera, ' on Coii(iiUti�ia however of their being ba(li(h*Hl out of {{le'KingdOib. Not%viihftanding all the PtccaiMioa* taken . �tGOm.toipiievc�t-th(rCotni&unu;atiaa of ihtf'Small-fox, with which tbe ^llrd Princ^a: was-feiiwd. to ihe^ft^f the RoyalPamily, tne two other PcilUXlIs* Juve|Men4akcn ill -w^tf it- On the aotb,inQ�At (TaUi^froaathii^^^ of above forty Traniport Vi^eb, efcorted by the King'i -Ships St. Charles. Notre Dame de la llenception. and a Tartan Craiaer. with twelve Battalioiu of SpaniAt Troops for Barcelona and .^Kcant. The King has paomoted the Prince of Vili* l^ranca to be Marfital de Carpp of h'u Troops; and M- Nflfelli fucccedt tl^e fajTme^iili:^ Poli; ol Colonel of the Rtgiment of Royal Palctjno. L p H ^ D O N. ThisNij^bt icappoiniM} fbV baptising the young PiinccA, Daughter to UiciiAoyidHiglmeUcs the Prince and Pnncef' of VK4e*, afLeice*tr-Hoai�. 'Vedeiday the iiotd Mayor, Aldermen and ComtQOn-Councti of thii Citjr, waited uu�ity with (h�ir ' Congratuhitor^ Ai8dtef� on the Bitih of the young ftinccfs juidwefo-gractouny received. The llight Hon. the Lord B^lufnorc has rrfign'd his 'cft pf Lmd of the Bcd-Cbambcr 10 hi* Koyal Higunefs the -PriiiCC of W;ile�. Uii Loidihip incending this Year to viCc kfjiryland, oi wtxch Province he is chief Proprietor. Allen, Efq; Deputy Surveyor of the Navy, is appoiated, by the Lerd f hii Gf:�ce. Mr. George Hallcy is appointed a Lieutenant in Cbolmoiulcley's Rcgiueni of i'oot. We hear that tie R ght Honourabfc the Lord* Com-ni&fuocrs of the Admiraliy have been plcafcd to add twenty SurgcusM to the HaJ*-P.y lift, a d 10 jiut a> many Chap-lains^a* haie adttiVy fcrv'J thcTcjtiao> Years from which jlhe.|�!afl�rs arcej.utred toSuperannuatian-Money. and had not left the Service ttllnhcir irfpeAtve Ships were paid oiT. upon the Footing, b regard to Half-Pay. with the Chap Uir-s of the dilbaiidcd Rrj^untnts of Marines, whoic Number it is apprehended-they will not much exceed. There i� advice that 140 Negror* ivere favcd out of the Moa:ferrat Packet, lately tod on the B.if of New Calabir. Dr. Nycl Bro�holaie. who was rdiKated at Weil:niiiltcr-Scho c in tai�k AmisTtcr; tlwProduce ul.cjeof is for ever to b<: aniiJ�Ily divided amongll fuch of ilic King's Scijyidr. as flull be ciccied to the Univcrhties, but do not pariake of Dr. Tnpl�tt*t Benefaction. A kind liulai.ce of chc Doclors grateful Remembrance of the Piace of his Pducation. There miK be a Ball at RjueUgti-Houfe 00 fftudJay t^e i}th of April next Mr. Pomicr, frcnch Cock to his F.xccllency-Count ILillang. 1^ iUvarun Ambaflador. ict out Poll on I utiday Motui^g for Pai-.s. to join hit. new Matter the M4| t and YeKerday was brought home fiript, iti i litife^abk^nditioii. ^ Yefterday a Man wa� committed to i^rifrn by JaftlM Fietdiaj^ on Sufpicion Of nibbing the Bflftol Stage-Coach foqifeTime �(;(�,-^;;>i-;v^- Mr,Pkrfoiis, ydio meiv*d S^ateoce of t>^that Riielitller, u reprieved on Cond^ion of Ttanfportalkin for JLUPa, Laft Monday wa� ttUttl atfKingfllOn, th�three Watttteen. or rather Bojrs, jb)' k Robbeff on the River TbiVAtl. mi Bmi:^gu^ cat�M on the TtfiU of Sauoderli, KMr^lbt#g;ki� 'H )&0ttday^.two^MeH were takes tit * . 4�^�ttt;t>f ihen'rowa, by^ a diers, a^tl,-are faki to beoutbtw'd Si�agde�ir4�''wdl >> accufcd of |tdbb�rie* On the Highway.' "jktMMHtMtilut lately for Robkcrie* on thii Road, hiivvjWn cotMaitttd to Chelmsfbhl-Oaol. '' �' This Day. the Sennpn at the CoU^nM jdhffcb of l^t. Katherine by the T<h��r wiU be preatlMbf tJMiMfi England thcfu twenty Years, not inferior to Catttbrtcks in Strthgth. and^oo otbvrof the . fame CjuaNcy' to be'lNui in the ICtngdom. {^fa^ii^fc a fmaSl Oiaaiity df ^lie thin Muflin. , * Cro all M�lbarft�, iiiaptiWt, Tr�d�ft^ ;and other*. There is now'Atade the niolt lifefulSertfT^vrgbu for ih� weighing the foUiiwiiig Spaifljik Coin* ci|^y�t |>ablifh'd, viz a Double Doiibloon. a Doub!ooa, a Piilolr. aad^Huir-Piilole; on one Side of^ldch is tl\.^^ii\> of t^e'^tanil] Monarch, the dtW�"theTsa�e 6f theKct^ ft legible, that no Krrorcati happen. Tdbe bad of the. Pro-prK-tor,, John Kirki tingniver, at his Shtip'in St. Paul's Church-Yard, at .�i the StA. -They bci�g.1lruclc in fine Brats rcndrrf them Lo hard, that tltcy are ^ot jTu.G^ble to wear as thofif I'ljrjiOt'd J" cuqifnou c;>ft Brafi. -in^a few Da>* will bo pnt)l)lKM. Another Set of curious AV^^ght* for tryipg all the current Coins in the Weft ludici, Sio. B. Dicki.'fon, at the Corner of llcU-Sav.nge YaiJ, Ludgate-Hilt. �vill this. Day publ <h. Price 6d. 'iticTiJals of iho Smugglers roodemu'd at the Afli'Ms laft VYeek at Eall-Grinftcad in tuilirx. with an Appendix, containing their Lives, and the Lives of Potter, WilliHiu Priggs, Jain .tpnun._ ilt^n Wjier m .London Br:c)ge ih.� D>y � 37 Minutes after 1 in the Matniny, and ^7 afier 1 in the Alternoon. YeilcrJ.iv Bank Stock was no Price, ladia Stock 176 3 4th$. ^ol'^-Se� Slock, iq6 3 4ibs. Ditto Old An-n It ei 10} 7 Sihs a 104. Ditto New, tot j 8ih� a 1 half. Bsnk Annuities 1746. 101 5 8 ht. Ditto 1/47, no Price. Di�lo Lot'cry '>4''. loi j 4th* a j 8ths. Bank Annuities \j\H. lOi i 4th a 3 8ihs. 1 hree per Cent, Ann>iitics 94 1 half a ; 8ths. NiitUun Bank 107 1 half, rquivalcoi pu Pncei. Rp)a! AfTurance 70. Lpnvlun Affvitaucc, la. Eiigliih Copper, ^1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan, no Price. Bank C:rculaciuii jl. 7s. 6d.Prcih. India fiouds. 36s a 3TS Prcm.__ 9inJ Day IS Pi it, in Jiiarji fMCctJ ti>' I sVfij y'.iumit im tvUth t^tj mmdtrl^^tk la ttrnfrim if U\i k) T The Ihi lti.,ntitib aid Lf'Jl f^oJumt, t� Ottmit, tf HF. UNIVERSAL HISTO; RY. Lift of Cuts. Lift of Subrcribdft Nsmes, iRd A Coropltts L>4c , iciru u iig P4UC oi, (he HWory. / Tht On%aA frrf�cc, A laWr o� C n\tau, Pnatcd fur T. Uiliuciw. ia Griy'i Ian j A. atlUv', io the Stnad \ and j. OflxMu, in Citrr-avtia- K'o�. Nute, Cei.lSctiwo uc^cAroi iv |i�e Order* to comotttc thnr StU Ss foon �� pulliklc, there being hitt few o< fume ot ilw Vulumo lelt. Navy Office, March 17, 1748. ^HT. PrindfjJ Oj^.ceit aiui ConttmijfiQHiri of bii M.ifjiy* Su-ijj gtvd Stlnf, that ta AhaJiif Mutniuf the 0/' at mut oClock, Ca/Ktn'tjjtjna'Vanlnugh ful uf ii Jf:n if hit Miijijii') Vurdtlt Vhuimt^, tii t Crtt-iisn, in laft //, V.flici iio tivl RmuiinMr of ibt Purthujt Miuuy In I hi f riul'urtr ef! i' M.'jtj'y'i AVfj^, uaj tnke triMuy lit fmij Slip <.i fer /b-w�/�/(i, in Ji.ify Uayi ilfirr tht D^w if !iuil Any Pnfin or Pir'oui ii.h-j ati it.iLrg /� luy iIkJ.11J2hifi, ijt. vi. liiz-m dMran 'hmi itjjrc I'lx t/ J.7., yf<.Mi uffl^u-^ I li'i Oj^-i.ri of t'lHj-itJ Iuid tf tbt fjifrt ti-.-' //..<// Li< I R$ onvJevt^m �ubjca�s N t^t^ rb'!S nny is puhUJb%A^*'^^^^ 4S.) 7\t ^S.rt*^ t'tfnm, ttf^itn t*e^ tO-i^ J ef _ _. . _ ________. _______ �*wu (JuintitiSfl. ^ V IVnM f�ir R. Po |i .i�jf f>f<t^/ li0^f-Ji,^ f-jpy?r> 0�vW4 *atf'ndvJt/; �r, �e/hnfrntim t9 tbtk JhiiHn l� aAH'uk- tbs jStmr, , Timtrigl'tf >ftn �, e� tiki dxjithiu, w$Jbe''frt^4^ retfymilimM-' Jiptt-n Arts,. w/T tnrJ �Art>*. j'aJ trgiiyjcmw J^ffJcrf* Pirfontf-iJfithrbiirFa'^.^iJbMJati^ ri'ot tvo fmnrfnd Jknu ^ tit Qt^a^fkmtt tviSlt jn^iJt torvfiy knjignt thrmhimirtdu �Mfy ijV�(�t��r,*^Sfti#>^WR*irf t) t-vfiy (^pti'iit mdJlx Ism-tdnJ r� cv**y CMttr tfJM# :ii<:h e&iir F. "'^^''- ilL be f.irulUJ tat ti rjtf Stttln a*Jm$ a pi^Jfibic af>cr ctid a Ovit iJ^tAfaemmit/^i^'J, t\.l*frtiy ehy^'iti .'ijoy ti//tih- IJfifrtLi, J'rhilig.i* �t�^/w�a> nitiet fiijfjf'ii h kit Mijijiyt SiAtJit in .nsy rfAitr */'tiit Cli(ftitf HidPlunt'ftUrtJn Annri tjJlUf^fy't Gntrimrmf j 4a�f fiiit.r Met^tnt ivUl tr(/, bttuki n ^SI>^ir%mimfitf<aiif tiiy l.ji ^ii^'d. itnd. tftkfhsiX' /Uss��rs. T^'wr Xuidvr cf I'i^Jiii u-ht^iKg tky ftitwd tt Citriy ".vith tbim, di^ii'i^it'/iKg V/*^* aai mf tmdt P.'J(/n, 19 ivty of tiff fil/i'.ilg Ofittri, af^m^'d ft rttii^ imd ihtrr tl.' Umr lu llm,ki �/."/ fit tknt Pn^i^f, 'siz. ' . filfn pQMiuiU, Ef-ii SJifitar n/tj Cln^ i^'ttt /f./�rrj ft tl^.' Lord* (lam}Bi�io%iry fh TtuM amd FLmt^itiuau, *it tkta OJf.u at lyiiitd'jl. John Ru�lll, Efqi Cenufti^ner ef li'i M^^fy'i AW* 4tf Poiifmouth. , Philip Vufihugh, J\fii Caiap->j/uM.r afl,^ Mtf jfis Xm%y ar Piymuik dtnd that ptffr Nolitf lill b.- ik-f^ij tiit la�f llif d fo fvon ili to, iiilinMd StUaivr jltUi U Htmrf^tfJ, jr latijt QH iht -Jth of Jpiil. II It piMfk,/fd tkn iht'l'rM'^iertl 'Kalf 3,- r.'^.'t /^A.Vj* /iiil Pii/uai 3/1 l^mrj an tl'i i .''j f Af'A, timi it r.--;^-f i, un ll)t ICtb ; und th,tf ti-':.\ \^ne -iiuiM t* gi-^-am i-:-i'.'.i.r gr PAiCiS la til'ii^J lttt>> I'trjiui rffr fj "{,ut ct jrJL, fWn t 'Tluit far tht B'fijil *f tl\ S,tci,iJK*(, fSv /^k^t C^-:j.:j.ft t'A'iib i/i-f fraj'"/d to frii:M* S^Liwi -'i*tiiniW, jAii'if i:t.jr.vfr /v jlraiif,-d to Citrpt', tb'f'i'-'ii(b{i, 5�rr.VtyiW, Jji�ac % Uiiik-'itiieri, B'liiinytri, aiui .di tt^r Aititiitrt %t^^xiy ISy.litig or Uvjb.mdiy, nisi iitiig ffivtit, S.Jiit.r, ftttgrn*. ; /4 e�faf.d n fk*. 'Z*X0 /fri"d in tbe Laf.viiy of F.itji^i*, thaii txbsvd tn <ud\iJKr ihty bu^oi Lctn iH bu M,ijfjffi Sii",'l,t ..r a^', r^.-* froduii'ig froftr Crrtitii,it,-i f tbtir i,.iMg ddt i^m^UjAJL By O-dtr vf /V A'/.,"'/ thu tk* L*d^ Ct��.V ;^-iT. fjr 'Tiiidi ��id PI nia', ^. niaviAS iiii.i. .v,,,.... -Mm I Of" F let. WHUHEAS d:v,r, ,^i.'.. rtUi�^ t*v (" ^ twd lUtiitug iif ltd/' catdcuit-iUi hn Af/�nr; ^1' J%x2 ., of fi>? t* rJ.'.y. *^ f Mint, III I'll C'lmfuri it Cr���./'i L^i-i-r. :J -*f i',>i t$ nv\u HHt/ir /li.uf.iliaii . ^.td .d)i fmn !ij>t.: i~- Iulm f j^h ill /bull hiii ii/itr bt ...i^/.y j/ tan O^. lu, r* ttir ( unJ kxuuumil.oni rtUtm^ IMr.l^, ,tKd f'^f,' Cjjt ,*. im luittt tj fife,uti iht Ufndtn al hr M:jA^ t Cf.;^J^. ibu li*y 'ii.ill it f*l Hp ti Stil,. . Artfitctl, .it iht ^^(,r.'1 ti-..\. til It Iti B I . o .il'.^. und I V.U ^IM 14,�.'c ft.-.' .

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