Friday, March 21, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, March 21, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 21, 1749, London, Middlesex ; ttl it S D AYi MAfitrt ak, 17 49 A M P. down thii Porenoo*, liU Msjcfiy'i Ship the Pha> ix, knd it Tail'd to the Welhvard * th* Cor� neliu�. Maxwell, for St. K\t\ th* Carteret, Robinfon, lor Vitglnti, the Britannia, Purchefs, Tor Top-(hain, and (he HenriirSt. Bftrbe, for Mtrleillcs. Wind M. YtAndkjr Mmr''d a Mail frorft F,r a Ntv. . Avw A4a-mmm, Afimrh 24. A Lawyer of 0c�nt(bn iMwing ibaw Wofdt with an Officer bc!o>ig>i>g to the Troops wrhicft are ill Garrifon there, occafiun'd a Diiul fetrweco liieai, arltcrcin the Officer was ktli'd; upon which the $oUiei� of the Garifon inftfting -th&t juUicc Ihould be 43oMdM^ )ike t�re�, and had railed wo Batte-  lica, ono of eiKhteen, and ,the other-of twelve iStths >  Ibae tbor CoaU is now guarded by two French Men Of �  Wnr, aadtfaflRT KpoK thai, two more, with a great Num- C^7. will wait on his Majelly with their CKiMNildMory Addrefs on the Birth of the youQg^Princefs. ^ilR. Samuel Whithead has been nominated anfinfign in ' lani^aRaiment, in thd room Of Mr. Oaimahoy. preferr'd. The Ttampat, Hautboys and BaiToous in the three Rcf^ttcattof Foot>Guardi. who were hired by the Colords of tiiofe Rc^mcnu at fo much a Day, are now ordrr'd to be cnlSted and put under, the dme K^iluary DiCctplinc as ^ other Stddicrs of that Corps. Yefloday died John Peck, Efqi a Scarlet Dyer of tlu* City. Ob Satardmr Evening died at hii Houfe in St. J*/^*'* Square Sir Manhew Decker. Bart, born in the 'Tamm Of Asaftodam. in the FroviiiCe of Holland, in the Yeu't6:<) ; ia 1700 he came into England, where by an unblcmiih'd ddoflry he foon laid the Tolid Fuandation of the cunfl-deiahlB Fortune which he died poifrlTed of. As he ac-aanwi it BOt~ only unreproached, but unfurpcAed, he en-^nwH it unenvicd. He enjo)i it ftill. for he ihared it fvtdi dtt Foot. He confcientioufl;^, and theicfore un-affeAedly, difcharged til Chriftian, civil and foetal Duties, a rciBarfcablc Eveoncft of Temper, and an uninterrupted TntB^tnlicy of Mfaid, were at once the Proofs and the Rewai^l of foch confcious Virtue, indefatigable in all he OAcct of Friendfliip. he advifed with Sincerity, ad-iBoniflkM wiA Freedom, and aQed with Zeal. Happy in bis Wife lAdChildren, as they in him i bis domcAick Life tras an ondi/hirbcd Series of domeflick Comforts, iiy'an orderly and well underJlaod Hofpitalit);, the Great who ffrequctitcd his Houfe were properly received, and the Poor who crowded it, were abundantly fupplipd. May he be at much imitated as regretted. He wat crtetcsd a Baronet in the Year 17 ry, on Sufpicion of having prohibited Goods on board. The Cargo is faid to be vuluablc.  Private Letters from Glafgow give an .A.ccount, that on Mofiday wa* fe unight a Mob arole in ilut Cit/, on S�fpi-Ciflfc liiat (ome Surgeon Lads had railed a tlcud Body from the Grave, and tarried it to the College, which Place they attack d io a raoii ouirageoui Manner, and. 'tis faid, <leniOliibcd and boke moH o* the Windows. Several, we Ijear, weJ* hurt by throwing of Siuncs, but none were killed. The gcod Conduct anvl iJi!i..;ciicc of the Magi-^rates of (ilafj^ow, and of liie Lonimandmg Oflicir of the Troop? qaartcrtU there, conduced not a l.idc to the fup-fTtiirtiij that Tumult, and pjcvcniinjj jnorc Damage being Tcmoiro'v a Sermon will be preath'd at lie Parirti Cnu.'cJi ot Si J..iiic5 ClcrUcn.vvll, lui the benefit vi the Neat f ridav Moriuug at.h t'Mtcnthi. oa Monday the 17th of Ajpril next, at Five in tha Even{B|� to begin Agaiti hit Courfe of LcClurcs 00 the various Dtftafcs incidental to homan Bodies, on the Sighs by,wUch the Nature of the Caufe producing each Sort of ihiM^flteiy be known., and on proper M�dicin�% and ^cth��s- for their Ctare. fupportcd,by Rcafott, confirmed'bv Experience, knd itto arated with Hiftorics: The Couriio to beftnilhcd in two Months, at three TiaKt a We^ t and the IlwpofaU relating to it deliver'd gratis at MR'BucklaodX at the Batk th Pater-nofiir-Rovr. . At Sadler's 'Wells, Iflington,''Tomorrow, bei^ the atdinftaot, w)U b6 I'CoDOttt df Mttfick, bjr the belt Mailers. To begin at ThiaoO'clock (by pirticolarlX4>rr) and end at Six. And on BaQhr-Monday will be ptrfota'd the ufual Divarfions, of ^tlpi Places 9m conttitae tvcsf Evening during the SumtiMMr- SeaTboV ^ t The wealing of CttObritlis beiri|rbft>hibited aft�r the a ;th inftahtt there is hO�i^ upai ;�h^ at the Naked Bojr and Three CroWnt- aEainft the Ncv'^CIarcKsn dba^tiaad. (a Seed^hop} h Farcel of %er$�m Fhckihrtad-tivi^'i: Muflin cut into G�totldn�Ql Ritflc��Mi#^tMOlcatteaa jtltheklad that have'been: in B>i|>yk|.WKm�*fbty Ycart. not inferior to: CaJnbrickii la 8�tf oik and iMotbcrjtf idbe fhme Qsjaiity to be had Mljthi Kiigdofll. < Likiwt C4rh. Baiik Aaiuftiaii746� i�t .1 hatf. Jhtto 174". no Price. Ditto Vmuy l747* toi 1 4tb. Ba k Annuities ^-jW ioa I Wk% t 4th. Th>ee pet Cetii. Aa-nuiues,94 ] 8tht a 1 half. Mini n Bank 107 t4tb. Eoat-vaUnt eo frice. , Rorat AlTurinc^ 70. London AJTu-rance, 10. BpgliOi Coppcri no FriOe. Sevcn-rer Ceat. Emperor's Loan, 119 1 half. Dank Ctrctdatloii |>. 7s. 6d. Prem. Indts Bo-d;.^6s. a 3ys. Prem. ' ' . Navy .Office, Match 17, �74�, THE Printipti OJutrt mnfXiiii^i(^3/urt a/T i'ii MaJ^Jty's Ntmy give Notiff, tlmt om MtaJaj Marin ag ti^ j^J e/ next Mtiiih, mt nine t^Clark. GemmiJISoner fiinhttgb it i/t fat f� Sa/e at his Offite in his Majeflvj I'ardat Phjueu/l', ttte Hm!h, Mtifli, Vards, and Stmt ^ iii the, Entetfriz; BurthtK 5Ji Tint, afid Portion/t Prixt �/ 966 Tt.' Tl/e Puith't/tr it to dffofitfwtntf'fvtftrCeiU. at theTisb-it Jgreemeat, ivhich Depoflt it to htforfiittJ to iki Qciiu^ ia t.j/j tki Piirtrtt' fhi lit the .Renutimdr of tb% Pwctbsjt-Mtiuy r� the Treujurtr of tit maffji/t hlavft iad talt t�f�it ih fuJ Shift at f*r Jttvttrtitryt ia fcrty D�it nfttr ^ht iJttjfofSiltif. Any P.rfon or PirfSii who art luMitg to lity riit h'ui 6ltft,bf tntiy -vie^zv thttn ut titr^ Time bifri thtDuy : ufou affiyi^g to tfn Oj^ctrt of th( fmd Wnd iu the frojjvr tvorktmg fhsmrt VICTUALLING UFFICR, March ja. .748. WlireKai!. Msrch 17489. Smcmfar Nit^ km^t,:-'. ^ r^\fv thr i *cWc f�V.C ^^^'z'^.: Ot HoMt hf ta M-j^/nr't Cs--�ijr; jrev i^W�.% r^ /< ,=.*. t E:u< .1 � n-^t tfihftafti^f tJmi, 4cm� feJUil' ^-itt V <uiihivit T.i-^,'i:i ia t:t fha Jfgr ^' W A ^woal # FivSimfU irt retry jffit-^ti SdSkr �r /nte/rmi tif Pmmst *f *t^J ii^ii-Kf�t~orTMtft, J^t^Jpn^T^i IJwrtt'irf A?v Ex-fhvtsm ^JitTfSf^m: r*fj2� hfmfm^e rwev Oat ShiUi^g/. r Mn. 4*$ tl*ir pATsrS^ft jft\:Il i\:it*j}. Of i* Prtfortht fit* Mrf uii? le gr^ufet: to * trf ^' LiaHimMtt �B r&t 5�r ifrcwe; .iT;*' � finh �s Fitrtii^ett jy^trm Jmli okxt �W j^d.-^f- thefdi t^Hy Jftt, far cvay Ptrfim if vMet titir fitatsSa-fi: et, to t^^rrLittttKavf im^t&t St^ &)xc3�r. �W,IMr hmlrad.dertf ts tV{*y Ci^/�u. l��;v Fupafitit nftt-fhtT Gk^nw iftitiny 4nrit ^sfe-f.,*e.'tr jJvVi' thir rlf^siiivt :^^f'^, fir tvi^rj Pjr^% �(^.vx-viA fisif p.*--;i7:..< �r�u^,if. ffwf tii Lsmu^ ssK^' Suf^-yreUJ est r� tiv Si.ttLr$ rt lU <i�!&rr^; :t..j o�'irsr-.-f *kVi^: ijU^itS^"P.n-i.iLfj.i .vk / Jj%m:h-mius! t^/J^ S^^^-J^vt imtxyithr ^/ tiv Cfi^tiiiit "Jhtit gli ytav- JS -rxt^-reg to i^ftfi of �/� m- if Prif%fi:li, /taV. r F^TdS.u ^ ff^il^-J. J&rr'�jj tlrir' P^f'i^gr, ' th,ir L&i&, ti-4iSix:g W^MiMO, ct9rfiKf an th* tyhxry. ^ jmdi .'i-i-jf iV j,V;v� Mi fr^, hf mt>Jtay fir that S'feleKk.i', Jr l^.-vf^if /-K . Jti,l?t!A.'/y �. : if tCHtr i\.i.�-BJ, -i.ijf (Mfttm, eif^iiiifiJ iorettt^'t wtJ ��/ ti' Bxii ^tf* /i*" ri!w3f Purpffr, i-ix. 7*f� Ps -K^. t/ir.^&iJuztw 'W CJ.-ri cf tiu H>^ti ta tht THE Cs/itnijionrn for FieiunUiiog his M^jjlji Ntny give Notice, ttuit it* tf'eJujZiy iu*l, tht zxJ iifiion, in the FortnoiH, they it ill bo rttid^ to treat fat Outmta/, far the ServicV of hit hfajefiy^ Nmi\\ And on Wtebitfdiy tht ICftii inflnnt, in the Fgrenaan, they ivill likeynife bt ready ta treat far Oxth for f>t/h Meat for London, Pfrffmouthi and his Al'.jtjiy't Hhifi ia the DviShj toad at Dutigenefi. And on the feme Day th(y "JuiH tilfa herfufi tv tre^t forMnttua, to he kiirU tit QJjiitheim, for hit Mi'jejlfi Ships at tlvt firt, OMtJ tilfo/or hit Mtitfiy i Shift at the Sorf, Sf'urncji mi J HLicij^uLt, to he kiird lit Li Igh, or fome other {oM'VtHifmt PUtce cn the E^tJt Side.____ VICTUALLING-Ol FiCE. March so. .748 WHEREAS it hat latih l(itn adverti/.d, that the Cim-mijponen far FiHuatlti'V hit Mupjlys Nn-V) 'ivuuU tntit for Griji-tfork ta be taken in at hit Mi'jrjif's Milit at R^thrL-ieh { thit it to gi-veftirthcr Natite, that the Ojiutititni nuty he kaanxn by afflying to tht Clerk of the Bukelxufr and Mi tit, -i-^hs /j t/it-foiK'er'd to truifaSi tin fatne. Eall-India-Ho^u/e. Feb. 17. 1718 ^' W� Court of Direllort of the Vnittd Co.-nf,vj if Merchants xf E'lj^lc.nd trebling to the Eajl-lndi.i, Ju herehy give h\tice, that the Transfer-liaoki af the J,ud Camf-^ny �will be /hut uf an Thurfdcef the ^h of March next, ut ii.a o'clock. That a liluurlerly Gemereil Court *mU be hu\l est their Ho.if m l^adenhull-Slreet, on Wfdutfday the atd of the feiid Mitnti, ^t Eleven HI the Forenoon : And that ftlVirah Poffeffbi t f BnJi given by the late Governor and Council ^1 Fitrt St. Uio'i^c, .iff J the loih of September 1746, huve giuen Notice to tL Cture �/' Direffort, that they do intend to rnakt their DinntnJ at the J.iJ Gtmrai Court. 'lltat the Ujl) of tht Metaberi of the fiicf Crmfaty tvill be renik to be dcli-verd est thefuid tUitfc on tl>*faidU\dtclduj li. ztd. That ci Ccnefal Court it-'ill be held at tht j^id Ihuli ok li .J nrfd^ly the c^th of Afril next, for the tleciion of tu.eKt,-.jr Dirtiloi I of the fatd Comfans for the i ear enjutnl, ikhhl' let:! continue fiam Nine in the Riornmg till Six in IVe Aft 'iiscn f the fnmf D^iy, after 'ixhich Titne no Lijli ii ttl be lakm in And that theTrantfcr-Bo'jki of th^ fad Camp.tHj -uill tc .p on i bitrfduy the 6th of the fuid Month oj Af'il L^Ji Cimru^^Jc.ij fur fr^ emd PlaMeitvini, et their (J^-.e mS Hhtiiudl fvst* S^fiHt �_^i Ldnatrfjtmir tf bii Metjtfy'l Njvy at Pj* tfnti^b. Pit^-f i'-amrfi^i;, Fffi Cemrrs^naBfrtf hit Ufajtfy'i NttVf at Ph'n^.th. jtttif.'je Sr-jL-T Xtti^s -iiJl hftf:-ni if the fuid Bvtii being iLfd fi fs" ^ rk- tta,.ii^�.J A�.tS.r /ivtll le fsmfLted, tr tJ iatej! m tcK jfip if AfftI It II f'-ifffJ tit^ ih' Tr.sf/sc-ti fiu-JJ hf T,-4i.lf to rettiit fti.h P.-mketaed tm thr t'jh j,/ Ajiil, and he ready ta fml an i'ht iCf^ ; c�i titet in-vJy Ntttte tidJl he grtim of the Plait sr Pi^.ei i �^f c;!' Si^'lneaf, the fame C^mHtient i:-l:.:i> ��.; ftz,%'^ i, ptmvsar itjjatii tr Seamem, jMl iUev-ft t* ^..atfvj ti i^^mi^^\ S'i-rJ'.iri^t.'i, Stnithe, Metfomi, ftinen, Bri^tr^itrt, &'<.<JUt ,j iwc�i-.r ji /jj il^f^ 1 i,,'i.i.. ci nw; nfomtielr friM^ite /�(*rr 1^ -tlja. 1:> - � I'ir'f htril) Jjtl) q,ir!lf.,J. ii. 'irs-' jf i'~ ^'l-'t 'he L^'r^t CiiaviJ/ioKen fj-____inOMAS HII7. .> r>/--7. '�^^lil* Cjcft'lrciici of the Ai-At�4.M y 'Lt: V . �ir - Mil I liklli^/ 'I'huiid.iy. March \t, i  i �< THE Giyvernor and Court ofjj/ijlunti of thiYark ll~.iMi i Qimfepiy do h<rtby gfve N^tut, that a ijcni.fjlC:irt,/ the faid Comfany, being one of the four GentrJ ^^l^.irtfl, Courts, alp on ffeiutl Affatri, d>^jj^j if., zid injhint, at the Bell Tamern in Friduy-Strctt, U F..^ o'clock in lie Aficrnnan. "I^H ir Truliccs for puttint. m Hx cutioa X (ix frveni KtXl ^ Ptrliamrnt Iar ttuilding ' i .( St MiiiKcvv B,cihuU Ctrccnl III ttic C uny ..|' ivJiiiUlo. rr. .�; .n.ti �fi li.uctJ.i)i �i, � NO I It. 1- U^MJi U) ii.j V. tHccJ  ...Ill <r\ V;- **-c VcM . ..-xj *� fi ^ fA 'h, r r. -ft - - � .r ' Jl - - �' t. .'c J '.. ri..�. .1 *i4 -f',. 1 t" " 't i-i: -c� .V� n Ou-oS.-j f.�i,., (�. � .J.J, AI.. i -a z- , r. .-yC. 0l\xn �;jo jj�r I'rn i wr- ; "-. \u: r-4.: 4 f .3rmJ>-Mj�. U li � Si. ij; I % . : .nrr. ^ : Kl^\ tf f' i ! i  t -.. . .�. . C.*k t {|i� < .r, V I r' , � ."-(-..:, KTi. Cj^^. h.rn .S z . .  ' ,. . - - i ^ -r . ; � r , . J -Jifclc

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