Saturday, March 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, March 15, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 15, 1749, London, Middlesex The WEDNESDAY. March ik, ,7 \9- TkaJy March ij. O Ship in th� Dowa*. Wind Etft-North-Baft. Fitma, Mirth 5. The l*R Bi-vifion af rhe Ruflitin Troops wis to march cut of the Herediwry Countrii s Ycft rday, or the Dity More, and aa tne Weather is (*t n for l-roiJ, it m hoped they urtU hnd tlic Ruads totcnbiy good. N O O , Wlitebtill, March \J^. The Kitig ha.� been pfcafcd to appaint die Right Hon. V\ illiam Anne l^arrof Albemarle, to be hii Majrtly's Ambaffador Fxtriordinary and Ptetit-poicniiarv m the Moft Chriili.,n K.iog ; and Jofeph Yorke, fefq; 10 (>c Secretary to the Embafty. Humphry Stand, Efq; Lieutenatit-Oeneral, to be Governor of Gibraltar; and Girorgc BurgU, �u]; to be Sccre�fit7 to the Governor.  Aod Richard rrattkUnd, Efq; in the room of Roger Talbot, Efn; to be one of his Ma^fty'* Ctjinmiflioners for Taxes. The King has bten pleas'd to prcf-nt the Rev John AOiton, M. A, to ihc Rcdory of AIdinj*hani in Lanca-(hire, void by the Rcfignation of the Rev. Thomas Afltton. hiSi Monday Night the Right Hon. the Lords Com-" tnUfionert of Appeal for Pri/.e-Caufcs (at at the Cockpit, Whitehail, thte fecond Tiine^ on the Appeal depending bctwcch the Pfficrr's of the Squadron under the Com- anand ___of the la-e Admiral Balcheu. Appellants, and the Owners of the PrimJe Charle* Privateer of Brirtol. Capt. Gwjnn. RefpofidentM atid, after a long Hearing, determined in favour of the Privntccr. We hear that the laft Courier which fet out f�t Madrid carried Mr. Keene the Copy of a Memorial which was lately prcfsnted by the South-Sea Cooipiny to one of che SecreJaries of State j by �vhich that Company renews its P^retenfions on the Crown of Spain of 1300001. Sterling ; and alfo deftrcs to know when they arc to reap the Benefit granted them by the 16th Article of the Definitive Treaty, in refptft to the four Years Nou-Etgoyment of the Permiflion-Ship. The St. George, Capt. Snow, bound for Marfeilles and Xeghom, from London and Ncwhavcn, that ran alhore on the Bar of Niewhaven, has ftnce been got off with twelve Feet Water in her Hold and other Dainngcs. The Bewdly BriKaiitine, Capr::OTm.s^rronrNcw^orlc for Virginia, was loft in her Palfagc, the Crew favcd. The Montferiat Packet, Capt. Hunt, was l>teiy loft coming over the Bar of Cahtbar. She had on board 240 Kcgroes. The Judges now in Town are fummon'd to attend tha Iloufc of Lords when the BiH lor puniihing Mutiny and iDefurtion is read in that Houfc. We hear that a Court of Admiralty will fliortly fir for the Trial of upwards of thirty Perfons who Hand cccus'd of Piracy. &c. on the Hij.h Cscai. Tiiii Day a Court of Common Council will be held at GuUdhall, in order ta<lr�w up a Congratulatory Addrefs to his Mi'jeliy on the Birth of the young Piinccts. Yeilcrday Sir Edward Bellamy rrUpltd. A Market U going to be builc in Uaion-Sireet, Wcil-minftet, for Butchers, Poulterers, &c. Yelterday the Perfons taken into Cul^ody of the .VfeiTcn-gcrs for publifliing fome Pamphlets, were admitted to Bad at the iircrttary of State's OfTice. On Monday twenty-two Barbers were convifled befare Ju.'lice fivliling, of Covent Garden, for exercifing their Biifincfb on the S.ibbath-Day. ycftcnlay died Mr. Badger, an emineat Apothecary in Leadenhall-Strcet. On eiie Trial of Mr. Parfons at Rechefter, it appear .of MelT, Fuller and Hone>wood. At a Moilqvteradti i'arfons faid to Junes, Vuu iiave loft rrinc Ciuincs, J have loft near a hundred; come, you are a bold Puftier, ierc's a Note (or aol. try what you can do for me, and if you have good Lurk, VA make good what you have loft Jones loft the Noif, which being a forged one, he had like to have fuffer'd; but lie paid I'le Money himfelf, to make Rs a-iH be preach'd in the PHrifb Cbtircfa of St.|lidiAia� Colc^bbey in Oid Filh Street, \for the BeneSt of ih� C'Mrtty Ctildren of Q^cen-hith Wards that in the Morning by the Hon. �nd Rii,ht Rev. Dr. Robert Druaimwid. Lond BiCt^o of St. Ai'apo ; and that in the AfrciBoao tigr'thcRer. Dr. Kewtoi). Rector of St". Mary le Bow � _. Hir>- iiVatcr at Londoa^idg� this Day  inf.�ft4't5 afniT W at Night Yeftcrday Bank Stock ,*rJi� bo VTkL o.ovk nO Price. Souik-Sea Stock. * u mmi^-.Pft^^ Mm/, �*r'j^/* O-j/rr i'� (,Y,�vi�f i 7*,*^ i l..>*.^. t^r^t^ Att.^ Examinaiie^i til^tflit^ if%rrt\ ,-fif ^rij^r Civ 11*1'^ le ~"K"irvV Oth..\ Match S.~7?".J�. 1 at ^. ^ , -^^a.. ... W.V.I V, t'CfefJi � i^t Mi'^^itjt, fh$ -liiUi e^fit/f  Suit - --- ,-----n. .~ ......<i� ^--j " -(i-y- �"' �f tbit Of.u, ft* ffulh *f hif M.tjffix i aitft Cii^thm^ Sartbin *lft�t 750 T��,, itni Futtdum, 0/ 689 fV�', ttiiihrkvUbtttirMa/t.Bia/f^in, W/* 0<u r� Prtptrt �n tbt'ttt, it f* be mtfdf iy tbt Pfr/iut tfi� torfirf// tit: faid Shift Pjtrilttf^Hnt ail Pvlint 1Kb* Jhi^l mitmi tbt faid ^ ttt �rt te tdit S�tht thrn/, M�d timffvtffl-H fr ik^t Puffij). t ,i,d tbi Sb;pi /� pu'chAftd A' paid f0K aid t�im < v�y M/irJ* Em tf/i.ty l>a,, a/ifj tbf t>cf tfSiUty tb, Dff>*)t fi.-aU Centine'l went into die Water at ^ Hazard of iiu Life, and (av'd him. Extra//of a Later from Louth in Lineolnfhire. J^tcdMartb 9. * This Day was committed to this Gaol, by WUliaxn � Marftmll, }^iq; one of his Majefty's Jufticet of the Peace * for the Coua:/ of Lincoln, one John Bamrow, for * ftealing I.annen Cloth at SaliAcct, the Property of fusdry * Merchants in London.' Ludgatt, Murcif 13. We the unhappy Debtors qb die Corowon Side return our fincerc and hearty I'hanki to our generoiu, kind, and unknown Bcnefoflors. for 56 s. put iiiio our ftrgging-Box thia AficrotiOD, roark'd W G; alio for Half a Guinea put into the Box this Morning i which were equally divided,to tHe great Joy, Comfort, and RcUif of a great Nunvbcr ot uniu^^py Cuizens. l'uul:tyCor!pt^r, l^mth 13. We the pj^or Prifoitfrs on tl^ Commontfidc, being tiiendleft, and dcftitutc of tho Means neccllary for i�ur Svip^-ort, huinbly pray tike AffiA-ance of all charitable and well difpos'd l*eiron�ii artJ m'ort' dutilufly rciurn Hunks for a Guinea braujjhc by an iinktiosvn Gcnilemdn lu our Gate, in a Paper markd Poukry-ComptCf i and alfo to tbe worthy In^ocil of the Ward of Cheap for iheir late Benefaftions: Ail which have been equally diftributcd by our Steward. ^ This Day the Sermon at lite CoIUgiate Churrh of Sr. Kfctherinc by the Tower will be prcacb'd by the Rev Dr. SiiBfioo> t^eaor of St Gc^jrge in the Eaft' i and that on i�Tidi^ next by the Rev. Mi. Waiaer, RUlor of St. nuntt t0fiitb tfibt Ofiart smt^fUvate Mitt i.itJj �fmjl>d hi. Maftjljt Lamd St^ Strvitti 4lf JkJl It iciJ/it^ ta/tttl, in tbtJ^PrtKfiM.'Ald lit M^f^hrviiig ^S">dbit RokI/ J^fnAadem 0/ ibr Petrf0i;t ^ iftf fiad Prsfe/a/j, tkt Right UanourM tbr Lardk (MtdJSmitiijir TrrJt amd Phvitiitimt do, his M.yrfiyt CtmasMitd,givtlmkeitiat ftoptr EncttpMrmmt uiff hf gtvtn to fiitb ftbt Og^i mJfrrvatt iL-n Ltrfy dif- �fGraStt ^'hZtd, ,atd t� Jttlh 'iiUk m' tcitbatit F4Umiiti in tbt Pr^vhftt rf Kima Scstitt. fbat 0ij Aertt tf Lard 'vM^te fremtii i> Fcf-Si.-.iflt to every prixuste SeJdtxr � Stamm^^w/has si-t Payi-u-fit of iJh\-^tFUntt tr fax.j, fir tbe Tj^h ef 'fen I'i^s ;' at H-i E.\ -firt^tm tvltra/'m P,rJ&m la fa^f^ that C�t SiiL'ing fir Aup. ' for tVtrj fifij Air.'s ft grsxtid. ffwarr tf t/m /.r,/, viser md ehtn.'t ih-fiJfj^y Aoeu tvii/beinadf fa r�r* friv.tttS^I^ier fr Setitafi b^viitg �� Fm-Jty, for tvtry Pitf^, ituhJiij^ B imim audCl-iidrffi, of '-^hich hJt FiuaHj fi^eii Ktefjii tM,i jilthtr ?!rt:*:ti teilwn CM tl'i likf Caiditismi tj Airrt, tn iiht Gofc^VsW, 'xiU h grmtfit to rvrry Oj^or iici-r tt^ Rimt tf EiJ^t in tbt S-afd Str^a, er.dti\it tf Uttitzii^mt ia thi $ta Ztr^kt } aid Is fotb as btnt FaKiiin, fttttn Acr.t, p<ivr tmd cfotv tj^r/.JJ tigif/jt Acrct% for every Pirfin vf-i-.^iib thtir Fa^Jtiti^^ ^-^iM' �Jlfat t-icb i-ardfrJ .�i^rfs^ tir'r/ifCMJSWit, ".x.'iB'lt gr.lHT.'J t0ez\ry Etj'i^, tb^m htsdricd 10 et\Ty Ueatcnctt, fur bandnd to rit/y Cefjfttitn, axjfx hiisdtr.i to ii-jr-f (ij^^ir .a'oiY //' j hi &f.-:r FMiiiin, tifurlhtr QriM oftitrt; Aitxt ^ii i//n.^, i^jr i^kj. .Wi ti // .flaidtjJ/d, lab-rtt-y ti'y v.-il!.litbt Lskrlirs, Prrz'i'fgrj and Inunw itttus , j'--'ij lit if-ii.fy'% Sxif^^if ia dW� ofivr cfth: Cihitiij ^iitJPI,it:lijt'Ti It An- ttx^ir bit Mrjcfyt (�tn'rmmitu ; and p.-'jf.T M^^l^'t; ii.i(i.siisi hn t.-i n ft huurityaaj Prtt./licn Ibttt uti /j..*> M to-- 'i; J.W.J .- tifi-i J,* thr tAc-.t Pio}afnli Jiiill, tvitb tt^ir F Hi idjoftr tbt ifvzt. tf tKMi'vt \!.r^*f'j Ij^t> Arrival, ih^ ti\j/ifiiif tt fiui^/.-d ftilj .1li\s cr^i AamasiHon at far as ^lHJ bt jJtdgid .t-r-v,ii/jr yV- 1: n 1>/'nci, �- itb a fr^ptr ^iiicSity of M.3ttrl^J$ tx.! Ct i,,-ji-itr:ii'i-\, i'. .tii/:^ tmd tajtit't CiBg tltir L't'-Jt, tri.9.f� iLtl:.-!-!i, tj-rrti all the Ftjtmy, ukJfu ,t tut cod HE Na'vy-Otlico, M^vch ii, 174H: T at Ten o^Li.^H i� tf.v flj!'''''iug, li>ij ,;v.'if-uvr.? /tjch Pfr/ins ,11 Jball he imlinM^t ti> Ittt t9 bin Shipt f�r tJnying fe.vt A!r (f/.w,'�r> from PtrffH^mk to Gifri^ittr, tmd t# t^turit from tL\'ttce ivith Fitc/i t� J?Af AW ttttdJlfliTitl_ _ np.V.^' Prinfipdt O^tert ftr>dCM^itif^hfr) of /At M>fji/t X A'^'^jy j^iif* Nt)tiit,/fi>>it tiny w'i kt rtitdj tn t�tfit ^ith full Pfrfmn'tti iiBk% fcr /-it M.yi/iyt Scmict, 'in the Vt^t fXf.ffi'd tf^oinjl tltfftiMe% that tjxy //tiij ttttMi %vii/f tb(if Pripuftilt nCM^ag^, tix. frett � I. I -Atmdsy, Jfiltirtb iry, I74il� D.tfitii.i PL'ii tttidPixJ,^\t^D(J^. iVtt(aydsf(,Mis*tbti, 1748. l^or-iK-tTf (Isit^lt � "oii'Pi -" iVtiittfifiin, ^prii ^, faO VlCTUALLI^aToFFrCE. Maich 8, � .ui.'* *"//� Cammijlfioners fir ilHuiiltiil}^ bit Mljtft'l A't^inp ^ ......~r - -------*^ **^^'fS  r^.c'j .It Du-'i'.'^i, wA 1\ in it.uint t.''f*;tf. '/hi- G4/f:/ioni �/ tbt CoiitntAi my it f.'i at ti\- ^ftiyttarfi Ojf>it til the i%'}u.n'ling-Ojj:'t, Jjiwdtt, ttml at il4 Ptjtautjtcr'l at Brijhl, and tit the P�JtriiiiJhriitimaJ''i tU Hklliii,__ Cnflnm Houle, I odon March �, ,748 BTOrrftr oft/jf UmiurMi tbt C-i'.v.iiJiufo-t ff bit MaJ^y'i, bfe. OH U'.Jnfd'-y tht \ ^tb i^fittntt at'firit dClotk in tht Afitimin, i^mtt put up to Sa/i, iit thi Leug-R'xm in tbt Cufiom Ihufe, L:ndun, Sin.<fral P.vteh of Rruitdyt^ Rum, Gtiteva, Arntk, CeitJial H'attn, '[iitttitca, and Takitfi-AjLtt, flint Glaft A/ 'itl, on ^:ii-\d.iy th. I yO (iii.l Ttit/d.iy tht I ifth of'Manb iitfhitjt, f-ritt E:^t (.� jTlvv/vt ij' tht Fu'tWitit, anj from Thrti tn Fllt in r'v A/hv-neaiii, tai.i it tht tihnnug /"frt tbt S :'r-j}i>n> 1 i>f}i.,-n/; iff. 0// ' '.Hil'i-\ th- tl-f'y inflcnf, at Jhr.'f u\'J'jcK n t^n 4ft :,l.-f>li'J B:^ia tt^d C'trV Tat, CoJ^t:, ttirry ii-itb, �j}oris-JiKg liv Avt a.-J S^^,!ttj af tato Ptrfiut, / OKj ef lb:: fiiij-jLi<g ri, afpdetiJ tv ittuvt 40td rnt?r tit fuitt in Sxh s/tm/sr thtat Pjrptfr, i<tr.. John P0-u.K.AI, E/iti ^rii.itir W Utri of tht ll^-rfs /: /, Lardi Ctrnta-ijl^-teiri ftr TraJi told Plasttttiitu, at tkir Ojf(f at yobm RtfJI, Efy: Cnmixi^tr tf bit Majtjlyt AWr �/ Pwrtfrnetttb. PlyKMtb. And that frcpir Kitiit iiiU ^ fk.� of tbt fold Bceh ftfng ci/td Jti fam ml ibe in^tnltd A*�/ tdl U ttttdy to ttttiv* ttig f-r tlx lkn:pt ^ ra. Sittdtment, tk) fti�tt Cmublisaf x.^kh art fri^fd * /rti-***fi.-i*.rr tr SeMmei, /fo/JJiAtHtttff gruMt.'J t: Cai-ptottri. Sbff^ritbn, Smtii, KLffLttt, Jaimtrt, BtitintJiert, Stl.'-Mijtri, ^ ail ,*btr J^ttfttrt nttttJUary im fijiLSng jr n.jl^-iy, "M* h'i'g ffi\alt StJdiori or SemDrti. �V fjttt-- OtOinvm' ~a-t prt^id to ibef, itho htfvt fitK^d ft rtv Uf Jtxy ^" �^ i thfrt.f f t// ire Airvrr'd at the ft,id Ojj'i-'t en Ml'- i^y &fcirruii^ ihr i \th i tj^, tmd tht Cisa.^ iiuti ht "Virui'JtJ'vri, unt' at (}',inl- uft n,iir {'.(i^fiin-ticiih, m rutfd.ty and ik'iiiihi'dirf fJ/fwti^, f> :iit !S'l-.l in tbi M mia^ till livA-ve Itt S't^it, atiJfrtn 'fno fj Fhjf in tjb't j^itt ii^n i titjj 9H tbt i}ty of Sdh in lif Fvimsn: Ji S.-t'dini.t jjiav A'�<iV, tbM /&t 'A* ftr Ku�f. Pfinipid: ^Mmty of tht faid tkuii, duttii ^tvlT ifOSS^fT^J^J^U |  StXfurCtHt pt. of thil prtft nt Month. i It rt^ivt fkifamdi tail tit thnn for tb^ faU 'J iventy f. ue Ptr 19fJ ^Jfrilf 4� ft iri n tkr Batlt ^ idgftoifftr P^ runt t/ii dutotl iif mtfrtfint Mtnti. ^nm^ttbtaimiarding utUtrigiioiiCMdi/i.mtfikJM

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