Thursday, February 20, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, February 20, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 20, 1749, London, Middlesex MONDAY, FiBRtriv^Y 20, 1749. AIL'D. tke IVwpa*, Gay, for IlKHBplaa. for Raacckaa. The MafTlasd Mefcfeirs. Jmrai*, is laird for tbs Rim. VTiad EaS- Siace rcr bJl Tie cxreCre CoM anireA a iyla3 P/tti-Jbarg, Feit. IS. Tbe cxreCrr Cc^d v^:^ rcvaird latrlf bas jprcdccct! tkife EfeB* best, mkieh b� in tbe NorthqS'ftcriccei oS'clU! Eanpone. wiiere ia fome ViExges all tise laltabisaBfi aad Brads �rcxc fiozen. ilnd erea '^erfoiu mho had fliat tiscakfclfo sp ia tlKar Bakehoofe*. Petrrjiearg, Fti, t}. Tim Oaip will bef�3Drd ia the Mootb-of April ntxti otte of ^^cxtoo Mea apsa the PrOOCtcrs of FiaUnd, aaMbcr of 3;oo9 ta l�gcmaBi>.*ad one of 3$coo oa rise Ftocticrt of CewrSxod. AtJtke fame Time ituc we are m:rsE(i�s '-'^ Fotcra, lb much DiUgcAce � Itkewife cCed ia tti� Badpsacaft of oar Men of Vss and Gallqrv t&ait are fhaQ laiai be abSe �� fcDft 'Out a powerful FI�k is cafe of Need. to Mr. Marcb, a wbtilefale l^bvdbnoogir Street.  ^ . 9a tbe 6th iaAant m,C$aCt w� , wherein Ma^|4ei\,CjainptHtB�iW^Nb�^^j^ I. of Camck, was Ai^ant.^ A^ct, MMt' Tnn ToHSigKfSomMr. WaU, the �ieg � MiaiAer � ^Comt of, Grcat-Briiaia, Their Difptttdles mdvx to the Eaxm-tion of the i6th .Article of chc Trarp of Pttce, coEcenriag the fnvr Ship* wb:ch cbe Secth-Sea Cospaaj u percaiued to (cod (o the Weft-Indies, by xrxj oi IsnSesA&ivf fat tibe four Yean %> hich tbejr hare beea defrir'd ibc Ebjo^m-" of ^e AiGenco-Tttatf. The Time ai the Giaerr* ifirom Cadiz for that Coostrf is eat �x'd. f|ua[^ is fach an Abocdaoce cf EaropcKSi Cosas^csdijtes ia ling's PrOTtBCCs ia Ametka. itee t&ey casa:: jcx be cbofiiiaed. Theie Coounoditia arete canned rliisibcT dating .the War, either hj French Aqp^ Rc^cr Ships, or laterlqpers: The l�ter hafe bem the hc-aa oatieA to carry on diar comtoboad Trade; fiace the Oeaa^inca of Pono-9eUow bat the FenidicatwM of that Place are �9-iag. to be icSored, and the Port ihfeadeii by a^vh sore �6BfiderabIe Wodu than AtAt wiadi mm Ivdiiig when Aamira} Veoioo made hinfcif Maicrarikm 1740-is  Talk of fercral new Stent whicb arc to be taluia between this Court and that of Wamot, wi^ n^oA to the Commerce of the two Natioes. - t ft*. 4- We leans frons GceA^ the Sel^pfts of that Repubtiefc obdEaatdjr lelitfe to oeai^^se to the Taxes which the Gcvetinnent ^naa^mtexS^^ to deiiny the Expences of the laseWar. Several Slki^ iat�5y le-turn'd from the Lcnnt, ooefiia the Utem* of the t^jgat bein^ broke out at Smmsa. tt'arfuv:, F^. 8. We leans ton Qaom. Am f3�t Ruffiati TtQop^ are' already ame'd cpaa Ae Tcimatio of rhis Republick. acd thai Gassai Basoik:^ lie�e? was exjpcfl'ed ihcre ia a few Days, ia csdtr fe'Wwole diU Kin^m with the Ami^&af ^-lumft^--wmtJMkx^ Command. Danrzicky FtL 9. Coant dd Beee. Ecvaj Essnndiaasy from the Cowrt of Spain to rhc Ki^g cf FoSasd. caaao hcxc �CewBayx~^o irooi Waz^rer. to bay ep. acd caxfr tobe buitc, feveral Ships for the Service cf the Ct3�� of Spaa. This Mi^ifter has already c?cca vnlitrgh-^ F^A 21. The Mardscs cf^heRsSD Asud-liaries iroia Biiitz in Upper Sdc&a, are seguLLccd ia t^ce Column j; the tnt will cnsplay fceretKy, the^ccoad Urrstf-one, and the thin! {7tt)-ct^ Oav^f, before chcy te�c&ti�ar feveral appoinccxl Staoocs to Cogrtaad. aS Badfc^ Moaw, and Dobdln. P.iru, FJ. 21. An Eaprefi frcaa Italy has beog^ the News, that on :bc izh ieila&t GcacEal d'Aiamda toi^ PoflcAon of the Cic/ acd Ooichy of Panaa ia iheXaae of the Infant Don Phiiif ; oa which M-�dimc the ImfanM. has received the Compltmcna of the Coesr There is much Talk of a Ncgqcta^xcy bcaaS ^ Carpet between th^ Coatt and lik^cf Bet&ii as4 tjuat the I'featy is on the Point of CoBcTsitatB, by whkh ms MajcAy enjrages to fujriu!h Lis Prs.'SiTi &&i i.4tcs of Hpilaod wuh reg^ud do the RtSaLisaasa ab�ct their Taxw, a* the Ptiaie of Orai^ wi�j> is not quite rccovcr'd of his Co'd. ion. zjaz yts. hsas to affift at their Afleoibly ; hi� Screce Hsgkssfe a Lowcrcr much better, and porpofes to go abeood stpe-t ia a Day c� two. Wtf hear from Ctoniagra^ isai lie c^iiSfas iScat-^ics of Burghcss of that Tp<^.�3 aa !)R! a^aia a Urm Days ago. demanding tha: a Utytt ilaztt at julsi^r ftcraOd be crcAcd there, to take Cogaixsa4.e oi atl xSac^i*g to that Pi6Y.tcc. * L O N D O Yc-fterJay her Royal Highuef* the PVc��& cJ VViS� uzs indiCpos'il, and is near the Tim* ol Iter Dclncry A large Ga'lery two Stones bigh is onfar'J 00 be enoazd liomthe Earl o^Godolpbis's GanLcn WajI, jo lae ftdesM^jJie Green Park tcward* B;::^h�^a-�� Ho^fic. ai fir as the ScaiibUiiBg for tike Fircwofiu. w:iAt. wJf &o3d fcveral ihooland Spectators. Lad Sarurday Ni^b: hu liig&y fcas as lae TLaffire ^ Letters frcn Li(bon advrfe, thhtA Cour^^r had brought thiOtera Ball fVom the Po|^ by which his Holinifs as aa Acknowledgment of his, Porttiguefo Majeily't firm and fincere Attachment to tbe Holy confers on hiut the Title of Me^ Faittfml, to be by bis fald MaJeRy ufcd Hfv< erjoy'd in the fame Manner as thofe of A/qV C6ri/tan aixd Catbrlici mnhy the Kings of Pranoe and Sp^in. From Nice we have Advijcc, that MarChal BettciAcVi Plan for ercAtng a Fortrcfs on -the French Side of the V'ar has been approved of, and is aj^aalty begun to be pet in Execution. And that on theoJiet Hand, the King of Sadinia being willing to frcure; the Cpumr of Nice fron Suiprtze, has taken the Refohition of building another Fdrtrefs on the oppofite Bordert of that Rivtr, and dirc^y fronting that of Fiance. Oa Saturday died^ agjed feventy-fouf, loho <Clat|t, Efqt at hit Hoaie ia Monmouth-Cputtk in Hedge-Ltae^-near^ Charixw-Crofs. LaS WetJc died at Maldon Thomas Knipe, "M- A. Rector of Maldon and Of Dengey, in the County of EiTex. He was Nephew of the late^r. Knipe^ Prebend of Wcft-smnSer, and h;ad Maficr of Wedmhtller^SchOcl ;. whi<;h Lmoga �c ia the Giftttllt^^^^j^^Oto^ I half, Bank Annu:nc� �^4�, les 1 ^tln Three pti Cent "Artn^.iiip? ; Utlu. i<?in;"n Bsnlt <oj. fiq[idvh* ieitt. no IVice. Rural Atimanve Lontfou Afl i'me. Seven pet Ceiltir Eiipe* ror'j Loais no rrife. lUnJi uncalation Ptem. Bond*, Ptecn _ . ' Latin 'rranOation ot I'tjpc's 'i'einpir A Lai By U S H K R CJ" A H A G A l^i ftht il n it *Xr,KI*M tht .41 y^A�rJ� /� fifing, CviMu! Dane finw (joniWmmi lii imx ni itw tMIs itV N� To b�-W trkru%n, tire fkW 5>yii|�V t�aijaK Wl. in^ Cunfibdi. CuBpfai^ and (idiefs, "fittiJk the Hay Mart'et. ui 1^ the aw �*Ud II Giramondo Ical On FriiJav laft. being the B�rib Day cer. of M jr*/i Every, an eletarit En:c�u.i=a�e-..t co F36Ci&�� �hatOccafion. wiieo che llcJ-tx* cf Lr� ^i,.^ t,^^ *�dj?liatefs of V. A!e*. tne �K.te i^i Pr�.:-�cf. wuh ise Pn�icdi CaioI.M of t>�nie. x-i GtJU Gj^crs oi *ttc thciiJ^Jly .tta�Ud oa Cm Otv^ca- Fawoor of the AppcUiiiit. On Satarday Mft wat nuirrUd at St.'Stel>k�a AV^Ibrook by the Rev. br. WiUfoo* Kfr. f)�>mM Mriktt* of the Worlhipfal C bedi Biddle, Rclia of Edwaid- BMdte, lite of I|)iit^\ii a Gra^fewoaaats^f a oonltderaU^ P^fluiiei. hn^ :,^ndawed widi es-cry w-$ffBf�. And To-ihorro#, at th$ fkroe lioor, .Ar-kialba JtlMcband Michael Malony. will be broitght, fore tbaiiuBc Juftice. in order to M re-exunineS, and con" frosted widi Nicholu Mopne^^. �H^ hath giyca lafonaa> tioit a^jw^ft^ tl�eni, copcemiag durera Robberict tai the StnecCk aad oa tbe Highways; when it It Hprcd dU Qeo- i^�^i0#i�h(^%h?bave Beeik *miit-m^^mmit fix Months, cither in the Succtt, Or OP the Highway, bo-taneen Keafiagton and LoiSdn, or on C�n<litution�Uill, win atteod, tn order to fee the faid Perfonsi and if they IhoaU know them, to give Evidence agalnfi them. Ob Friday Night a llout Man. who laid his Name wa^ PfaiUps. was taken at a Hotife' near Kingiton* he havifig ooaoiitted fcveral Robberies in thofe Parts: He has impeached nine others. On Tbuiilar Night the Hoafe of Mr WilWt. Chandler, of Oxford-Road, near Cavendidi-Sqaare, was broke open and robb'd by three PeUows, who being immediately pur^ fttcd. one of them wai taken, and a Bag of Halfpence found upon him. . On Prtday a Perfon was taken up on Siifpidon of filing Guiac8s.1to Lafi Saturday feveral Strett-Jlobbers and Hdufebreskers were taken up near Charing-Croft, and committed to Pri^. On Saturday Morning a Fellow who attempted to rob a Ho'jie near Monmouth-Stfact, -was iOiot in the Shoulder, and afterwards apprehended^ Kiait BtK^h Prf/em, Feb. 18. We the poor Prifonert on the Common Side, return bur ftnccre and hearty Thanks CO our unknown, kind and generous Bcneftt^rs, for Ohe Guinea rmt into our Bcggiitg-6o;t this Day, in a Paper, �naik'd L D. which was equally divided, to the great Joy and Rc!ucf of us unhappy Prifoners. L�^air, FrL zo. We the poor unhappy Debtors 00 the Co^imoo Side, return our Jinfeigocd Thanks for a Gmnea pat into our Begging-Box -by our worthy, gc-ceroiiii and unknown Beoefaflor, on Sat\tr;!ay tail, which u-xi c po-Stt cite gre^t Chapel, and withia ttn Yar�ii of it i tiierc it i Porca at the Po'^r like a Country Church Porch. fi A N k R~U~P~'T~? Elia* Biid, of Kother.hith in Surry, VjrtualJer. llaac Haariz. late of Wmtheflcr-Street, London, Hroker. Robm Graiumer. of Mancbcftcr in LancaOiire, Mcrcir. John W^ainwright, late of St Luke in MiddlcfcJt. Sail-�i.>Ji-Makcr and ChapiHsn. William Potter, ol'loplluiin in Devonllnrc, Mercl.snt. Zxh.uiafaCulltcr. late oi Vcadon in lioikiliirc, Mal.ittr^ l^t^la and Chapman. Heary Cam, Iste of Bradford in VV'ildl.ife. Cjoihicr_ Hi^i vVii!CT at London lirui^c ir-:' Uj> .v. 19 .vbiiaio after t ia the Morning, ar.d 49 after 1 m il.c .^herrioon. Saiuiday i!ar.k StOi:k w*i 1 jo 1 half. lud.a Siock I7J. fee j :h Sea Stock, 107 Uitto O'd Anniii'ie�, 104 J 4ths. Ditto New, icj i itii. Bank Annuiues 174'), SOS. Dmo 1747. toi j Ditto Loiicry 1747, i^i JiARll'M iyi^jpitiuMONJ YEA SALE? ^ t<r,j4,Xnif^!(i^,a(Di/li bH(Pkiii!�, ^amy fhi hi P�ttr�it�ler�lla�'|''ai i  ...  .' ' Hpkdisi. �M-ahset�.;. ..... - Tht on Roysl Pkpfi^n Uuiiw. iJJttflrstta with f�i|y't�a CqoattPiitas. Pries ^il^ Jn.��i��ff. � . ' Alrfttbe fmneiitOORvo, iha Sixth l! Itt Jii Isw'd^orfti. bouni. " , , . i Princ<4 for J. sM P. Kns|iHH|, In Ludrste.Srrttt. Nolt, The Kttef Krg� LWr-PlsKi. which tt inftrtcdintht Qjisrta Editiofet* ami U not tn tha dxtsvo, mty bt \uA ft�ar^t*lr. f wari� AuftHORiTy ikt court; 2�>� '>f iHmkiy^^�^: W*"' Mr. jHlMca fplltrrMr^ ttrai pfrnSd ftrxTDaKli. tn Hnlbornj A. Mlllir, la 'f!� Strand t �� M. Cooper, in Pster-noHtr Row. Nott, Thli Tri�l (icntsrM st St^iloncrs.Hsli, an4 �bo<!*Tr pfrsttf tht whoh, otsnypartttf U, will In fmhmti, ^ ' N*vyt)�hKe, Itb. �6,^ r74�f.' 7/ � Principal Offiuri and Cmmiffimri tfyiiMitjtfi/f Ndtvf givt tftlirt, tint ait Jhtrfilay tki td 9/ ntftt Mtfiihp ttJtu �'GkA in th Mtrnfitg, thy uiUmfa/t f S*lt 4/ ibii Offiet, tit HhU df hi* Mnjijiyt Fir,fi,ip Otfufro'', �/. kt 274 Tmt, and tit Intttr' *f uhtut 279 Tih$, 'uiib /our Hnnd Pumfi i� mti, ai tity It I Ht kit Mijtfly'I Vttrd at tVt�lii>i,b \ witrt titf , may ht vi*\ tid Salrju^-ft t^h Hiilttt ibtrt^^ tud ttmt prtfartJ fr that PtH'tuli 1 and nultfi I At tirtjhip. and 8kept j9 pn'fi't/'td Jball Oi paid ftr txnd t�ktn ttwat at tbt end ejrfjr/y Daji afitr iht Oay */^a/t, tJbt thp�/t /hall bi fir/tit(d, "nd burm* fit Prrptrji^ tf tbt Cr^uin. ^Eaft-India-Hoiife, Feb. 1^ lli^T THE Qiirl f>f Oiitiioii if fljf UmnJ Cump^y ,f Meichiinl) ('f F.tglomi tnmiHg la iht EuJi-hJiu,' d�' Ixrtby give Noticf, that iIh Jritinfn-Btilii af tbt/tii.l Ctimpmy luilf le Jhtt up on IhurfJuy fbi cyb uf Mm ntxl, at flMi rhtit f! f-^ilrtrrly Geiiir,il Court id/l Iv L0IA at tbrit llaiUt ta iMtdtnimll-Sh-iftt an WrdMifJiiy the Xtd uf tht /did Manlh, at, ElfVtn in tU Furmooi i Jinil ihttl fl^iinl Pejijfin of li'^ndi ^iiea />) tiff /iife Gairrmr nttd C/i-ncilFitt St, GiCigf, Jutfd tkf �^mIj if S,pttmL(r i74'>, /',,t', iiv<ri N-j.'it. tuii/t Curt y Diiitiort, lliit tijiy ile iuliii.l tamalii iLir litrmiHii �l tbr Juid 1 bnt thf Ltjli of titf hhmlrn if rl, /'.-ij Cmpfiiy til 1.4 rttiJj to if d'lhd 'Jm cJ.\ fiui iiiiijf /�n h.'-tti'. dmtJuy tit I id 1 Qiuit tvilihe Iji/i lit f' � f.'-':i.., f l\.^fntyfihi Difcilori oj tK h.i.i C.'unpnny f'u il. iuJjiJj �ii.j/l ..oiitiiiHt frii/K Kim ill tkt AUt'j)^ t:!l '^l-t in 11',- JfKrrlii.n sj' tie f^iKi. Qiiy, itft-.r it/I'/./i 'fimt m /.'/ ^:i^ uillQftn'J jhiiifU^ iIm (jth I.J' ll r f.i.l ^tl.rib i.f ,-lj-ii. Sf J^nic.'j U h. I J,; ^l-i: f.:..t r! Lx'l . 11II)r athi V'itnf." �, ; / I ^'.. . � 1 H \. 1 tv iIm ifi'ilitGi,4f IC-'Ki ,.//..'�/../ /, rA N',lion vf .( Ci'>tc"''t', A hi 1.1,'I .' Ih) I.ft,.,, li i i� ./ I. . 4 I'l !� t ! r, e^f i .��..!../ .;/ i-i',' fi.ii,/ I , '<..ilU|l ^{iC<.-., .' Ii.y I hi (Ja-I (.''.'t'tsi-i. f'nr /t'v , /If Htii / Muni) nttl, i,t til .. ..h i'i,.,,/ /I:/ ,7i.-(;(../, \r �:::/ U L..I I \ii /" r-.iiLj <s.^KJ.i, im.!.i � J

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