Thursday, February 13, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, February 13, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 13, 1749, London, Middlesex �I . I. MONDAY*, FfiBiiiuARV ij,. i^ut HE Outward bound ara faii'd to the VVeftrtard. Wj.iJ H. S E. Since rur Infl atiivcd a Mail from Holland. G,nd,7,'/,7f!. 2(x The Senate has ftnt IJifiiiuieK to \ ittrna and to Milan, to take I'oflfiiion of the p'niids nnd Rtvoujcs wUicU ihc Emprrfs Quucn has cng.-.ged reftote to this Rcpublick. The Engliih Ci�aful, wuo had retired to Lcghorr, on Account of the late Rrvoluti'*'n, is returned hiihcr, by Order ol his Court, to rcfunic his Ch4-radlcr. ^ r 'PW;/iVj, JnK. ty. ThU Moming arriicd at� Exprcfs from Turin, lo ihc Governor q^this lity. vuh Ordc-i for the I'vafMation of fids Dutc^y by luc j^h o( rcbt.-iry. U(jp/fs, jcrt. 14. On the 7Lh inllani an Kdirt was pub-lilhcd ill this City, tiotifyir.g a RcdniUon of Iwent)-fiVe Fcftivjl Day; in the Year, as cxprcfs'd in the Bull which the King caufed to be foUiritcd of the Pope, for ihc Ad-vart-ijjc oTi'ic Tranc'men in this K'ni; nM;tcd to rhe coihnion Gaols, for having ill a mutinous Manner picl'cnicd tlicmicivcs to the Pope, wliilll he was abroad to viCt foiiic Churches, requrin^ ihii Rr-'cdn-n of l)utio re h;'> been io hard a i roll, .anil ot io lung, a Comi-nwapcr, that the Engineers h.U'c been fom-d to Aifpeiid the Woikj \vh:ch were la-rying on in tir'rr to put the Troniicrs into a j-ood Condition. 1 his picicing cul.i A c.i thcr has caufed the Wolves .ind Heir's to coiuv out lio n their Places of Retreat, and vifit the habitable Co iiitiy and Village*, where they do great Mifchi>.f to the lnhi>i! uu. ^Tia neverthelefs hoped, that they will fosin be dciiurd from this livil, Utdtrs havi, btcti (cut to aUvmbie 2 3030 Pcafants to jjiyc Chace to thtft Uv.aiU of I'rey, jud cxtcrmina',* them. The Sailors who, had obtained Ltave to go to their rerpWlivc Provinces for the Winter, have Orders to repair without delay to the Ports of their fever:.! Departmcirs, to be employed on board the King's Ship:.. Great Ddi-gcnec is ufctt in .fquij-^jing the Fleet, which is dcflgncJ to be put to lJ>.a in till: ipnnp:. Htimhi,r^�, F.-f>. I i. 'i twrc arc frefli Liffercnces arifen between the rri^ning Dl,1co ()f Meckhnbourg and tiie Noblcfs of that Dutci.) : I lis Serene Highnefs requires certitin Contributions and Duties, which they rcfi:fc to pay; but as the States of this Country are Vpccdi'y to lUnib'f, it's hoped that tliefc Difficulties will be aniitably detcrmin'd. LfltJhk, Frb. 12. Wc have received .Advice from-Drcf den, that their Mijo.'titJ were happily leturncd lo tlia: CBJ'ital l'i,jiiM, Feh, 5. Gt'i>cral Ifarfcb, and not the Archduke Jorejih ae has been ii.ferlid in fonic Nrtt!,-f'apcr.s is to have tiie Rejjijnei.t of the late t oimt de Wurmbrand ; Nor iv,-is what h.'ith betn inftrttd rela in^' to the Death oi the \'iccTChaacel}or Count d'Oedt true ; he indeed fell into a lit iit the lial! which wa> givfen at Court the aSth of lad Month ; but a!kr bti' g blooded, he rtcover'd, and is now jsrfeftly i\cl). yic'i.-..-, F,/>. 8. M. Strbc'lori, lie Pope's Nuncio,-ha* affixed Lu Palace the UjU Ik- lately nc.ivid froiH Rome, by wl-.ich the Tope poMj.itj the ILmpjefs '.^ucen to levy ujion the t lcrj;y, thieujjhotu her hciecit.jry Hilut-'s, the of 6oo'"oi 1 !orii!3, I'ayabic in Yia(5, to L>>- tjnjdoycd n tlie I;, ildiiig unv. and upaiiinj^ the o'J i oitilicatioiis uj^>n the Iiu.uici. iif lli-nj^.i y A'../// ,/, /;/. 10. rhf laft Letters from Bohcuiia ad-yife, mv. tl'.e 1 ).;T,i bliits :.iiirn lu t'our!j:)u ..pun the i, :b 3<'ft of i.iic I'ltChon rf a n,vv 13, I.oiLidoiud t).. ip.-.'i-y Dcp.ufurc ui Kingdom. i^'-M l'^- '] T!:cy write from rn", iljat llic jHi.Liivil I. int.u.ii vf f,c C,l..^crsof Muiiltcr. Qui i-bjrg, ;.i.J (J M.;i};ci.Ji, aie ..irivco i:. thjlCit,' at the ol the (�:ccio; ol '.,u!.., n, and ti...r Alii.i.liis j om the Cui.n, of i'ui.'icc, H.iva!;.i and lJri.(d';ii, \\�t-re Hi 1. i!y eKpeclcd thire.ail wl-.iih ir.^dc .'-toplf ij...^i,ic lii^t il.,.ic wa� iomc! AUn r ui on llit t. .ii|.ct "^I'liiu-e (,.ar,' .,' ll.e Ru.'i.ui J foi jis i.oiii itiJt fi his Capital lii il;t N-j'.'r ^�c\^c-i.n the S h and 9''> '"Turt, hi^wrn- ,: J y'd lll^l tiVc Mo; lu:t two Y.^n, >;i''i\ and 'iLifrv'tin Day. ; lO . 'r>.tj.*. iht-;tia ou the 2^)!li of .�^UiT'i't, 17.^6 As liL' r.rcat'y d> .';t;htL-J im Cliyinii.'jy, u'ld lli-.'at a'.tia.'iid aiiJ lalj > ij i i.t ii' Operatioi,-, iiua^ n d thatlVjjij. Vupoui 3 �ic faJ'-Ipt'a in tiic L,abyratorv c.-o'ioii'd in. iJu'.ii. bc>.a' u lie .�>> IHncUj but 01 ly ftmrd n l.iili iudilpos d at jci;i^ to lied, and was found dead dicmx'. Murm Th�ie a-, (vl'ii'.'y xi.a' v Cofip.'i . > ii.>.i;i'd t -r ih': ^u-portJiit J5i!]io|)ri. k . an,in,', ilc^i' t'' j'' .Vleu't A Co'.iii�i p.iiid th'ouj'ji tl;.- v,ryl;.i.: V:.-.,.iJ 1 w Bruliili, \' Ml u C..;i/ i^i '.liv' A^U 01 U^vik.'i 0/ H-C fcmpr, f.. f^,.�ti, by Vnie o( tut Q ir >�:::. in uJ Pine, datvkl the tiit cl januiry, in ord.^ i>j aJfrt- t,i,; Ri;juM^Jc oi Genoa, and ll.j lini;. ot ivliHlriia, l! ^^t c.-u c iit. >- 1 Hon of kjji; n tjj, ijvli, aiid 1 ^h Ar.ic'.ti oi il.c Uil...i Lig,, }\i ii. S.vvr'.l�ii Uttcti Dffv--.�.-' v/rri-;.,kti the bay bv-f.r.' Vedctday at iluy, and carried li>...iicii tu formed, t.'iat thtrc wj- R-.uo .f> for feajchiii^ itj wliu ii bcirg o!:, ,ed. ii-.i^- ...le t^^. i U'*' Quantities of ric.i >Ji>n.;no i.uc;. \\ ; ir.'.ijcuj f e Bui upon f xn.i-aat 'HI b'l ii \^ 1 . t' I^Ough uhj ViJi dicilcJ iii .>leu3 Ll...a.i iud a ii.i c wwc haji-'.j lUi^c CuiuiiiuLs. Peri., Frl. i�. The Coant i?e Maarcp�� i�ive' ^' Pains to rc-eil�b}fili the MArinr of ti.i* Ki^igd ji:u a' 1 i.'"-hopti thsc before tb; Knd of two Year?, it wiil be n > oo d a <..on n it \va? it 174J. //.rC.-?.-. 1^. M.dcGrof', ^ri.iillct P.-enpOtc'ii '  from the I'-niprefs of Rurtia to hi; Mcli ChTiUn-n MajtU. is ar-ivd hero, ard la>t�and letters v.lucU reea'd I' i*-. with Order? f'jr bin injTii Ji.;;t y to nps.iio Jei ^ th'~" Time v i!I not pifinit fun to r�u�n to r> ^ce to p-o n � iticfc Letter? at kha: L o-.iit, fc has fcrrt thtiu 10 the M.fvii'i^ dc Povtietix, and al-^ng \vi h thctn a Letter, whcivby l;c takes i.cave of the King and tht Mi-i'liy //-Tj,-�. /�i7-..i8. Tue'at! l.ctttrs from HrTirtcL'fav, that the Evacuation oi the Audrisn Itairauit is fixd forth*? y N or ?oth I he Prince Stadcholdcr hasteCciv'd an IvtpvvVs from Namwr with Advice, that that Place wa� �vacn�ted on the �oth tn the Troops of the States General, yrrc.":. Fort I^nnchc, ar.d l'\.rne�. were f\-acaateJ the fame P.iy, as Crtrtial, Nicport, a'.id Mcnin, luid bccH tw'o Days befoie. L O N D O N. His Majcfty will go to the HtMifr of Peers this \Vc�k, to fign the I and Tax and fcvcral Oihcr Bdfs, now ready fur Che R0y.1l .AlTcnt. Oa S.itiird.iy his Hi^;l.ncfv the Prince of Wales rode on Hottcback to Kcw to DmticrrTrrrd irluuiM to LeicelUr Houfe at N ght The lady ElizabeXh Haslirgs, Siflcr to the Earl o� H intitiKdon. i' appfinted a nf tbc Ded Cb.^;v.b>-r to their Royal Highnel|�e^ the FruKcltes .Amelia and Caroline, in the room ol l.ady ."\nn MoiiWg�, who has rcfi^nd On Geiicral Bland airiv'd in Town tVoin Seot-Imd, ill cj.-der to go to Ciibrahar, where he is foon to cna. g- that (iarrifon, and rvltevc Gcncr.d HKiUerey. Yelttrtlay ihe Rijjht Mcv^ l>r. Sccker, Bitbop of Oxford, prcach'd bciorc his M.'j y and tiic Royal Family in the *wlui^el R y;d at St ja.T.ii's i^tticn. frtMu Rotterdam, dated'Pcb. u, infinnite. that t' e I m,.nv.s ^f the Reputdivk ar.- ilil] in a very iiidii) .rent t Dnditi. ; the Intercll due to the Cicdrtors of the 15 like o be fttfpendcd ; atid that without an immediate S y of iweoiy iViiliion-s of Florin. n of'Qneetdiith VVird, in the room ot KdwarU Davijs, EKjf deccalcd. has refi^n'd the fame, and Tomorrow a A^'a^dinoiu \iill be lield by t! c Lord Mayo', wiieii Marih Dickenfon, Kfqj of St. Thom;u ApolUc'j, near Q^cen-^tittt, will be unaifi-inoufly chofrii. � " Latl Week John Rothcram, F.fqj of Dronfield in D of -- icninn, Efq; fif Lutic ^htlUeld in Yorkilurej a very agreeable Lady vvit^i a very large Foriune. VaA Week died, at lis Lodv'ingt in Cor.duit-Strcct, John Dtiir.incr, Kid; a Haop'iue Gcntlctnan. On .Saturday latl tl�c Peace was protUimed at Er.dheld by the Under bberiiVs of MidtlVf x, .inended ia the lame Manner ai wiien ihey piociri;n'd it in the Subtirbs of London, and afterward* they dined it the King's Head �vrli feveral of the neignbounng C^entkinen, vvTicre they tliatik the Heshhs of lis Majtlty King George, and all the rc!l of the RoyJ Family, to a la:!iu^ Ptacc, and man;, other loyid Hcjhiis. On l"h'u(d.;y Mprnlng early the Houfe of Mr B Ifen, a rammer iu Tinttuh ,tn CpMvt^^oftd, vsss befit by (cvcial V illaiiu, c mpuied to beub.iuc I\-n in the C^ing The/ fcizd a Man that w.\s iti ti.e cc.-. t.oi to a niilkiti.;. ..;;er-wjrds tied h;i:� 10 a JViil then) baf.kf in'o the Houfe, and riiird it ot Plate and othtf f.ifrvts .if J.rtti A .dec, aucr Itcuiiag -iiid iding very ill the M^iJ, who i:i li'.; f'ngiit lalld nut r.rc, ivIiKji t.ii^'J M'\ Gy!cs, at the Ai'am and F.o. a I'.'Lluk II j.;!-..: a; j ! , v.h'ii l.hcv j.iur'd a'ld r- tiii'd Tiii) b.,.�, c u j..-;. i.'.iri .j lici H'vi'.ci on tiiat Ro.J, and lobbcd iiicni nl i r:*.! to a ^ iri-Jv-able \ aliic, and then made cl'ar oit iviJi Lovty It's t'.id that two of the tisii;", bsvc been fi;.Cc i.ikm m otk"iTi;^ foniL" id tlie (^oods ti> ode (.' 9. i'u-D tcfi .'i..!! !iiaia-^hii> .vLi. li has brrn *fii k iig on .>!>ore, bc;wcvn "'>ath SeaC-i!; a'-.d )'...tmy Point, ciiiic <j':'- ii i i.uij.iy .N1^ in, very li '.!e d-.iriiigt J , tla ^^ iji'. C m,->ar,y ha i Cirricd out all hcr.\n-ctior , at.d .t ! li-'i wucn liie v-ablca g�iaic to iiLaie. ho:uc the cj.n. o>t'. Ant'crion's iVcihod for pl.imr.j', Mou\iiig i:i!.!.-, S'.ene and Hack, appro'cd oJ !ty the Rov.j ";ot:ti). uuj found to b,-i io ftj.iieCaic. \i\c, xn ol...r� 'i cn Iiiics rc^. � u 11 P IJ . I. �, ,/, ,>iv^- At, ^> ii � ' I t I r r 1 o ^, 1 (if lintMM) i'-!�!viti: .� it.iv -M- i". .?,�iu�iKr-"h�l btn extCuIrM t ^ t � � 'ilTiw.<%'�. .\.)frfi i N.".., Til. � h-v Jf� i� *W* J'OMtriytk"!*, *te (>i'itcJ to t' *f t'<i i.�', tint ihi Nurtil'rr ta tr i-hMtSiJ njsy H� a'st"�""1. DR. H.\i^RrS's c;..i)it- CVUdlin of VOVAC.KS unl IH Wn,'!, Ky.r. ^tcrnvl tVitK.-�, with %t**t AMi'iont aniit Irnpf.-<inrmcnU, in' �'ti<viUf .\��iM')is ri .lit t'i�t!� iit^ MlmufHllim MiMto (DvUmtl^, *hirfSjit KfCi'mr* niv tl^ CMtlf.iii, bill h;t!'tr'i� thi inOT,n:v� � p'S if'^'>1l�Wt.i t,>f>e*ineJ In C�min�cj nr^i Ji'ivijliion. I'.l ili�w4 iviift i U.MVT$, MAFS, *iJ \V| tos VcnitA f.<|,M�'l. WW^, riii, Bt^*r?^^ t'**^'^**', H�t�. I*�ftl�, r'h:ti, > RNtAj- Oitico td OTnaiiCC. I'tb II, 1748. \\T}irtF.:S h.-t �ljr.>-:i Fnar. rf tk' ilt^y^i^f fir*' /L'-: vrt)f.-'Ht>.f ,' v.'i i-.Hu' � .' r,> ' , r.:f,t tk- iiiKyK ti.yr.-vt'fr j ,v;./ /i.lN'i '"� : C'c'ithltli-itt fjht Hff -iuVV/r fii^/^-ii^ J^-/ rii �r^f^�t^^{ ^iF, teg/tkr 'Jiv/A ,i �! 9/'U>.-Mtt, /"yf&i:!!, h~ J, :f(;lkt, oa.t UiU'j'i^is.H Of ly fXr..7fVf c/" l�>fl �j�'<f�c tt^ ^\(. By OiJer cf tU BmtrJ, : �� ' ^ ; C H A R L R S BUSH. �~ i\ xWv^o FiTi(jiit*F*&- 4. �?48T" UFREJS .i^it.'i rtiL'il/ljlti P>':/ifs ia itmny Par/i ef rhii Ki't^ii.rt � itiiur tj" nuntyrJtitinjC itt (Xim ..'"�} of'/j'^'i istulViKHinfti! Mtina; thrt/irt tili y^jikts otl'fn nvti^n. if rifiy ivncat!^ arc Jij7t\i U tith' A'c/^if ZvA'^j ttf'dfmA (tu Aiituvt fs �cu>tu:htf Cn^i, Soflidfir tt Mtyr^yi Mint, ,:t Imi Cl::ml\'riiii Cifrf'st's Ikk, LailMt, )^ :i n!tti-g t' ^'U, c^J prtf'i' Catt 'SvUt ht , ^^^^ iiijlhuf, av�i AitufiJ ths flitk^V4iy, at n Pi^t* i.ilPd b'ujfi J, /vni-�r'� ii-u'i�^ '.f�i tuia '//'//9>-j/, i.f thr C-jwti of Sji-tH, lyticj tl^f'if.jmv tnfU'fili^k, (C"! li th: I tt^r, (.>^, ,;; J. :fi !ht Rflugh:\IK, liiiillstf, ii li ixnd .-I'l'i ' fM ftV-riil it'-iff �'.'iv'i PLuif tu iht '.L'-.'f^'A Ih.wh: fift P>r/mi IK I'll i-7-J, - .'i^'J> ! Ri,;i>.'ry ari il n-ttJ t7 hi l*tb /ivuf iitu, ^ tit ft -wni lir/^i/im . .1;, Ji-,ib a (jrv.ltCtif-> 'i. 1 7at nxurt a eimpltli Ih f.ii<j .itj c jf.'til Ptnk< D.Ji:k'i-, v'l.'nbj tht PuftJH, or tUh.r cf t'.--m, (1 hi ij!r:ir!tlt\{ ll- /.ir.i^, m > o Hutuitcd i'outid), <iC more exact .'Xn tills Irvci'n.n V. ill be j-r. n a.' DwijliJoItidtl jO '.I in I'ortland Stone, ','^r''i .i'u anf.vCi d lau.e, at tie biuf> i:i Jrtnic hi.ct', C'.nci : (. !, 'I.innrrdiv. .Atter.dittiij will be givtn hi:'l-i ti i;iC .Mof.iliigi l.'d f^vi) 11 i;,.- .'^litint, n 1'- ��ai-!, at;.'.!'! ii.g ta (i.:i.'Ie.i>enj fiwiK. ;ftr>'. Mc..ia 1 i . a.?j. i'li.i a; 2.. ti� S t�sn I'l ...J Ills i!..'Ci ..:;< �. a I iir.i 3~ A"~T^ Vr k ' i; ~ i- i"'7. ~~ James H^v. l-t;.- i,f ij e S'.. ', I ',.(,r. j(jhn R..-. ' , ot t'ac ;�; it..!, 1 i .1..... l..t; per SatiMUi, !-. k o CM 1. \y �. . � � . . ... i~j I hilf. oc.'.lioc. ^ytt; i<o tie; i) a 1 <) \ .� 1 hail .1 j j ^  no i .  I . 7' L'JJ . /�' r., 11; II (.j,ii,k i'l \ :^.I'.:i>r f'v t' 'jiji'dnti J til |H1C ' \ in l.iir. i .Vn il;t -VAi.l l*jrlijm,'nt lor ri|. ii i |i llr H-glmrj)-* 1, - I'.'-.fli rd. Hi.!'!. i: ' :i (j . 1 i.-. i  -i> f. , ',',,1 h, 1. S, ,u-' I I 1 a./. O CM 1. OC.'.llOC. *� � n 11.cI. 101 Hitto .".c'.v iJaillf .AO!!JUie� l^jft, i 1 o: i.?y . 4 , lyj ; b.;:'. I>a ^ / 1, 1 nrcc p.r K. i <t A.;i!c�:n.j i!i..i'., ir 1'. c I : t 1 I . 1 H t 3 6*^ L-i'iicloa .\d 1 iicvcij per V. cut L.-ji; I.i aj I 4*^, 61 Pti 13.0 dl IliaurrK. '.V .:, R.. .1 lU C-.1. ty . i. ;.  -.1 th< OU Jii' lO 1 , .1 \i. TfB * tj�i��. m ! !. ! .1; w tliL- � ,. .:urt, . 1 1 . �.Vl ! �� i, ) -J... 1 I. .lift ' �- l-.l 4* , . .. .) i.u I'tirv ; 1. - ;: '1 ..,!.� . .,!�.< t .'ft in -.hj � ' .  hirif, kt . �' I '.s S/.j^j the w "1 'iJ .1.1'.. � r.i'C � : ... ' v:. �,

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